Flynn ~ Adopted!

12144662_10153509944574792_8371856800179336767_nFlynn is coming to us to find a forever home.  He is incredibly smart and is easy to train (Who says deaf dogs don’t listen? [Read More]). Flynn is devoted and loyal and could easily be someone’s best buddy. He is also quiet and did we mention, house broken? He’s got that down pat. It’s time for Flynn to have a forever family all his own, and we are looking for just the right person for the job. Does that sound like you?

12122714_10153522800104792_1299266316807842049_nFlynn is in Deltona, FL and yes he is available for adoption! He is approximately 3 years old and 50 lbs. He is also deaf but that doesn’t hold him back in the least. Interested in becoming his family? Check out Our Adoption Process and answer the questions in email. 

Check out his Photos on Facebook!

12021946_10206737196283953_2115093453_nFlynn (aka John King) can’t wait to meet his next best friend(s)

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3/31/16 Update: Flynn was adopted by the DeRosa family of Florida! Congratulations to them all.

John King ~ Adopted

12023173_10206737195643937_642810266_nJohn King returned to us after his new home didn’t work out. He is doing quite well in foster and is ready to find his forever home!do He is incredibly smart and is easy to train (Who says deaf dogs don’t listen? [Read More]).

John is devoted and loyal and could easily be someone’s best buddy. He is also quiet and did we mention, house broken? He’s got that down pat. It’s time for John to have a forever family all his own, and we are looking for just the right person for the job. Does that sound like you?

11999863_10206737195203926_954690376_n8/20/15 Update: John King is in Lake City, FL. He is available for adoption! He is approximately 3 years old and 50 lbs. He is also deaf but doesn’t let that hold him back in the least.

Interested in becoming his family? Check out Our Adoption Process and answer the questions in email. 

Check out his Photos on Facebook!



Past History:

John at the shelter

We had a gorgeous white Aussie and named him Anderson Cooper.  When I saw this little guy’s picture at the pound, I figured why not name him John King!  While we made a commitment to get him, his time was running out.  We are very grateful to everyone who played a part in his transport to us.  It was close!

Bath time!


This young pup is being fostered by Jen Wilson in Daytona Beach.  He is getting used to his new surroundings, and we’ll be updating his progress shortly.  You can see his photos on Facebook. 


12270098_10207127168953026_1628173245_n11/22/15 Update: John was adopted by Patricia Ann yesterday. He has a new sister, a Border Collie named Poppy! So happy for you, John!


ElsieThis gorgeous girl was rescued from Baldwin County, and her actual foster wanted to keep her!  Unfortunately she doesn’t feel that now is good time to have a new dog financially.  Details coming soon!ElsieElsie has quite a story to tell. After interviewing her foster Mom, we believe that Elsie has been abused. If you raise your voice, she runs and hides behind furniture. Has she been physically abused? We really don’t know yet. She does not play with toys, but is learning. She is also not used to being with other dogs, but is learning!

Elsie needs an experienced owner who will help expose her to new environments, and raise her self-esteem. Since Elsie has fear-based reactions, she needs an owner who is sure of themselves, and will provide her with the necessary leadership that she needs. Elsie does not need a home where she will be coddled by someone, nor does she need an owner who will make excuses for her behavior (Read “let it go“)

She is being fostered in the Panama City area, but it is our goal to get her transported to us so she can be examined by our vet, and spend a bit of time with our pack. Elsie reminds me of our Shy Sharon, she is so young, and has been mishandled by her human. Elsie deserves our attention, and will quickly be an amazing dog! She will be an easy fix, and having her own pack will be paramount to her success.

You can see more photos of her on Facebook.

If you think you’ve got the right stuff to adopt Elsie, please visit “Our Adoption Process“.

We will provide more details shortly!

Elsie goes home!

Elsie goes home!

09/28/14 Update:  Elsie was adopted yesterday by Debbie Fabrizio and her husband of New Smyrna Beach! Debbie owned Shelties in the past, so the drive and intelligence that Elsie has is a perfect match!

William Wallace ~ Adopted

William "Loyal" Wallace!

William “Loyal” Wallace!

We apologize for the lack of photos of this gorgeous boy, but it’s been raining and getting the dogs to cooperate with the camera has not been easy!  William is absolutely stunning.  He is estimated to be three to five years old.  This Aussie is fully trained.  He was someone’s little man at one point, he is very focused on his human.  He hangs out with other dogs, but does not initiate play.  He’s all about his people!  He really reminds me of Jaffe.  If you’ve ever met Jaffe, you’ll notice that he never takes his eyes of his human, Gary Jones.  Jaffe gives the word obedient a new meaning!

"I'm a beautiful boy, and I don't belong here at all!"

“I’m a beautiful boy, and I don’t belong here at all!”

William is a quiet and polite Aussie, very calm, and only wants to please his master!  Just add water and stir!

You can view all of his photos on Facebook.

William and Ray with Newman Deltona

William and Ray with Newman Deltona

Because William was never heartworm tested, we transported him from Ocala to me in Deltona yesterday.  I took him straight to the vet.  The news was not good.  He is positive.  While I’m not afraid of heartworm or the treatment, I still sat in the waiting room and cried.  Why?  Because I had to call his future Mom, Rosie and give her the bad news.  William was examined by Dr. Kim and will be examined by Dr. Oliver today and we will create a treatment plan for him.

I just visited with William after  his groom, he looks awesome.  After intense grooming, we found multiple bite barks over his body, his legs, inside of his thighs, the back of his head and back.  For some reason, William was viciously attacked by another dog(s).  If only dogs could talk.

I'm Going Home!  ~ William Wallace

I’m Going Home! ~ William Wallace

07/09/14 Update:  William was adopted Tuesday, by Rosie.  Updates coming soon!

Pork Chop~Adopted

Pork Chop - Stinking Cute

I was not at all surprised when Laura Burk informed me that Pork Chop would be her Valentines Gift from her family!  Porch Chop is now part of our Dog Liberator pack!  I just love foster failures, don’t you?

When we saw this tiny baby spaniel pup’s photo, we all melted.  Said to be a Clumber Spaniel, he is an adorable little boy!  Details coming soon!

You can see more of  his photos on Facebook.

Bennett’s Boots~Adopted

Bennett's Boots

Bennett’s Boots

All eyes were  on this little boy, who was named Shaggy.  Rescued from Baldwin County, Alabama, he was chosen to be Jeff Bennett’s 2,000th dog.  There were a lot of people wanting to pet him, a lot of cameras, and noisy airplanes flying around, but he did very well considering the chaos!  The documentary, “Tales in Flight” covered his rescue from start to finish, and they will continue to follow his progress until he is adopted.

I do not believe he was an owner-surrender, maybe, but he is covered in scabs, which makes me wonder if he was found as a stray.

You can see more photos of him on Facebook.

Bennett’s Boots is resting quietly, he’s been through a lot, and he was neutered last week.  He is very much a velcro dog and is very quiet so far.  Updates coming soon!

11/22/13 Update:  What a difference a day makes!  Boots has been very quiet and almost lethargic.  Sure he’s been through a lot, and neutered just a few days ago, but still.  He walks slow, and doesn’t have much expression.  But this morning, he greeted me with a leap, and kisses.  I can’t remember which dog we rescued a year ago, that every time she walked by me, she’d lick my feet!  Boots does that too!  He give me a wiggle butt (an Aussie trait), a kiss on the face, and he had a spring in his step.  His appetite is good, and is goes right into his crate!  I don’t hear a peep out of him until he needs to wee wee!

I know that his teeth are very white, but I’m wondering how old he really is.  He’s covered with scabs where the ticks were, yet his hair is not terribly matted.  He is incredible stinky, but he’ll be groomed Tuesday.  I really think Boots is a couch potato, but the next few days will tell.

Another major turn around, is that at first, he would growl at my dogs when they came close to his crate.  Today, he saw Claire Bear through the sliding glass window, and wagged his tail.  YES!

Mr. Boots

Mr. Boots

When a dog has been on his own for a while, you can’t push him into your world overnight.  You have to ease him into his new environment, and he has to feel safe before you can expect him to experience new things.  I think we’re going to have a great weekend with Mr. Boots!

11/24/13 Update:  Mr. Boots has found his wiggle!  He’s running around the yard and playing.  He loves Sarah, and loves to give kisses and hugs.  He does have one bad habit, he likes to talk with his mouth… he nibbles you out of love, but we are correcting that.

Boots is the perfect dog.  When it’s time to rest, he is as quiet as a mouse.  When it’s time to play, it’s game on!  He’s going to make an awesome companion dog!

Boots and Shannon

Boots and Shannon

11/26/13 Update:  Boots is now playing with other dogs.  He had a wonderful visit at the vet yesterday, where he entertained everyone, playing gently with Dr. Kim’s tea cup chi pup.  He played ball and frisbee with everyone!  He had a great bath, but did NOT like the blow dryer one bit.  He is heartworm negative, and very  healthy.  We estimate him to be 12-18 months of age.  Boots made a lot of friends, and Shannon, specifically, was madly in love with him!  This is one incredibly dog!  You can see more photos of him on Facebook.

Boots goes home!

Boots goes home!

12/3/13 Update:  I’m just now sitting at my desk for the first time since Friday, and grabbed my camera to see the photos that were taken while I was stuck in bed with a fever.  

Just as I thought, I LOVE the Van Dorns!  They came and adopted Mr. Boots on Saturday.  But wait, if I was out of commission, who did the adoption, and who snapped the photos?  My daughter, Sarah did!  Told you she’s got it!

I heard the knock on the door, and grabbed my daughter, Sarah.  I handed her his file folder, and told her she would have to do this adoption… and she did.  She remembered everything!

Alabama Bossie

shelter photo

I guess at the young age of 11, my Sarah has seen me do hundreds of adoptions.  She talked about our vet, his microchip tag, walked through every step of the contract, and yes… she remembered to take some adoption photos as well.  I was floored!

Mr. Boots is now lovingly known as Buddy Boots Bigfoot from Bama, adopted by the Van Dorn family, living in Orlando!  Welcome home Boots!

Click here to read more about Sarah.

Click here to read about her first solo adoption!

05/13/14 Update:  We receive regular updates about Mr. Boots, and he is doing fine, but his rescue was so impressive, it was published!  So while I’ve been rescuing hundreds of dogs for almost five years, my daughter’s first solo adoption, gets published in the Rescue Me magazine!  Amazing!

Here it is!

The Dog Liberator's Bennett's Boots published in Rescue Me Magazine  The Dog Liberator and Jeff Bennett


The Dog Liberator's Bennett's Boots Published in Rescue Me Magazine

One Little Indian, the Border Collie-Adopted

When Holly and I first saw Indian’s stunning photo, we both wanted him. I called the shelter, and there was no euthanasia date set, but I indicated I would take him on January 31st.

The shelter was very gracious, giving me a few days while I tried to arrange transport, however, when February 3rd came, his situation became critical. The shelter was full, and so was the boarding facility. The shelter found a vet’s office that would board him for me. On Friday morning, he was transported to the vet.

Note: Indian was adopted several months ago, by an older couple. They returned him to the pound, indicating that he chases cars. All of the transporters did confirm he does have an issue with cars.

Sandra Nathan was there just a few hours later, picked up from the vet, and transport began. Terry Watts drove for hours to meet Sandra, and Indian had a sleep over at her place.

There we learned that Indian cowers a bit, is slow to warm up to strangers, is great with other dogs, and ignores cats! Wow, what great news.

Since the transport was a bit early (since when does that ever happen) Jenna was gracious to let Indian hang out and chill at her house for an hour. Judging by her video, it looks like he enjoyed the much needed break.

It’s 5:38, and Mark Whalen has just sent me a text tell me that Indian has reached his foster home, and checking out the other dogs, one of which is our KUDOS!

Can’t wait for Lynne Deal to meet this boy, and get more feedback from Mark.

Thank you everyone!

Mark confirms that Indian is playing and having a blast with the other dogs. Transporters confirmed he ignores cats. He will be kid-tested soon and updates galore are on the way.

Indian’s photos can be seen on his album on Facebook.

Special Thanks to Tiffany who held him for us for as long as possible. I appreciate your patience!

Indian’s Journey

Indian has been adopted by Sue Chrzan’s family! Wow! Three boys to play with? Can’t wait for updates!


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