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Cindi Loo Hoo, Shot by the Grinch~Adopted

Cindi Loo Hoo, Shot by the Grinch~Adopted
Cindi Loo Hoo,

Last week was a week of last chances. Gisele forwarded an email that she originally received from Marjie Wolfe.  There was a one year old collie girl there that the staff had fallen in love with, but she had been labeled aggressive and was to be put to sleep.  I called one of my fosters Dawn, who volunteers for that shelter, and she got them to hold her for an evaluation by me.  Her story started long before she wound up in the shelter.  She never received the love and attention she was so deserving of, never had a job, never had a safe place to stay.

So little Cindi Loo Hoo ventured out one day to see what else the world had to offer. Curiousity got the best of her and soon she found herself face to face with the Grinch, his gun and his wicked smile.  Try as she might she could not hear his heart beating, nor could she feel the warmth she was seeking. As she stared into his eyes she realized the Grinch’s eyes were cold and unfeeling.  Without even a blink, she was shot.  She felt the stinging pain in her paw and across her chest.

Cindi Loo Hoo ran and ran hoping the pain would stop until she found shelter in a barn. Cindi Loo Hoo had no idea how far she had run but her foot was throbbing.  The owners of the barn found her there.

When they brought her to the Lumpkin County Animal Shelter, and said they could not afford to feed her, that they she was a stray.  The shelter did an examination and found that Miss Cindi had been shot.  Something that the people who turned her in did not mentioned.

Pick Me!

A local vet agreed to do the surgery on her foot.  Unfortunately, they had to remove a piece of her foot to successfully remove the bullet.

While she was recouperating at the shelter, the director let Cindi hang out in his office alot. She received extra attention at this small shelter because of her surgery and she was loving it.  The directors daughter fell in love with her and they were considering taking her home.  Needless to say, Cindi Loo Hoo had become very attached to the kind director who had given her so much attention.

One day he took her home to meet his Husky.  The Husky didn’t care for Cindi’s company and went after her, protecting his territory.  Scared to death, little Cindi Loo Hoo tried to defend herself, hence, she was now labeled “aggressive”.

This little girl, who had been starved for affection and attention, finally got of both, and decided it was worth defending.  This action sealed her fate, for she was labeled not adoptable, and therefore, scheduled to die.

When I met her at the shelter, the only thing I saw in her eyes was pure joy that someone had come to see her. Limping slightly still from her surgery, she happily wiggled and turned circles and offered kisses.  I walked her down the aisle where others were barking and she paid them no mind.  The director brought out another dog, to test her, and she did not react.

Shelter Photo

He agreed since I was a professional dog trainer, that I could pull Cindi Loo Hoo.  Our wonderful volunteer foster, Dawn, picked her up on Tuesday and she will be going for her spay surgery, and she is is awaiting transport to Florida.

Cindy Loo Hoo knows that Christmas is not a place, or a thing, but is something that lives in your heart and in those who love you. Could you give her Christmas?   -vicki

Her photo album can be viewed on Facebook.

If you are interested in adopting, please read Starting your Dog Out Right, and How to Adopt from us, and then email me at




Dec. 20, 2011 Update: Cindi has been adopted. Upon examination, during her spay the vet noticed black marks on her belly… it was buckshot. He has removed the damage, and Cindi has been adopted by Patty Beverage, and our wonderful volunteer pilot, Brett, has offered to transport her from Georgia to her new home in South Florida on Christmas Eve!
update Dec.29th~ cindy loo too finally made it home! Weather prevented her christmas eve flight which was a disappointment to everyone! But she is home now and sooo happy! Bradenton Welcome your newest DogLiberator!!!!-vicki

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