Frappaccino Fridays, Donate $5.00 and save a Latte Dogs!

The Pippin Puppies ask YOU to Donate $5.00 on Frappe Friday!

Donate $5.00 on Frappe Friday~The Pippin Puppies

How Much Do You Spend on Coffee? Can You Skip One Coffee Today to help “a Latte Dogs“? Show us Your Pup with Your Cup and use the #FrappeFriday tag on your social media posts!

Instead of buying your Starbuck’s Frappaccino on Fridays, donate that cup to our Veterinary Care Fund!  Here are the current prices for a small, medium, and large mocha drink: 
Mocha Tall $3.75
Mocha Grande $4.45

Mocha Venti $4.95

We rounded it up to include tax, to be a whopping $5.00, and now, on Paypal, you can setup your $5.00 donation to be recurring!

What can $5.00 do?  A lot!  If ten people donate $5, we could pay for one dog’s vaccinations, two dogs to be microchipped, or one heartworm test!  If twenty people donate just $5.00 we could pay for one spay or neuter!  It all adds up and together we can make a difference!

Donate on Frappe Fridays!

Here are just some of our promotional photos you can use, please share Frappe Fridays with your friends and family!

Graham ~ Adopted!

15628960_10210397541670300_374076528_o12/18/16 Update: Graham has been very patient, and it paid off! Today he found his home with Bill and Pam Kiefer of Port Orange, Florida!

10/14/2016 Update:  Handsome Graham is back with us. Unfortunately, his owner is moving and is unable to take him along. Graham is a very sweet and happy guy who does well with people and other dogs. He does like to chase the little critters, though, so a home without cats that has a fenced yard would be best.



Graham's Boo Boo is all better!

Graham’s Boo Boo is all better!

Meet Golden Graham! He was named for his gorgeous coloring and the fact that he was our first rescue that was initiated on Instagram. I’ve been calling him Graham and it seems to suit him well.
Graham was rescued from Miami-Dade Animal Services where he was picked up as a stray.  A big thanks to Jeanette and Patty Duenas for helping us to rescue this doll. He is about 7 months old. Right now he weighs 35 pounds but we expect him to fill out and grow to probably around 50 pounds or so. He’s a little on the thin side right now but I’m working on fattening him up a bit!

He is super sweet and affectionate. Graham loves to be pet and will beg for more and is also very gentle when taking treats from my hand. He gets along great with my dog and hasn’t bothered with our cats too much. He let me know when he had to go potty last night and hasn’t had any accidents in the house since we’ve had him. He has typical puppy energy and really enjoys running around the yard and playing with our dog.

He was found with a flea color embedded in his skin. The shelter had it removed and he has a sore around his neck that is healing. It doesn’t bother him one bit though! It’s starting to scab up and he’s on antibiotics for a week.

Great in the car!

Great in the car!

Click the link to see more photos of Graham on Facebook.

July 29, 2014

Graham has been with us for a week now and is a real sweet boy.  He loves to run and play with our dog and then will sleep somewhere near wherever his human is.  He seems to be very happy and is always wagging his tail.  He loves playing with all of the dog toys and I’ve even caught him with two in his mouth at once so proud of himself.   He hasn’t had any accidents in the house.  I haven’t had him out for a walk yet so I’m not sure how he does on a leash.  I gave him a bath last week and he wasn’t too thrilled but could tell he felt much better afterwards.  His neck that was scabbed over from an imbedded flea collar is almost completely healed.  Graham will be a wonderful addition to his new family.

Collie, Graham, Gets Much needed spa day with James at Newman Vet Deltona

Collie, Graham, Gets Much needed spa day with James at Newman Vet Deltona

September 1, 2014

Graham was transported to me in Deltona so Michelle could attend a Disney event!  Woo Hoo!  He is amazing.  His boo boo on his neck is healing nicely.  I thought he would enjoy a spa day at Newman’s via James!  Graham is all puppy and loves to play.  He is incredibly affectionate and great with dogs, kids and cats!  What more could you for?

Graham the Collie moves to Barefoot Bay!

Graham the Collie moves to Barefoot Bay!

09/09/14 Update:  Scott  adopted Graham today! Scott lives in Barefoot Bay, FL and his collie mix died several months ago. Scott told me, “I’m ready!” Scott’s Mom came to meet Graham as well, and she gave him her stamp of approval – but not until the sand hill cranes in my front yard put on a show and danced for about 10 minutes! Can’t wait for Graham updates!





Our Adoption Process

Logan and the Twins

Logan and the Twins

Much to the surprise of many people, we do not use an adoption application but rely instead upon an interview process. Because we are a small rescue and keep all of our dogs in foster homes, we shy away from forms that tend to emphasis why someone should not have a dog.

The interview process allows us to learn more about our potential adopters and their individual situations, concerns, pros and cons. By knowing more details, we are able to place dogs into homes that other rescues might turn down, because we already know our dogs. We’re small so we don’t need blanket policies that require fences or disallow families with small children or won’t allow senior citizens. We’re focused on bringing together caring people with the right dog.

Whether you are considering an adult dog or a puppy, the first thing you should do is read our article on Starting Your Dog Out Right.  Here you will find not only some good tips but some thoughts to ponder before committing to the responsibilities of caring for a dog.

If you are interested in meeting one of our dogs or learning more about it, please e-mail us at and let’s get the process going! Share such information

  • as where you live,
  • your household composition,
  • your yard/fence/exercise plan,
  • pets you have and/or had,
  • your normal work schedule,
  • how much time the dog will be alone,
  • do you own a pool,
  • what you are looking for in a dog,
  • what contingency plans do you have in place should you no longer be able to care for your dog,
  • if you rent, do you have landlord approval,
  • are you prepared to bring your new dog home if you are approved after you meet one of our dogs?

Email your answers to, and then we’ll go from there!  The more you share the better!

Visit us on Great Nonprofits and read our reviews!

Here’s an email I just received explaining other rescues’ adoption applications:

Dear Gisele,

Thanks so much for the wonderful site and information you have. My wife and I have been looking for a dog for a few months now to join our family. To say the least it has been a discouraging process. The only places I have looked are and the local pound.

Well, at the local pound you just never know what kind of dog, temperament, and so on you will get. With the adoption groups on petfinder I’ve found that the process has been more of an interrogation than an application. I love what you wrote on your web site when you said: We’re focused on bringing together caring people with the right dog. Thanks for a breath of fresh air. You seem very reasonable and don’t have a laundry list of questions like, “who will brush the dog in the family and how ofter?” No kidding, that was one of the questions on an application I started to fill out as I shook my head in disbelief.  ~John
If you have any questions about our adoption fees, please read more about our adoption fees.

Minnie Mouse ~ Adopted!

Minnie Mouse is on her way!

Minnie Mouse is on her way!

3/10/16 Update:  Minnie is a 7 year old Chihuahua mix around 11 lbs. She fully vetted (including spay) and seeking a home. Minnie does have a special need, she is blind. She is also very loving!  Check out her Photos on Facebook!

If you are interested in being considered as an adopter for Minnie, please  read Our Adoption Process and answer the questions in the post.


Minnie Mouse needs Veterinary Care

Minnie Mouse needs Veterinary Care

History:  When Alyse brought this dog to my attention, she was hoping we would take her, but she was even more hopeful that we could get pledges/donations for her veterinary care.  On the dog’s page via Rescue Me Tampa, she received quite a following! 108 Likes, 371 Shares, and almost 100 comments left by concerned individuals on Facebook.  Yet, after Alyse asked for pledges – her page went silent!


Minnie will need full blood work, and a dental which may include a few extractions.  She will then need all of her vaccinations, her spay, and her microchip.  She is heartworm negative!  We will probably want her to have the spa treatment as well.  A nice bath and some conditioner never hurt anyone!  Please make a donation toward her care.

Here’s what the shelter wrote about her:

**** HAS RESCUE!! This poor little girl is a heart breaker. She is blind and she is so scared. Can you imagine being so tiny and in a strange place and cannot see? She backs up to get away and there is a wall behind her and she has no idea what is going on and is terrified

She is listed as a 5 yo chi mix, she is only 10.5 lbs! The shelter has not named her yet, but we are calling her Desi. Her notes state she has severe cataracts and is not aggressive, just very scared. So sad, please share her to help her make it out!Stray
Weight Estimate: 10.5 lbs
09/09/14:  This little girl is coming to our rescue. She needs the works, not just spay. She has severe dental issues, and as you can see, we are hoping to get her into an eye specialist who can operate. We need your help! Please click if you can sponsor her rescue.We want to thank our Alyse  and Debbie from Hillsborough County for coordinating her rescue for us, and Theresa Lorenzi for offering to transport her tomorrow.

09/10/14:  Thank you Theresa!  Minnie is in the house!  The staff at Newman Vet/Deltona just love her!  She is scared to death but she will let you hold her – no problem!  We have our work cut out for us.

09/11/14:  Last night I was on the phone with Carrie of Newman on and off.  We were coming up with a plan for this shy little girl we call Minnie Mouse.  First, was the eye medication, next we discussed her spay surgery – so bloodwork was in order.  I got comfortable and tried to watch the President’s address to the nation, when Carrie called me again, bloodwork is just fine!  Woo Hoo!  When I looked up at the TV, the Muppets were on… how did that happen?

Carrie & Minnie after a bath!

Carrie & Minnie after a bath!

Note:  I just want to pause here and make it very clear why I love Newman Vet so much… while we are just starting to relax after dinner, and prepare for bed, the staff at Newman are always taking care of our dogs – without delay.  No Minnie didn’t have to wait for the morning… for someone to unlock the door, turn the lights on and check our our dogs… Minnie received care as soon as she arrived.  And it’s not just medical care that they provide, the staff at Newman really pampers our rescued dogs with love and attention!

I spent the rest of the evening texting Alyse about Minnie’s condition and prognosis.

Minnie and Zsa Zsa have taught me a lot, and we have much to share.  We are gathering information to write a post that we hope will help the welfare of all dogs.

In the meantime, we still need donations for Minnie’s care, can you help?

09/12/14 Update:  Minnie had multiple teeth pulled yesterday, and a dental cleaning.  The Vet tells me that many of her teeth were absolutely rotten.  They couldn’t believe it.  She is going to feel so much better now.  She was also spayed.  Out vet estimates she is around 8 years of age.

Shannon Adopted Minnie Mouse today... I'm still tearing up!

Shannon Adopted Minnie Mouse today… I’m still tearing up!

09/14/14 Update:  If you have kids, you know the book series “If You Take Your Moose to the Movies“.   Well, I believe if you leave a cute dog at the vet long enough, someone there will fall in love and adopt it!  That’s what happened to Minnie Mouse!  Everyone at Newman Vet just fell in love with this sweet little thing, and Shannon asked us this morning if she can bring her home.  I Cried!!!  Not just any Shannon, but my Shannon!  We are so blessed to have so many wonderful and dedicated volunteers, and so blessed to have the best adopters – EVER!

09/25/14 Update:While Minnie Mouse has proven to be a wonderful little girl, Shannon had some bad news today. Shannon’s husband is very allergic to her, and that’s something that I totally understand. I am personally allergic to the smoothies, the short-haired dogs. Shannon thought since they have other breeds, the Chihuahua would be a no brainer, but the breed does have different hair than let’s say, the Maltese, etc. So Shannon is having to give up Minnie Mouse, and she is heart-broken. But the good news is we have learned a lot about Minnie, she is very affectionate, great with cats (they love her) and with kids. As much as we wish Shannon could keep her, we know we’ll find her a wonderful home soon!

09/28/14 Update:  After consulting with her family, Shannon is going to try some natural products and a few ideas to help her husband’s allergies with Minnie.  I bought Minnie a super cute sweater today, which I know will keep the dander down to a mild roar.  That along with baby wipes might help!  We’ll have updates soon!



Sunny Boy ~ Adopted



734872_10153643252374792_1479089927578391538_n12/19/15 Update: Sunny is home with Dee Krebs in Chicago.

Dee writes: To Dana Campo. I’ve been thinking about this post for the last couple of weeks and every time I do, it brings tears to my eyes. They are tears of sorrow, but also tears of joy. When Dana passed, down in Florida, her friends’ first concern was for her deaf and blind Double Merle Australian Shepherd, Sunny Boy. I immediately offered to take him and the Deaf Dog community rallied to work on transport. However, Gisele, with The Dog Liberator took him back into their rescue where he originally came from. She had a family waiting for him. With a heavy heart, I asked that he be safe, well and happy. I prayed for Sunny and asked God to place him where he would be loved and cherished for the rest of his life. The adoptive home that was waiting for him fell through. Bless Gisele because she actually considered me. We talked for weeks. Then we went back to our Australian Shepherd friends and it took a while, but a transport was set up. So yesterday, my prayers were answered. With Sunny’s Angel watching over him, a number of fabulous people stepped in and transported him north. My deepest thanks to every single one of you!!! We didn’t make it home until 5:00 this morning, but Sunny Boy is now with me outside of Chicago. We are slowly letting him meet the rest of the pack, but things are going well. Many thanks to Gisele, Eric, Ronna, Isa, Mark and anyone else I may have missed. I truly believe that this is what Dana would have wanted and praise be to God for answering my prayers!! I promised a photo of the 2 of us and I will work on that soon. But in the mean time, Sunny Boy would like to say “Good Morning!” from chilly Chicago. – Dee Krebs


12179434_10206981478070845_1242926526_n10/25/15 Update: It is with a sad heart that we have to share that Sunny has come back to us after the tragic loss of his sweet mommy Dana… She passed suddenly and we are heartbroken for she an Sunny.

We need to take the time to thank a few people who were kind enough to help us bring Sunny back to TDL. A special thanks to  Lora Wiggington and John and Jocelyn Peddler for all you’ve done for Sunny and for us. Sunny is in foster as we determine our next steps.



Dana and Sunny

2/1/15 Update: We are happy to announce that Sunny has found his new home with Dana of south Florida! Congratulations to Sunny and Dana as they begin their new adventure together!

We even received an update already! Dana reports that Sunny is already mapping the house well. She writes “I watched him map out the layout. ….I was mesmerized. He would bump into things then turn around and start all over again until he could actually run through without bumping into anything and that was when he settled down.” And if your know the running joke in TDL about being “couch trained” or “bed trained” this part of the update will make you smile “Yes, Gisele. ….he slept in my bed with me and upon getting up this morning we went for a walk and he pooped and pee. I was such a proud mama 😉 ” Dana also reports that Sunny’s new kitty siblings are adjusting to this new member of the family, and are understandably perplexed by him.

We value transparency in rescue, which is why we loved this update so much we just had to share it. Dana writes “I was skeptical about this venture at first but now that he is home with me I feel completely different and love him totally and unconditionally. I feel so blessed, I don’t know what other words to use to describe how incredibly grateful I am.” We are so happy for Dana and so glad this match has worked out well!

12/14/14 Update: Sunny is coming back to us due to no fault of his own. Sadly his adoptive Mommy has sustained an injury which has had her in and out of the hospital and makes caring for him very difficult. It is breaking her heart, but she recognizes that it is best for them both if we find him another awesome home.

Sunny is good with small children, puppies, older dogs (pretty much dogs of all ages), and is great with meeting new people. He is deaf/blind, not demanding, and loves his crate. He would thrive with a buddy-dog who he can follow and play with!

If you are interested in Sunny, please read about our Adoption Process and then shoot us an email!

Check out his Photos on Facebook!

Funny Sunny, Deaf and Blind, has found the perfect home!

Funny Sunny, Deaf and Blind, has found the perfect home!

05/26/14 Update: Sunny was adopted yesterday by Elizabeth Spicer of the Jacksonville area. I got up this morning and put plants and furniture back – I had moved things to help Sunny not boink or trip on them. I was kind of sad, I guess I had grown accustomed to the goof ball! He brought me a lot of joy. But I also thought I would foster him for much longer. As it appears, I became aware of Sunny through Dale Parent, on April 4th, and he came to our rescue on April 11th, and he came to my home on the 14th.  Which means we only fostered him for six weeks.

Several days ago, I received an inquiry from Elizabeth, who had been interested in adopting some of our other deaf/blind dogs.  Every time she inquired, the dog had already been adopted.  Four years ago, Elizabeth rescued a ten year-old dog from the pound who was deaf/blind, and she shared that it was the best dog she ever had.

When Elizabeth mentioned that she had a 6 month-old female Lab at home… I was hooked!  Sunny still misses Phoebe!

Sunny’s meet went perfectly, he is always friendly.  She signed the adoption contract, with the caveat that Sunny would come back to me is there is any problems (but that’s standard with our contracts).  I lifted Sunny into the crate in the back of their vehicle, and he was content.

They stopped along the way home for a potty break, but amazing as it sounds, when they returned to their car, and opened the back… Sunny literally jumped right in his crate.  Huh?

Once they got home, Elizabeth wrote:  “Trip was good… we got home, allowed him to sniff around and then introduced the other dogs.  Needless to say, Sunny and Lola, our lab puppy, have been playing non-stop!  They are the same size and just rolled around and wrestled together.  I had to break them up so we could eat dinner!  LOL!  I will call you later tonight.”

Elizabeth did call me later last night.  As she explained, because she has two tiny humans (two gorgeous little blonde boys) their house is baby-proofed.  No coffee tables with sharp edges, etc.  They invited Sunny inside their living room, and Sunny used the couch as home base…. after playing with Lola, he went to the door and asked to go potty.  How could it be that he knows where the door is so quickly?  He just does!  Three times Sunny asked for the door, went outside, and wee weed!

Elizabeth has promised to continue to send us updates.  I know I sound like a broken record, but I just can’t express how wonderful these dogs really are, and I can’t express enough how quickly shelters and pounds put them down, as they are labeled un-adoptable.  I disagree.

So now I am about to press the “Update” button, and it’s okay for me to cry!  Special thanks to Jenny Elliot who helped me brain storm and find my confidence!!

Click here to See all of his photos on Facebook!

Sunny loves Rachel!

Sunny loves Rachel!

04/23/14 Update: Because of my experience with Ralph, I saw this coming. I brought Sunny (deaf/blind) home last night and gave him a little bit of time in the yard with the kids. He did great, but bumped into everything. This morning… I watched him map our yard… mowing the lawn with his nose! First, he created a triangle, and within 45 minutes he had my yard mapped out 90%. Amazing! And yes, I took video! Will be publishing shortly!

Busy learning!

Busy learning!

04/29/14 Update:  Sunny has the entire yard mapped out!  He loves meeting new people, adores being with other dogs, and loves the Friends Puppies!  He’s a very happy boy, full of joy and proud of every new accomplishment!  He has a lot of determination, and is very impatient to learn new things!  In short, he doesn’t give up until he gets it down pat!

Sunny and Ozzie

Sunny and Ozzie

05/22/14 Update:

I shared this video of Sunny and Phoebe playing Hide and Seek!

I shared this video with Sunny and Ozzie last week.  Hilarious!

Lately, Sunny wants more to do, so now he is practicing jumping over things.  I guess he wants to be an agility dog now!  I’ve posted many new photos of him on Facebook!

The morning of May 24th, I shared this video that I took very early on a Saturday morning!  The pings you hear is my phone notifying me of text messages!  My day starts early!  This video is hilarious, click here!


I'm a TDL Dog Now!!!

I’m a TDL Dog Now!!!

Sunny Boy aka Funny Boy!

Sunny Boy aka Funny Boy!

Sunny has been awesome when meeting strangers, he’s very friendly! He’s great with puppies, young children and older dogs. His joy is to run and explore. He has my yard completely mapped! He enjoys sleeping in his crate, he is quiet, and sleeps through the night. Sunny is really one of the easiest dogs I’ve fostered. He is not demanding, however, he does want his independence! There are a ton of advantages to owning a deaf/blind dog, they won’t run away, chase squirrels or cats, and they are not afraid of thunder! Sunny is easy peasy! We just uploaded more great photos of him, thanks to photographer, Dianna Noreen!
History:  Great News! Sunny is being transported from Virginia to Florida thanks to volunteer, Chuck! We can’t wait to meet him!

Deaf Dogs Hear with Their Hearts

Deaf Dogs Hear with Their Hearts

This handsome young man is about 9 months and 40lbs.  Our dream come true would be to find a special adopter around Virginia! He is looking for a forever home and is currently in Virgina near Charlottesville.  Sunny is both Deaf and Blind.  Rest assured, if you are considering adopting him, The Dog Liberator will provide you and your family with consulting, and we will help you with any questions you have regarding owning a deaf and blind dog!  Our Ralph was successfully adopted not long ago, and he is a wonderful and intelligent dog, fully trained, and loves his family, including his children!  Deaf/Blind dogs in many ways, are very easy to train.

Sunny Boy needs a home

Sunny Boy needs a home

You can see more photo of him in his photo album on Facebook.

If Sunny does not find a home in Virginia wee are asking for a virtual sponsor to help us rescue him. He also needs transport.

Transport would run from Virginia to Florida so if you or someone you know might be heading down the coast please let us know and feel free to email

Kit, the Foxy Sheltie ~ Adopted!

Kit, the Foxy Sheltie

Kit, the Foxy Sheltie

Kit is estimated to be about 3-4 years of age.  She needs some grooming, but she’s still stunning!  Kit is very friendly and affectionate.  She was transported from Alabama yesterday, so she is still decompressing a bit!  We can see that she is a Sheltie, but many of us have said she is a fox!  We will be providing you with more details about her shortly!  The shelter says she is good with dogs, cats and kids!

Kit, saying goodbye to Johanna

Kit, saying goodbye to Johanna

We have a lot of great photos of Kit, and you can see them on her Facebook page.


Kit is in excellent health and is great with basic commands. She would do best as an only dog but we are not ruling out other possibilities.



9/9/15 Update: Kit was adopted by the Colberts of Daytona yesterday. Deborah is planning on taking Kit to work with her, and on visits to nursing homes. Yay, Kit!




PTSD Trained German Shepherd ~ Adopted!

Six years old and absolutely amazing. Great family dog. We are searching for the perfect Central Florida home for him. Please Visit our How to Adopt from Us page
and Email

Trained, PTSD Dog, Service Dog, Therapy Dog, Veteran, German ShepherdThe word Keep has been used all week at my house, even by me.  This gorgeous boy is truly amazing.  You can see more photos of him on Facebook.

History:  This is a six year-old German Shepherd who was trained as a PTSD Detection and Seizure Alert Dog.  He was owned by a very young woman for several years, where he provided companionship and safety.  She recently passed away, and her family has entrusted our rescue with his care, which was an incredibly difficult decision for them to make.


1/12/15 Update: To put to rest the “vanishing” and “re-appearance” regarding our adoption of Diesel back in late November 2014, TDL wants to be clear on our re-posting of Diesel for adoption. We received multiple inquiries and thank you.  We have spent the past several weeks evaluating Diesel and addressing outside issues as to TDL’s adoption of Diesel.  We are happy to report that Diesel has enjoyed a festive holiday and much loving and is now ready for that “forever home”.

We apologize for any confusion or delays in responding to your requests, but it was necessary to take prudent and precise steps in our handling of Diesel’s adoption, and re-homing.  We are secure that we have accomplished that mission and are moving forward with TDL’s commitment to excellence and transparency in all of our endeavors.


1/25/15 Update: We are excited to announce that Diesel has found his place! Congratulations to the Watson family!  We are so happy for you Diesel!



Duke ~ Adopted!

10937351_10205027392459926_719368889_n1/22/15 Update: We are happy for Duke. He has been very patient in waiting and we believe his patience has paid off. He has been adopted by the Bill  who came to us looking for his new pal.

He will be going to Middleburg,  FL where he will get to be a rural boy! Plenty of space to sniff and walk, lots of love! We couldn’t ask for more!pizap.com14217671429571


Wow, what a face!

Wow, what a face!

Duke is the perfect dog for someone who doesn’t have the patience for a puppy, wants a Border Collie, but not the crazy prey drive and hyper attitude of a Border Collie!

10/10/14 Update: Duke is now in Central Florida with us, and his transformation is just amazing! I personally drove to Georgia last weekend to pick him up. His coat and overall temperament has improved so much! He is friendly and loving to everyone he meets! He’s ready for his new home!

Please visit his photo album on Facebook to see the new photos we just uploaded!

08/27/14 Update: Good news! We had his thyroid checked and Duke is on a low-dose thyroid medication. Even though his test results showed normal, we are going to try a low dose for a short while.   What a difference! His hair is really growing back out nicely! This has helped us confirm that it’s not a food or skin allergy! Woo Hoo!

Daily walks is all he wants!

Daily walks is all he wants!

07/17/14 Update: Duke’s hair is growing back beautifully. Maybe it was dry skin from being outside all of the time, maybe it was the wrong diet, or even forgetting to give him flea medication, regardless, he’s ready to move into his new home!

History:  Duke has always been adored by his owners.  Recently his man human passed away, and sadly, his woman human is very ill, and had to give him up.  His veterinary records show that he had a lot of care, even yearly bloodwork, but no one knows why he is suffering from such hair loss.  We are consulting with our vets and reviewing his medical history to see if something was missed.  In the meantime, we’re taking care of his skin using coconut oil – he loves the taste of it!

Duke, ironically, he is appropriately named!  Duke is about 60 pounds, he is a Border Collie, and he is six years old.

Duke with Meggie!

Duke with Meggie!

You can see more photos of Duke on Facebook and we will provide regular updates.

Pack Packs, the Gift Your Dog Really Wants!

TDL Pack Packs

This is the best Fundraising Event Ever!  We’re going to knock your socks off!

We have designed custom Pack Packs that can be delivered to your door for your Pooch filled with toys and treats that are TDL-approved!  No subscriptions, just decide when your pooch has done something awesome, and reward them with our toys and treats! Our Pack Packs make awesome gifts!

We sent out some sample Pack Packs this week! Click here to see some photos, and read the reviews below!

TDL Pack Packs

Why our Pack Packs?

We have rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed almost 900 dogs – I’m sure you can imagine how many toys have been destroyed here!  Nothing is more disappointing than buying a dog toy just to watch your dog destroy it in seconds!  Recently, we have been able to really evaluate specific dog toys.  It’s amazing which toys our dogs prefer.

Recently, I shopped for toys, and much to my surprise, China kept stealing one toy from my shopping bag.  I took it away from me just to watch her sneak into the bag again, and pull it out.  The toy was still attached to the cardboard, so after her fourth attempt to steal it, I let her have one!  Later that evening, I watched Ozzie play with it for a while, something he rarely ever does.

While I fostered Cyndi Lauper, I noticed that with incredible precision, she removed the squeaker out of the toy without destroying it, which is why I called her the surgeon!  It was sheer luck that a few weeks later, I found a toy that Leonardo could not destroy, and his new Mom, Nina, reports that he still has not managed to remove the squeaker from his toy!

Recently, I found an awesome plush toy that is hilarious!  Some dogs don’t destroy toys as fast as others, and these plush toys are simply stunning!

What’s even more disappointing is the gift subscription services that deliver a box of toys to your door.  They seem awfully pricey, and contain mostly samples.  While they are packaged beautifully, what’s inside hasn’t been very impressive.  It’s as if these subscription-style gift boxes are made to impress the humans, they don’t impress my dogs whatsoever! One toy was very pretty, but very loosely stitched, and it fell apart after one good chew and there I go again sweeping up fuzzy fluff!

Treats are also a hit or miss.  We’ve purchased hundreds of different treats, only to find out our dogs just aren’t interested!

We’ve tried and tested thousands of products, and now we can offer them to you!

Spec Loves Her Pack Pack!

Spec Loves Her Pack Pack!


Courtney Wrote:  What Spec and I liked most about our Pack Pack was the personal touch! Spec is on a very limited diet (allergies) and our box included treats she could enjoy! The toys have multiple textures inside (sometimes a squeaker, cotton, crinkly fabric, and more!) which were perfect for a Deafie! And a handwritten note was perfect for Mom (me!)! We give Pack Packs 2 paws and two thumbs up, and can’t wait to order another!




Maggie Dove Right in!

Susan Wrote:  Buddy Love, Bella Dingo and Maggie all had their heads in the Pack Pack x and loved the chews. Buddy and Bella waited for me to open the Pack Pack. Maggie grabbed a bag of chews and went under the bed (no cameras for her). She is FAST and SNEAKY! Buddy took all of the toys from Bella. Here he is being a hoarder;) Thanks for my goodies. We love Pack Packs! See my fuzzy Buddy Love licking his lips:)



Dutch, I think Echo is going to claim them all!

Dutch, I think Echo is going to claim them all!



Jeannette Wrote:  Echo and Dutch are so excited about their Pack Packs. Eeyore (Dutch) can’t believe someone would send him so many fun toys. (Hoo-hum) Echo grabbed the ball and made her claim fast.


Sadie Snatches New Toys!

Sadie Snatches New Toys!



Patty Wrote:  Woof, woof!! Sadie sends her thanks! Such a surprise she got today. She and I are thrilled. You are wonderful.  


jake and cody share!

jake and cody share!



Sheila Wrote:  Friends, I am passionate about rescue and have adopted and worked with The DogLiberator for several years now. Rescue is a lot of work and costs are high, but the rewards of pulling dogs from kill shelters, getting them fully vetted and then re-homed is a wonderful thing. Our fundraising efforts are always in progress and we try to make fundraising a WIN-WIN for all. Please consider clicking on the link and ordering a Pack Packs for your dog or as a gift. The toys and treats chosen are top quality meeting our own TDL rescue standards. My Pack Packs arrived with so many toys that I wore out two dogs. You get top end products and TDL makes enough money to contribute towards a vet visit and transport.

TDL Pack Packs

Doctor Doctor

ChaosGive me the news

Effective immediately, The Dog Liberator will not be able to take in any new rescues. As of now, I have been placed on medical leave (Doctor’s orders) until after my surgery.

Your continued support is appreciated, and your donations are critical to keeping our passion alive while I recover. We hope we will bounce back quickly and will be stronger than ever! ~ gisele

Titus, Achtung Baby! ~ Adopted!

what a gem!

what a gem!

Wow!  Titus is a five month old German Shepherd Dog.  He is currently at the vet being evaluated, and is very underweight.  Chicken stew and de-worming will take care of that quick!  Everyone loves him!  We will be uploading new photos of him on Facebook shortly.

In the right environment, a good trainer could take a dog like this and within just a few short weeks transform it into a certified service dog. Combine the training with an incredible bond that dogs like these create with their owners, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

Achtung Baby!

Achtung Baby!

If you know of someone who has been on a waiting list for a PTSD Service Dog, consider adopting a dog like Titus, and hiring a trainer to get the dog quickly certified.  Those of us who live in the Central Florida area are very lucky to be surrounded by great trainers!


11/27/14 Update: Titus was adopted today by Susan of  Maitland, Fl. Happy Thanksgiving to Titus and his new family!

Punkin’ ~ Adopted!

Punkin'The runt of the litter, we believe this male is a golden or collie.  He and his 3 siblings come from Chilton County, Alabama.  New photos of  him will be uploaded shortly in her Facebook Photo Album.

In the right environment, a good trainer could take a dog like this and within just a few short weeks transform it into a certified service dog. Combine the training with an incredible bond that dogs like these create with their owners, and you’ve got yourself a winner!









12/10/14 Update: Punkin was adopted today! More details to come!



Stuffin’ ~ Adopted!

Here I am, with my big brother Wishbone... I'm a little shy!

Here I am, with my big brother Wishbone… I’m a little shy!

Gorgeous little female that we believe is a golden or collie.  She and her 3 siblings come from Chilton County, Alabama.  New photos of her will be uploaded shortly in her Facebook Photo Album.

In the right environment, a good trainer could take a dog like this and within just a few short weeks transform it into a certified service dog. Combine the training with an incredible bond that dogs like these create with their owners, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

11/29/14 Update: Stuffin’ was adopted by Kealey of Daytona Beach, FL, Congratulations to them all!

Wishbone ~ Adopted!

"I am the sexiest pup alive!" - Wishbone

“I am the sexiest pup alive!” – Wishbone

Little boy pup from Chilton County, Alabama.  He is one of four puppies that appear to be collie or golden retriever.  We just aren’t sure because they are so young!  New photos of Wishbone will be uploaded in his photo album on Facebook shortly!


11/22/14 Update: Wishbone has been adopted! Details and pictures soon!


Hambone!Tiny little boy from Chilton County, Alabama.  He is one of four puppies that appear to be collie or golden retriever, and chocolate lab.  We just aren’t sure because they are so young!  New photos of Hambone are uploaded in his photo album on Facebook!Hambone


12/14/13 Update: Hambone met Kitty of Orlando, FL and wiggled right into her heart.

12/15/14 Update: Kitty writes “Hi Giselle, Hambone is working out fine. He slept through the night. He is full of pep and fun. He’s been going outside to pee. I’m thinking of calling him Prince.”





I don't want to spend the rest of my life hiding!  ~ Pilgrim

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life hiding! ~ Pilgrim

This four month old red Aussie boy is very shy and unsure of himself.  He would benefit from basic puppy training classes so he can learn some tricks and be proud of himself!  There’s nothing like a “Good Boy” that fixes a pup’s self-esteem!

You can see many photos of him on Facebook!

BuBi – Trained Alert Dog For Deaf Persons ~ Adopted!

BuBi, Trained Alert Dog For Deaf Persons

BuBi, Trained Alert Dog For Deaf Persons

BuBi’s Mom met me yesterday at the vet, and surrendered her canine companion to our rescue yesterday, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.  BuBi’s mom, lost her husband suddenly to a heart condition, and found herself forced to move to California, where she couldn’t take her service dog with her.

What I witnessed was probably the most loyal and attentive dog I have ever met.  It angered all of us that Elizabeth couldn’t take her dog with her, but we all know that sometimes life gets in the way.

BuBi is not only focused, but incredibly intuitive and self-aware.  She can finish your sentences.  While she would make an amazing dog for someone who is hearing-impaired, she would make an amazing dog for anyone!  She warms up to other dogs, but her focus is on her human.  If you want to adopt a dog that will treat you as if you are her entire word, it’s BuBi!

We ask that you share this information, with your friends, family and co-workers, and help us find someone who needs a dog as special as BuBi.

BuBi is a trained Alert Dog.  She has been trained to notify you if the doorbell rings, the phone rings, if the tub is overflowing, if someone knocks on the door.  She is protective, but without the teeth!  She is a watch dog, not a guard dog.  BuBi’s job is to take care of YOU!

History:  3 Year old female, weighs 50 pounds.

If you need a dog like this cutie pie, please tell us why, and provide us with the information found on this page,

We will publish more of her photos in her photo album found on Facebook.

11/22/14 Update: BuBi has been adopted! Details and pictures soon!



Veterans Needing PTSD Dogs

Tim Tebow's Shelter Photo

Tim Tebow’s Shelter Photo

Yesterday, we were asked to rescue a trained service dog. While the owner has not yet decided whether or not she will surrender him to our rescue, just the fact that he exists created quite an impact on us.

After interviewing several people, we learned that Veterans who suffer from PTSD are on waiting lists for up to 2 years. Training a dog to be a PTSD dog takes about seven weeks. Yet, there is a huge shortage of trainers.

The real shocker was learning that although there are many non-profit companies providing the training service, the trained dog itself can cost the veteran about $12,000.  Can Veterans afford this?

Because we sit at the rescue chair, behind the rescue desk, and our job is to save highly adoptable dogs from being euthanized, it irritates us to learn about these waiting lists knowing literally millions of dogs who are sitting in shelters today could easily perform the job.

Tim Tebow, Canine Good Citizen

Tim Tebow, Canine Good Citizen

To date, we have rescued and re-homed over 900 dogs. I can honestly say that more than 30% of our rescued dogs could easily become PTSD dogs. Without any training whatsoever, our dogs have been adopted by and are working children with Autism and depression. Many of them are Canine Good Citizen dogs and are visiting nursing homes and hospitals on a regular basis. One dog was adopted by a paraplegic, one was trained to be a diabetic detection dog, a search and rescue dog, and let’s not forget, three of our dogs are professional bug dogs!

If there is a veteran who needs a low-energy, calm and loyal dog, does the dog really need to be evaluated and trained, thus creating ginormous waiting lists, or does the dog just need to be a good dog?

What we have here is a serious problem with regard to supply and demand. But if the dog is not certified, the veteran will not have the freedom to travel with the dog, you ask? NOT TRUE!  When I asked Susan Berry, President of Disabilities Smart Solutions that question, she laughed!

The laws have changed, take a look for yourself by clicking on this link.

Lady Truelove's shelter photo

Lady Truelove’s shelter photo

When I pondered this issue for a while last night, I realized that all four of my dogs could easily become PTSD dogs. Can they open door knobs or push a wheelchair? No. Can they provide a calm and nurturing environment, be the ideal companion, be loyal and noble for someone who suffers for PTSD? Absolutely.

When I interviewed a gentleman last night, he explained that the shelters and pounds in his area just don’t have the right dogs. He also commented that most pounds don’t see the value in the very large breed dogs, and they are put down. Saving the small breeds might be a major mistake made by shelters and pounds throughout the United States. Most service dogs for Veterans are large breed dogs.

Lady Truelove and Tim Tebow, Canine Good Citizen Dogs

Lady Truelove and Tim Tebow, Canine Good Citizen Dogs

In the coming weeks, we will be updating some of our special adoption stories to include the dogs that are currently providing a much needed service to prove that if you rescue the right dog, with very little training, they can easily become a companion dog. We believe that once that bond is made, and the dog has a deep connection with its human, magic happens.

Saluting our Veterans on Veterans Day. ~ The Dog Liberator

#UNSelfie on Giving Tuesday

GivingTuesday TDL 2014

You don’t have to register with other websites if you donate to our rescue and are more comfortable using paypal, please do! Paypal is always our preferred method of receiving donations because it guarantees a higher level of safety for our clients.


Start your own fundraising campaign to share with your friends and family on your favorite social media platform on The Dog Liberator’s Fundraising Page!

Then, create your own Profile Icon or Banner for your social media page. Whether you use Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, on Giving Tuesday, show your support for our Rescue to your friends and family. Don’t know how? We’ll take a photo of your rescued dog and create a banner or profile icon for you! Just email us at You can copy and use one of our designs located below! You can also see some of the projects we are already working on, and read more about us on our Main Razoo page.


On Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014, global charities, families, businesses, community centers, students and more will come together to create #GivingTuesday.

It’s a simple idea. Just find a way for your family, your community, your company or your organization to come together to give something more. Then tell everyone you can about how you are giving (#UNSElfie). Be a part of a national celebration of our great tradition of generosity.

#GivingTuesday™ is a campaign to create a national day of giving at the start of the annual holiday season. It celebrates and encourages charitable activities that support nonprofit organizations. Where did the idea come from? The retail industry has long benefited from seasonal shopping that symbolically kicks off with “Black Friday” – a day that has since inspired “Small Business Saturday” and “Cyber Monday.” #GivingTuesday™, then, serves as a celebratory, fully connected day to kick off the giving season, when many make their holiday and end-of-year charitable gifts.

Giving Tuesday is Coming soon, are you ready?


Sipsey now Cyrus

Sipsey now Cyrus

Found at a camping site near the Sipsey river, this 2 year old Aussie boy is deaf blind.  He was adopted today by a former TDL adopter!  You can see more of his photos on Facebook!


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