Vivi ~ Adopted!

IMG_0666Vivi is an 8 month old female tricolor collie who comes to us after major life changes have left her owner  unable to keep her. Vivi is already a big girl at 8 months so if you are looking for a larger size collie, she’s your girl! She is spayed and up to date on shots

IMG_0621Vivi is full of energy and loves to run and play. She will need a home which can provide her ample opportunity to exercise. She would be a great running buddy! She does get along with other dogs and cats but occasionally needs to be reminded  not to herd the smaller animals (she is a collie after all, and herding is in her blood). She would do well with another medium to large sized playmate and really enjoys bouncing and tussling.

IMG_0619Vivi is use to being crated when being left at home  and is house broken. She is very smart and with a little patience she learns quickly.

If you are interested in learning more about Vivi and beign considered as a potential adopter please read Our Adoption Process  and answer the questions presented in the article. Email answers to

Check out Vivi’s Photos on Facebook!



3/28/16 Update: Vivi was adopted by the Elliotts of Palm Coast. They have another Tri Rough Collie and a Shepherd mix at home, so Vivi will get in plenty of play time!

Barksdale ~ Adopted!

12508699_10153679361684792_8625680880779691905_nBarksdale is a 3 year old male BC/Aussie mix who is neutered, up to date on medical, and is smart as can be.

From Barksdale’s owner:

It is with a heavy heart that I have to put my three-year-old Australian Shepherd mix dog up for adoption. He is a great, loving, energetic guy. However, I have to move to Washington DC for my job. There is no way that he would do well in the city. I’m afraid it would be terribly unfair and selfish of us to move him up north with us.

His name is Barksdale and he is up-to-date on shots, current on heartworm prevention, neutered, microchip, housebroken and he knows basic training commands. He’s leash trained and very, very smart. He is also great with my young daughter (18 months old), our nephew (7 years old) and our older dog (15 years old). He’s also good with larger and smaller dogs.

He is the perfect, active family dog.

1915792_10153679361839792_1240238926921948374_nIf you’d like to be considered for Barksdale, please go here to learn all about our adoption process.

Check out his Photos on Facebook!

Barksdale is located in the Orlando, FL area.



12418018_10153720820199792_7850985474006663357_n1/24/16 Update: We have another incident of Foster Failure! Barksdale was adopted by his foster family, the Cowens of Orlando this weekend. They recently lost their Border Collie, Dakota, and thought fostering would be a good way to honor her memory. They weren’t sure if they were ready for another dog yet, but Barksdale, now Charlie, won them over quickly. Such a happy story. Congrats!


Miss Trouble ~ Adoption pending

4Here comes trouble! (and she’s awesome!)

Trouble’s story begins (for us) in 2014 when she arrived at a shelter after her family faced eviction and hoped for a better life for her. In the shelter they discovered during the noisy process of morning cleaning, that Trouble slept right on through it… she is deaf.

She was also a staff favorite. She loved playing in the yard, snuggling, and chasing the water from the hose (easy to bathe!). She was spared from the “E-list” for quite a while because she was so beloved by the staff, but eventually everyone runs out of time, and plans were made to get her out in time.

3Miss Trouble is a 5 year old female American Bulldog who LOVES people and loves doing just about anything: Walks, laying by a campfire, snuggling under a nice warm blanket and watching Netflix… she’s game! She is comfortable with other dogs and sometimes likes to wrestle with them. She knows some commands and will sit for a treat and is house and crate trained. She is a big fan of healthy treats like apples, bananas, carrots and green beans.5


Check out her Photos on Facebook!

If you just cant get enough of Miss Trouble read Our Adoption Process and send us an email with the answers to the questions presented.


Sir Rusty ~ Adopted!

Sir1  Rusty is a 9 month old purebred  border collie who comes to us with a shining reputation. He is great with other dogs and children, loves to work, and loves to cuddle and give kisses.


10/13/15 Update: When we first got Sir Rusty in we immediately thought of a former adopter who is great at giving a dog a job. When he heard about Sir Rusty he said yes!

Nathan Wilson (one of our awesome volunteers) adopted McCloud (now Asher) and trained with him to become a search and rescue team. Of 18 teams in their class only 3 graduated, and Nathan and Asher did it in half the time it normally takes.  Rusty is next in line for training. We are so happy for them all. Check out their Album on Facebook!


Grunt ~ Adopted!


Grunt is a 4 year old Australian Shepherd. Unfortunately, his family is no longer able to give him the attention and exercise he needs, as dad is in the military, and mom is busy taking care of two boys.

Grunt also is VERY smart. Here is what his owner told us about him: “I was sick when my husband was away with the army and I took blankets and pillows to and from the bed to couch every day. After 3 days of doing it Grunt started taking the pillows and blankets for me every morning and night. To this day if he sees me pick up a blanket or pillow and walk towards the bedroom (we have lived in 3 different houses since) he takes it out of my hands and puts it on the bed. He picks up on routines Very quickly. He Loves his people. He is very caring and protective and loyal.
12115552_10153508881324792_419576556063983742_nGrunt needs to go to a home without young children. He is a very sweet dog, but little kids make him nervous!

If you would like to meet Grunt, please go here for more information about our adoption process. Check out his Photos on Facebook.

Grunt is located in Central Florida.



10/11/15 Update: Grunt was adopted by Russ and Guylaine of Jacksonville today! Yay Grunt!

Canine Connect: Scout ~ Adopted!

1467409_10153261153319792_2970361028741113068_n Scout is a very sweet and gentle little 8 year old girl who needs to be rehomed. The dogs she’s currently living with are much larger than she is, and they are picking on her a lot. Because she’s such a sweetie, she won’t fight back.

Ideally, she would be best as either an only dog, or in a household with another small submissive dog. She loves attention, walks, and rides in the car. A perfect companion!

If you would like to meet Scout, please go here  for everything you’ll need to know about adopting from us.
Her adoption fee is $175.10996759_10153261153314792_2610097647779229602_n



7/8/15 Update!

Scout has left the building! She was adopted by Sally and Mike of Edgewater, FL tonight! We’re beyond thrilled for Scout. This is a perfect match. Canine Connected!






the Perfect Dog!

the Perfect Dog!

7 1/2 year old, 65 pound border collie boy needs a home! Good with kids, cats, dogs, lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Fully trained, neutered, and fully vetted. Just add water and stir!

One cool dude!You can see more photos of him on Facebook.

Dodger, the fully-trained Border Collie, Heeler~Adopted

I love a fully-trained dog!

I love a fully-trained dog!

Dodger is 10 years old this month. He is fully trained and is being fostered in Orlando.

Dodger is a very good companion. Dodger has lived in houses and apartments, and has always been a good renter. He is great with cats, kids, and seems to especially love elderly people! Dodger is happiest with his pack, when he can keep an eye on all the people in the house and just chill. My dad passed away from cancer last year and Dodger stayed by his bed for days, loyally not leaving his side until Dad died.

He is mellow and relaxed most of the time, but still has enough energy for playtime.

Dodger is up-to-date on all of his vaccinations and is on flea & heartworm treatment. He is neutered and in good health.



He is generally obedient (he finds going through trash very tempting if left out of his crate when home alone). He is crate trained and will respond to the command “kennel up” to go into his crate when you are ready to leave home. He walks well on a leash when paired with someone who can keep up with his eager pace, and is especially happy in a fenced back yard if possible. His best friend is a miniature poodle, and he gets along well with most dogs.

You can see more photos of him on Facebook.

Will you be my mommy?

Will you be my mommy?




10/11/14 Update:  Dodger was adopted today by Barbara Knies!  We can’t wait for updates!


Waiting for her forever home to find her!

Waiting for her forever home to find her!

What a gorgeous young girl!  Rebah is being fostered in Clearwater by Lynn.  She is fully trained, quiet during the night, great with kids, and great with cats!  She adores to watch over little puppies!  Rebah is playful and athletic, everything a Border Collie should be. One of her back legs is shorter than the other, and while it may appear to be odd, it doesn’t affect her one bit – she loves to run like the wind, but she especially loves the water.  If you have even a baby pool, she’ll be in it! Rebah

Where did she get those blue eyes?  We suspect she may be mixed with husky, or maybe catahoula – without DNA testing, there’s no way for us to tell.

I personally think she is the perfect all American dog!  You can see more of her photos on Facebook.

Warning: If you don’t enjoy laughing out loud, this is not your dog!

Bonnie Blue Heeler~RIP

 06/02/14 Update:  I wanted to let you know that Kiwi (Bonnie Blue) passed away yesterday. She had a heart attack caused by the mitral valve dysplasia. She was out playing and did not suffer. She was only 14 months old but since I adopted her in December she had a wonderful life on the beach and the best medical care in north Florida. The medication allowed her a better quality of life but unfortunately there is no cure for her condition in dogs. She was a very special pup with more personality than I have ever seen in a dog. Heaven gained another angel yesterday. ~ Mia

Bonnie has a new family!

Bonnie has a new family!

This little girl was said to be a sheltie/acd mix, but I can’t find the sheltie anywhere… can you? She is only 7 months old, and smart as a whip! She has gone through several training classes, and can do just about everything but make coffee. She is great with middle school-aged kids (toddlers tend to make her nervous) and loves to play with other dogs. She has great energy, weighs a whopping 16 pounds, and would make an awesome agility dog! She is up-to-date on shots, spayed, and ready to move in – just say the word! She is located in the Central Florida area.  You can see more photos of Bonnie Blue on Facebook.

Bonnie Blue

Bonnie Blue

Dylan, a Purebred American Couch Dog~Adopted

Dylan, a Purebred American Couch Dog

Dylan, a Purebred American Couch Dog

Hi!  I’m Dylan… and I live up to my name!  I’m calm and like to chill by the pool with friends (I sneak in a dip when no one is looking!) but I love to go with my human to the beach, the dog park, on bike rides, jogging, camping, hiking… I just like to go!  I’m going to be four years old in August, and I weigh 60 pounds (I love cookies).  I’m great with people, kids, and other dogs.  I’m quite the social butterfly to be honest.  I was adopted, but returned because the family wanted a puppy… no biggie, I’m moving on!

A lot of people have tried to guess my breed, I’m sorry but I don’t know what I am… I was too young to remember!  I guess I’m a purebred American Couch Dog!  I really don’t have any issues, to be honest, I’m a really good boy!  I’m being fostered by a really nice lady named Margrit in Englewood, Florida.  You can see more photos of me on Facebook.  I hope to meet you soon!  ~ Dylan

Dylan is a courtesy listing by TDL through Canine Connect

Update:  Dylan was adopted by his foster Mom!


what a gorgeous face!

what a gorgeous face!

Meet Teddy a very handsome 8 month-old collie boy, he is full bounce and fun. Teddy has such a sweet nature, and he would do well in a active home, maybe to run or hike. He loves to play ball, and gets along with other dogs, he is just a joy to be around. He does like to herd, so we are looking for a home with no cats or small animals, and older responsible children only. Teddy is house trained, neutered, up to date on his vaccinations, and is ready for his forever home. Who ever adopts this beautiful boy will be very lucky person/family, he is one in a million.

For further information please either email or call 407-346-1798.

You can see more photos of Teddy on Facebook.

Atlanta Doxies

Awesome Photo!

Awesome Photo!

Adoption Update!  This two were adopted and have a new family go play with in Port St. John, Florida!  Congrats!

This is courtesy post by TDL’s Canine Connect.  Becky, who lives in the Atlanta area is trying to find a home for her Dachshunds.  Here’s what she shared with me:

Dear Gisele,
I was given your name by my student Steven’s mom, Terri .
I am the mom of two little dachshunds. The one on the left is Cowboy (6yr), the one on the right is his little and younger sister Beatrix (5 yr). I moved out of my big suburbia house in January of 2012. I took the doxies with me, and they kept me very good company.  The doggies are dear, but it turns out that after a year of living on my own, and almost a year of being officially divorced, I am not making ends meet. These little guys are cuties, but because I travel so much, I have come to the realization that I should try to find them a new family. Maybe someone with little children who will want to pet and brush them.  Or a retired couple like my parents who could have fun teaching them tricks and establishing some routines. Beatrix is also not opposed to being pushed around in a dolly carriage or wearing hair bows. Neither mind being carried around by children, but Cowboy is too heavy for it.

Beatrice and Cowboy

They are all up to date on vet stuff, heartworm med, and flea prevention. Cowboy (20 lbs, I think) is relaxed and friendly, wags his tail when meeting new people and dogs in the neighborhood, generally likes other dogs at dog park. He will jump on the couch (as you can see) but does not attempt to jump on beds because they are too high. I think that tells a little about his relaxed personality. He is content to go under the bed. He likes chewing stuffed animals, but shreds them up and fluff gets everywhere (my mom’s doxie knows how to chew without destroying them.) He doesn’t chew up shoes or other valuables. He likes to sleep in the bed with me and Beatrix, but you have to lift him up there. Cowboy will protect his treasured bones, and does not like it when someone tries to take them away from him.   He isn’t territorial that way about other things, like his food or his human family members. He is well house trained.

Beatrix is the one everyone gravitates toward, because she is so little, 12 pounds. She looks like a little fox or deer. She is named after Beatrix Potter who painted little animals. She is more shy. When seeing other dogs, she is the first to bark. She acts like she’s defending us, and then hides behind my legs if we stop to talk. She is more adventuresome about climbing-once jumped up from the back of the couch onto the counter!  Beatrix is generally more cuddly. She will come sit on you or near you on the couch and jumps in bed with me every nite. In cold weather, she likes to go under covers and keep my feet warm. Cowboy will go too. It’s cute. Beatrix is not as consistent on house training. If she is left to wander the house when I’m gone, she often pees on carpet. Sometimes poos, but that is easy to clean up. If I leave them in my room, she is much better about it. I think she views it as her crate. But not 100% guaranteed. That is another problem with keeping them. If I move, I do not want to have to pay pet deposit. If they are on hardwood or linoleum (no carpet) no problem. 
They have to go together, because Beatrix goes nutty if left alone and Cowboy isnt’ there (scratch paint off of door, figure a way to break out of dog gate). Another thing they do that is cute is groom each other, licking each other’s face.  I know doxies aren’t your usual. Just got your name and thought I’d give you a holler. I can keep them until the right spot is found, and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll take back until another possible fit comes along. thanks for your time. ~ Becky 



now THIS is stinking cute!

Sheba is an awesome little girl. She is very affectionate, gets along with other animals, and is quiet. Sheba has NO health issues. She is a purebred Papillon, and she is ten years old.  She uses puppy pads to wee wee like a good girl!  You can see her photos on Facebook.

Queen of Sheba!

I’ve had Sheba for a few days, and she is a wonderful little dog, weighing in at only 5 pounds!  She is at Newman Veterinary Center right now, and her evaluation showed serious dental and ear issues.  Those will be addressed while she is being spayed today.  When they are finished with this little baby, she will have a new smile and be totally vetted!

easy to please!

I think Sheba will be a bit more spunky after she recovers from her ordeal today at the vet.  Her teeth must have been very painful.

05/08/13 Update:  This poor little thing had seven teeth removed.  She has had all of her shots, been spayed, and micro-chipped.  She is on antibiotics, and doing very well.  I can’t imagine how it would feel to be housing seven infected teeth… ouch!  Sheba also had a severe ear infection that has been treated.  After Sheba recovers, we will see a new spunk in her walk and new joy in her heart!  She is a precious little thing!

05/09/13 Update:  Yesterday was scary.  Sheba was shutting down.  She wouldn’t drink or eat, and she’d lay in the back of her crate, unresponsive.  I know she was in pain, but at only five pounds, I was scared for her.  I called my friend Ernestine.  I was afraid of dehydration, but Ernie was afraid of dropping blood sugar.  She gave me a great tip!  She suggested I find some Karo Syrup, but I didn’t have any so she suggested pancake syrup… just put a little on your finger, and let her lick it to get her blood sugar up.  I did, and it worked.

“Come on little girl, eat for Sarah!”

I offered her everything I had, chicken stew, canned dog food, peas, you name it!  I put a small piece of cooked steak in the blender, added water and Sarah went into Sheba’s crate, and used a syringe to force feed her.  Sarah alternated between food and water, until Sheba was up and much more lively.  Then, Sarah chopped up some tiny steak bites, and Sheba gobbled them up!

Sarah let Sheba and Rosie outside, and then we let them hang out with us on the couch for a while.  Sheba really enjoyed the company, and Sarah held her in her lap.

This morning, Sheba is still eating and drinking!  Yesterday, I published our newsletter, and asked for donations to replenish the funds that Sheba had exhausted!  I want to thank everyone who sent donations for our Veterinary Care Fund.  I really appreciate your help.


05/11/13 Update:  Sheba was adopted yesterday by Susan from Ocala!


May I help you?

It’s been Four years since I rescued a girl named Izzy from the Florida Keys. Amazing, that this Izzy reminds me of her. She had everyone fooled. We all should know by now that dogs to not act the same in the pound as they do at home. Izzy was freaked, but as soon as she got adopted, she was an angel! Here’s our new Izzy! She is four years old and living in Orange Park, Florida.

Her owner writes: It is a very sad decision but we don’t feel we are the best home for Izzy anymore. She is a good girl that we love very much. She deserves to be in a home where she can be happy. We would be very appreciative if you could assist us in finding her he a good loving home that will meet her needs; she deserves better.

Can we Talk?

Izzy is showing signs of fear around her owner’s two-year old rambunctious and curious boy. While she does try to slink away, and avoid the toddler, and parents correct the boy, kids will be kids.

This is not a case where the dog is the problem, and the owners want to get rid of it, quite the opposite! Izzy is a wonderful dog, who is nervous and unsure about young children… sometimes I’m nervous and unsure around young children too!

What’s more important is when the toddler is corrected, Izzy lowers her head in fear, thinking it is her that is being scolded. Poor Izzy! She is very sensitive and very smart. She would probably enjoy being with older children, children that can reason, and learn to respect a dog’s space.

I can see you through the glass you know!

Izzy is very good with other dogs, but has never been tested with cats. Izzy was originally rescued from a shelter, and her current owners will not allow her to go back! They will foster her until we can do our job; find her a great home!

I remember, when we were fostering Shy Shannon, she would nip my daughter in the butt almost daily!  Shannon is still fearful of people!

You can see more photos of Izzy on Facebook.

04/29/13 Update: Izzy has been adopted by Diane and is going to be living in the Tampa area!


A Forever Companion

Chloe is a gorgeous 8 year-old Border Collie living in Jackson Georgia.  She is part of a pack and she gets along well with other submissive dogs.  Chloe loves to be groomed and actually falls asleep in the tub!  She also enjoys car rides, is fully trained, and she is micro-chipped.  She is up-to-date on shots, spayed and gorgeous!

She needs room to run, a fenced in yard, and a loving person to give her the time and attention she deserves.  I will update her page shortly.  You can see her photos on Facebook.

Beautiful girl

Jack from Roswell~Adopted

Pretty Boy!

I received an email yesterday from Terri Friday, describing her foster dog, Jack.  The more I read, the more impressed I was of her dedication and knowledge of her foster dog.  She has been fostering Jack on an off for about a year now, and she is not going to give up on him.  Terry is inspiring!  She wrote:


I helped a friend clean out a rental house that had been occupied by an older woman who could no longer take care of herself.  Two dogs were left behind – Jack was one of them.

I brought them home and quarantined them from my dogs in my basement.  Both dogs were friendly, knew basic commands, and were housebroken so I decided to  place them myself (silly me!).  They were also filthy, 2” toenails, worms, fleas, skin conditions, and extremely obese.  Jack initially weighed 75 lbs!  I took them to my vet for de-worming, flea-control, heartworm testing, biopsying of tumors, antibiotics for ear infections.  I am allergic to most double-coated dogs so I took them to a groomer for thorough scrubbing, blow/comb out and trimming.  They behaved nicely during the entire make-over. 

big smile!

After two weeks, I introduced them to my dogs – the newcomers were polite.  Jack watched what my dogs did and immediately copied them – he was no trouble at all.  The other dog, however, was a 100+ pound, anxious-barking, hole-digging mutt set on destroying all door frames that stood between her and people (I didn’t have a crate big enough).  I took them to a vet-sponsored rescue organization which did a temperament test, registered them, and gave them all shots.  They had no room for any more large dogs so I agreed to foster them at my house.

Immediately, a retired couple who previously had a BC wanted to adopt Jack.  (Wow! This rescue thing is soo easy – HA!) They came to my house twice for several hours to get to know Jack and he seemed to like them.  Then, I get a call that Jack bolted and ran away immediately upon arriving at his new home.  The guy and I searched the area, then the local shelter (Gwinnett) – No Jack.  This was last Jan–Feb when the weather was rainy & cold.  I worried where he was every night.  After a month, the man checked one last time then adopted another BC from the Gwinnett County Animal Control shelter.  The very next day, Jack was brought in by animal control to that same shelter!  I swear that smarty-dog hid nearby until the guy gave up!  I bailed Jack out before they euthanized him and brought back home a dog with severe PTSD; he cowered in my closet for 3 days.  He had lost 10 pounds (which he needed) but also lost all self-confidence.  Even though his body showed no scars, he acted severely abused. 


The rescue organization wanted to re-test his temperament before considering placing him.  I felt he was unadoptable and needed time to heal before he could handle testing.   Meanwhile I took the other dog to adoption Saturdays with the rescue group and she was eventually placed.  Jack was unaffected by her leaving since he is more people-oriented than dog-oriented (plus he still has my dogs as buddies).

Jack slowly got his joy back over the summer.  I became super busy with my boys once school started and put off the re-homing efforts until now.  One of my sons is highly allergic to Jack even when on allergy medication and I cannot groom him without a strong reaction.  My high energy teen household makes Jack jumpy.  


Jack is a well-behaved, healthy, good-looking dog with very expressive eyes and an Einstein-like domed head.  He is one of the most intelligent dogs I’ve ever met (and I have a BC & a Standard Poodle).  He deserves to be in a home where his sensitive reactive BC personality is understood and he can be a loyal companion to his own person.  What a wonderful friend he would be to an older person who wants a ‘plug and play’ perfect mannered dog. 

original shelter photo

Someone put a lot of effort training this dog when he was young – there are so many things he DOESN’T do – like jump up, lick, counter-surf, chew, shred, scratch, beg, get on sofas, pull on a leash, dig holes in the yard.  He whines to go outside and potty.  He doesn’t like to get wet or dirty and waits for you wipe his feet if they are damp when he comes back in.  He waits to have his mouth wiped after eating.  He stops barking if you say ‘QUIET’ or ‘ENOUGH’.  He does not have separation anxiety.  I have not crated him because he doesn’t require it but I doubt he would object.

He loves to ride (lies down when riding in a car), but most of all he loves attention and butt scratches.  When given a lot of praise, he does a little high-stepping prance.  Jack always gives two barks and leads the other dogs when I let them out the back door to potty.  Coming back inside, he’s always bringing up the rear

Jack doesn’t require a lot of exercise and a small yard would be fine (although a squirrel to chase would be nice).  A condo or garden home would be okay if the neighbors are normally quiet.  I’m not sure how he would react to the sounds of upstairs neighbors. 

Jack’s original feet at the time of his rescue

Being a former ‘coffee-table-wide’ dog, Jack needs some walks to keep his weight down and an owner who won’t indulge his appetite.  He loves to clean up any food left in my other dog’s bowl so he is still pudgy.  His stomach is cast iron and he is not picky about his food.  He has been on Nature’s Recipe Grain Free Salmon, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin kibble for the most of the past year.  Recently I switched all the dogs to Halo Spot Stew Salmon kibble topped with a little plain yogurt.

Fortunately Jack loves to have his thick, baby-fine silky fur brushed.  He is a little squeamish about toe nail trimming but is polite.  I find that frequent light sessions with a grinder works best.

Jack gets along well with other dogs, even small ones.  I think he would be fine with a cat accustomed to dogs.  Since he chases squirrels, I wouldn’t trust him around a kitten, bunny or flighty pet.

He does NOT belong in a household with young children or even tweenagers.  He is used to being in a multi-dog household but I think he would be fine as an only dog if his person is home a lot and interactive.


After a walk

Jack reminds me a lot of many of the dogs we have rescued; discriminated against because of his age.  As much as I was madly in love with my heart dog, Reckless, I remember when she turned 8 and 9 years old, my love for her grew; I appreciated her even more, and I wondered what my life would be without her; empty.  Jack is someone’s heart dog, maybe it could be you!

You can see more photos of Jack on Facebook.

Jack is being fostered by Terri in Roswell, Georgia.  If you want more information about Jack, please email me at

Dumpster Dog? Sammy in Valdosta-pending

What’s a nice boy like you doing in a place like this?

Gisele: One of the main peeps in our group highly recommended you which is why i contacted in the first place. After thinking it over, I think turning Sammy over as a dog liberator dog would end up best for him. I don’t mind at all to continue fostering him. Im slowly getting him to accept being a member of a pack. He does surprisingly great with puppies, it actually brings out the young dog in him.

He loves to patrol the back yard and enjoys walks around the neighborhood and im slowly getting him back to a healthy weight. But if there is a better home where he will have more human interaction I wouldn’t mind seeing him go knowing he is in great hands.

As for his back story. Sammy was found as a puppy, abandoned in a dumpster, by a local vetinarian. The doctor knew he had to save him and took him in and found him a loving home. He lived 5 happy years with that family before some unfortnante family changes forced his family to give Sammy to another family member. His last owner gave him another 4 years of spoiled only child life. Sadly she has fallen very ill and could no longer care for Sammy. If you are interested in meeting Sammy email, 

His photos can be viewed on Facebook.

Canine Reboot

Nutella, labeled a fear-biter

I’ve done this dozens of times… talked to owners who are frustrated with their dogs.  Wanting their dogs to be balanced, and happy.  Sometimes it’s the wife that hates the dog, sometimes it’s the husband.  Sometimes the dog doesn’t like the kids, or the grandparents.  Dog fights, cat fights… you name it.

One of the questions I HAVE TO ask when someone is trying to surrender their dog to me is, “if I can fix your dog, can you… would you… could you… keep your dog?”  sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes it’s no.

With the launch of Canine Connect, a service that I can offer to dog owners who truly care about the dogs, truly want the best for the dogs, but can no longer keep them, I’m asking that question more often.  “What if I can fix it?”

Over the past few weeks, the dogs I’ve fostered have really amazed me.  WiiGo transformed into the best little dog I’ve ever known.

McDreamy & McSteamy

McSteamy and McDreamy, terrified of everything, quickly became accustomed to home life and family living.  No longer afraid to walk through doorways, or put their paws on ceramic tile floors.  With their heads hung low all of the time, they were unsure, slow to trust, and not sure if I was friend of foe.  Just a few days later, I introduced them to the pack, one at a time.  Once they got to meet Lady Di… everything changed.  It was as if a light switch had been turned on, and they felt “safe”.  They exchanged play bows, and the heads were held high, tails were relaxed, and the playing began!  After that day they walked with pride, there was a bounce in their step, they greeted me with affection, and their adjustment period was about 48 hours.    Dogs do live in the moment.

Little Grace, being a happy dog!

And recently, Little Grace.  She was adopted yesterday, but before she left I had the pleasure of snapping a photo of her playing with the pack… and loving it!  It may not seem like a big deal to you, but it sure was a big deal to me!  It’s called joy!  If a dog can relax enough, be happy enough, have enough self-esteem, and know that it’s not going to be hurt, there’s absolutely no danger whatsoever, and it’s welcomed… they can play!  Way to go Little Grace… you made my day!

So if what if we could simply Reboot our dogs?  If I gave you a list of questions about your dog, would you know how to answer?

  • Is your dog shy, fearful, nervous, or anxious?
  • Is your dog aggressive, dominant or alpha?
  • Is your dog guarding you or protecting you?
  • Do you know why your dog acts like he wants to attack other dogs?
  • Does your dog have separation anxiety, or is he insecure?  Do you think the two are one in the same?
  • Do you think your dog is neurotic or bored?

Snapple, an Owner-Surrender

Snapple, Adopted

What would you think the main reason why people surrender or give away their dogs?

The Dog Liberator has rescued dogs that will otherwise be euthanized, OR at risk of being surrendered to a shelter or pound.

The Dog Liberator will help you rehome your dog through Canine Connect, thus preventing the dog from being adopted to the wrong family, which may ultimately lead to euthanasia.

Remember, owner-surrendered dogs are not protected under stray-hold policy.

Owner-surrendered dogs can and are sometimes put to sleep before their owners have left the parking lot.  


Chaos learns High Five

While I have spent over three years inviting strange new dogs into my home I:

  • introduced them to my family, friends, and neighbors
  • introduce them to new experiences like visiting the vet
  • going on walks
  • teaching them not to be afraid of the crate
  • teaching them to be quiet
  • starting them on housebreaking
  • show them how to properly greet strangers
  • teaching them not to bolt out of doorways
  • correcting them when they try to climb a fence.

My personal dogs have also spent three years inviting strange new dogs into their home, and they:

  • have showed them how to share a space
  • showed them that being rewarded has benefits
  • showed them how to interact with humans
  • showed them how to play properly
  • showed them how to come when called
  • but more importantly, my pack have taught dogs, how to be a good dog.

Deaf China takes Baby GaGa under her care

Dogs can teach another dog what a person can’t:

  • I can not teach a dog that greeting face to face is rude
  • I can not explain to a dog that sniffing the rear is polite
  • I can not approach a dog and correct their attempt to dominate… that’s Lady Di’s job
  • I can not initiate play with a dog who doesn’t know how to play… that’s China’s job
  • I can not show a dog that another dog is not a threat, that is Ozzie’s job

My home is what I used to call Border Collie Boot Camp.  Every fostered dog has had to find their way to survive and cohabitate here, eat side by side, enjoy bones without being growled at, and play ball without being attacked.  The result is probably the best gift I receive in rescue.  Watching a pack of dogs run together, play together, wrestle gently, and have a blast!

Lieutenant Colonel Di, Lieutenant Ozzie, and Private China!


There is no reason for the dogs to be nervous, fearful or anxious.  My pack clearly shows them that I am the pack leader, they can relax, and enjoy being a dog!  The true challenge is teaching the dog owners that their dog truly wants to be… just a great dog!

Maybe all your dog needs is a Canine Reboot!  Email me if you would like information on how we can Reboot Your Dog!


Little Grace~Adopted

Little Grace with Groomer Serena Drake of Val-u-Vet

Little Grace is being fostered in Deltona by Gisele. She is very quiet and well-behaved. She got the full treatment at Val-u-Vet, including grooming by Serena Drake! She did test positive for heartworm, but that doesn’t scare us one bit! She’s a very healthy girl, and we’re starting her heartworm treatment (slow kill) right away. Grace appears to love kids, and she is great with other dogs.

Foster Update:  Grace follows me around, yet she does not have separation anxiety at all.  She is full crate trained.  She would make an awesome dog for an older person, but would also be perfect as an apartment dog.  More importantly, she would adore going to work with her person every day.  She loads up in the car, is a great traveler and would probably enjoy sitting under someone’s desk all day long.  But don’t let her calmness fool you!  When she is outdoors, she loves to run and bark with joy.  She says good morning to the squirrels and birds, and is all Border Collie!

Grace possesses one skill that I have never seen before.  She hunts moles (at least I think that’s what she’s doing).  She combs through the yard with her head down, and listens for underground creatures.  When she finds one, she barks and bounces.  It’s hilarious.  She then uses her nose and proudly shares her findings… but she does not dig.  If you love to garden, Grace might be the perfect helper!

When I recognized what she was doing, I was immediately sad for Little Grace, for is this skill could’ve been recognized at an early age, Grace would have made an awesome detection dog.  She could have been trained as a bug dog, a bomb detection dog, a drug detection dog… you name it.  She is a VERY smart little girl! If you are interested in meeting Little Grace, please email

Everything a good dog should be!

New photos of Grace on her Facebook Photo album.

Little Grace’s Virtual Foster is Nicole Cook, who donated toward her vetting expenses.  Thank you Nicole!

History:  Eight year old purebred Border Collie. *GRACE* DOB: 8-30-04 (8yrs old) ~ ABCA Reg. #257758 ~ Female ~ Black/White Rough Coat.

10/15/12:  Instead of making families, little Grace now has her own family! A Mom, a Dad, and two little kids to call her own!  Little Grace was adopted by the Martin family, who recently lost their senior Border Collie female.  John explained he has been stalking TDL since last April.  When he saw that little Grace was 8 years old and heartworm positive, he figured she didn’t stand much of a chance at being adopted.  I’m thrilled, aren’t you?

John left for a moment to discuss Grace with his wife over the phone, and when he returned, I noticed as he walked up my sidewalk, Little Grace was wagging her tail, and doing the wiggle of joy!  Yeah, she was ready!

Little Grace with John & John!


She has a family to call her own!







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