Frappaccino Fridays, Donate $5.00 and save a Latte Dogs!

The Pippin Puppies ask YOU to Donate $5.00 on Frappe Friday!

Donate $5.00 on Frappe Friday~The Pippin Puppies

How Much Do You Spend on Coffee? Can You Skip One Coffee Today to help “a Latte Dogs“? Show us Your Pup with Your Cup and use the #FrappeFriday tag on your social media posts!

Instead of buying your Starbuck’s Frappaccino on Fridays, donate that cup to our Veterinary Care Fund!  Here are the current prices for a small, medium, and large mocha drink: 
Mocha Tall $3.75
Mocha Grande $4.45

Mocha Venti $4.95

We rounded it up to include tax, to be a whopping $5.00, and now, on Paypal, you can setup your $5.00 donation to be recurring!

What can $5.00 do?  A lot!  If ten people donate $5, we could pay for one dog’s vaccinations, two dogs to be microchipped, or one heartworm test!  If twenty people donate just $5.00 we could pay for one spay or neuter!  It all adds up and together we can make a difference!

Donate on Frappe Fridays!

Here are just some of our promotional photos you can use, please share Frappe Fridays with your friends and family!

Why give on Giving Tuesday? – Impact the Future of our Rescue

12179285_10100534612928519_125082904799_nI want to thank Sarah White for writing this plea, explaining how much Giving Tuesday means to us this year.  She has taken the time to explain exactly what your volunteering and donations mean to us.  The truth is, we have always appreciated all of you, your time, prayers, and generosity, this year we are depending on your like never before.  Rescue is an expensive process,  I believe that we will find a way, and with your help, we will not close our doors.  We can do this!  ~ Gisele

Written by Sarah White:

Before we get in to the article, I want to take a moment to thank quite a few important people. First, to all of our volunteers, whether you work from a computer like our social media and database volunteers or are more hands on like our fosters, transporters, and event coordinators, we appreciate all you do and all the ways you make rescue happen!

I would also like to thank our donors, because you make what we all do possible. This year your dollars went toward last minute pulls from shelters, the excellent medical care all of our dogs receive, the food in their bowl, their preventative meds, ongoing medical care for special cases like all of our sweet pups who had skin conditions, special diet needs, and all those dogs who were heart worm positive.

We try to say “thank you” often, but somehow thank you just isn’t enough to express the gratitude we hold for you all.


Now, Why am I writing? Well right after Cyber Monday is a special day in our rescue and for non-profits around the country. It is called Giving Tuesday and by now you have probably seen a few of our posts on Facebook about it. For those who haven’t heard about it, here is what it is all about:

“We have a day for giving thanks. We have two for getting deals. Now, we have #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back. On Giving Tuesday, charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give.

It’s a simple idea. Just find a way for your family, your community, your company or your organization to come together to give something more. Then tell everyone you can about how you are giving. Join us and be a part of a global celebration of a new tradition of generosity.”

So now you know what Giving Tuesday means, but do you know what it means to us?

The funds we raise on this one day are a safety net for the rescue. It provides a fund to go to if  a highly adoptable dog on death row suddenly appears in our inbox on the evening before he is supposed to be euthanized, or if we get a “healthy” litter of puppies whopizap-com14796895259241 show up with parvo. Our Adoption fees are designed to help us cover that dog’s medical expenses and the next dog’s pull with just  a little extra for running costs, like the phone, ink, paper, and website.  The adoption fees are a huge help, but when you get dogs who have conditions, or who take a while to be adopted, (or even scarier, both!) the fees add up and soon it will take 2 or more adoption fees to break even.

We consistantly have some hard blows:  Kennel cough, skin conditions, mange, parvo, heartworm, are just a few.  As painful as it is, sometimes we lose a dog or puppy.  Like with sweet Yogi who required a lot of medical care,  and sadly, in the end we couldn’t save… each time we have bounced back, often only because of generous donors who contribute to the medical care of these sweet and very deserving dogs. We also face increasing veterinary costs, like in fall of 2016 when our rate at the vet doubled. Things were already tight, but when prices double, the number of dogs we can care for is cut in half. This makes your support all that more important.

pizap-com14486751432914This year Giving Tuesday is our lifeline. As many of you know Gisele is not only our president, but our main foster, trainer, point of contact, transport coordinator, and our rescue-guru. She gives her all to keep TDL up, open, and running, so that dogs in need will still have a place to go. As amazing as Gisele is, she can not do it alone. Your donations this Giving Tuesday will allow us to get through December and prepare for another awesome year of rescue, but we won’t be able to do it without you.

So here is what you can do to help.


Click here to share now!

1. Share the Link to our Giving Tuesday page and tell your friends why you support us. Did you get your best friend from us? Volunteer with us? Just love our Facebook posts? Everyone has a reason why they are reading this. Ask them to share too!  Here is that link again for easy copy-paste:

2. Donate if you can – I recognize not everyone is able. Christmas is a tight time of year, so if you can’t do Giving Tuesday, consider signing up for our Promise program. You can commit to give monthly in increments as small as $5. If you can donate you can do so on our Giving Tuesday page or, just click the PayPal button at the bottom of the post.

bcyEbXAdi3. Volunteer – We always need reliable volunteers. If you want to foster for us, transport, work on a computer, or have a great idea for a unique way you might be able to help, just email us.

dog_shopping4. Shop – Whether it is getting your dog a special gift like a Pack Pack, or just doing your holiday shopping through Fundinco or Amazon Smile, you can support rescue. In fact shopping through Fundinco and Amazon Smile on Amazon is like a free donation. it costs nothing extra to you and a percentage of your purchase goes to rescue. There are lots of ways you can shop and support rescue!

So often we say “we can’t do it without you” but now, more than ever, it is true. We have helped over 1000 dogs find their forever homes, and we can’t wait to break 1000! Please, help us pave the way.

TDL 12





Giving Tuesday 11/29/16

Thank you for your support!  We’re coming up on that time of year again: Black Friday, Cyber Monday…  But have you heard about Giving Tuesday?

#GivingTuesday is an unprecedented global movement of generosity. For the third year in a row, Razoo is inviting nonprofits and individuals from across America (and around the globe!) to join together and raise funds for the world-changing causes that matter to them.

You don’t have to register with other websites if you donate to our rescue and are more comfortable using paypal, please do! Paypal is always our preferred method of receiving donations because it guarantees a higher level of safety for our clients.



Not Feeling creative? Feel free to use this Image!

Start your own fundraising campaign to share with your friends and family on your favorite social media platform on The Dog Liberator’s Fundraising Page!

Then, create your own Profile Icon or Banner for your social media page. Whether you use Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, on Giving Tuesday, show your support for our Rescue to your friends and family. Don’t know how? We’ll take a photo of your rescued dog and create a banner or profile icon for you! Just email us at You can copy and use one of our designs located below! You can also see some of the projects we are already working on, and read more about us on our Main Razoo page.


Once a year global charities, families, businesses, community centers, students and more will come together to create #GivingTuesday.

It’s a simple idea. Just find a way for your family, your community, your company or your organization to come together to give something more.  Be a part of a national celebration of our great tradition of generosity.

photo_72475_landscape_650x433#GivingTuesday™ is a campaign to create a national day of giving at the start of the annual holiday season. It celebrates and encourages charitable activities that support nonprofit organizations. Where did the idea come from? The retail industry has long benefited from seasonal shopping that symbolically kicks off with “Black Friday” – a day that has since inspired “Small Business Saturday” and “Cyber Monday.” #GivingTuesday™, then, serves as a celebratory, fully connected day to kick off the giving season, when many make their holiday and end-of-year charitable gifts.

Giving Tuesday is Coming soon, are you ready?

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Why give on Giving Tuesday? – Impact the Future of our Rescue
Over 700 Reasons to Support The Dog Liberator on Giving Tuesday

2015TRbadge-lgGreat NonProfit 2014
Great NonProfit 2013

Great NonProfits 2016


For the fourth year we have been listed as a 2016 Great NonProfit! We hope to continue this the trend and would love to hear about your experience and earn this title again in the coming year.

TDL's 2013 Great NonProfit Award

TDL’s 2013 Great NonProfit Award

If you’re new to our rescue, you might not know that in 2013, we rated #9 on Great Nonprofits in the country.  We received the award because of reviews from people like you!  In 2014 we skyrocketed into the top 50 in a short period of time thanks to your dedication and feedback.   Only your reviews can help us move up again this year!  Simply Click Here to share your comments about your experience.

If you have adopted from us recently, please take a moment and rate our rescue efforts, and describe  your experience adopting from us.  If you asked us for help surrendering and re-homing your dog through our Canine Connect Service, you too can leave us a review.  If we have helped you in any way, please take three minutes of your day, and help us by describing how our help impacted you.


2016trbadge-lgGreat NonProfits can be described as the Angie’s list of non-profit companies.  Last  year, only 500 non-profit companies received the top-rated award, and thanks to you, we were one of them!  Woo Hoo!




Loyalty Shopping!

Amazon Smile donates 2% of your purchases to our Veterinary Care Fund!

Amazon Smile

Help our Veterinary Care Fund when you shop using Amazon Smile!  Amazon Smile donates 2% of your purchases to our Veterinary Care Fund!



422496Amazon Wishlist

Our Amazon Wishlist contains items which we need and would be happy to have. It covers everything from basics like dewormer all the way to our dogs’ dream bed and ink for us to print out adoption applications.


Ebay DonatesEbay

We signed up with Ebay’s Giving works!  This week, we received a $200 donation from Ebay’s Giving Works. Selling on Ebay? Make our Rescue your Favorite Non-Profit and show your buyers that you will donate a portion of your selling price to The Dog Liberator!  Sign up today, and share this with your Ebay Friends!


Just Enter our Group ID, 990055884

Yankee Candles

Yankee Candles will donate 40% or your purchases to our Veterinary Care Fund!  Just Enter our Group ID 990055884.  It doesn’t get any easier than this!


Not Setup to Donate Online?

Don’t feel comfortable with online payments?
You can send your contribution directly to our Primary Vet:

Payable to:  Newman Veterinary Centers, Deltona
Attention:  The Dog Liberator #7656

1200 Deltona Blvd. Suite 10 Deltona, Florida 32725
Telephone: 386-860-5335 Fax: 386-860-5322

Email us with your ideas at and please Subscribe to our newsletter


The Promise

A Promise to Love, Provide and Protect

We have created several flexible programs for you to choose from.  Just Click on the photo and donate!  All donations will be anonymous.


click on the photo to donate

Can’t Adopt but love the dogs?  Now, you can Foster a Dog Liberator Dog Virtually!  Simply donate the amount you are comfortable with! We need  a minimum of $100 in our Veterinary Care Fund to rescue one of our dogs.  This covers the basic set of shots (does not cover the set of three shots puppies need), and covers a spay or a neuter. We cover ears, ear medication (if needed),  teeth cleaning or extractions (if needed), a heartworm test, microchip, one time de-worming, one-time grooming, flea prevention, collars and leashes, room and board, and behavior modification (if needed). Our rescuers, follows, and your dog’s adopters will appreciate your generosity, but your sponsored dog will be the real winner!



click on the photo to donate


Cricket’s Puppy Pals Program Designed for kids to get involved. $5/month helps children understand the importance of charity work, animal welfare and spay/neuter.  Over the course of 12 months, your child will have sponsored and rescued a puppy in desperate need.




click on the photo to donate

Jaffe’s Seniors Program

Designed to support dogs that are older than 5 years of age. $10/month helps provide the special needs of a senior dog, including skin care, grooming, additional bloodwork, removing tumors, and dental care. Over the course of 12 months, you will have sponsored and rescued a senior dog that deserves to be rescued.




click on the photo to donate

China’s Best Friends Program

Designed to support dogs that are born or have become deaf and/or blind. $10/month helps provide the time and training to get a deaf and/or blind dog accustomed to living with a family.  Additional training tools, such as treats and toys are sometimes necessary to enhance training. Over the course of 12 months, you will have sponsored and rescued a deaf and/or blind dog that may have been euthanized.  




click on the photo to donate

Holly Collie’s Heartworm Initiative Program

Designed to support heartworm positive dogs. $15/month helps cover heartworm-related expenses and treatment plans. Over the course of 12 months, you will have sponsored and saved a dog with heartworm disease that has been adopted into a loving home, instead of being euthanized.





click on the photo to donate

Sharon’s Red Dog Program

Designed to support dogs that have been strays for quite some time, that have serious emotional and medical needs. $25/month helps cover unseen medical issues, like heartworm disease.  It also ensures the dog will be sponsored while the dog is being fostered and undergoing much needed social skills and behavior modification. Over the course of 12 months, you will have sponsored and rescued a dog that without rescue, had no chance of adoption.



click on the photo to donate

Bart’s Wellness Program

Designed to support medically fragile dogs that have life-threatening illness, like Parvo or Pneumonia. $50/month helps cover medical expenses, medications, treatments and ensures the dog will be sponsored while recovering. Over the course of 12 months, you will have sponsored and saved the life of a dog, that without rescue, would have died.





click on the photo to donate

Goldie’s Gift Program

Designed to remember dogs that have passed on, Like Goldie Hawn. A $100 donation in memory of a dog that knew and loved signifies how the gift of love is never forgotten.






Don’t feel comfortable with online payments?  You can send your contribution directly to our Primary Vet:

Payable to:

Newman Veterinary Center –  Attention:  The Dog Liberator #7656

200 Deltona Blvd. Suite 10 Deltona, Florida 32725

Telephone: 386-860-5335 Fax: 386-860-5322


Corporate Sponsors

For opportunities for your business to get involved and donate to The Dog Liberator, visit our Partners with TDL Program Page. For more creative ways to help, visit How You Can Help.  We need your help to maintain our efforts.  Your donations are greatly appreciated. For Paypal Users:

Click here To Sign up for our Newsletter! Amazon Wish List: The Dog Liberator is a non-profit, 501c(3) charitable organization.  They are foster-based.  All dogs are fostered in a home environment, which enables the dog to show its true color. Founded in 2009, The Dog Liberator has successfully rescued and adopted nearly 700 dogs. TDL dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. TDL does not receive government funding of any kind, and relies on individual donations and corporate sponsors.  By using Paypal, you can donate to The Dog Liberator’s Veterinary Care Fund. The Dog Liberator focuses on rehabilitation, taking in deaf and/or blind dogs, dogs that need social skills, fearful dogs, and dogs that suffer from depression. They also focus on educating the public regarding medical issues, like heartworm treatment, parvovirus, adopting senior dogs, Addison’s disease, pneumonia, and proper diet. The Dog Liberator has a less than 4 percent return rate, and they pride themselves at creating the perfect match for dog lovers. Their adoption updates are shared on both Facebook, and their website thus creating a professional and personal relationship with their adopters.

Do you have a Minute to Volunteer for Us?

Gurus Wanted!

Gurus Wanted!

Got some free time on your hands?

SEO:  Even if you have an hour a week, you can help! We’re looking for someone who is familiar with WordPress and has dabbled in SEO to help beef up our website. We’ll even train you!

Update:  We’d like to thank Carole Zieler for her help and tips regarding WordPress & SEO! 

Twitter:  We need someone to Tweet daily on our behalf!

Update:  We’d like to thank Cynthia Dancel for volunteering to post on Twitter, but we would love to have 2 or 3 people posting for us!  If you love to tweet, raise your hand!

Photo Editor:  We always need folks who can use online photo editing software for our special events!

WordPress Blogger:  We want to thank Jessica Purvis for blogging on our behalf.  If you love to write and you’re familiar with WordPress, we have a stockpile of articles that need writing!


If you think you can help (no deadlines) please raise your hand, and email us at

Virtually Fostering a TDL Dog

Radar’s Adoption Photo

Can’t Adopt but love the dogs?  Now, you can Foster a Dog Liberator Dog Virtually!  Simply donate the amount you are comfortable with!

We need  a minimum of $100 in our Veterinary Care Fund to rescue one of our dogs.  This covers the basic set of shots (does not cover the set of three shots puppies need), and covers a spay or a neuter.

We cover ears, ear medication (if needed),  teeth cleaning or extractions (if needed), a heartworm test, microchip, one time de-worming, one-time grooming, flea prevention, collars and leashes, room and board, and behavior modification (if needed).

Our rescuers, followers, and your dog’s new family will appreciate your generosity, but your sponsored dog will be the real winner!

If security reasons, you have having a hard time accessing our paypal account, you might want to log-in to Paypal first, or use our TDL email address which is .

If you would like to donate directly to our vet, call them at 386-850-5335!

Virtually Fostering is one way you can personally rescue a TDL dog.  




Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors

The Dog Liberator, Inc., a 501c3 canine rescue organization located in Central, Florida.  We are a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned dogs, primarily dogs from high-kill shelters and owners who can no longer care for them. By working with committed volunteers, local veterinarians, trainers, and foster homes, The Dog Liberator is able to rescue hundreds of dogs every year.


Does Your Place of Business Participate with the United Way?

United Way Write In:  Does your company participate in a United Way workplace giving campaign? If it does, you can donate to The DogLiberator straight from your paycheck by writing us in as your charity of choice on your donation form. Each quarter, United Way sends us a check, which goes to our Veterinary Care fund.  Anyone needing assistance can email me directly at

What Your Donations Do:

The most important thing we do is spay and neuter.  For every dog you help us rescue, you will be reducing today’s current over-population; literally thousands of unwanted dogs.

The Dog Liberator’s rescued dogs are fostered in a home environment which enables fosters to evaluate the dog’s true temperament, provide them with loving temporary care, and find them well-matched, carefully screened homes. The Dog Liberator also serves as a resource to communities by providing education and information on responsible pet ownership, including the importance of spay/neuter, positive behavior training, and good nutrition. The Dog Liberator’s rescued dogs are examined, vaccinated, micro-chipped, spayed or neutered before they are re-homed.

Boscoe, Rescued and Adopted 2010

Your donations will enable hundreds of dogs- once considered damaged and consigned to doggie death row- find their forever families, and begin life anew. The success of The Dog Liberator™ is primarily due to the countless hours of incredible fosters, transporters, and numerous other volunteers, and limited only by the shortage of funds.

Adoption fees, in most cases collected days or even weeks after rescue expenses were incurred, fall short of covering the overall cost of rescue. Such costs include but are not limited to shelter pulling fees, inter-state transport to foster homes, dog food, medical supplies, and necessary veterinary care required for each animal prior to being adopted. In many cases those costs far exceed adoption fees and deplete valuable financial resources needed for saving another dog. Without the additional funding from grants, the organization is restricted in the number of dogs that can be saved and placed into available foster homes.

The Twins Adopt Logan

Your donations could provide useful funds to continue our mission and expand our efforts by enabling dozens of additional volunteers to participate in our rescue efforts.

While we will not raise our adoption fees, and we will not lower the quality of care that our dogs receive, we dream about being able to do more for animal-lovers.

Envision our Dreams:

Only the commitment from Corporate Donations can help us achieve our future goals.

Today, The Dog Liberator is announcing their Future Liberators program, something that we have dreamed of doing for several years.  Educating young students about the plight of America’s homeless pets, euthanasia rates and what we can do about it.  We have a lot of dreams.  As stated in our Mission Statement, we hope to one day be able to ask our Facebook followers to nominate a family who wants to spay/neuter their pet, but can’t afford to.  Corporate donations can help us achieve our dream to do more for the pet-loving community.

We also dream about providing Senior Dogs to Seniors who can not afford the expenses of owning a dog. With the help of Corporate donations, we would one day like to ask our Facebook followers to nominate a Senior and gift them a fully-trained dog that is completely sponsored for life.

We dream about being able to help Displaced Families keep their pets, by providing temporary foster care, and funding costly pet deposits.

We dream about doing the same gifting for Children with Disabilities, and Veterans who are Coming Home.  Nothing can help depression 24/7 more than a companion animal.

As you focus on running your business to satisfy the needs of your customers, shareholders, and employees, we know we can do the same; meet the needs of hundreds of homeless dogs.  Again, we have rescued over 800 dogs, but with your help, we can do more.  Please Donate Today.


Little Grace has a family to call her own!

Tell them All About it!

If you work for or do business with a company that regularly donates to non-profit corporations, tell them about us.  If you need sample letters, tax information or white papers, send us an email and just let us know!

Fostering for TDL

Sarah with Baby GaGa and China

Every day there are thousands and thousands of dogs needing homes. We have to make ours stand out, and we do that by providing all the details that we can. It is why we do not aspire to ever have a shelter, but to remain a network of fosters. Only fosters can provide intimate details on how a dog behaves in a home environment. Shelters do the best they can, but they are truly limited in this area.

We don’t have a lot of fosters. We wish we did, but we require quite a bit of them. We are not looking for people to simply house a dog. Nor are we even looking for people to rehabilitate a dog. We need them to communicate with us on an ongoing basis. They need to take photos, good ones! They need to send us updates on the dog so that we can post it.  We need to address any issues so the dog can be adopted. And they need to be able to let it go when the right family comes along.

We count ourselves blessed by the fosters that we have. And we welcome more. If you are interested in fostering with us, please let us know!

What we expect from our fosters:

Besides good photographs, video and regular updates, we require that our fosters crate-train our dogs to increase their success after adoption.  We require that they work on housebreaking, and provide us with the dog’s status with regard to housebreaking.  We also require a complete update with regard to temperament, for example, toy guarding, food aggression, leash walking, barking, jumping, and to share with us what the dog loves to do.

When we can identify a behavior problem, we coach our fosters and provide techniques to correct behaviors.  While we are not professional dog trainers, we do share all of the information about the dog while its been in our foster care.

We understand that every dog acts differently in different environments, the more details we have, the more we can do our job to create the perfect match.

Khaz with Knish

First, please read Starting Your Dog Out Right!  Next, review Over-the-Counter Medications.  It is very important that you also review Our Adoption Process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – Where do I send my photos, videos or updates on my foster dogs?

A – All of the information about your foster dog should be emailed to your TDL representative.  Once the information is posted on the TDL Facebook Page, and the TDL Website, you can share those pages on your personal Facebook Page.  Do not post photos of your foster directly onto your Facebook Page, this confuses potential adopters.


Q – Who pays for the veterinary care, medicines, shots, spay/neuter?

A – TDL pays for the medical care of the dog.  Vet appointments are made by a TDL representative.  The treatment plan is reviewed between the vet and the TDL representative.  A foster should not take a dog to their own vet without TDL approval.  In case of an emergency, the foster should use their discretion, try to reach a TDL representative, however, if immediate medical attention is necessary, a foster should treat their foster dog like their own.  While emergency care is expensive, TDL will take all necessary measures to reimburse the foster in a timely fashion.

Note:  If you have to cancel an appointment, please contact the vet as soon as possible.  Animal Hospitals go out of their way to help and accommodate us in many ways.  Not providing them with a courtesy call that you have to cancel your foster dog’s vet appointment could result in a severed relationship with that vet.


Q – Who pays for the food, toys, crates, etc.?

A – While fostering is a volunteer position, if dog food is needed, TDL will provide food or reimburse dog food expenses via a receipt.  We suggest that new fosters scout websites like Craig’s list for used dog crates, toys, etc.  Regardless of the expense, if you expect to be reimbursed, have a receipt and it’s always wise to check with your TDL representative before accumulating expenses.  If you need leashes, collars, etc., your TDL representative may have some extras on hand.

Note:  If you spend your own money, make copies of all of your receipts and keep track of your mileage, i.e., trips to the vet and back.  If our out-0f-pocket receipts total over $250 in one year, today’s tax laws will help you write these expenses off!  You’ll need to provide TDL with a total, and TDL will write a letter that you will submit with your tax return.


Q – What if a neighbor, co-worker, family member or friend of mine wants to adopt my foster dog?

A – All inquiries about the dog should be directed to a TDL representative.  “Showing” the dog to someone who has not yet been approved is not recommended.  Our Adoption Process is designed specifically to prevent “impulse adoptions”.   We recommend that you share our Adoption Process before getting anyone’s hopes up!  Many times people are interested in a dog because of the way it looks, and that dog may not be a good fit for their environment.  Getting people’s hopes up, only to be told that the dog is not a good fit, is very discouraging to an adopter.  Today, the adoption process in rescue has become very complicated, labor intensive, and includes lengthy applications.  TDL tries to make the adoption experience simple and painless!  Ask your TDL representative for some of their business cards, give them to interested adopters, and encourage your potential adopter to contact your TDL representative to get started!


Q – Does anyone get preferential treatment fostering from TDL?

A – Only former adopters.  Because former adopters have already been processed and approved, they are more likely to be approved by TDL to adopt again.


Steve with Priscilla

Q – Who is responsible for finalizing the adoption of my foster dog?

A – Your TDL representative is responsible for qualifying and interviewing all potential adopters, setting up appointments, and finalizing an adoption.  If for any reason, a TDL representative is not present during a meet, you should contact them before proceeding with a formal adoption, and before executing an adoption contract.


Q – Who is responsible for doing a home visit for potential adopters?

A – Your TDL representative.


Q – What if I don’t think the potential adopters is a fit for my foster dog?

A – It is very important that you share information about your foster dog to your TDL representative.  While your foster dog may not be a fit for a specific adopter, another dog within TDL might be perfect.  Never discourage a potential adopter about your foster dog, especially if your dog is new to you.  Give your foster dog time to settle in before labeling him/her. Many times, behavioral issues can be corrected  with one phone call.


Q – What do I do if my foster dog is not fitting in with my family, my home, or my pack?

A – It is not uncommon that certain dogs need a specific environment.  Your home may not provide the environment that the dog needs.   Contact your TDL representative to discuss moving your foster dog to another foster.  Never take your foster dog to another home, or property without the permission of your TDL representative.

Gisele with Chaos


Q – What do I do if I want to keep the dog that I’m fostering?

A – This is what we humorously refer to as a Foster Failure!  Contact your TDL representative and discuss adoption options with them.  Fosters should decide if they want to adopt before anyone has a scheduled meet.  It is unfair to ask a potential adopter to make a u-turn when they are already on the way to meet their future dog.


Q – There are so many volunteers within TDL, who has the permission to pull, select fosters, vets, and approve adoptions?


A – Good Question!   To date, only Gisele Veilleux who is President and Founder of TDL and she is located in Central Florida.


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