Quinn ~ Adopted!

quinnQuinn, the baby Shep/Collie girl is a playing fool!  When I see her in action, I sing the song, “Wild Thing…. you make my heart Sing!”

Weighing in at about 20 pounds, she has incredible energy, and is great with other dogs.  There must be a small breed dog in the woodpile, because we think she is going to be small dog!

She doesn’t need to be told twice… she learns the first time!  Without a full-time job, or a pack to play with, she’s going to get in trouble!  If you can give her something to do, email us for more information!

To see more photos and updates of Quinn, visit her Facebook Page.

 Quinn was adopted by Sara and Jason of Edgewater! Keep on playing, Quinn!

Grey Wind ~ Adopted!

11873717_10153404487754792_1416200229247034091_nThis stunning, and I mean STUNNING, Husky is coming to us from Athens. We don’t know a whole lot about him yet, but we do know he will need a crate, and a home without young children.

More photos and info coming soon!
Check out his Photos on Facebook!


11892016_10153408821694792_7874610061040394740_nUPDATE: Grey Wind came in on transport today. He’s extremely malnourished, which explains why he’s protective of his dinner bowl. The poor boy is starving. Gisele is cooking him up a huge pot of her special chicken stew. Love and food are what this lovely boy needs, and he’s gonna get plenty of both! He is about 2 years old.



8/22/15 Update: Grey Wind has found his family and it is with Yaz (Jax), Summer and Ak Shay! Congratulations to them all!





what a happy face!

This little Aussie girl came from Hall County, Georgia.

She is very sweet and loving. The shelter said she was an owner-surrender. Her previous owner was an older man who had a stroke and was no longer able to care for her.   She is heartworm negative, and weighs about 40 pounds.  She is about 1-2 years of age, and is being fostered in the Deltona area.

she likes to nuzzle!


Her photos can be viewed on Facebook.

Jazabelle, the Ausskie~Adopted


Here’s another stunning dog from Athens Alabama. She is being fostered by Michelle, and she’s doing great. Michelle says Jazabelle is her son’s favorite dog. She is very young, maybe 10 months, and great with Michelle’s pack. We will get more information about her shortly. In the meantime, she is being fostered near Athens, Alabama.

Much to the surprise of many people, we do not use an adoption application but rely instead upon an interview process. Because we are a small rescue and keep all of our dogs in foster homes, we shy away from forms that tend to emphasis why someone should not have a dog. The interview process allows us to learn more about our potential adopters and their individual situations, concerns, pros and cons. By knowing more details, we are able to place dogs into homes that other rescues might turn down, because we already know our dogs. We’re small so we don’t need blanket policies that require fences or disallow families with small children or won’t allow senior citizens. We’re focused on bringing together caring people with the right dog.

Whether you are considering an adult dog or a puppy, the first thing you should do is read our article on Starting Your Dog Out Right. Here you will find not only some good tips but some thoughts to ponder before committing to the responsibilities of caring for a dog.

Jazabelle, the Auskie

If you are interested in meeting one of our dogs or learning more about it, please e-mail us at TheDogLiberator@gmail.com and let’s get the process going! Share such information

as where you live,
your household composition,
your yard/fence/exercise plan,
pets you have and/or had,
your normal work schedule,
how much time the dog will be alone,
what you are looking for in a dog,
do you have a pool
what contingency plans do you have in place should you no longer be able to care for your dog and,
if you rent, do you have landlord approval,

and are you prepared to bring your new dog home if you are approved during your meet?

have you or anyone in your family ever been bitten or traumatized by a dog in the past?

also, provide us with your phone number, home address, including county and zip code

and then we’ll go from there! The more you share the better!

Luna, the Siberian Princess~Adopted

Me with Luna!

In April of 2010, I rescued Luna.  Her owner was getting rid of her, and the Humane Society in North Florida called me to help.  I arranged transport, and I fostered her in my home for a while… and I enjoyed every minute of it!  She fit in with pack wonderfully, she was great with the kids, friendly to strangers and the moment Karyce saw her, she wanted to adopt her.

We arranged transport from Florida to Pennsylvania, and there was a glitch!  Amazing that we were the only rescue that fought to reclaim our dog.  Regardless, Luna has been a wonderful addition to Karyce’s family, including the newest member of her family, a baby girl.  As I suspected, Luna is awesome with the baby.

Karyce was successful at finding Luna’s original breeder.  We strongly believe that this is where Luna came from, Siberian Royalty’s Siberian Huskies of Georgia.  As  you can see from the fourth photo, it’s Luna!  So here we have proof of not only where she originated from, but her ancestry as well.  Something we rarely ever get!

Karyce’s landlord at first said pets are okay, but then the story changed.  After trying everything to work with her landlord, it’s a no go for Luna.  Even though I wish a house would land on the landlord, we are running out of time.

Luna, doing a great job babysitting!

The past month Karyce has been trying to find another place to live with no luck.  Yes, it’s going to be hard to let go of such a wonderful dog, but Karyce knows more about rescue than the average dog owner.  She knows too well about self-sacrifice, and she knows that if we do our job, Luna will find a wonderful home that will love her, and take great care of her…. it’s what we do.

Luna is about 3 years old now, and as gorgeous as ever.  She is spayed, healthy, and trained.  Luna requires a lot of attention, and like all dogs, needs exercise.  Luna is located in Barton New York.

I’ll never forget fostering Luna.  To get her to sing, I put her in a crate in my garage, and left the camera rolling… here’s what I got!  Doesn’t she have a gorgeous voice?  To be honest, once she was adopted by Karyce, and left for PA, I missed her A LOT!

You can see many more photos of Luna on Facebook.

If you are interested in meeting Luna, or learning more about her, please e-mail us at TheDogLiberator@gmail.com and let’s get the process going! Share such information

as where you live,
your household composition,
your yard/fence/exercise plan,
pets you have and/or had,
your normal work schedule,
how much time the dog will be alone,
what you are looking for in a dog,
do you have a pool

what contingency plans do you have in place should you no longer be able to care for your dog and,

if you rent, do you have landlord approval,

"I'm a very good girl!"

are you prepared to bring your new dog home if you are approved during your meet?

Have you or any of your family members been bitten or traumatized by a dog in the past?

Also, provide us with your phone number, home address, including county and zip code.

And then we’ll go from there! The more you share the better!
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You can see all of Bartholomew’s photos on Facebook.

Denver-the Aussie~Adopted

Hey! I'm Denver!

Sweet Denver is a one year old Aussie! He is HW negative and was already neutered when he came to the shelter. He was rescued from a high kill north GA shelter.

I saw his picture and my heart dropped…he was so beautiful, looked taken care of, and was confident someone would come for him. He looked so much like another dog I had rescued from this same shelter and loved her! I kept asking for a status on him and getting no response. I knew the shelter was filling daily and was terrified he would be put down before I could make arrangements for him.

Poor Denver was another dog among many who had been seized from their owner for not being on a leash. His family did not find his life worthwhile enough to pay the fine to get their dog back. So in order to “prove” to the A.C. that they couldn’t make them pay, they didn’t come get their dog. They had even spent money on him, he was neutered. There are leash laws in Hall Co. so technically, your dog can be in your yard, not restrained by a leash or fence and they can pick them up. Most people are not aware of this law and find it ludicrous that a dog minding his own business in his own yard should get seized by animal control. But they do.

The people are then angry at animal control. As a result, dogs like sweet Denver get left in the shelter to possibly die because their owners won’t pay the fines

Denver, like so many others was sure his family would come for him. But after a few days he became scared and worried. Anxiety started setting in as he realized this was not a normal boarding place. Dogs know when others are being euthanized. They smell and feel the fear of all the dogs there. The sounds of whining and anxious barking as dogs feel they are being kept against their will and worrying no one will come.
At night, they don’t sleep, they can’t. Fear has overtaken them. Denver tried to hide in the back of his kennel. If he was quiet and still maybe they wouldn’t notice him, maybe they would pass him by and he wouldn’t have to go to “the room” The vet techs hate doing it, they curse the owners of these dogs that put them in this situation.

Denver knew he didn’t have long. He knew his family wasn’t coming, he could feel it. Despair was setting in. I was frantic for a sponsor to help pay the fee to get him out. I needed a foster to house him so I could give him a chance at a better life. The pages were silent, there was no one for Denver.

Fearing I was too late after the shelter had been closed for several days, I called Gisele and asked her to pay for him. “Is he still there? she asked” I don’t know, I’m afraid to call, I was afraid to hear a voice on the other end telling me I was too late. I hung up the phone and held my breath, and waited….
finally a text message came in. “Done! He’s paid for!” I started breathing again. I sent his picture to Dawn and Khaz. He’s ours I said, but I need somewhere for him to go. Dawn went and picked him up and took him to her house where she has 2 other fosters and 2 of her own. She could hold him for a few days. Then Khaz would take him after Zepplin was adopted.

Dawn reported how sweet he was, happy, playful, but not as much as you would expect coming out of a shelter. He gets along well with the other dogs and appears to be house trained. A nice well mannered dog, who happened to be with owners who thought he wasn’t worthy of them paying the fine. The fine that was cause by them not being aware of the laws in their county.
Now we need to find Denver a home where he will be cherished and loved, where he will be deemed worthy of their time and money. Denver wants to be a real part of a family, a part that would be missed if he went away.

Are you the family for him? Can you give him the second chance in life that he almost didn’t get, and so desperately deserves?  You can see more photos of Denver on Facebook. 

For more info on Denver contact khaz.thedogliberator@gmail.com and stay tuned for updates on this beautiful boy as he reveals himself in foster!

~Vicki Truelove

Yeah! Toys!

Just hanging out!


Jasmine the Aussie Puppy~Adopted

What you looking at?

Jasmine is a lovely brindle and white Aussie puppy.  Born around March of this year, she first came into our rescue as Fergie and was adopted by one of my favorite people, Joanna.  A year earlier Joanna had adopted my Lexie and later my Ariel.  Everything was going along swimmingly until Fergie, now Jasmine, got to be the same size as Lexie.  Suddenly Lexie, who has always had an opinion about everything, had an opinion about Jasmine and started fighting with her.  We’re not talking about your normal play fighting.  No, this was the real thing.  Fur flew, a baby tooth was knocked out, cuts and blood.  Joanna called me in tears.  Never fear, Paul Pipitone is here!  A great trainer, Paul went to her home and showed her how to establish dominance and leadership in her pack, with Joanna as the leader.  Unfortunately, after Paul left, Joanna struggled to keep up what she had learned.  You see, unlike me, Joanna is a really nice person, and Lexie knew it.  The fighting quickly began again.  What to do?  After many conversations, Joanna came to the very difficult decision that the best solution in her case was to get Jasmine out of her home quickly before Lexie would do serious and permanent damage.  With Jasmine gone, Lexie would then be less tense and allow Joanna to enforce the rules and techniques that Paul taught her so as to avoid this in the future.

Smart girl ~ in the shade

A tearful Joanna just left my home, having met our wonderful foster Melissa to whom she has entrusted her baby.  I’ve promised Joanna that Jasmine will quickly find an amazing home, one where she doesn’t have to be afraid, one where she can thrive.

The advantage that we have with Jasmine is that we know far more about her than we usually do our dogs.  According to Joanna, “She knows the basic commands: sit, lay down, up, stay, shake, and is kennel trained. She’s a big girl, but thinks she is a little lap dog. She loves to cuddle and give kisses. She likes to play fetch, but isn’t always good at returning the toy to you 😉   She is currently on Sentinel for heartworm preventive and flea control. (She does not have fleas.) She is about 6 to 7 months old and is 27 pounds. “

Big grin

I took advantage of the short time that Jasmine was at my home to observe as much as I could.  At first, she was very tentative in my yard, as most dogs are given the number of smells.  She quickly relaxed, perhaps remembering when she was here before.  Then I let out my basset/lab Ralph.  He came charging out and she took off squealing (really, that is what it sounded like).  Within 10 seconds she was wagging her tail, bowing down to Ralph (no small feat since he is so low to the ground) and soon dancing around with him.  Ralph is a fabulous dog for our fosters ~ he has a loving and nurturing personality that quickly puts dogs at ease.  Of course, I didn’t have my camera out, so I missed all that.  I then let out little Loli the puppy.  She is as submissive as Jasmine, so they struggled with who was going to sniff whose butt (I just love dog etiquette).  I was please that it was finally Jasmine taking the lead, appropriate since she is older and bigger.  I then made the mistake of trying to step inside, only to have Jasmine slip in with me.  A mistake because Gus, my basset/bulldog was waiting.  He is not submissive.  Ummm, no, definitely not.   But that went great too.  He didn’t knock her over or anything of the sort, just sniffing her with enthusiasm.  That is a really good sign.  Gus has an instinct for detecting dogs that are overly dominant or overly submissive.  Apparently Jasmine did not fall into either of those categories!

I love her face!

So, Jasmine is great.  She’s really pretty with a coat that catches the sunlight.  It has waves in it, especially on her back quarter.  Her ears are usually cocked, but stand up all the way when she hears something interesting.  She is very slender and still has some growing to do.  She is used to cats and loves the company of people.  Joanna has definitely been doing training with her as well.  Really, what is there not to like about this girl!

Jasmine is being fostered in the south Orlando area.  You can see lots of photos of her in her photo album.  If you think that she might be the perfect dog for you, please first read our article on Starting Out Your Dog Right, then review our Adoption Process and e-mail me at holly.thedogliberator@gmail.com.  I love this puppy.  I always have.  You will too!

Welcome Home

Update: A couple of days ago I told you I had a secret. Here it is: our Jasmine has been adopted! And she didn’t have to wait long at all for her family. Shannon and Wes lost their corgi Colby to a brain tumor in January. It takes a while for that pain to abate. Finally ready for another dog, they wanted one about 6 months old. Here’s the neat thing: they weren’t looking when Jasmine first came to our rescue, but now they are, just when she is the exact age they want!

Let's Play!

It is as if Joanna was simply fostering and caring for her until her forever family was ready! The timing is undeniable, the connection they felt with her was real. You can see how happy Jasmine, now Lily, looks in this photo with Megan and Shaun. This, my friends, is an adoption that was meant to be!!! Jacksonville, welcome your newest Dog Liberator pup! ~ Holly

Foxy the Border Collie/Husky~Adopted

Foxy is a 5 month old Border Collie/Husky (Borsky)  who is being fostered by Melissa Smith.  She is awesome with children, loves to play with other dogs, and doing great with Melissa’ cats, “even the Siamese”, Melissa said!  She is crate-trained, obedient and very smart.  Melissa reports that she has not had one accident.  Foxy is heartworm negative, and is an owner-surrender.  After we give her a few days to get used to her new surroundings, we will report about her in detail!

What we do know is that Foxy’s mother was a Border Collie, and her father was a tan colored Husky.

The Gerene Family

Update:  Melissa Smith reports that Foxy has been adopted by Dana Geren.

Foxy with Foster Mom Melissa Smith

Dana Emailed this story to me and has graciously given me permission to share it.

The Best Things in Life are definitely not free:
Even when presented as “Free to Good Home.”

Oh, it was that time. There was no more room for clever excuses. The kids were old enough to care for a dog and wise enough not to hug it too hard. My husband and I were not trying to avoid getting a dog altogether; we were just, let’s say, hoping to postpone the occasion until such time that we might refer to it as our “grand-dog”. We both worked and our kids were involved with many weekend activities. Further, our vacations were spent on the road in mountain cabins or hotels. We treasured our family vacations and valued our high “escapability” due to a pet free home environment. We were short on money and time and worked to make the most of it.

Acquiring a family dog would throw a canine wrench in our fine oiled vacation machine. Alas, the children were now teens and liked throwing wrenches. Finally, we acquiesced to their relentless requests for a dog but under two conditions: it must not be listed as one of the top ten most dangerous dogs for kids and must be “free” to good home. After all, the best things in life are free right?

The summer of 2003 was lilting by gently with no unusual interruptions. Being a teacher, I was on my summer vacation with the kids. What was a chore during the school year was a joy during the summer. I enjoyed running errands especially if the kids were in the car. Our conversations were more than “did you get your homework completed”. They were filled with juicy information and just plain folderol. Dinner was on the stove five nights per week before “O dark thirty”. Summer was a time of happy busyness and freedom. We all came and went as we pleased: beach days on a whim, overnights to Grandma and Grandpa’s, late mornings and a wife ready to receive her husband with a refreshed spirit nightly.

We would wait with anticipation for my sister to call and announce that she discovered unexpected free time within her busy schedule and request our company. I was so excited to see Auntie’s name pop up on my cell phone one Saturday morning. Surely she was calling to schedule an impromptu visit. Ha! She was calling to inquire if we were still looking for a dog. “Yes”, I responded with a hesitant tone, but that finding a free, family friendly dog was proving to be a bit of a challenge. Auntie was thrilled. She completely ignored my tone. She said she had found the sweetest dog for us. She went on to say, that this sweet thing had laid down in the middle of the road and lifted her hind leg high, exposing her belly for rubbing as a friendly come hither sign. She went on some more to say, “Dana, she is in the hospital now being treated for Parvo. The vet says she can be picked up tomorrow. All that you have to do is come to Atlanta and get her. She is the sweetest thing. The vet said that the dog is free but the treatment cost $800.” This would only be the tip of the iceberg of the costs of our “free to good home” most beloved Heartley.

My sister is the finest realtor in Atlanta. She knows how to bring homes and people together and how to close a deal before the month’s end. Evidently, this skill applies to canines and human pairings as well. Before I knew it, she had closed this deal and I was loading my daughter into the car and heading to Atlanta, checkbook in hand. We made it up and back in less than 24 hours. This included the rest stops every two hours on the way home for her to empty her tiny little bladder. My daughter, Sydney, sat in the back and watched her so very diligently. She looked for any sign of unease and offered unsolicited words and strokes of comfort. All the way home, Sydney and I tossed names around for our newest member of the family. It was a treasured trip but physically and emotionally it was exhausting.

I had not slept and the dog was in a precarious health situation. The vet informed us that she was ready to be released but that her chance of living was 50%. My sister is a pro all right. She conveniently omitted the “fine lines” of this free and sweet puppy contract. Parvo was a serious condition and there was nothing else to be done other than nurture her and administer medications. My daughter was devastated and devoted herself right then and there to the recovery efforts of her furry new sister. I on the other hand began to calculate and weigh the cost of this “rescue dog”. The popular American Express commercial came to mind. This trip cost: $800 for the vet, $150 for gas and food, $30 for leash and bowls and puppy pads, and days of sleep deprivation — expression on children’s faces as they meet their new sister… priceless. American Express Company has effectively underscored that the best things in life are not free.

Once home, my husband and son received our newest member of the family with the same immediate devotion that Sydney had demonstrated. The four of us shared the long nights of antibiotic treatments, potty training and constant visual evaluation. During her recovery
she managed to rake up another $500 in vet bills. But she did recover. We then named her Heartley Adrianne Geren after the street she was found, my sister who found her, and the family that adopted her.

As the years went on, Heartley faced Addison’s disease, which included monthly shots and daily pills, bone cancer, and always a sensitive digestive system. But she also enjoyed mountain vacations, dog bone-filled Christmas Stockings and tubing behind our boat.

Her vet bills over the years were just under the 10K mark, but the joy she brought to our family was immeasurable. Without fail, Heartley met us at the front door daily with a hardy welcome bark.

She passed away at the young age of about eight. Her life was short and wrought with health challenges but rich in treasured times too. She was the best thing that ever happened to our family and the only free thing about her was the love & devotion she showered upon us.

PawPaw the Borsky Puppy ~ Adopted

Off on adventure!

I don’t know what we would do without Vicki Truelove.  She is our go-to person for rescuing dogs  in the north Georgia area.  She finds them, contacts us, and then networks with others to pull and foster them until we can arrange transportation to us.  More often than not, she fosters them herself.  In the case of PawPaw, she did it all!  She sent me his photo taken at Gordon County Animal Control.  He reminded me so much of my little Moses, and the idea of him there all alone… oh, I couldn’t stand it.  So, the next day, Vicki was pulling him out.  She fostered him and then drove him all the way to my home!  Wow!

He practices this look

PawPaw is simply great!  He is chocked full of personality, with a can-do attitude!  He fell in love with Vicki’s horses and was always trying to lick them.  He and Polka Dot love to play and dash around on imaginary adventures.  While at Vicki’s he demonstrated that he was housetrained (that gets Vicki a big thank you from me!).  What’s not to love in this puppy!?!

PawPaw is such a little character that I can’t help but take lots of photos of him that you can see in his photo album.

I am fostering PawPaw in Winter Park. If you think you might be interested in adopting him, please first read our page on Starting Your Dog Off Right, then review our Adoption Process and e-mail me at Holly.TheDogLiberator@gmail.com

Safe with Vicki

August 8th Update:

Vicki, who fostered and drove PawPaw to me, just dropped by to say goodbye on her way home.  She was so sad to say goodbye to PawPaw.  He didn’t help one bit by looking at her and giving her a pathetic bark.  Really, PawPaw?  You had to  make her feel worse?  I hugged Vicki and reminded that her that we can’t keep them all, that we have to let them go so that we can save more.  And, of course, I assured her that our adopters are the most wonderful people in the world and that PawPaw will have a fabulous home.  Meanwhile, PawPaw kept looking at her, giving that pathetic bark.  He wasn’t helping at all!  Be warned, if you come meet him, he’s going to win your heart!

Here’s a bonus video for you.  All the puppies were outside playing this morning and I, of course, had my camera in my hand.  Here they are enjoy the morning together.  Adorable!

August 9th Update:

PawPaw is jut too smart for the room!  He was scampering around the living room today just getting into mischief!  At one point he had a rope toy wrapped around a dining room chair and was dragging the chair across the room!  Really?  Really!  What a nut!  He is irresistible!

August 12th Update:

What a fabulous puppy our PawPaw is!  He is so smart.  He already goes after a Frisbee and ball.  He jumps in my lap and gives me kisses.  He talks to me as if we’re having a real conversation.  He is great with my cats.  He is fabulous!

PawPaw is not amused by this August heat.  He and some of the other puppies had fun playing with a block of ice.

August 16th Update:

Yes, I know it was a million degrees outside today, but I decided to get out the agility tunnel any way and introduce Banjo and PawPaw to it.  After all, I figured that it would take a few days to get them comfortable with it.  Silly me!  They did great.  PawPaw not only is great at the tunnel but will return the ball to me to throw again!  Smart boy!!!

Anita heading out with PawPaw

August 25th Update:

PawPaw is home.  And home is where the heart is.  In this case, that is back with Vicki Truelove, the woman who originally pulled him from the shelter!

Vicki drove him to me at the beginning of the month, but hasn’t been able to get him off of her mind.  When she was headed back home to north Georgia, she stopped by and visited for a while.  As she headed out the door, she said, “I really want to take PawPaw with me.”  I told her not to be silly, that I’d find him a great home.  Her eyes filled with tears; PawPaw wasn’t helping the situation by barking repetitively to her.  Really?  You’ve got to be kidding!

Some things are meant to be

Vicki and I are always in contact.  Every few days she’d ask how he was doing.  “He’s fine.  Doing great.  I’ll find him a wonderful home.”  Finally, on Sunday she e-mailed me again, “I really think I want PawPaw.”  *sigh*  What could I say?  I could ask for no better home than Vicki’s.  Hundreds of dogs have gone through her home but she has never had one pull on her heart like this.

Knowing that Anita was driving from south Florida to Tennessee this week, I called her and asked if she’d mine detouring a bit to drop off a package.  Anita is always up for an adventure, so the answer was a quick yes!  Last night she stopped by and picked up our boy.  They spent the night in a hotel on the Florida/Georgia line, posting a video of their great adventures (heaven help us!).

Home again

This afternoon Anita arrived at Vicki’s.  She told me that as her daughter Madison was getting PawPaw out of the car, Vicki stepped out onto her porch.  When PawPaw saw her, “he turned himself inside out with joy!”  If I had any doubts at all, the vanished in that moment.  This was the home that he was meant to have.  This is Vicki’s puppy.  None of us knew it a few weeks ago, but now it is crystal clear.  PawPaw is home.  And I couldn’t be happier!

Rock me, Amadeus~Adopted

A little over a week ago, Amy Benz and I were discussing some rescue opportunities via facebook, making a working list of possible dogs to pull during her stay in Atlanta. During the same time Sage and Saffron were discovered, I had been taking a gander at some of the dogs in Fulton County Animal Shelter, a shelter just a stone’s throw away from my apartment and the area where Amy would be staying.

Amadeus at the shelter.

Now I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with Fulton County Animal Control in Atlanta, GA, but let me be the first to tell you, it’s not a pleasant place. It’s loud, it’s crowded–anyone in rescue knows the kind of stress this environment can place on an animal. A full 12 pages of dogs were listed on their website, many of them puppies, and many more sad, scared, and overwhelmed.
As I’m scrolling along, trying hard not to focus on the ones I know won’t receive help in time, I come across this photo.

Immediately I link it over to Amy, who had her eyes on a little sheltie at the same shelter. But in my excitement, I forgot to read the text. Big black letters stared me in the face and my heart sank.

“Not available for Adoption”.

Come to find out, he was on stray hold. I crossed my fingers and hoped he would be reclaimed, re-focusing my efforts on helping Amy find other dogs that were both in need, and available.

Flash forward to last Saturday, Aug. 6th. There I am, perusing Fulton’s page again, and low and behold, there he is. I made up my mind and said my rescue mantra.
“That’s my dog”.

I made a phone call to the shelter, and drove up to meet him same-day after work.

Check out these baby blues!

When I saw this dog’s shelter photo, I knew he was something special. So special, in fact, Steve and I decided he was worthy of one of the names on our “TDL Wish List”.

This list is basically a compilation of names that Steve and I find to be unique, clever, and sometimes downright humorous, each name having a certain idea of a dog to match. Originally, we had intended to call him Wolfgang, the first name of the classical composer Mozart. After tossing the name around for a few seconds, the question of calling him Amadeus was posed.

Even from his original photo, it was evident that there is a certain presence to this dog. It seemed fitting that he carry a name with an equal amount gravitas, and with the inspiration from a name like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, where could we go wrong?

Now clearly, Falco’s “Rock me Amadeus” and Mozart’s “Moonlight Sonata” are two separate entitites entirely.
One is all class–high class, even–and the other is…well, it’s all beans, if you know what I mean. So why the switch, one might ask? For us it was easy–We let his personality do the talking!

Look at that focus!

Walking through the rows and rows of faces, my mind was racing as to what I might get out of this dog. There’s no denying the fact he is a husky mix; the border collie portion is more of a speculation. As someone who is more acquainted with herding breeds, I was only thinking the worst. I was expecting energy–bounce, drive, for all intents and purposes, a dog with ADHD, and too much personality for one person to handle.

What I got instead was a dog who was cool, and collected. He lay on the cold concrete floor, quiet, and calm, observing us.
I cooed to him softly, and he rose gently to his feet, gave a slight tail wag, and walked calmly out the door with the shelter worker to the “meet and greet” yard.

This to me, is where it became apparent this dog was a real diamond in the rough.

Loungin' around the living room!

When speaking with the shelter, I asked the basic run-of-the-mill questions. How is he with kids? Cats? Other dogs? They had mentioned he was friendly, but little else was known about him. The answers were left for me to find out.

In the yard across from us, was a family of three children. They were meeting with a small little terrier, who seemingly had zero interest in anything but his own affairs.

I was informed Amadeus had never been around children before, so I was a bit apprehensive, though very surprised to find that he paid the children and their screaming no mind at all.

He did not so much as whimper or whine when the other dog passed, but rather trotted nonchalantly around the yard, happy to stretch his legs and catch some sunshine. Between you and me, I think the family was a little envious of Amadeus; he behaved himself so well!

Within ten minutes I had Gisele on the phone.

“What do you think?” She asked.

Now I don’t remember my exact words, but I think they were something along the lines of “He’s AWESOME!”

A few moments later I was in the adoptions office filling out the paperwork. Monday he was vetted, and on Tuesday he was in the car on his way home.

Today, Amadeus has shown himself to be the most gentle, loving, and incredibly comical soul of a dog I’ve seen in a while. Though he may have been picked up as a stray, he knows where his bread gets buttered. He knows hands are for petting, and he’s always coming up with creative ways to grab your attention!
It’s hard to believe this boy was once roaming the streets of Atlanta eating garbage and who knows what, because already he has more manners than a few lifelong housepets I know of.

Enjoying some belly rubs and TLC!

I am very excited to see where his personality takes him, for even in a short 24-hour period he has shown a remarkable recall ability. I feel he would make an excellent “project dog” for someone interested in obedience training, and could even be a candidate for Canine Good Citizenship, or therapy.

Like my other fosters, Amadeus will accompany me to work where he will be able to interact with the other dogs at the facility, and continue his socialization skills. Who knows, maybe I’ll teach him a few tricks before he goes home, too!

As it stands, he could use to gain about fifteen pounds, but I foresee him packing on the weight petty quickly now that he’ll have daily meals! It seems he may have had a rough past, but it is very clear that he is willing to put it all behind him for the hopes of a brighter future, and his own family.

What does all of this have to do with the name Amadaeus, you ask?
…Okay...Okay, so call me a sucker for cheesy 80’s bands. But seriously, this dog is a rockstar in the making!
More updates to come as he unfolds himself to us!

Amadeus is being fostered by Khaz Brooks in the Atlanta, Georgia area. If you, or anyone you know is interested in adopting Amadeus, please review Our Adoption Process and send all inquiries to Khaz.thedogliberator@gmail.com!

This gorgeous boy has been adopted, and Khaz will fill us in with the details!

Tweet the Borksy ~ Adopted

Gotta love those eyes!

Twitter, Tweet, Twix and Twizzler are a litter of four puppies that we rescued from a shelter in Georgia.  Like his father, a golden Husky, Tweet is white with golden highlights.  However, he has his Border Collie momma’s eyes.  His fur is the shortest of the litter and very soft.  Tweet if very affectionate.  One morning, after getting all the puppies out, watered, fed and loved, I sat down on my lawn chair to enjoy the first cup of coffee of the day.  Tweet hopped up into my lap and laid his head on my shoulder.  He was content to lay there, giving me the occasional lick on the chin.

When I posted Tweet’s photo on our Facebook page,  Janet, the owner of his parents, commented,  “He is honestly the sweetest one of them all and he has a wonderful personality. I think he is gonna look a lot like Jackson, the daddy… It makes me miss them so bad, but they are going to find good homes now and I know that I couldn’t handle 7 pups at once along with two big dogs too.”

Stunning puppy!

This litter of puppies was born in late March.  Be sure to read their Rescue Story ~ I included photos of their parents in it!  You’ll find lots of photos of Tweet his photo album.  Tweet is being fostered in Winter Park, Florida

If you think you might be interested in giving Tweet a home, first read my Puppy Tips page, then review our Adoption Process and e-mail me at holly.thedogliberator@gmail.com

May 26 update:

Poor Tweet has had a tough week.  The incision from his neuter became infected and he had to spend a couple of days at the vet.  He’s better now and back to playing with all his buddies.  I’m really liking this little fellow.  He is playful but easy going, preferring to be with his people as much as possible.  He’s a true gem!

May 28th update:

Look, ma, no hands!!!

Tweet cracks me up no end.  This puppy much prefers to be inside than out.  He’ll run out and play with Got Milk for a while, but then he’ll come back to the door and plead to come in, with both sorrowful eyes and pitiful whimpers.  Heaven’s help the family that adopts him ~ he really knows how to work you over to get what he wants.  This morning I was walking past the sliding glass door and glanced out.  Who did I see but Tweet, balanced on the arm of the deck chair, giving me “the look.”  What was my reaction?  To grab the camera, of course!!!

May 29th:

I really have to share this video. It’s too funny. Joanna came to adopt Fergie, but she didn’t get to leave without being mauled by the rest of the puppies.  Tweet was all over her lap!


Heading home with Jennifer

May 30th:

Tweet has found his forever home!  Jennifer saw his sweet face and knew it was love.  Her boyfriend David agreed that Tweet was a keeper.  And Tweet?  Well, he thought they were wonderful, and he was right!  He’ll now be living the life in Melbourne.  I’m so happy!

Twitter the Borsky ~ Adopted

What a face!!!

Twitter, Tweet, Twix and Twizzler are a litter of four puppies that we rescued from a shelter in Georgia.  Like his father, a golden Husky, Twitter is white with golden highlights.  However, he has his Border Collie momma’s feathery fur on his ears.  Twitter is very easy going.  He loves attention but he won’t knock you over trying to get it.  That is a nice combination in a puppy.  When he is done playing, he is content to go lie down in the shade and take a nap.

This litter of puppies was born in late March.  Be sure to read their rescue story ~ I included photos of their parents in it!  You’ll find lots of photos of this handsome fellow in his photo album.  Twitter is being fostered in Winter Park, Florida

Resting after playing in the morning dew

If you think you might be interested in giving Twitter a home, first read my Puppy Tips page, then review our Adoption Process and e-mail me at holly.thedogliberator@gmail.com

Twitter headed home with Markand Dena

May 22nd Update:

Twitter has found his forever home! Mark and Dena’s beagle passed away in February ~ so many of us know the hole that leaves behind. Mark has fond memories of his childhood husky and had hoped to find another one. It quickly became apparent that Twitter was their dog; he truly chose them. Mark asked, “Does this often happen?” I assured him that our dogs almost always pick their families.
Twitter will be living near Disney. I’m sure he’ll have fun playing with ten-year-old twins Parker and Tyler! Yay!

Twizzler the Borsky ~ Adopted

What a face!!!

Twitter, Tweet, Twix and Twizzler are a litter of four puppies that we rescued from a shelter in Georgia. Twizzler is built like her father, a golden Husky, but has much of her Border Collie momma’s coloring. She is very people oriented, running around your feet and trying to get your attention. When everyone else was outside playing, she sat at the sliding glass door complaining until I let her in. Then she happily laid in my husband’s arms like that was the place she was supposed to be. When he finally put her down, she curled up under the end table by his chair and drifted off to sleep. Yup, Twizzler just loves her people!!

This litter of puppies was born in late March. Be sure to read their rescue story ~ I included photos of their parents in it!

She has such a beautiful coat

You’ll find lots of photos of Twizzler in her photo album. Twizzler is being fostered in Winter Park, Florida

If you think you might be interested in giving Twizzler a home, first read my Puppy Tips page, then review our Adoption Process and e-mail me at holly.thedogliberator@gmail.com


Twizzler headed home with Tahiry, Chris and Denali

May 21st Update:

Twizzler has found her forever home!  Chris and Tahiry have been wanting to find  a playmate for two-year-old Denali, but nothing has worked out. They thought an adult dog would be great, but Denali is a naturally submissive girl, and the adult dogs have overly dominated her.  Would a puppy work?  You bet!  Twizzler really liked Denali, and Denali thought she was pretty nice too!  As a puppy, Twizzler will naturally look to Denali for leadership.  I can’t wait until I see photos of them together when Twizzler is grown.  I think they’ll be a stunning contrast!

Twix the Borsky ~ Adopted

Playing inside


Twitter, Tweet, Twix and Twizzler are a litter of four puppies that we rescued from a shelter in Georgia. Twix looks like a diluted version of her sister Twizzler, lighter in color and frame. She dances around your feet and loves to be held. She is content to sit with you and give delicate little kisses. That is what I think when I look at her, “delicate.” Such a pretty and loving girl!


This litter of puppies was born in late March. Be sure to read their rescue story ~ I included photos of their parents in it! You’ll find

What a pretty girl!

lots of photos of Twix in her photo album. Twix is being fostered in Winter Park, Florida

If you think you might be interested in giving Twix a home, first read my Puppy Tips page, then review our Adoption Process and e-mail me at holly.thedogliberator@gmail.com


May 21st Update:

Heading home with David, Suzanne and Victoria!

Twix has her forever home!  Dave, Suzanne and Victoria lost their beloved Ollie last February.  When they saw Fergie, they asked to come meet her, for she looked so much like their dog.  Turned out that she looked too much like Ollie.  But that was just fine, because the moment they walked in, Twix knew they were her family!  She ran right up to them and pretty much never left their side.  They are such a lovely family, and she is such a lovely puppy, I think it is the perfect match!  Twix is now living is sunny Fort Lauderdale.   Yay!

Border Collie + Husky = Borsky?

It was last Thursday and I was looking forward to the Sunday arrival of my two new Georgia puppies, a golden Collie much like my MacKenzie and an Aussie that reminded me of Gravy.  They were going to be coming down on a the same transport as Rhys, the miracle Collie.  I was happy.  And then I got an e-mail from Kathy, with photos of two Aussies and a Golden Retriever puppy.  They were at Gordon County Animal Control, the same shelter Memphis Blues came from.  Could I take them?  Sure.  I mean, I expected Hippity and Hoppity to be adopted by the weekend; with the other two coming, that would just be five puppies, no problem at all.  I showed the photos to my husband and Glenn agreed.  I e-mailed Kathy and then called Sherrie, the volunteer Rescue Coordinator at the shelter.  She was delighted and agreed to take them to the vet on the next day.  That was easy!

The next morning, Friday,  Sherrie called to tell me that the owner of the two Aussie puppies had come in and reclaimed them.  I must admit I was disappointed but encouraged when she said the owner had purchased a spay certificate, so we knew they wouldn’t be used for breeding.  I told Sherrie to look around the shelter when she went to get the remaining Golden Retriever puppy, just look to see if there were any dogs we’d overlooked.  They’d have to be small puppies because we were limited in transport space.  I told her I’d be home all day if she called.  That was easy!

Four Littermates

At 1pm I took my son to his first job interview (he got the job!), but when I got home I saw that Sherrie had called and e-mailed photos.  The photos were of four puppies, all bunched together in someone’s arms.  I called her back.  She was already at the vet’s office. The puppies? They had been brought in that morning, all healthy.  Looked to be shepherd/lab/aussie mixes.  Did I want them?  Ugh!  I hate this part of rescue.  I’m not good at it.  We were against the clock.  I couldn’t get them to the vet before transport.  I couldn’t get in touch with all the transportation legs.  I couldn’t get in touch with fosters to keep them until Sunday.  Shepherds and Labs aren’t really our breed.  ugh.  I finally said no.  That wasn’t easy.  I felt sick in my stomach.  I slept poorly.

The next morning, Saturday, I checked my facebook.  There was the photo of the four puppies on the Gordon site.  It indicated that they were actually littermates of the two I had originally said I’d take!  Not to get into details, but there were a lot of negative things being written about the owner.  She responded on Facebook, writing that the two had been stolen, were the ones her kids had decided to keep from the litter, they had found them posted on Facebook and she called the shelter.  When the shelter found out there were more in the litter, they convinced her to surrender them.  More unpleasant things were then written on the page.  I went to Janet’s  facebook page, told her who I was, and asked about the parents of the dogs.  The mother is a Border Collie named Monkey.  The father is a Husky named Jackson.  They are great dogs.  They have since been fixed.  She was devastated about the puppies at the shelter.  Now knowing that their breed mix fits in perfectly with our rescue, I told her I would try to get them.  I called the shelter and spoke with Darla. She knew who I was before I could finish my first sentence; she had tried to call me the day before to let me know they were the littermates!  She was thrilled when I said we’d take them.   She was so upset about the comments being made on facebook. “How am I going to get people to bring in their dogs rather than just abandon them if they then get attacked?”  Kathy picked up the four plus my little Golden Retriever a bit later and brought them home for the night.   Sunday morning Vicki got the original Aussie/Husky and Golden Collie to Kathy, who then drove them to  Khaz and Steve, then Amy, then Colin, and finally me.  That was easy!

Twizzler and Tweet

Actually, none of this was easy.  It was heart-wrenching.  I felt especially bad for Janet.  She isn’t the first person to miscalculate and end up with a litter of puppies.  She has already had the mother fixed.  She was going to rehome the puppies herself but brought them to the shelter when encouraged by Darla (who truly thought we’d take them).  Already emotionally wrought by that action, she was then subjected to very harsh words by well-meaning people.  I guess I’ve eaten my words so many times in my life that I’ve finally learned to temper them, or at least I hope I’ve learned that.  I appreciate that Janet has been very forth coming with background information on this litter.  We almost never know a thing about our dogs, so this is a real treat.

From Janet: “Thank you so much, I was at the point that i was just going to go get them all back because I have cried all morning about all this. The only reason I took them was because she told me that she could get you to take them and I knew that would be best for them because they are wonderful puppies and they need someone to love them and not have to fight for attention with one another. Again thanks…   The mother’s name is Monkey and she was born on Fathers Day two years ago, and the daddy’s name is Jackson and he is about 2 years old two.  He just wandered up at my house and I couldn’t take him to the pound because he was older and I was scared he would get put down. He was very protective of my kids and he actually attacked a pitbull that came in my yard that went after my oldest son and Jackson ran him off.  He has been with me for over a year now and he is really a wonderful dog. They both have a lot of energy, but they like to have their lazy time too, they are both very loving and loyal dogs. Monkey the BC is kinda lazy at times, but yes she likes to run and get hyper sometimes, but just sometimes. She does have the herding instinct and she loves to chase squirrels up trees occasionally she will catch one, she is a very fast running dog.  I am so glad that you are getting them, it makes me feel ten times better now.”

I guess what I’m trying to say is, please think twice before publicly condemning someone’s actions.   We rarely know the whole story.


Grits and Gravy

Grits and Gravy are two precious puppies rescued from Hall County Shelter in Georgia. They are nick-in-time pups, for we got them out the same day they were scheduled to be euthanized. Vicki went to the shelter to get them. Kathy drove them to Khaz in Atlanta. Khaz kept them overnight. Larry and Joyce drove them from Atlanta to Winter Park. That’s the way of rescue ~ a network of people each doing what they can to save these little lives.

At the shelter they were named Cody and Panda, but you know how I am about names. Those are just too “normal.” So Grits and Gravy it is!!!

Grits was born around the beginning of the year and appears to be a purebred Border Collie. He has the appearance and the intelligence that we expect in the breed. Very playful, he is always the first to chase the ball when I throw it. Did I mention border collie??? He is also people oriented. This morning when I let everyone out, he went out, piddled, then came back and sat on my foot. So far he has shown himself to have a pleasant level of energy, not the dreaded over-the-top hyperness that some breeders have developed. I think he is lovely, inside and out.

There are lots of photos in his photo album .

Gravy is a bit younger than Grits, maybe born mid- to late January. Although we were told he is a Border Collie, he appears to be more of a husky. He is a cuddler but a real player too. He isn’t hesitant to wrestle with the dogs who are much bigger than him. Again, Husky! He is a real charmer!!!

Be sure to check out his photo album.

Grits and Gravy are being fostered in Winter Park. If you are interested in adopting either of them, please review our adoption process, then e-mail holly.thedogliberator@gmail.com

A Life Saving Story

Shared by Cyndy Doty – a Must Read

Most everyone with animals knows about ASPCA Poison Control, but I recently learned of, and had occasion to use the Pet Poison Helpline. When I was last in Ohio, the three month old puppies dug into a flower bed in the yard and ate some da…ffodil shoots and bulbs. They began to throw up and started having diarrhea. I looked up daffodils online, and sure enough they are poisonous to dogs. We rushed them to the emergency vet (these things always happen on a weekend or at night) where we learned about the Pet Poison Helpline. The vet was not very familiar with the appropriate treatment, going mainly by a book he consulted. He suggested something to calm their stomachs and sub-Q fluids, along with two doses of activated charcoal, four hours apart. He also suggested there was a possibility of seizures and they might benefit from an overnight stay where they could keep an eye on them and treat them quickly if necessary.

He suggested we call the Pet Poison Helpline. When I called them, a vet answered the phone immediately and I explained the problem. She asked many questions about their symptoms and vital signs and told me that only one dose of activated charcoal, along with the fluids and something to calm their stomachs would be necessary. She also said there was no risk of seizures, given the time that had elapsed along with the fact that they had gotten most, if not all of the bulbs, out of their systems and that their vital signs were normal. She was extremely knowledgable and only after she answered all of my questions, did she ask for a credit card number to cover the charge of $35. She gave me a case number and asked me to have the vet call her to discuss the appropriate treatment, which he did. This call saved considerable money, since if we had gone with the recommendations originally given by the vet, there would have been two charges for administering the charcoal instead of one, along with the costs of an overnight stay. Needless to say I was very impressed by the entire experience of calling the Pet Poison Helpline.

I had dealt with the ASPCA Poison Control in the past, so I was aware of their process. First you speak with a receptionist who takes your credit card information. Their charge is $65. Only after having your card approved are you put through to a vet. While their vets are very knowledgeable and helpful, I really appreciated the lower fee and the fact that Pet Poison Helpline vets are first and foremost concerned about the dog, THEN after dealing with the issue, they take your credit card information.

I will definitely use them again in the future if need be. The phone number for them is:
Pet Poison Helpline at 1 (800) 213-6680, and their url is http://www.petpoisonhelpline.com/

I hope none of us ever have occasion to use this information, but it is good information to have programmed into your phone just in case.


Meet Kira and Niko-Adopted

Lisa Ramirez got my email from a friend, and she’s in trouble! She needs to move, and move fast. Once I saw a photo of her two Siberian Huskies, I felt that there must be someone out there that would love to have these gorgeous dogs. Personally, I would love to help arrange transport to the cold country for these two. Let’s see what we can do to help them.

Here’s what Lisa wrote about her awesome dogs.

Nico (blk/white) is a full bred Siberian Husky born in Alabama on March 23rd, 2010. Nico loves children and anyone else that shares his same energy level. He’s not hyper, but very playful and active. He’s absolutely attached to his best friend and companion, Kira. He’s certainly not shy; he loves anyone and everyone who crosses his path. He’s the cuddler out of the two. I’ll be sitting on the floor watching TV and he’ll walk up, sit right next to me and rest his head on my lap. If I get up to cook or wash clothes, he’s right there behind me. His playful side includes: annoying Kira, wagging his tail and licking your legs, running past you as you walk around your house and hopping ALL over the place when he’s happy. He seriously reminds me of a grasshopper when he does that so I nicknamed him Hoppy. I’ll come home from work and the first thing he does is hop, hop, hop (front two legs and sometimes ALL 4) until he gets his point across that he’s very happy to see you.

Kira (grey/wht) is also a full bred Siberian Husky born in Alabama on January 12, 2010. She’s the independent one out of the two. I can sit on the floor to watch TV, roll around like a goofball and make crazy noises, and she’ll just watch me from the other corner of the house like I’m crazy. Although independent, she does crave attention, a lot of play, and all the lovin’ you can give her! But when the time comes where she feels like she’s “had enough”, she’ll walk away to go lay down by herself (sometimes straight to her crate)! Kira truly carries most of the typical Siberian Husky traits. She loves to dig (get your sandbox ready), she “talks”, “woo woo’s” and howls if you get her going.

Nico and Kira are fully crate trained and house broken. When they need to go potty they’ll move the sliding door blinds with their muzzles (and will continue doing that until you let them out back). The reason I’m looking to re-home them is because my fiancé and I are relocating and unfortunately the place we’re going to isn’t suitable for two big dogs. We need new owners that are educated on Siberian Huskies, as you and I both know this isn’t the dog for everyone… they are truly a breed in of itself.

Thank you Gisele!

I’m hoping to get more photos of these gorgeous dogs very soon! And if you think I haven’t re-homed Siberian Huskies before… you’re wrong!

Juneau the Husky Puppy ~ Adopted


Juneau is a lovely puppy, born around the beginning of June. She is mostly husky but looks to have something else in there as well. When I look at her muzzle, I think collie. When I look at her ears, I think lab. Perhaps all three breeds are there, I can’t be sure, but I do know that she is absolutely lovely!

Juneau has a delightful personality, friendly and easy-going, playful but not hyper. She does great with dogs and isn’t phased by cats. She loves to play with a rope toy, tugging away with complete joy, but throw a ball and… nothing. Seriously, she gives you a look that says, “I love you but you’re a bit clumsy, the way keep dropping things.” I’m guessing that no one has ever played ball with this little angel!

She still runs like a puppy, with that clumpaty-clump that I love. Interestingly, when she gets happy and starts to jump up on you, she pulls up short in a funny kind of way that makes me wonder if she was kept on a short rope. It is rather odd, but I expect that she will quickly adjust and let loose with bounds of joy.

Juneau is fully crate trained and gosh-near house trained too! As someone who fosters lots of puppies, I am highly appreciative of that.

You can see lots of pictures of this pretty girl on her facebook photo album.

24 October Update:

Well, Juneau has proven to be an as awesome as we thought. She is very very people oriented and will follow us room to room. She was somewhat reluctant to jump up on the couch (good girl!) but my daughter has managed to get her past that (bummer!). Right now she is laying on the tile of the living room, sleeping right through the football game. When I took her to the vet yesterday, the vet tech guessed that she is closer to 4 months and may be 60 to 70 pounds. Right now she is just 18.8 pounds, so thin and delicate. This is a wonderful little puppy!!!

November 6 Update:

The day we have waited for has arrived! As has happened so many times before, I wondered why Juneau had not been adopted. Today I found out why ~ Lisa hadn’t started looking yet!

This is the home that our girl has been waiting for! Lisa and her little boy Trevor are just wonderful and I have no doubt that Juneau will be loved forever!

Dixie the Shepherd Puppy ~ Adopted


Dixie came to us from a county pound in Alabama. I had intended to take a break from fostering but then I saw the photos of Dixie and some other puppies. What could I do but take them? 

I’m so glad that I did! They all turned out to be a joy. And all have found homes except for my Dixie. It makes me sad because she is a wonderful puppy but she doesn’t photograph well. Maybe it is because she has one brown eye and one blue eye. Or maybe it is because she cocks her ears at funny angles when she is playing. Or maybe it is because she looks so much bigger in the photos than she really is. I don’t know. All I know is that everyone has missed a really terrific puppy!

Dixie is a very smart puppy. She never misses a thing. When I sneak into my family room to check on the sleeping puppies, her head is always up looking right at me. It doesn’t matter how quite I try to be! She loves tennis balls and will chase after them. She is even starting to get the idea of returning it too. I’m so impressed ~ all of my personal dogs roll their eyes when I throw a ball! Dixie loves to run around the yard (hence all the blurry photos) but calms right down in the house. I must admit, I was somewhat apprehensive about how she would do inside, but she just trots around checking things out then settles onto a dog bed with a bone and lays there quite content. Dixie is also a very affectionate dog. She loves nothing more than attention from you ~ a belly rub would evoke a purr if she were a kitten!
Dixie was born in April and will be around 45 pounds when full grown ~ she is leggy but her paws are not very big. Her markings are very German Shepherd but something about her (the eyes, the alertness?) speaks of Husky. No matter what her heritage, she is a lovely, intelligent, and affectionate puppy! 

I invite you to read the original blog and video posted when Dixie arrived with the other puppies as well as admire her extensive photo album.




August 30 Update:



Dixie spent the weekend with a family and they couldn’t believe how amazing she is! This is the e-mail they sent me: 

Dixie is quite definitively the smartest dog I’ve ever met. In the very short time I had her, she was learning to walk on a leash, obey Stay (if she’s trying to get ahead of you on the leash, you can tell her to stay and she’ll wait for you to catch up) and Leave It commands, and even Sit. (I’m pretty sure she thinks learning how to sit is a game and will try to engage you in it in exchange for snacks as much as possible.) She was able to learn not to cross a threshold without permission (tell her to Stay, when you reach the doorway and reinforce it once you’re inside), to come when called (I just called her name and said Come every now and then when we were in the house and gave her a little snack when she did), and how to fetch and return (Bring it and Give it seem to work, be careful not to say Give it until she’s right in front of you or she’ll just drop it where she is). We’re talking about two and a half days worth of training here, so this is AMAZING. Granted, every morning there are some things she’s forgotten a bit (or is too excited to listen to) but she remembers quickly and I’m sure will stop forgetting at all once she’s had more time with someone. The leash walking is still a work in progress, since she is a puppy after all, but she was getting pretty good at walking next to me and only wandering when I took her to the edge of the grass, made her stay, and then release her to wander. She will eat whatever disgusting thing she finds, so you must be diligent and tell her to Leave It before she gets it in her mouth or be prepared to fish out partially chewed frog parts. She is crate trained, but likes the company of another dog near her and will whine and howl for a few minutes before settling if left in the crate completely alone. She likes to go outside, but will also whine and howl if left outside alone, even for short periods. This is a dog that LOVES her people! Which is just fine, frankly, because she is not a hyper or overactive dog in any sense of the word. She is extremely mellow in the house, will play by herself, wander around rearranging her toys, or just lay on her dog bed or a nice patch of tile and chill out. She does not jump on furniture or steal things off the table. She will jump up on you, but responds to Down and a little push and will probably get over that very quickly once she’s settled. She is trustworthy in the house as far as pottying is concerned as long as you take her out for bathroom breaks frequently and don’t let her binge on water unless she’ll be outside for a while. She probably needs to work on coming up with a signal to go out, because I never really saw her give one, but still, she doesn’t tend to pee in her crate and will clearly try to hold it until you take her out. When you do take her out though, you have to be a bit quick, becuase once she realizes that’s where you’re going, she has to pee NOW! Also, if she’s being a little whiny or panicky about something, she will stop pretty quickly if you make a display of turning your back on her until she calms down. The bottom line is, this is an AMAZING dog. She’s not just going to make someone or some family a wonderful pet, but frankly, she’s going to amaze you every minute of every day with how smart, sensitive, gentle, friendly, easy going, lovable, affectionate, and balanced she is. All I’m saying is, I would not be the least bit surprised if her adoptive family told me she learned how to make them pancakes. She’s just that good. =)

September 1st Update:

Today was Dixie’s big day! She was adopted by Joann and Dave, and will be living on five acres in Lake County. The transition will be a piece of cake because she’ll be able to play with Mork the Basset. Weeks of playing with my Ralph and Gus, both Basset mixes, have caused her to think that these are the most wonderful of dogs! lol Joann and Dave recently lost their dog to cancer, so Dixie has some big … paws? to fill. I know that she has a happy life ahead of her! She was a bit hesitant of Dave at first because she’s never seen a beard before, but never fear ~ he knows dogs. The last thing he said as they climbed in the car was, “Don’t worry, Dixie. Tomorrow is hot dog day.” He is of the one-for-you-and-one-for-me philosophy. Dixie wagged her tail! lol

Update 9/19/10

She likes the air condition floor ducts. Has made friends with the cats and likes to play with Sassy the Basset Hound. Queen B still has not accepted her but we told her there are days when Queen B doesn’t like us. She is a really wonder dog, very smart and very loving.


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