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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Anderson Cooper~Adopted

Anderson Cooper~Adopted
shelter photo

Update:  Anderson was adopted Saturday by Antonio and Sandy of Ocoee!

Jen Wilson sent me a photo of this boy, who was from Polk County Animal Services.  I called on his status, and the next day, Jen went to meet him.  We were not yet approved to pull from this shelter, but Jen had all of our paperwork ready and filled everything out quickly.  It is customary to wait a few days while paperwork is approved, but we’re grateful that the folks at Polk County AS quickly approved us!

Anderson Cooper will be seeing our vet on Tuesday.  I believe he may have been hit by a car, but x-rays will confirm that.  Bill and I discussed his age, and even though he acts like a puppy, he is probably 2-3 years of age.  He will be neutered, and his teeth will be cleaned.

very affectionate

His is heartworm negative.  We believe he is completely deaf, and his vision is not that good, but if you have met any of our white Aussies, you know that their disabilities do not stop them one bit!  He is very thin, and is probably in the 32-35 pound range now, but should be closer to 40.

Anderson is very affectionate.  He loves to be touched, and quite a velcro dog.  We are introducing him to other dogs.  At the moment, he is very unsure of himself around other dogs; this will take time, but is an easy fix.


I will update his status here as more information becomes available.  There are a ton of photos available for you to review on Facebook.

03/16/13 Foster Update:
I don’t think Anderson has ever been inside of a house but he has great potential. He has spent most of the day today finding himself, and I think for the first time ever his belly is full… And you can tell it’s the first time ever!! He is NOT food aggressive AT ALL!!! And was more then willing to allow us to stick our hands in his bowl!!

Gisele this dog has great potential!!! It’s going take some work for this dog needs to be socialized with people AND animals, AND life in general!!! But he has a good heart and he is going to make someone VERY happy SOON!! We will not give up on him Gisele, he deserves another chance!! 

bruising and scars on his nose

I believe this to be “bruising” still noticeable after his first bath.  At first we thought it was dirt. But don’t think


I spoke with Jen today on the phone, and she said every experience Anderson is having is a new one.  When she wrote, “He’s finding himself,” what she meant was it’s like watching a puppy experience everything for the first time.  He has chosen a corner in their bathroom to sleep, however, he does not lay down to sleep, he actually sleeps standing up.  This is odd!  He also enjoys looking at himself in the mirror; something he has never experienced before.  While he adores human interaction, it appears that Anderson has never really had a home.

It is unclear to me why he would have such a large bruise on his nose.  We can only speculate.  Maybe Anderson will give us more clues regarding his past in the upcoming days.

03/19/13 Foster Update:

I’m really glad that Polk County did NOT neuter Anderson, and allowed us to take him home right away.  Shelters and pounds won’t usually bathe a dog before surgery, and Anderson has had two baths.  Like I said earlier, he was stinky.  Jen and Bill also noticed that he had a lot of junk in his ears, and they are swollen.  Bill dropped Anderson off last night, and I was supposed to take him to the vet to be neutered today, but this morning, he started coughing.  This is exactly what happened to Winter.  It took two weeks for Winter to get over his cough, and it was serious.  I’m glad Winter came to us when he did, for his cough could’ve easily turned into pneumonia.

Anderson likes to know where his people are at all times.  He is showing a mild case of separation anxiety, which will diminish over time.  I am still taking him to the vet, to review his ears and his cough.

The bruise on his nose is subsiding, we believe he was attacked by another dog.

He is great in the car!  Not a peep!  There are new photos of him  on Facebook.

Dr. Oliver examined Anderson this morning.  His ears are infected, his teeth a mess, and he doesn’t want to wait for surgery.  Anderson will be cleaned up and given antibiotics right away.

He greeted everyone wonderfully at the vet.  Anderson holds no grudges against human beings.  I don’t believe he has been abused.  He’s either been a stray for a very long time, or his owner did not tend to his needs.

Anderson was quiet, well-behaved and friendly as can be, and everyone at Newman’s (Val-u-Vet) just loves him!

04/01/13 Foster Update:  Anderson, aka ACE is doing very well, playing with other dogs, and learning how to play with toys!  His coughing is behind him, and he is putting on weight.  He’s ready for his new home!

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