Let it Go – Stop Feeling Sorry For Your Dog

This article explains why it is unhealthy to pity or feel sorry for your dog. No matter what your dog has been through, pity will create behavioral issues. This article explains that most dog-owners, especially those who have adopted a rescued dog, don’t realize that feeling sorry for your dog does emotional harm. All Dogs Should […]

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Border Collie Boot Camp

Many times, when talking to people about their dogs, the describe them as “Protective” when they are really being “Dominant”.  There is also a huge difference between being a Dominant dog, and an Alpha dog.  Many times a dog tries to dominant because he’s insecure.  An Alpha dog is never insecure!  As you can see […]

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Canine Reboot for Debbie’s Pack

I received an email from Debbie on October 20th, 2012.  She originally asked for my help to re-home her dogs after she found Canine Connect.  Her email stated:   “My husband and I are experiencing a lot of stress regarding my two little dogs, which I love!   They have been together for over 5 […]

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Canine Reboot for Sorayah

It can’t be JUST THAT SIMPLE…. Two years ago my family and I moved to Florida with our 1 year old Great Dane / English Mastiff Cross, Sorayah. When we moved here she lacked some of the manners I would like her to have she jumped on visitors and even us household members at times. […]

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Canine Reboot

I’ve done this dozens of times… talked to owners who are frustrated with their dogs.  Wanting their dogs to be balanced, and happy.  Sometimes it’s the wife that hates the dog, sometimes it’s the husband.  Sometimes the dog doesn’t like the kids, or the grandparents.  Dog fights, cat fights… you name it. One of the […]

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