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Amazon Smile

Help our Veterinary Care Fund when you shop using Amazon Smile!  Amazon Smile donates 2% of your purchases to our Veterinary Care Fund!



422496Amazon Wishlist

Our Amazon Wishlist contains items which we need and would be happy to have. It covers everything from basics like dewormer all the way to our dogs’ dream bed and ink for us to print out adoption applications.


Ebay DonatesEbay

We signed up with Ebay’s Giving works!  This week, we received a $200 donation from Ebay’s Giving Works. Selling on Ebay? Make our Rescue your Favorite Non-Profit and show your buyers that you will donate a portion of your selling price to The Dog Liberator!  Sign up today, and share this with your Ebay Friends!


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Yankee Candles will donate 40% or your purchases to our Veterinary Care Fund!  Just Enter our Group ID 990055884.  It doesn’t get any easier than this!


Not Setup to Donate Online?

Don’t feel comfortable with online payments?
You can send your contribution directly to our Primary Vet:

Payable to:  Newman Veterinary Centers, Deltona
Attention:  The Dog Liberator #7656

1200 Deltona Blvd. Suite 10 Deltona, Florida 32725
E-mail: deltonamanager@newmanvets.com
Telephone: 386-860-5335 Fax: 386-860-5322

Email us with your ideas at thedogliberator@gmail.com and please Subscribe to our newsletter


The United Way

Please remember that if your company participates in a United Way workplace giving campaign, you can donate to The Dog Liberator straight from your paycheck by writing us in as your charity of choice on your donation form. Each quarter, United Way sends us a check, which goes directly into our Veterinary Care fund.
Anyone needing assistance can email me directly at TheDogLiberator@gmail.com

BISSELL – Lift-Off Cyclonic Bagless Cordless 2-in-1 Handheld/Stick Vacuum

Update: Sherri, a TDL follower and supporter, has won this auction! Woo Hoo and Congrats!
Bissell, Inc. StickThe awesome folks at BISSELL Pet Foundation donated this awesome cordless vacuum cleaner, for us to Auction! 100% of proceeds goes to our Veterinary Care Fund, but to be honest… I want one!!!

Bissell, lnc. StickHappy Bidding Ebay-ers! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=161326065627

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Little Bart

Little Bart

our final Farewell to Yogi

our final Farewell to Yogi

Update:  This post was written on April 3rd.  This morning, I received a text from Terri that Matthew McConaughey is getting worse.  What is it with these pups who get kennel cough, improve and then take a nose dive?  Terri is taking Matthew to the vet this morning.


Who knew that giving Journey the distemper shot would give her distemper?  We didn’t.

Who knew that Yogi had a cancerous tumor?  We didn’t.

After losing two beautiful dogs this week, who knew that Perry Como, who was recently adopted, would have a pancreatitis attack and be in critical care.

Who knew that Claire Bear would survive and be a normal, healthy, and happy girl?  Here’s the link to  her new happy video, included is the famous Aussie wiggle!

Who knew that Bart would become a very healthy and very big boy?

Bonnie Blue, Adopted 2013

Bonnie Blue, Adopted 2013

Yet we can not fix what we do not see.  

Several times our dogs have been adopted, and a medical condition appears that we were not aware of.  Clearly, we can not guarantee the health of all of our dogs.  In the case of Bonnie Blue, posted through our home finding service, Canine Connect, after adoption, a heart murmur was detected.  We were devastated.  We fully expected her new family to return her, but they didn’t.  Instead they are providing her with the medical attention she needs, and will love her even though her life will be cut short.  Their dedication is one example of our awesome adopters.

Allow me to go down a bunny trail for a moment!   Regardless of where your dog comes from, a breeder, shelter, rescue, craigslist, or from the side of the road – there are no guarantees.  If you want to be a dog-owner, you must be prepared for the unknown.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, should we recommend pet insurance for at least the first year after bringing your new dog home?  Maybe!

Annie and Mom

Annie and Mom

Recently, Annie the Poodle experienced complications.  She was adopted in 2011.  Annie developed serious heart-related issues.  Because her Mom had pet insurance, the thousands of dollars it cost to treat her – was covered.

Katie came to us pregnant, and when Lynne Deal whelped her puppies, we had no idea that many of them would be born with heart murmurs.  Again, devastating.

Yes, life is like a box of chocolates.

We want to thank all of you for your support and prayers, through the good times and the bad times!  I have to be honest, we are struggling financially.  The Hate Mail that we receive regarding our adoption fees still continues, and I’m at a loss as to how to explain to people why we can’t charge $50 like government-funded shelters do.  Yet most of our dogs come from these shelters.

It’s as if people do not want to reimburse my vet for the services we have provided for the dog.  I know I shouldn’t take it personally, but we can’t adopt out dogs for free.  We at least have to be reimbursed… and many times we are never reimbursed.  The healthy ones help pay for the ones we have lost.

Yogi cost us over $600, adoption fee $0, he passed away.

Claire Bear cost us over $1,500, adoption fee $350.

Remember Bartholomew?  His bills were over $1,600, adoption fee $400

We don’t have a final total for Journey yet, adoption fee $0, she passed away.

Here’s what owning a new dog might cost you:

Three boosters (one booster every other week) at $99 each = $297
Micro chip = $35
De-worming = $25
Spay at four months = $160
Rabies = $17
Total estimated vetting cost $533

Getting back on track now, do I have regrets?  No!  Would I do it again?  Yes!  When we rescue a dog we ballpark what each dog will cost us to rescue:

Here is our minimum:  Complete examination by veterinarian, heartworm test, parvo/distemper boosters, rabies shot, micro-chip, fecal, de-worming, grooming, spay/neuter.

When we overspend it leaves little left to rescue the next dog.

It may seem small to you, but every little surprise adds up.  If we rescue 5 dogs in one month, and one has a hernia that needs to be repaired, one needs ear medication for an ear infection, one needs a tooth extracted or a dental, and if just one has kennel cough, we just lost our reserve for the next group of dogs that are waiting to come to us.

I have to admit, our vetting standards are very high compared to others, but we are not going to lower them.  We could turn a blind eye to all of these minor issues, but we won’t.

Lady Victoria

Lady Victoria

In 2011, we rescued a beautiful Collie that we named Lady Victoria.  At first glance, she looked perfect.  Upon careful inspection, she had a lot of problems.

Big Boo Boos

Big Boo Boos

Loaded with crate sores, and heartworm positive, we were in for a big surprise when we found a nasty tumor on her belly.  Dr. Oliver assured me it was a fatty cell tumor, and it was not cancerous.  It was gross.  It was disgusting.  Once shaved, it was the size of an eggplant.  I couldn’t imagine wanting to rub her belly with such a large squishy mass.

Since she was going to be spayed anyway, I insisted that Dr. Oliver take that nasty thing off of her, and he did.  However, that was an expense that we were not prepared for.

Yikes, what's that?

Yikes, what’s that?

We pride ourselves at rescuing these gorgeous animals and making them as brand new as possible.  We treat them all like they are purebred champions, AKC show dogs!

After Victoria’s surgery, our Dawn (who adopted Lady Priscilla) agreed to foster her, hoping that her Dad, Frank would adopt (we’re sneaky that way).

Dawn introduced the collie to Frank, and it was love at first sight.  After just a few short months, Lady Victoria (now Princess) was heartworm negative.

Frank and his Princess

Frank and his Princess

When I asked Dawn for an update, she reported that all was well, and that Lady Victoria loves to have her belly rubbed.  I let go a huge sigh of relief that I had that tumor removed!  Indeed she does!

There are a lot of things that we don’t have to do, but we are not going to change!

We need your support, your donations, and for the future dogs that we rescue, we will have to ask for sponsors – people who will donate and virtually foster.

There are so many ways you can help.  You can share the following fundraising campaigns with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest:

You can vote for us daily on Free Charity Cars

You can bookmark this Amazon Smile link (they share their profits with us) and use it every time you shop on Amazon.

Bart and I, at our annual reunion in 2013

Bart and I, at our annual reunion in 2013

We currently have fundraising campaigns with BarkBox and Yankee Candles.

Supporting The Dog Liberator can be as simple as sharing our passion with your friends and family through social media.

Again, thank you!

Scoma Law Firm Donates

Scoma Law Firm

Your Guide Through Trying Times

We are thrilled to receive a corporate donation from Michael B. Scoma, Esq. of Scoma Law Firm, located in Clermont, FL.

Mr. Scoma’s donation will guarantee the Sponsorship for vetting possibly three of our rescued dogs!

Thank you so much for your thoughtful donation to our rescued dogs!



Awesome Dog Tags!This has a lot of Wow Factor!  You are not going to believe this… I’m SO EXCITED! We just received over 50 custom-made tags from http://fetchingtags.net/ They are amazing. They wrote to me a while back, and I mentioned that we rescue a lot of deaf, blind and special needs dogs.. this is incredible! On the back of every tag is our phone number! This is a huge donation to TDL!

Hilarious“Why do our tags excel where others fail? It’s pretty simple. They’re twice as thick as ordinary ID tags and they’re made from extremely tough, super-lightweight aircraft quality aluminum. Each character is deeply and artfully stamped, by hand, to endure your pet’s romping, frisky (or simply luxurious) life.

You’ll be glad to know that we’ve always been eco-friendly. At approximately 80% recycled content, our tags win the silver medal of green! And we use minimal packaging materials to deliver them directly to your pet from our studio in Georgia.”

Perfect for the Deaf Dogs!I can’t wait for my kids to see these!!!!! I already know which one Ralph and Winter should have!

But wait, there’s more. If you provide them with a copy of your adoption contract within 30 days of adopting your rescue dog, you can save 40% on a new order! That’s Cool!

We gave Claire Bear the first tag, Extra Special!

We Need a Hero

We didn't know when we rescued Dudley that he was Heartworm Positive and he had been shot in the chest, but today he is one spoiled Dudley!

We didn’t know when we rescued Dudley that he was Heartworm Positive and he had been shot in the chest, but today he is one spoiled Dudley!

You know who we are, and what we do.  We need to find someone that can sell us a van that we can afford, maybe make a charitable donation that we can repay by giving a tax deductible receipt, and a lot of accolades for their good deed.

We have almost 4,000 followers on Facebook, we have almost 600,000 page views on our blog, over 500 subscribers & 1,261,000 Views on Youtube, and 169 followers on Twitter!  More importantly, we have rescued at least 700 dogs in four years. This Blog receives approximately 500-900 views per day.  Take one look in the right-hand column and you’ll see our Globe of visitors.

We need a miracle!  Visit our Plea for Help on Facebook! Email us if you can help TheDogLiberator@gmail.com

All of our donations go directly into our Veterinary Care Fund…. straight to the dogs! If you’d like to make a donation toward transportation, please note in paypal. Our paypal email account is thedogliberator@gmail.com (button shown below).  Thank you!

Dogs Need a Freedom Ride!

Bart in my van going home after beating Parvo!


Do you have a clunker that you can’t sell?

Three years ago, a friend bought TDL a  1996 Dodge Caravan for $600.  We’ve loved this van!  But, it’s time for us to say goodbye, yet we appreciate that it helped us rescue hundreds of dogs!

We received an estimate to repair the Caravan of $1,800.

The Dog Liberator, in short, is without transportation.

A TDL supporter suggested that we ask our followers, supporters, and fosters for help!  So that’s what we’re doing – begging for a miracle.

Repair or Replace?

We need a vehicle that can transport dogs, which limits us to very few options; a van or an SUV. We do have a mechanic that will volunteer to fix minor things, so we asking if you know of anyone who is selling their van or SUV that can negotiate the finances, please contact us at TheDogLiberator@gmail.com.

We are praying that someone has an idea.

We appreciate your help and please do not forget we are non-profit, and can provide a tax-deductible receipt for donations.  We also posted our plea on Craigslist!

BCBG MAX AZRIA Strength Sunglasses Auction

Jen, Aussie Mom!

Auction Ended:  Sherry Kaschak is our winner!

Why does Jennifer Wilson always look so cool in her shades?  Our Jen Wilson works for Millennium Optical in Ormond Beach.  As a generous and giving company, they purchased these gorgeous Sun Glasses, where a portion of the proceeds went to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  These BCBG MAX AZRIA designer Sun Glasses depicted “Strength” in creating Breast Cancer Awareness and the Fight to end Breast Cancer.

The Dog Liberator would like to thank Jennifer and Millennium Optical for the gracious donation, and we are auctioning this gorgeous sun glasses on Ebay!  Proceeds from this auction will benefit our Veterinary Care Fun.

Look cool this summer with these designer shades, know that these glasses helped Breast Cancer Awareness, and now they are going to help a death row dog in need of some TLC by TDL!

Click here to Start Bidding on this Auction by Visiting Ebay!

The Wilson family are the home of Nitro Wilson, Fiona, Irwin, Dundee and Delilah!  They have also fostered Knish, China’s Twin (Lilly), Falcor, and recently Anderson Cooper!


If you or your business would like to donate an item for the The Dog Liberator’s Veterinary Care Fund, please email us at TheDogLiberator@gmail.com

You can also see these designer sun glasses listed on the Instyle Website



Ruby Tuesday’s Give Back

Give Back Program for TDL

305 North Morgan Street, La Grange, GA

The Give Back Program
October 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31


The Dog Liberator Thanks Purina, and Others

What an amazing day! I can’t believe the help that I received, and I’m so thankful to everyone. I received 2 palletes of dog food, and only had to pay for transport!

Here’s what happened!


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