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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Domino the Mini-Border Collie ~ Adopted

Domino the Mini-Border Collie ~ Adopted

“Ooooo!”  That’s what I commented on a photo that Vicki posted on her facebook page.  There was a lovely black and white Border Collie playing tug-o-war with a Pit Bull.  And I think he was winning.  Vicki noted back to me, “You’d love him.  He’s a mini-Border Collie, only about 25 pounds at one-year-old.”  Now I was intrigued!  I asked Vicki how she had gotten this boy.  She replied that she had arranged a transport of some dogs from Memphis to Georgia, and when they arrived, this little boy had been tossed on as a “surprise”,  no paperwork, no info!  Oh my!  She’d had him for several weeks and found him to be wonderful.  Playful and energetic, he got along with all the other dogs and puppies.  Just a doll. Did we want him?

Headed south with Courtney

Well, Vicki is up near Atlanta,  a good 7 hours from us.  It didn’t seem  likely to come together, but then, with a turn of events, I had arrangements to get Google and Goggles from her, and it was no problem to add Domino to the trip.  After all, he was so well behaved, he didn’t even need a crate.

And that’s what happened.  July 4th Domino rode as the co-pilot in Courtney’s car, with the puppies in the back.  He arrived here happy as could be.  The next day I took him to Aloma Jancy Animal Hospital for shots, neutering and heartworm test.  I can’t tell you how thrilled I was when he came back heartworm negative!  Yay!!!

What a profile!

Domino is  a great dog.  He’s really beautiful, with his upright ears, flowing coat, and lovely markings, a combination of patches and freckles.  Personality-wise, he is charming.  He isn’t clingy, but enjoys any attention you want to give him.  He thinks balls are terrific and can really run.  He likes to play with other dogs but, again, isn’t demanding of their attention.  He seems very well balanced.  And did I mention he is small?  He really isn’t that much bigger than my 4-month-old puppies.  I think Domino is the cat’s meow!!!

Make sure you keep checking his photo album ~ he’s so handsome, I keep adding to it!  I am fostering him in Winter Park.

If you think that yours might be his  forever home, please first read our tips in Starting Off Your Dog Right.  After that, review our Adoption Process, and then e-mail me at

July 8th Update:

Happy in the morning

Domino was neutered on Tuesday, which left him a bit, how shall we say?, under the weather.  But now he has bounced back and is his delightful self once again.

Last night Brian and Beth came to meet my fosters and were really torn in who to chose.  Eventually they settled on Flipper, but it was a hard choice.  Domino was terrific.  He was very personable with them, completely at ease, showing himself to be a real people-puppy.  I was also happy to see him playing with the puppies.  It was the first time he really has since his surgery, but he was all about it.  We all  laughed at their antics.  Ultimately the thing that kept him from going home with Brian and Beth is that Domino is so small they were afraid their 60+ pound Catahoula would injure him.  I don’t really think that would be an issue, but years ago they lost their mini-beagle when their larger dog accidentally hurt him.  I can fully understand their caution given that history!

I can honestly say that I think Domino would do well in any home.  He has even shown that he has no interest in cats!  This is a terrific pup!!!


Following the path

July 15th:

Yesterday 5 of my fosters were adopted.  And Domino noticed.  After the last went home, he ran around the house looking for them.  He kept coming back and looking at us intently as if to ask, “Where did they go???”  I felt rather bad for him.  And, yes, I admit, I let him sleep in my son’s bedroom last night.  He liked that.  Domino is such a great dog!


This pup flies!

July 16th:

Domino is remarkably athletic!  His natural speed has been apparent since he arrived, but as he grows more comfortable, he demonstrates more and more skills.  He hasn’t chased the ball …. until this morning.  I was sitting in the deck chair and he was rolling on his back in the grass next to me, holding a  tennis ball between his front paws.  I took it from him and rolled it, and lo and behold, he not only chased it, he returned it to me to do again!  Then this afternoon he showed us just how high he can jump:  Glenn took off his collar to adjust it and Domino got all excited, leaping straight up, almost to Glenn’s chest.  That was inside the house.  I wonder what he could do outside with a running start!  We took him for a walk for the first time this afternoon too.  I don’t think he has ever been on a leash before.  He wanted to lead and to roam, but eventually he figured out that walking to the side, slightly behind, was the right position.  Have I mentioned how smart this dog is???

Going home with Terri, Keith and Danny!

July 17th:
Domino has his home! Keith and Terri just lost their beautiful 13-year-old Mojo, and 10-year-old Danny has been depressed. Wanting a dog that can kayak, surf and fly with them, Domino seemed the perfect size and temperament. I wasn’t surprised at all that he thought they were wonderful, even if Danny IS the biggest dog he’s ever seen in his life! A wonderful match!

One thought on “Domino the Mini-Border Collie ~ Adopted

  1. I adopted a border collie mix last month. He’s about a year old and he is adorable. At the shelter the paper said he was a stray. Was picked up by a cop. I took him home. Super sweet and house trained. I have been doing some research and can’t really come up with what other breed he is mixed with so when I saw your site and domino was there I thought Oh My GOD! I got a mini border collie. My dog resembles domino so much. Mine is mostly black with white on the chest.
    Even though he’s an angle and super sweet to humans, while on the leash during walks he becomes 21.64lbs of pure evil. He becomes insane and out of control. Today, my girlfriend was walking him and saw another dog. He went crazy and when she tried to correct him, he bit her leg. We are taking him to obedience classes Not only for him but for us to learn how to manage his rage. At the park, off the leash, he doesn’t attack dogs. He plays like domino does in the video.

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