The Chosen Ones, Owning a Deaf Dog

Regardless of the dog you have today, the dog your friend or neighbor has, or the dog you may adopt tomorrow, one day you will encounter a deaf and/or blind dog.  The information in this article will help you and your dog tremendously! Written by Christopher Chosy My wife and I have a beautiful 2 […]

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When The Rescued Becomes The Rescuer

You may remember Lexie. She was one of “Dee’s White Fluffy Puppies” that we rescued and placed in June. She generated a lot of interest, and many people came to meet her, but they adopted a different puppy. She just didn’t “connect” with anyone. And then Joanna walked into my home and it was a […]

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Dee’s White Fluffy Puppies are Here! ~ Adopted!

The White Fluffy Puppies are a litter of puppies that we rescued Dee Sullins, director of the Hale County Humane Society. This is one of the most beautiful litters we have ever seen. Dee referred to them as his “fluffy puppies” and was so happy when we took them. We understand from him that their […]

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