Knee Dislocation & Hip Dysplasia

When we brought Leia home from the shelter there were a few things we didn’t know. We didn’t know she loves chasing a stick, we didn’t know she would gain 20 lbs in the first 2 months home, and we didn’t know she had patellar luxation. In fact, we didn’t find out for a while, […]

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Save Money on Prescription Medications for Your Dog

You know that feeling when you’re standing at the counter at the vet?  You’ve waited forever, your dog has been examined, you’ve been given a diagnosis and part of you is relieved, and part of you feels overwhelmed knowing you’re about ready to get the bill!  I know that what you really want to do […]

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Natural Heartworm Preventatives

I can’t recommend any alternative products to prevent heartworm disease in your dog, because I haven’t tried any!  You should, however, know the risks with any medication.  Bart’s Mom wrote today that he sometimes vomits when she gives him his heartworm preventative.  My China did too.  We have only had two dogs experience seizures after […]

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Over-The-Counter Medications For Dogs

It’s 9:15pm on a Sunday night and your dog has developed diarrhea.  What do you do?  Rush to the emergency vet?  Maybe.  Or maybe not.  Dog owners know that sometimes a simple over-the-counter med will do the trick, at least until their regular vet is open.  Here is some advice concerning medications that may help, […]

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Bringing Your New Dog or Puppy Home

Click here to read “Starting out Right” .  This page contains everything there is know about bringing one of our rescued puppies or dogs to your new home!

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