Ricky ~ Adopted!

12079676_10153533533974792_5997450009794715955_nSmart and agile little Pap who loves to dance! He is sweet and cuddly and ready to find a home of his very own. More Details to come!

Check out his Pictures on Facebook!

If you are interested in adoption Ricky please read Our Adoption Process and send us an email with the responses to the questions presented.


12188556_10206980228719612_724374950_n10/25/15 Update: Did you Blink? Ricky danced right on out the door and into the hearts of Doug & Karen Clelland and their sweet pup Cali.


Ricky and Cali go for a walk together!

Snape aka Reggie, the Cavalon! ~ Adopted!

 11/27/14 Update: Snape has been adopted! More details coming soon!

10403251_10152748618544792_1924352848974575006_n11/26/14 Update: Snape likes to play with kids and other dogs! This little love bug is ready to wiggle himself into someone’s heart.


11/17/14 Update:  Snape is all about his people!  He loves to run and play ball.  He is great with kids, and incredibly smart.  Snape is just as playful as he is loving.  He would like to be a part-time lap dog, and a part-time cannon ball!  Woo Hoo!  If you adopt Snape, you’ll get two dogs for the price of one!  And by the way, we’re calling him Reggie!

Johanna wrote:   I think little Snape might be a Phalene! He really doesn’t look much like a King Charles, IMO. But he looks quite a bit like the floppy eared version of a Papillon!

Designer dog breeders refer to the Phalène/Papillion and Cavalier hybrid as “Cava-lon (Cavallon)


Shelter Photo with Cherry Eyes

Snape (Reggie) is a doll!

Snape (Reggie) is a doll!

Snape is a year and a half old, male, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who came from Kingsland, GA.

As you may notice from his picture, Snape has a case of Cherry Eye, or eyelid protrusion. We have surgically repaired this!

Click to see Snape’s photos on Facebook!

Cutie Pattotie!

Cutie Pattotie!


Miss Priss~Adopted

Are You My Mommy?

Are You My Mommy?

Next is the cutest little love bug… she really reminds me of Polly PocketBlink, and our Pebbles!

sitting with Sarah on the way home!

sitting with Sarah on the way home!

This little one might be two years old, and is a whopping 25 pounds. She adores kids, has a lot of “little dog energy”. She is quiet in her crate, not destructive, food-motivated… I bet you could train this girl to do anything. She’s the type of dog that should be on her own tv show! She is not shy at all like the other dogs. We LOVE her, and she’ll be adopted quickly. She’s ready to go, except for her microchip!  She is being fostered in Deltona as well!  There are more photos of her on Facebook.

Pick Me!

Pick Me!

08/11/13 Update:  Miss Priss was adopted by the Leonard family from Maitland.  She turned on the charm and did everything a good dog should do… walk on leash, initiate play, and played with a toy she has never touched since she’s been here!  Amazing!

Springsteen’s Rosie~Adopted

05/19/13 Update: Little Rosie was adopted by Cynthia and Jeff or Rockledge, Florida. Cynthia adopted Lady Melbourne from us many years ago! Rosie will go to work with Cynthia, as she is a school teacher for disabled children. Rosie’s job will be to sit on little laps and be petted! Woo Hoo!

One Happy Little Dog!

Bath Time!

Rosie is a purebred Papillon about five years of age.  She weighs just under 8 pounds.  Her former roommate, Sheba, is also in our rescue.  Rosie had has some hot spots due to fleas, but all has been treated.  She also had a severe ear infection and serious dental issues, which are also being take care of by Newman Veterinary Center.  Rosie is incredibly friendly with everyone, including other dogs.

In short, she is a little doll!  You can see more photos of Rosie on Facebook.

You need a kiss?

05/08/13 Update: I’ve been told that these little guys have bad teeth, and I have rescued a lot of small breed dogs that had serious dental issues, but Rosie, poor little girl, only had one tooth left, it was infected and could not be saved. Unfortunately, now she doesn’t have any teeth at all, but that doesn’t stop her! She’s eating very well, and recovering from her spay nicely. She really wants to be held right now! She has had all of her shots, and has been micro-chipped. Special thanks to Brittney for giving her a much needed bath! Rosie is resting comfortably, and she’s simply waiting for the right home to find her, scoop her up, and bring her home!


now THIS is stinking cute!

Sheba is an awesome little girl. She is very affectionate, gets along with other animals, and is quiet. Sheba has NO health issues. She is a purebred Papillon, and she is ten years old.  She uses puppy pads to wee wee like a good girl!  You can see her photos on Facebook.

Queen of Sheba!

I’ve had Sheba for a few days, and she is a wonderful little dog, weighing in at only 5 pounds!  She is at Newman Veterinary Center right now, and her evaluation showed serious dental and ear issues.  Those will be addressed while she is being spayed today.  When they are finished with this little baby, she will have a new smile and be totally vetted!

easy to please!

I think Sheba will be a bit more spunky after she recovers from her ordeal today at the vet.  Her teeth must have been very painful.

05/08/13 Update:  This poor little thing had seven teeth removed.  She has had all of her shots, been spayed, and micro-chipped.  She is on antibiotics, and doing very well.  I can’t imagine how it would feel to be housing seven infected teeth… ouch!  Sheba also had a severe ear infection that has been treated.  After Sheba recovers, we will see a new spunk in her walk and new joy in her heart!  She is a precious little thing!

05/09/13 Update:  Yesterday was scary.  Sheba was shutting down.  She wouldn’t drink or eat, and she’d lay in the back of her crate, unresponsive.  I know she was in pain, but at only five pounds, I was scared for her.  I called my friend Ernestine.  I was afraid of dehydration, but Ernie was afraid of dropping blood sugar.  She gave me a great tip!  She suggested I find some Karo Syrup, but I didn’t have any so she suggested pancake syrup… just put a little on your finger, and let her lick it to get her blood sugar up.  I did, and it worked.

“Come on little girl, eat for Sarah!”

I offered her everything I had, chicken stew, canned dog food, peas, you name it!  I put a small piece of cooked steak in the blender, added water and Sarah went into Sheba’s crate, and used a syringe to force feed her.  Sarah alternated between food and water, until Sheba was up and much more lively.  Then, Sarah chopped up some tiny steak bites, and Sheba gobbled them up!

Sarah let Sheba and Rosie outside, and then we let them hang out with us on the couch for a while.  Sheba really enjoyed the company, and Sarah held her in her lap.

This morning, Sheba is still eating and drinking!  Yesterday, I published our newsletter, and asked for donations to replenish the funds that Sheba had exhausted!  I want to thank everyone who sent donations for our Veterinary Care Fund.  I really appreciate your help.


05/11/13 Update:  Sheba was adopted yesterday by Susan from Ocala!

Avril Lavigne~Adopted

05/03/13 Update:  Little Avril was adopted by Pat and her husband from Titusville.  She will be one spoiled little pup!

Avril Lavigne’s Big Debut in Dog Rescue!

There’s a lot of Poodle/Papillion in this little girl!

tiny little thing!

This tiny little thing was just pulled from Miami-Dade yesterday.  Extra thanks to everyone who helped!  She is very thin, and fearful at first, but once she finds your lap, she parks it and licks you to death!

I will update her status shortly, but you can view many photos of her and her brother, Adam, on Facebook.

Both dogs are fully crate trained, and so far I haven’t heard a peep from them.  They do not have separation anxiety that I can see.  Avril is just now starting to explore and run around.  She has met my Ozzie and enjoyed being with a big dog.

one very happy puppy!

So far, she really gravitates toward my daughter, Sarah…. I think she knows that Sarah will pick her up and she can park it!

The papers indicate she is 18 pounds but I think she is smaller.  She is very emaciated, so I suspect 20 will be her ideal weight eventually.

I’m not sure if her ears scream Papillion, if her little nose suggests Doxie, Sheltie?  I don’t see Aussie, and she sure looks like Polly Pocket!  We have explored her breed possibilities, including Poodle, Whippet, but nothing really sticks!  Regardless, she is adorable and can easily fit in your carry-on bag!

04/04/13:  Avril has settled in and found her joy!  She enjoys running and playing, and she has shown interest in the ball.  She has not had one accident since I got her, and I’m very impressed with her crate and leash training.  She is one smart little dog!

Little Avril loves kids!

04/29/13 Update:  Little Avril is doing great, especially since her brother, Adam was adopted.  She is great with my big dogs, and is a gracious host to our foster dogs.  She and Jeter played very well together.  Avril is housebroken, and is still shy/fearful around new people, but that is getting better every day.  She is delightful with small children, and enjoys spending most of her time in your lap.  But she is one quick little dog!  While playing with Jeter, there was no way he could keep up with her!  Avril is a joy to foster.

WiiGo, the Yorkillon~Adopted

WiiGo with her landing gear up!

This cute little doll was found wandering the streets before she was spotted and picked up by Debbie Brubaker, who whisked her into her car.

Wii Go is home with me now. She was groomed, had her teeth cleaned, three teeth pulled, anal glands done, ears cleaned… you know, the works!Imagine this, she’s a Yorkshire Terrier / Papillon mix.  What is that? Either a Porky or a Yorkillon!!! I can hear you Snickering!!!

She is stinking cute, fully housebroken, leash trained, heartworm negative, and weighs in a whopping 7.5 pounds.  Meet Wii Go! Clearly not a border collie! Special thanks to Debbie Brubaker and Sheila Coffman who rescued her and brought her to TDL!

sporting the Yorkie look

When her ears are up, she looks very Papillon, but when her ears are down, she looks very Yorkie!

WiiGo is very quiet in her crate, she loves my kids, she is housebroken, and leash-trained.  It is too soon to introduce her to my pack because she was just spayed, but in a few days we will let her meet everyone.  So far, she is a joy to foster, and easy to care for.

She is very underweight, so I’m anxious to put some pounds on her.  I wonder how long she has been on her own.  We called animal control, no one had reported her missing.  These little dogs can’t go more than a few days without good food before they become emaciated.

WiiGo’s photo album can be viewed on Facebook.
If you are interested in meeting one of our dogs or learning more about it, please e-mail us at TheDogLiberator@gmail.com and let’s get the process going! Share such information

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your yard/fence/exercise plan,
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and are you prepared to bring your new dog home if you are approved during your meet?

have you or anyone in your family ever been bitten or traumatized by a dog in the past?

also, provide us with your phone number, home address, including county and zip code

and then we’ll go from there! The more you share the better!

WiiGo and Jackie!

Adoption Update:  Little WiiGo is now Scarlet!  She was adopted by Jackie & Bill Gioia and will be living in Ormond by the Sea, Florida.  I sure loved this little girl!



Mon Petit Garcon, a Corillon-Adopted

Karen Gaston of Auburn, Alabama sent me a photo of this little guy, suggesting he might be a Border Collie mix. Nice try Karen! But, at first glance, I thought maybe a Sheltie mix. Doesn’t matter really, because Holly and I think he’s Stinkin’ Cute!

Garcon is 3 years old, and quite a gentleman and we can’t wait to meet him. I think he’ll make an awesome pet for someone who wants an intelligent dog, but not the drive!

We’ve agreed that he’s got some Basset but after looking at all of his photos a dozen times, we see Papillon. After consulting with a Papillon enthusiast, it was confirmed that we’re not sure! So what do you call a Corgi Papillon Basset? A Bassillon? A Corillon? Okay, whatever!

We asked Karen to describe this little boy’s temperament, and here’s what she wrote:

Formerly known as Jesse, Garcon is sociable and wants to please. He knows some basic commands like sit and shake. He has a moderate energy level. He loves people and has handled the shelter environment well, though you can tell he wants to go home. We haven’t tested him with cats, but I can do that when he comes back from the vet school tomorrow. He has been fine around other dogs at the shelter. I think he’d fit into most anyone’s household fairly well, pending the results of a cat test!

Holly has said repeatedly, that if you love a breed, but can’t stand the negatives of the breed, like hyperactivity, over-the-top herding compulsiveness, or incessant barking, mix it with a Basset and all of your dreams will come true!

I will meet Garcon this weekend, and suspect he’ll be fostered by Laura Watson in Jacksonville. We will receive regular updates regarding his temperament soon!

02/14/11 Update:
Garcon is a doll. Laura Watson has picked him up, and he’s at the groomers! We will be posting new photos shortly. Laura says he was quiet last night, fully crate trained, happy this morning, and very much as gentleman at the groomers! However, I received an email last night that gives me much more insight on this little man. I’ve edited the email to protect the sender’s privacy. The stories I have heard while in rescue amaze me, but this one takes the cake.

Email received 02/13/11: Hi.. I hope you will not mind my writing to you. 🙂 I got your info from Karen Gaston.. who is such an angel in so many ways.

The precious dog you just got and named Garcon was originally rescued/caught by my children and I, three Sundays ago. We were visiting a few houses away. Because of a privacy fence, I could not see him, but I heard occasional bark but that was it. We were driving and went down a street in the subdivision that we do not usually travel.. it backs up to the home where we were visiting. When we got to cul-de-sac to turn around, we saw this dog coming out of the woods. I got out and tried to call him and he wanted to come to me.. but was frightened. He ran toward a house that was a few houses up the street. He still would try to come to me but then get skiddish. We got doggie treats and came back.. he was still there.. I threw him one tiny treat and he came to get it.

I began knocking on doors and people next door told me that they thought he desperately needing to be rescued.. that they believe he was from the house next door and that he had no shelter. They explained that they had a horrible winter weather with ice/freezing rain, snow, cold etc., and that he was usually chained. The owners (this is all 3rd party info so please know I do not know this first hand) would be gone at times for 7+ days and he would not have food or water. Even sadder, he would get chain tangled and not be able to move more than 6-8 inches and would basically be sitting/sleeping in his own excrement. It broke my heart.

Another neighbor came out during this discussion and confirmed the same and both said they had fed him out of concern and that he would occasionally get loose and go find scrap food that had been discarded.

Interestingly, when we rescued him, it took some tries to get a leash on him but he relaxed quickly and went to sleep in my pet carrier right away.

We just adore him.. we called him Jesse.

When we had freezing rain last week, I was just so grateful that he was not outside in that weather with no shelter.

He was very gentle with us. He seemed to really love my little girl who is 9. She wants to be a vet and has a very tender way with animals. He would come to her with no hesitation. Even when we went to visit in busy pet store/rescue a few days later, she got down on his level and he came right to her. I would also like to mention that there are toddler/preschool type toys in the driveway of this house where he lived. I understand there was a divorce.

I was always so careful to teach my children to be gentle with the pets and when we rescued him, my daughter was calm and he did beautifully but can’t speak towards how he might be with younger ones since he seems scared, not scared and aggressive but just scared.

He seemed to very much appreciate “calm”. Don’t we all! 🙂 He just seems to have such a gentle soul. He still seemed a bit nervous to come to me and my bet is that he has probaby been “shooed” away by adults when loose or by his owner and he was just not sure he could trust. In all that we did to “catch” him though on that Sunday afternoon, he was never aggressive and was nothing but a little gentleman.

Since we found him “at large” we were able to help him.. a neighorhood fast endeavor that Sunday afternoon to be sure. We took him to local humane society and I thought he was a Corgi (Sorry I am not any better than Karen Gaston at indentifying!). The Corgi rescue I found would not take him once he was identified as not being pedigreed corgi. I told them to PLEASE not euthanize him if he was ill.. that I would find a way to help him. Finally we found he was at the local Vet school and then going to a wonderful pet boutique/rescue called For Paws in Auburn.. we were able to see him!! We brought him a small bed, some treats and toys. I don’t know that he has ever had any of this so hoping his foster and adoptive home will be able to help him learn to enjoy life. We just wanted him to have something “of his own” for once.

When we got to humane society, he would let them look at his tummy (which had lots of redness and looked like he had some scars from scratching though we never saw him scratch at all) and also look in his mouth. I am sure all of that was not comfortable for him but he was so gentle. Again it broke my heart that he could be so trusting and had not had the love and care he deserved. That is what amazes about about these dogs, that they can still trust and love even though they have not had that reciprocated.

THANK you so much for giving this little guy a chance. We loved him so much and would love to have kept him but we are at our limit for dogs in our town. Please give him a hug for us… I would so love it if you could share my email and/or phone with whoever fosters him and even with his new family if that is allowed.

I just wanted to mainly know he was safe. I want to teach my children to “give back” and to know that working together is what makes things happen.. this has been such an important thing for them to experience. I read on your blog that you too have young children and it is so wonderful that they can have a part in this.

He was quickly starting to trust me so I think he will be fine once he has been shown some consistent love and kindness. I think he was actually grateful. He has such a special heart and thank you again for what you do and for taking him. We were so sad that we did not know what had happened to him once we dropped him off so seeing him OK and now where he will be given only to a qualified and loving home is just a huge blessing for us. I have always heard the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”.. and as ridiculous and silly as it may sound, I am seeing that it truly takes a “village” to rescue these sweet dogs.

Thanks again.

02/17/11 Foster Update: He’s doing great and is sweet and even tempered! He is loving having toys and plays so well with the boys. Shows he is house-trained and very much a gentlemen, when asking to go out.

Took him by vet the other day (just to ask a few questions) and was calm the whole time. He showed no interest in cats that were there, never even sniffed a cage.

He’s really a good boy and wants a family to call his own!

Garcon has been adopted!

Email received 04/11/2011: Hello Garcon’s rescue family – as I write this he is lying at my feet.

We met Laura and her two sweet boys with Garcon at the dog park. Dale and I were both excited and cautious waiting for them to arrive and not knowing what to expect, but we knew right away when we saw him and how he was so trusting with us that we would be bringing him home. We could also see how wonderful Laura’s two boys were with him and the love that Garcon had been getting, Laura you can be proud. The hour ride home went well, Garcon settled down okay at least he was not trembling.

When we got home Dale took Garcon around the whole front and back yard and let him investigate every corner of the house. Although we could see in his eyes a nervousness he did settle in okay. We just love him and we are being loved in return. Each day will be better and Garcon is home where I think he was meant to be.

Our basset hound of fifteen years died last April and our hearts were broken. We only recently got to the stage when we knew we wanted another dog, we felt an empty space in our life so we decided to rescue one. Looking was not easy as so many dogs need a home it was depressing to me. How do you pick one? I could not do it.

A friend directed me to the Dog Liberator website as she first saw Garcon and thought immediately of us. When I checked him out my heart fluttered, no sadness just a connection. I believe in fate. Garcon was abandoned in Alabama by a family and found a forever home in Florida with us and by the way, Dale is originally from Alabama. Also, we met Garcon for the first time at a dog park on Alabama Avenue. So there, you tell me if that is not fate.

On a personal note, I think I connected with Garcon because I saw in him a little dog that knew how to survive. There is something in all of us that we do not know we have until we have to use it. He did. Like I did in 1995-98 when I went through an illness and came out of it not only cured but stronger and learned how fragile life really can be. Garcon is with us now and we will face each day together. This is the first day of the rest of his life.

Thank you Dog Liberator rescue family for bringing him to us. Thank you Laura and family for giving him a loving home. And here’s a photo of Dale and Garcon bonding, how sweet!

Dale and Elizabeth

Update 04/16/11: Hello Laura and Family,
We have had Garcon six days now and he is doing wonderful. We are seeing fewer apprehensions and lots of bonding has taken place. Here are a few photos taken today with my granddaughters, they are having so much fun together. They have decided he is their little buddy so we are looking at calling him “Buddy”. Dale and I both like the name and goodness knows we have come up with a few but none have seemed to stick – so “Buddy” it is. He also does his tricks for the girls which we could not get him to do, Hum!

Dale and I cannot get over how lucky we are to have him, he is perfect for us and I think we are perfect for him too. He follows us both all over the house; he wants to be where we are. We did get a crate and that is working out well as he likes it. Your were right. Well bye for now and hope you enjoy the photos.

Dale and Elizabeth

Dasher and Dancer the Pocket Border Collies ~ Adopted

Dasher and Dancer are littermates who somehow or another found themselves at a rural shelter in Alabama. It is hard for dogs to get adopted in such sparsely populated areas, so the best shelters put a lot of effort into finding rescues that can take the dogs.

That’s what happen in this case. We received an e-mail from the wonderful Becky asking if there was any room at the inn. Well, you know what a soft spot we have for border collies, so what could we say? Then the wonderful Suzanne got to work putting together a transport to get these and 12 other dogs to central Florida. Can you imagine the logistics involved? Three Alabama sending shelters, three Florida receiving rescues, 14 dogs, 9 “legs” each about 2 hours long, with 3 different vehicles all driven by volunteers. The dogs left Alabama at 8 am and arrive at 9:30 pm. Wow!


Dasher and Dancer are adorable. We are told that they were born around August, but a trip to vet confirmed that they are closer to six months old. Since they are only 16 pounds, and I don’t expect them to get a whole lot bigger. Certainly border collies, but what has made them so small. Their delicate faces…. I’ve seen that before…. I know! I believe they are part Papillon. Dancer, especially, has strong Papillon genes. Even the way she runs is more like a Papillon than a Border Collie. So, I guess the result is that we have two adorable Pocket Border Collies!!!

I do know that they received an extra sprinkling of happy dust! They are cheerful and playful. We call Dasher mini-me or KitKat Junior because he looks a lot like her, just smaller. And Dancer? Well, most of the photos of this white and red puppy are out of focus because he has this way of bounding around like a deer.


Be sure to look through both Dasher’s photo album and Dancer’s photo album. You won’t be able to resist them!!!




December 15th Update:

My beautiful Dasher was adopted to night by Jena. She had originally contacted me about Pollywog the Boston Terrier. She came over last night with an open heart to see who would adopt her. Dasher ADORED her. My shy guy was all tail wags. He has many days ahead chasing around the property with Abbie the Lab, with …comfortable times on the couch with daughters Emma and Hannah. What joy!



December 20th Update:

Today Dancer was adopted by the wonderful Alaimo family! They adopted my lovely Austin, now Stanley, back in June. Stanley has been longing for a playmate ~ the residents Papillons just aren’t the wrestling buddies he has been looking for. But Dancer? Oh yeah, Dancer!!! I have no doubt that they are going to have a great life with this wonderful family. Life is good!!!

Puppies, Water and Play

Did you see this one? I posted it on the pages of the appropriate dogs, but realize that if you are a regular reader, you wouldn’t go back to see what has been added. Saturday night three more dogs were transported to me from Alabama (thank you, wonderful volunteers!). This gave me just one more excuse to make a new video. So here you will see 7-year-old Tippy the Old English Sheepdog, 4-year-old Ariel the Aussie, 2-year-old Little Bit the Papillon, 8-month-old MacKenzie the Collie, 6-month-old Junebug and Jitterbug the Dachshunds, 11-week-old Durango the Australian Cattle Dog and 10-week-old Ryder the Australian Shepherd. Enjoy!


Little Bit the Pocket Border Collie ~ Adopted


Little Bit is a precious bundle of joy that we rescued from a rural shelter in Alabama. She made her way to us as part of a multi-pet transport only through the efforts of numerous volunteers.

When we were first contacted about taking Little Bit, we were told that she was a “Pocket Border Collie.” Now, you probably have figured out that Border Collies are our primary focus. Because of this, when dogs in need of rescue are brought to our attention, they are often identified as Border Collie, even if the thread is quite thin. In this case, thin indeed! Little Bit is black and white with a fluffy tail. Beyond that, well, what do you think?

She is only 10 pounds, about two years old. When she arrived, I thought, “I’ve seen that face before.” I went online and looked extensively at different breeds but I keep coming back to the same conclusion: Little Bit is a Phalene, the floppy eared cousin to the Papillon. Her coat is a bit short to be up to breed standard. Whether this is due to variation within breed, a drop of something else in her family tree, or simply the result of a trim, I don’t know.

What I do know is that she is a terrific dog. She is affectionate, confident and playful. She loves to be held but not because she is needy, a nice compromise. I am very impressed with how she plays with my other dogs. She loves to have the puppies chase her while she runs figure-eights and spins on a dime. Quite the little athlete!

Little Bit has an extensive photo album on our Facebook page.


November 22 Update:

I thought you might like to know that the two doggies are now running around the house chasing and sniffing each other. They are getting along splendidly. I still don’t leave them completely alone, but will do so shortly. The little one is just a doll-baby.

Just did another transport this weekend and did not allow myself to look at them too closely….Happy Thanksgiving!

Pebbles the Pocket Border Collie Puppy – Adopted

Pebbles came to us from a shelter, and she weighs just a bit over 5 pounds now. She’s very healthy, and active. She’s adjusting well here, and is very polite and quiet while in her crate, but very curious and active when she’s with us outside. I think she will make a great addition to any family. Pebbles loves kids, especially little boys! She will be vetted and spayed next week and ready to be adopted!

Pebbles may be a Papillion/Border Collie mix of some sort. She’s one of those dogs that will always look like a puppy no matter how old she is!

Pebbles was originally adopted by my neighbor, Christine, but unfortunately, unknown allergies kicked in, and sadly, Pebbles was returned.

Pebbles plays well with big dogs, but has a tendancy of pestering dogs smaller than her!

01/11/10 Update: Her spunk, style and manners launched The Little Dog Liberator! Pebbles earned it, she is just the perfect little dog, and she has a new home, just the perfect home. A Grandma, a Mom & Dad, and a little boy to play with! Can’t wait for updates and photos!

December 27th, 2010 Update:

Remember Zoe (aka pebbles). Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year.


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