Frappaccino Fridays, Donate $5.00 and save a Latte Dogs!

The Pippin Puppies ask YOU to Donate $5.00 on Frappe Friday!

Donate $5.00 on Frappe Friday~The Pippin Puppies

How Much Do You Spend on Coffee? Can You Skip One Coffee Today to help “a Latte Dogs“? Show us Your Pup with Your Cup and use the #FrappeFriday tag on your social media posts!

Instead of buying your Starbuck’s Frappaccino on Fridays, donate that cup to our Veterinary Care Fund!  Here are the current prices for a small, medium, and large mocha drink: 
Mocha Tall $3.75
Mocha Grande $4.45

Mocha Venti $4.95

We rounded it up to include tax, to be a whopping $5.00, and now, on Paypal, you can setup your $5.00 donation to be recurring!

What can $5.00 do?  A lot!  If ten people donate $5, we could pay for one dog’s vaccinations, two dogs to be microchipped, or one heartworm test!  If twenty people donate just $5.00 we could pay for one spay or neuter!  It all adds up and together we can make a difference!

Donate on Frappe Fridays!

Here are just some of our promotional photos you can use, please share Frappe Fridays with your friends and family!

2016 Halloween Costume Contest


Enter to Win in Our Fifth Annual Halloween Costume Contest!

Let the games begin! For one $10 donation per photo, you have a chance of winning a stunning TDL Mega Pack Pack valued at over $65.00, and we’ll even ship it to the lucky winner!

Anyone can enter any animal

this contest is not restricted to only TDL dogs!

10410444_10152696692164792_3520354948703165195_nSend in your $10 donation via PayPal, then we will ask you to Email Us your photo entry with the subject line “2016 Halloween Costume Contest.” Make sure to give us your name (if it is different than the paypal let us know) and your pet’s name.
We ask that submit a high quality photo, take your time, use your camera if your cell phone doesn’t take great pictures. Need Help?  You can use this free online photo editing software to add the finishing touches such as PiZap.


We will be sharing with you some of the contestants’ photos as they are submitted to us, just to give you a sneak peak!

All photos must be submitted by Noon EST on October 30th. We will submit all of the photos in a Facebook Photo Album and invite our over 6,000+ Facebook Followers to start voting at 6:00 PM on that day. Voting will end 6pm on Halloween Day, and the winner will be announced immediately.

Win a TDL Mega Pack Pack

Your photos may be used for promotional purposes, and may be used in our upcoming 2017 calendar!


May the Force be With You!


Notice to Voters:  Once published, we recommend that you review the entire album before voting.

Understand that if you vote for multiple photos, you are essentially diluting the power of our vote!


Voting Will Take Place on Facebook. 

Your 2014 Champions!
(First place to third, left to right)





Past Costume Contests:  20152014, 2013, 2012

Additional Reading: The TDL 10 Ways to Have a Safe and Happy Halloween


  Enter or support the contest and TDL now.

Mardi Gras on Main Street 2016: Patriotic Pups


Please bring the kids!

Please bring the kids!

It’s that time of year again! The Deland Dog Parade is February 6th at 11 AM and we plan to participate!

This is the biggest DeLand event, so please make a commitment to meet us there! Local vendors and groups will also be present so if you are looking for a great gift for you pups (or pup-loving people!) this is a great opportunity!

We have gone the last 3 years, and had a blast!  Click here to see our 2013, 2014, and 2015 posts! You can also click here to see our Facebook photos from last year!

Wear your TDL shirt and bring your dogs!

Wear your TDL shirt and bring your dogs!

Each year we have a lot of fun. You will hear people say  “Oh, look at the collie! Look at the Aussie”. When they asked where these gorgeous dogs came from, it is so much fun to answer with one word. “Rescue!” Join us in sharing our mission with the community and have a great time doing it! Please RSVP on Facebook!

Click here to check out our 2016 Deland Dog Parade: Patriotic Pups Facebook event.

Click here for Deland Dog Parade’s website and their Facebook event.

Tentative Plans (please check back for updates as we get closer to the date!):
TDL Dog Walkers, Meet at at (a location to be announced) at 10:00 AM on  Saturday, February 6th. We will hand out beads and candy, and it’s up to you if you want to dress up your dog! Unlike past years we will not be having a booth this year.

Only TDL Dog walkers, wearing TDL t-shirts, and/or representing TDL by dog walking, can actually be in our section of the parade. Parade onlookers, please cheer us on as we walk by your group!

Parking: In the past we have had success parking at the garage near the new courthouse.


Pack Packs, the Gift Your Dog Really Wants!

TDL Pack Packs

This is the best Fundraising Event Ever!  We’re going to knock your socks off!

We have designed custom Pack Packs that can be delivered to your door for your Pooch filled with toys and treats that are TDL-approved!  No subscriptions, just decide when your pooch has done something awesome, and reward them with our toys and treats! Our Pack Packs make awesome gifts!

We sent out some sample Pack Packs this week! Click here to see some photos, and read the reviews below!

TDL Pack Packs

Why our Pack Packs?

We have rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed almost 900 dogs – I’m sure you can imagine how many toys have been destroyed here!  Nothing is more disappointing than buying a dog toy just to watch your dog destroy it in seconds!  Recently, we have been able to really evaluate specific dog toys.  It’s amazing which toys our dogs prefer.

Recently, I shopped for toys, and much to my surprise, China kept stealing one toy from my shopping bag.  I took it away from me just to watch her sneak into the bag again, and pull it out.  The toy was still attached to the cardboard, so after her fourth attempt to steal it, I let her have one!  Later that evening, I watched Ozzie play with it for a while, something he rarely ever does.

While I fostered Cyndi Lauper, I noticed that with incredible precision, she removed the squeaker out of the toy without destroying it, which is why I called her the surgeon!  It was sheer luck that a few weeks later, I found a toy that Leonardo could not destroy, and his new Mom, Nina, reports that he still has not managed to remove the squeaker from his toy!

Recently, I found an awesome plush toy that is hilarious!  Some dogs don’t destroy toys as fast as others, and these plush toys are simply stunning!

What’s even more disappointing is the gift subscription services that deliver a box of toys to your door.  They seem awfully pricey, and contain mostly samples.  While they are packaged beautifully, what’s inside hasn’t been very impressive.  It’s as if these subscription-style gift boxes are made to impress the humans, they don’t impress my dogs whatsoever! One toy was very pretty, but very loosely stitched, and it fell apart after one good chew and there I go again sweeping up fuzzy fluff!

Treats are also a hit or miss.  We’ve purchased hundreds of different treats, only to find out our dogs just aren’t interested!

We’ve tried and tested thousands of products, and now we can offer them to you!

Spec Loves Her Pack Pack!

Spec Loves Her Pack Pack!


Courtney Wrote:  What Spec and I liked most about our Pack Pack was the personal touch! Spec is on a very limited diet (allergies) and our box included treats she could enjoy! The toys have multiple textures inside (sometimes a squeaker, cotton, crinkly fabric, and more!) which were perfect for a Deafie! And a handwritten note was perfect for Mom (me!)! We give Pack Packs 2 paws and two thumbs up, and can’t wait to order another!




Maggie Dove Right in!

Susan Wrote:  Buddy Love, Bella Dingo and Maggie all had their heads in the Pack Pack x and loved the chews. Buddy and Bella waited for me to open the Pack Pack. Maggie grabbed a bag of chews and went under the bed (no cameras for her). She is FAST and SNEAKY! Buddy took all of the toys from Bella. Here he is being a hoarder;) Thanks for my goodies. We love Pack Packs! See my fuzzy Buddy Love licking his lips:)



Dutch, I think Echo is going to claim them all!

Dutch, I think Echo is going to claim them all!



Jeannette Wrote:  Echo and Dutch are so excited about their Pack Packs. Eeyore (Dutch) can’t believe someone would send him so many fun toys. (Hoo-hum) Echo grabbed the ball and made her claim fast.


Sadie Snatches New Toys!

Sadie Snatches New Toys!



Patty Wrote:  Woof, woof!! Sadie sends her thanks! Such a surprise she got today. She and I are thrilled. You are wonderful.  


jake and cody share!

jake and cody share!



Sheila Wrote:  Friends, I am passionate about rescue and have adopted and worked with The DogLiberator for several years now. Rescue is a lot of work and costs are high, but the rewards of pulling dogs from kill shelters, getting them fully vetted and then re-homed is a wonderful thing. Our fundraising efforts are always in progress and we try to make fundraising a WIN-WIN for all. Please consider clicking on the link and ordering a Pack Packs for your dog or as a gift. The toys and treats chosen are top quality meeting our own TDL rescue standards. My Pack Packs arrived with so many toys that I wore out two dogs. You get top end products and TDL makes enough money to contribute towards a vet visit and transport.

TDL Pack Packs

The Perfect Storm – I’m having a Heart Attack?

August 9th, Sarah and I

August 9th, Sarah and I

On October 14, 2014, one week ago today, I found myself in the emergency room.  A friend, Alissa, insisted that I go with the assurance that she would take care of my kids, the house and the dogs!  She dropped my son and I off and then headed to my daughter’s school.  The emergency room was full of waiting patients when the man behind the counter asked me what was wrong-tightness in my chest and difficulty breathing.  I was whisked away into a room.  After an incredibly brief EKG was completed I was taken into another room where I faced a doctor.

He asked me how long I had been having these symptoms, I looked down at the ground and told him a couple of days.  The doctor looked at me in astonishment.  I was afraid that he didn’t believe me, and afraid that my son would rat me out.  I looked down at the ground again, and recanted my statement and told him it had been a couple of weeks off and on.  “It comes and goes,” I explained.  Another gentleman appeared around the corner and asked the doctor if he had time to do some intake paperwork and get my signatures.  The doctor replied sternly, “NO!”  I burst into tears knowing that I really was having a heart attack.

For months, all of my personality traits worked against me;  stubbornness, independence, responsibility, fear of leaving my children, fear of leaving my dogs.  But more than that was my lack of knowledge of what a heart attack should feel like.  That  combined with my incredible tolerance to pain, denial and fear, created a perfect storm.

While in the emergency room before transport to Florida Hospital Ormond, the doctor kept asking me to rate my pain.  Zero I said.  Seriously?  The nurses and staff all turned and looked at me as they watched my heart on the monitor.  Seriously?  So I gave them a 2 with the caveat that it was 20 an hour ago.  Yes, seriously –  I felt fine as part of my heart was dying.  Unbelievable!

It wasn’t until after it was all over, and I was resting in the hospital room, that I realized that the first time I had a symptom was on August 2nd.  I was sitting on the front porch with Lisa Rose when I mentioned that my left arm felt “lazy” and the tightness in my chest was making it difficult for me to breathe.  It went away.

These episodes continued to come and go, sometimes lingering, but they always went away.  Never did I feel pain, like you see in the movies.  My arm was never “numb” and I never felt the pins and needles.  The portrayal of a heart attack like in Hollywood movies is totally incorrect.  I thought of the Superman Movie where Clark Kent’s father checks his pulse and drops dead instantly.

October 12th, Ryan and I headed to Camden County, GA

October 12th, Ryan and I headed to Camden County, GA

During the months that followed August 2nd, I traveled to Georgia twice, and conducted business as usual while having the symptoms.  That Tuesday morning, I went to the Vet and adopted Shasta.  I warned the folks at Newman that I was going to the emergency room, in case they couldn’t reach me.  Never did I think I was having a heart attack.

Since then, I have learned a lot about how a heart attack presents himself.  You may feel pain in your jaw, your shoulder, or simply feel like you have the flu.

Did you know you can go to any fire department and ask them to check you out if you think you have having a heart attack?  So if you’re driving around with a friend who is as stubborn and pig headed as I am, just pull into the nearest fire department and rat them out!  

I am incredibly lucky to be alive, a hospital chaplain believes that God isn’t ready for me yet, and I have work to do here on earth!  I have many people to thank, my children, my friend Alissa and many TDL peeps for taking care of everything while I recovered.  I specifically would like to thank Sarah and Johanna for taking over my emails, which is no easy task and everyone who brought over healthy goodies for my family!

I’m not out of the woods yet.  Two surgeries are in my near future, and that will alter our rescue efforts.  Will this bump in the road change The Dog Liberator?  I’m sure it will.  Now more than ever we need volunteers to help us continue our mission.  Volunteers to help transport, foster, and virtual fosters.

We welcome your comments and insight regarding heart disease, you never know – someone might read this post and save a life!

Again, thank you for your support and prayers.  ~ Gisele


Update:  Here is more information provided by that I found very useful. I only wish I would’ve reviewed this site months ago!

Warning Signs

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

Update:  I found a handy handy mobile app to help me find my meds super cheap, along with coupons and other offers, I couldn’t believe how affordable they were.  From your mobile phone, find GoodRX Mobile.  Type in your prescription and enter your zip code.  It’s easy and it saved me a ton!

You should also, visit if you need help with your medications.


Do you have a Minute to Volunteer for Us?

Gurus Wanted!

Gurus Wanted!

Got some free time on your hands?

SEO:  Even if you have an hour a week, you can help! We’re looking for someone who is familiar with WordPress and has dabbled in SEO to help beef up our website. We’ll even train you!

Update:  We’d like to thank Carole Zieler for her help and tips regarding WordPress & SEO! 

Twitter:  We need someone to Tweet daily on our behalf!

Update:  We’d like to thank Cynthia Dancel for volunteering to post on Twitter, but we would love to have 2 or 3 people posting for us!  If you love to tweet, raise your hand!

Photo Editor:  We always need folks who can use online photo editing software for our special events!

WordPress Blogger:  We want to thank Jessica Purvis for blogging on our behalf.  If you love to write and you’re familiar with WordPress, we have a stockpile of articles that need writing!


If you think you can help (no deadlines) please raise your hand, and email us at

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Our Favorite Things!

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