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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Zeus, Absolutely NOT A Border Collie ~ Adopted

Zeus, Absolutely NOT A Border Collie ~ Adopted

Sometimes we are not sure if a dog has Border Collie in it or not. It might be Aussie, maybe Husky,….. But I can tell you, I am certain Zeus is no Border Collie!

Early on, handsome but still thin

This little fellow is a six-year-old Chinese Crested, and, yes, he’s supposed to look like this!

Only nine pounds of non-fluff, his life has been one lacking in love and commitment. Yes, he has been a breeder dog.

Worse yet, he has been passed from breeder to breeder, each only interested in the puppies he could sire, not at all concerned about him. It always leaves me dumbstruck at how dogs can live such a life of neglect and yet still be so loving and trusting.

Such is the case of Zeus. When rescued from the last breeder, he was covered in fleas and dirt. Should we be surprised? After all, it was the same breeder from whom we rescued Jordan’s Prize! A bath and a dose of Comfortis later and there he was, a handsome little pup. Most surprising is his spirit. He loves people, he loves dogs. Truly, he simply takes joy in the company of any living creature.

I find this photo especially tender

When he’s tuckered out, he happily trots into his crate for a well-deserved nap. What was his life like before? I shudder to think.

Like our Jordan’s Prize, this is a dog who has survived the life of a breeder dog, has put away the hauntings of the past and chosen to live life with love.  We will do our part in finding him the family that will return his love and give him a wonderful forever home.

Make sure you check out Zeus’ extensive photo album.

If you think that you might be the right home for Zeus, please first read our Starting Out Your Dog Right, then review our Adoption Process and e-mail

07/01/11 Update:

the cuddle bug

Dr. Oliver of Val-U-Vet of Deltona examined this little guy today  and confirmed what we had anticipated:  Zeus is heartworm positive.  I wish we could say we’re surprised, but Jordan’s Prize was positive, and we expected the same lack of care for this boy.  How sad is it that Zeus has spent six years in a kennel, deprived a real life, of love and affection, valued only for the litters he could produce.  How much money did he “make” for this breeder yet she was not willing to invest in heartworm preventive?  Gosh, she could have just gone to the feed store and bought a bottle of ivermectin for $35 and had enough for three years!  Instead, she just took from him and put nothing back in to his life.  It makes me simmer.

We are starting Zeus on the slow-kill method of heartworm treatment.  It is more gentle and won’t require that he be crated.  Instead, he’ll just get all the love he deserves!

07/02/11 Update:

Flipper has never seen anything quite like Zeus!

Zeus is doing great.  I have him at my house now, here in Winter Park.  When he first arrive, all my other dogs couldn’t figure out what the heck he was!  I first introduced Flipper the Border Collie puppy.  The timing was good because he was depressed ~ his sister Faddle had been adopted that morning and he was the last of his litter with me (a bit of a shock to us all since he is so beautiful).  Honest to goodness, I don’t think that Flipper knew Zeus was a dog.  He followed him around at a bit of a distance, giving me a look every now and then as if to ask, “Hey, are you seeing what I’m seeing???”    When Zeus finally let go and started running, Flipper was thrilled.  They raced around, looking kind of like a rabbit being chased by, well, a border collie!

Next one to  be introduced was Ralph, my Basset/Lab.  I never worry too much about Ralph because he has a naturally nurturing nature (that’s three “n”s in a row!).  He trotted out, happy as a clam, and Zeus came right up to him.  In no time, Zeus was licking his face, pushing up against him, best buds.  Ralph, of course, took it all in stride.

The last one out was Gus.  Now, I have to admit, I was a bit concerned.  Gus is my Basset/American Bulldog.  At 58 pounds, his favorite game is “bowling for puppies” ~ he runs at them full speed, his them with his chest and sees how far they can roll.  Yeah, I know, what can I say?  He’d been barking on the other side of the glass slider the whole time.  I kept saying, “Gus, don’t eat the new baby.  Be nice.”  So I let him out.  And nothing.  He ran over, sniffed Zeus, and then walked off.  I think it was just too much for his little brain…..

Zeus does a happy dance

Later that evening I let Zeus into the house loose for the first time.  First, I got a belly band for him.  It’s an absorbent band that wraps around him to keep him from peeing all over the place.  As an un-neutered, breeding male, he does like to mark.  It is one of the first things I’m working to break him of (the other would be humping the other dogs.  Poor Ralph keeps giving me those Basset eyes, as if to say, “Could I get a little help here???”  Just as a sign of how smart Zeus is, he hasn’t tried this with Gus!!!).  So, belly band on, I let him in.  He danced around the house, very happy.  He saw his reflection in the dishwasher and was startled (hmmm, same reaction that Flipper had to Zeus!)  He paid no attention to my cats, which was good, because 20-pound Baranov is not one that should be messed with.  (By the way, Baranov refuses to even acknowledge that this is a dog!).   Finally he jumped up on the couch where Ralph was laying (yeah, my dogs are well trained) and laid down with his head on Ralph’s haunch, and fell asleep.  It was adorable.

I think this little guy is going to be just fine!

July 4th Update:

I love his face

Zeus is continuing to do great.  I’ve started him on the meds for slow kill.  I’ve also started feeding him Spot’s Chicken Stew from Andi Brown’s book, The Whole Pet Diet.  He eats have a cup a day, wagging his tail the whole time.  I add 1/2 teaspoon of Dream Coat by Halo once a day ~ it is a blend of seven oils that nourishes the skin and, as a result, the fur.  I use it with spectacular results on all my pets, personal and foster.  I think that Zeus, as a “naked” dog, will benefit tremendously from it.  I also add a dab of yogurt to his food to help offset the negative affects of the antibiotics on the healthy bacteria in his colon.  Oh, and a couple of small pieces of liver.  Of course, he doesn’t know all this.  He just keeps wagging his tail!

"Backyard Bone Club" t-shirt

I remember that when Liz and Lynn adopted my Nicolai, they brought their Chinese Crested with them.  I teased them about her extensive wardrobe (I think they told me they had 40 outfits for her!), but they told me that hairless breeds actually get sunburned, so they need either sunscreen or clothes.  Now, I have to admit, just last week I was in Ross’ and noticed they have an extensive pet supply section, including clothes.  Just the excuse I needed: I went there yesterday and picked up a little t-shirt for Zeus.  I think my husband’s eyes are permanently locked in the crossed position, but I think he looks cute!

Clearly, Chinese Cresteds are a breed that you either like or you don’t.  I think Zeus is precious.  My husband is convinced that this is an experiment gone terribly wrong.  My daughter said, “If all dogs were bred from wolves, who decided it was a good idea to breed them down to this???”  My friend Lynn, on the other hand, smiled with delight and didn’t want to put him down, even when it was time for lunch.

Okay, seriously, I have to find another foster for this dog before I turn into one of  “those” people!!!  lol

July 15th Update:

He loves to run

Zeus really is an amazing boy.  Yesterday was another break through.  He was outside with the other dogs when Domino, Goggles and Kai started to run around the yard.  Suddenly, he was running with them!  Full out, fast as the wind, look-at-me-I-can-fly running!  He was pure joy.  My husband called me to see.  “I think this is the first time I’ve seen him play.”  Glenn was right.  Up to now, Zeus has only wanted attention for us, and kept himself on the edge of the other dogs (except, of course, when he humps my poor Ralph!).  To see him join in the play, well, that was truly something to behold.

August 2nd Update:

Helping me update the website

I just love this little guy.  There is a certain process that rescue dogs go through as they shed the ghosts of their past and become ready for their new homes.  For some, it takes just a day or two.  For others, it takes longer.  Zeus, well, it has taken longer, but he has arrived!  Because he had lived his life outside as a stud dog, when he first arrived he wanted to mark everything, not a problem outside but a big issue inside.  For several weeks he had to wear a bellyband inside, and what a pain that was.  After he was neutered, I decided he was ready to learn proper manners.  Within a day he was housetrained and is no longer humping Ralph.  Yay!  He is completely at ease in our home now, loving to sit  with someone, sleep in the cat bed or just hang out in his crate with the door open.  He thinks he is a parrot, wanting to sit up on my shoulder when I’m sitting on the couch.  He has no fear of my big dogs at all.  He has finally put on weight so that his bones are not sticking out.  In fact, he looks fabulous.  Zeus is really ready for his forever home.  Ideally, he wants a person or a couple who will let him be their lap dog.  He is not demanding, just absolutely loving.  The day he finds his perfect home will be a happy/sad day for me.

August 8th Update:

Zeus is fascinated by my lovebirds.  He was very excited today when a wild lovebird found its way into our garden today.  He spotted it perched on our lemon tree.  He worked very hard to convince it to come down and play.  Silly boy!

Looking excited about his crab outfit!

August 9th Update:

Yes, I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help it. When you have a 9-pound hairless dog, well, it makes you want to play dressup! Thanks to the wonderful Stacy East who mailed me the outfits her Chinese Crested has out grown, and Gisele who in a moment of sheer madness went shopping for doggie clothes, our boy now has a wardrobe.  He’s so cute that we had a fashion photo shoot with him and created a separate photo album.  Try not to laugh!

August 14th Update:

This afternoon Zeus had a huge break through: he played with the puppies for the first time! I really never thought he’d do this. I’m so happy!!! The most amazing thing is, I had my camera on hand!!

Home at last!

August 26th Update:

Zeus is home. Amy has long wanted a Chinese Crested and was so happy to find Zeus. Billy was quite proud by how quickly our boy relaxed with them. I am thrilled that he has a home with this wonderful couple and Amy’s two Chihuahuas. She takes her dogs to work, so he’ll never be alone again. What more could I ask? Groveland, welcome your newest Dog Liberator pup!

6 thoughts on “Zeus, Absolutely NOT A Border Collie ~ Adopted

  1. What a sweet guy! I foster one of these about four years ago. Did you know they need sunscreen to protect them when they are out doors? Amazing little dogs!

  2. Just read the updates on this sweetie. The one about meeting the pack cracked me up. Poor confused flipper and Gus who bowls for puppies, priceless. Major Kudos to Ralph for putting up with Zeus’s little “habits.”

  3. What’s black and white and green all over? A Border Collie looking at Zeus and wishing he was that handsome!
    Just kidding, they are all beautiful!

  4. Hi I just lost my little applehead chihuahua of 10 years (the vet swore that she had some Chinese Crested in her). I am looking for another little, sweet dog. Our other dog is a miniature poodle. Sweet, but very active (in spite of his 11 years). He could benefit from a companion as Zoi (the chihuahua) was so submissive she would have nothing to do with him. Is Zeus still available?

  5. If you are looking for one of the sweetest dogs ever, you should consider a Chinese Crested! If we didn’t have five dogs already, this little guy would be on his way to our house! He is absolutely adorable!! We adopted ours from our local SPCA over a year ago and have never looked back. They are one of the most loyal dog breeds I have ever seen. They love to play but also love to snuggle. Ours sleeps under the covers with me every night. Some say that they are not good with other dogs but ours came into our family when we already had three other much larger dogs. Since then we added a Chihuhua which is our Cresteds best friend. They would play together 24/7 if we let them. They do need sunscreen or a t-shirt when going outside and a jacket/coat in the cooler months even in FL. I never thought I would be one of “those people” but it is kind of a necessity with a Crested. If you are looking for a lovable companion, please consider this little guy.

  6. I love his “happy dance”…. he looks like he is tap-dancing! BTW, I have a very small (from when my son was a baby) leather jacket that might fit him, if you want to go with the “Bad to the bone” image…. hahaha. Let me know and I will bring it over for him to try on 🙂
    Love, Maria AKA: One of “those” fosters….lol.

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