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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Perry Como~Adopted

Perry Como~Adopted

Don’t know why I named him Perry Como, but I adore his voice, and when I listen to that music from long ago, it reminds me of my childhood.  Perry Como was very laid back, didn’t put on airs like most hollywood-types did.  He wouldn’t even wear a suit and tie on his on TV show, I think sweater vests became popular because of him!

on Transport
on Transport

Regardless, this is what I read about this boy while I was working to get him to our rescue:  “# AC31401017 – White with Brown Collie mix. HORRIBLY EMACIATED boy was left chained to a porch after the owners left/moved/evicted from the house”


Speechless, but unfortunately, this is not he worse case we've had.
Speechless, but unfortunately, this is not he worse case we’ve had.

Perry went through a lot of traveling to get to us.  So far, he appears to be a dream dog!  He has an endless bowl of food, and this morning, I made him his own batch of chicken livers!  You can see more of his photos on Facebook.

Special thanks to Lisa Weathers and Rebecca Hogue Harshman.

the bath reveals the severity of the malnutrition
the bath reveals the severity of the malnutrition

02/07/14 Update:  Perry received a much needed bath yesterday, thanks to volunteer groomer, Serena Drake.  He did great, but boy the water was nasty!  Serena cleaned his dirty ears, and he was very frisky when it was all over.  We did get to see how skinny he really us when his hair was wet – it was not a pretty sight.

Unfortunately, a few hours after his bath, I heard him cough.  It sounds bad, but it’s not a constant cough, but I’m ready!  I’ve started him on Doxy, and if he coughs more than once an hour, he’s going to the vet.

Because he is so severely emaciated, and his immune system is shot, I believe he either contracted kennel cough while at the shelter, or it’s simply reaction to the Bordetella shot, which contains the live virus.  The only thing that concerns me is if he loses his appetite.  So far, so good, he’s gobbling up everything!  I am, however, ready to take him to the vet at a moment’s notice if his cough worsens.

Getting Kisses are NOT optional!
Getting Kisses are NOT optional!

02/12/14 Update: Today is a very eventful day!  I went to the vet to pick him up, he is still coughing but it is getting better, only a few more days of meds left.  On the way out, I asked the folks at Newman Veterinary to cat-test him.  It just so happened there was a big fluffy cat on the counter…. Perry gave it a look, and ignored it at first, then he put his paws and the counter, and politely introduced himself… the cat was not impressed!  So, the got another cat, a cat that has no fear of dogs whatsoever.  They placed the white cat on the floor, and Perry approached it, give the cat a play bow, and wanted to play with her.  He was very gentle and happy to see the cat.  Once the cat didn’t reciprocate, Perry ignored the cat!  What a perfect gentleman!  Now we can proceed with his adoption, but that’s not all.

Very emaciatedThe folks at Newman described him as a playful baby.  They believe he is very young.  As a matter of fact, they don’t know how he did it, but he was constantly found roaming the building – he knows how to unlatch the crate!

When I got home, I was very careful to open my car door, not realizing how thin Perry really is, I was shocked that he slid through from the back seat, and before I knew it, he was trotting through my front yard.  I was about to panic, until I saw him run straight for the front door.  He sat and waited for me as I fumbled for my  keys.

So, he has no prey drive and has no desire to run away and explore – life is good!

Sticks close to his humans!Since with me, I have noticed that Perry is not housebroken.  Who would want to adopt a dog that isn’t housebroken?  Someone that would accept him as the young pup that he is, and not fault him for being untrained.  He doesn’t mean to, he doesn’t know any better.

One other thing I must mention is his feet.  They are terribly stained, and one of his feet sports a fairly large scar.  It is my opinion that he wasn’t just tied to the front porch after his people left, I think he’s been tied to it all of his life – and with nothing to do, nothing to play with, he may have chewed on his feet out of total and excruciating boredom.

a very happy boyBut there’s even more good news.  We have identified a family in the Jacksonville area that is coming to meet Perry Como tomorrow night and if all goes well, they will bring him home, foster him for about 4 weeks until he gains weight and at that time, they will return him to us to be neutered.  How cool is that?  Perry needs to bond with his new family.  Staying here in rescue while he recovers from  his cough, and gets healthier is not in his best interest.

It’s amazing how much humans have wronged him, yet he is so loving, trusting, and wants to please.  We will continue to provide Perry with whatever it is he needs.  Cross your fingers!

She saw his photo and said "I want him!"  Once her Dad saw his name, Perry Como, he couldn't resist!
She saw his photo and said “I want him!” Once her Dad saw his name, Perry Como, he couldn’t resist!

02/13/14:  Perry’s new family came, and they brought him home.  A Foster with the Intent to Adopt Contract was signed.  He will be returned to us in about 30 days or when he reaches 35 pounds, to be neutered.   They will NOT be changing his name, because Perry’s new Dad loves the smooth voice of the real Perry Como!  We are getting daily updates, including photos and videos, and let me tell you, Perry is having a blast!


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  1. THANK YOU so very very much, Gisele, I am so very glad that the “right person” saw this boy and could see his potential. Thank you for saving him and loving him from just a picture!!! You were certainly a pleasure to work for. PS, he loves Karo Syrup on his food too. :}

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