Everything you need to know about Ticks and Dogs

For dog owners ticks are a common hazard that comes with the territory. But, for those new to the world of ticks, they are evil little creatures related to spiders, that carry several types of diseases that can be harmful to both you and your pet (for example Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever). […]

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#29310 is transformed, and named Frances-Adopted

Frances, the purebred Border Collie was pulled by Hope Master from Heard County Animal Control, Georgia, and privately transported by Joey Dorsey, Paws & Claws Pet Transport. Frances had so many ticks on him, they were embedded in his eye-lids and freely crawling on his back, and in his ears. At first touch, his ears […]

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Professional Groomer Erika Elfstrom Joins the Team!

When I called Erika and discussed Frances’ condition, she shuffled her schedule and came over to meet him the next day. She not only spent hours with Frances, and educated me throughout the entire grooming process, but she managed to bathe Diego as well… in the middle of a thunder storm no less. Driving back […]

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