Snape aka Reggie, the Cavalon! ~ Adopted!

 11/27/14 Update: Snape has been adopted! More details coming soon!

10403251_10152748618544792_1924352848974575006_n11/26/14 Update: Snape likes to play with kids and other dogs! This little love bug is ready to wiggle himself into someone’s heart.


11/17/14 Update:  Snape is all about his people!  He loves to run and play ball.  He is great with kids, and incredibly smart.  Snape is just as playful as he is loving.  He would like to be a part-time lap dog, and a part-time cannon ball!  Woo Hoo!  If you adopt Snape, you’ll get two dogs for the price of one!  And by the way, we’re calling him Reggie!

Johanna wrote:   I think little Snape might be a Phalene! He really doesn’t look much like a King Charles, IMO. But he looks quite a bit like the floppy eared version of a Papillon!

Designer dog breeders refer to the Phalène/Papillion and Cavalier hybrid as “Cava-lon (Cavallon)


Shelter Photo with Cherry Eyes

Snape (Reggie) is a doll!

Snape (Reggie) is a doll!

Snape is a year and a half old, male, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who came from Kingsland, GA.

As you may notice from his picture, Snape has a case of Cherry Eye, or eyelid protrusion. We have surgically repaired this!

Click to see Snape’s photos on Facebook!

Cutie Pattotie!

Cutie Pattotie!



Lancelot, the chocolate Border Collie

Lancelot, the chocolate Border Collie

We were going to name him Remis Lupin, keeping with our Harry Potter theme, but he was adopted yesterday!  Lancelot is a border collie pup we picked up from Camden County with Ginny!  He is FULL of energy, and he will be a lot of fun!

Lancelot was adopted by Carsen of Lady Lake, Florida.

Yes, you are coming home with me!

Yes, you are coming home with me!

You can see more of his photos on Facebook!




Ginny is about a year and a half old border collie mix. We are not entirely sure what she is mixed with but this girl is a sweet stunner who won Gisele’s heart on a recent trip to Kingsland, GA.

Since then she has traveled to Deltona, FL and is available for adoption.

Click to see Ginny Weasley’s photos on Facebook!

We are continuing to gather information about Ginny but will update as soon as possible.

Ginny!Ginny has been adopted by Christa and her son of Deltona!  Ginny is VERY happy!





Chelsea, the Ball-Loving Rescued Border Collie~Adopted

Chelsea the Rescued Border Collie is Learning New Tricks!

Chelsea, future pool dog?

Chelsea, future pool dog?

09/01/14 Update:  We want to thank writer, Lisa Rose and her Border Collie “Mick “this is how you do it” Rose” for fostering Chelsea.  Chelsea is learning a lot!  We’ve uploaded many new photos of her in action.  She is a playing fool, and is learning how to swim!  Thank you Lisa and Mick!  See her new photos You can see photos on Facebook!

Chelsea the Border Collie’s History:

Chelsea is a remarkable dog, that is fully housebroken, crate-trained, great with other dogs that have her energy, she is ball-motivated to the point where she is insane over playing ball.  This is a very good trait in a dog, as most trainers look for a highly ball-motivated dogs for search and rescue, agility, bug dogs, soccer dogs, disc dogs, and of course, fly ball dogs!  If that’s what you’re looking for, Chelsea is your girl!

Chelsea with "This is how you do it Mick!"

Chelsea with “This is how you do it Mick!”

Currently located in the Clearwater, Florida area, Chelsea is about 4-5  years of age, and weighs about 45 pounds.  She is a long-legged girl with not an ounce of fat on her!  Chelsea is always on the move!  If you think you’ve got the right stuff for Chelsea, please e-mail us at and let’s get the process going! Share such information

You can see her original shelter photos and recent photos on Facebook!

Chelsea goes home with Maggie!

Chelsea goes home with Maggie!



Chelsea was adopted by Maggie and her son, from Tampa.  Oh, the love is in the air!  We can’t wait for updates!

Shenandoah, the Sheltie Girl-Adopted!

06/04/12 Update:  She is heartworm negative, using the slow kill method with monthly heartgard!

Shenandoah is at the Humane Society of Camden County, Georgia with Amber Halsey. She is heartworm positive, and unfortunately, she can not be adopted from the shelter. Her only hope is that she is pulled by a rescue. We are looking for a foster home, with the intent to adopt. Shenandoah is described as being very active, affectionate, and even though she is being given a lot of outdoor time at the shelter, she is miserable. Collies like Shenandoah need a lot of physical and mental stimulation, in short, she needs a family, a big yard, and a job!

Shenandoah is two or three years old and only about 30 pounds. Can you believe she was found in an abandoned house. Who moves out and leaves their dog behind? Especially one as affectionate as this? She has demonstrated good herding instincts which tells us that she’d probably love to get involved in some sport activity like agility or flyball.

If you are interested in adopting Shenandoah, please review our adoption process, then e-mail

03/29/11 Update:I’ve had this little girl for a few days now. What a joy. It’s really humiliating when you rescue a dog that has better manners, and is better trained than your own. This little wonder doesn’t make a peep, she is so crate trained that she’ll open the door for you. She has the best recall I’ve ever seen. Whether you say no, come, sit, ah-ah, it just doesn’t matter what language you speak, this dog intuits and executes your wishes on a dime.
Before I wrapped up this update, I gave Amber a call to make sure I had all of the information on this dog… just couldn’t believe she was a stray. Amber reminded me, this is the dog that was found in an abandoned home. I shook my head in disbelief. Who would leave their house, and leave this gem behind. It’s stories like this that make me wonder why I’m not on medication.
She was 21 pounds and severely matted. Now, she’s 31 pounds and still on the thin side. Amber said she was a mess when animal control brought her in. I can imagine.
She is at the vet right now being evaluated from head to toe. Lynne Flannery will foster her for a few days to temperament test her with cats, when I will get her back to introduce her to the pack.


Thank you Amber and Donna for saving this little girl, she is a real gem.

Her entire photo album can be reviewed on Facebook.

A yes, Shenandoah was adopted when she got out of Donna’s car! Donna transported her from GA, and Bill & Andrea Lerner met us at our Spring reunion. They met Delta Belle and Shenandoah. Shenan was vetted, and after I temperament tested her, we planned for her adoption date! Shenan is now Connie, and doing awesome on the Lerner farm!

Connie and Bill


Copper the Aussie Pup-Adopted

Copper comes to us from Amber Halsey via the Camden County Humane Society. He is 10 months old, fully vetted, and neutered.

Copper is described as being a bit shy, but very playful especially when it comes to playing ball! He is currently being fostered by Jesse in Summerfield, FL. Transporters described him as being absolutely wonderful.

Copper’s photo album can be viewed on Facebook.

02/10/11 Update from Jesse:

Copper is gorgeous. He has drive and focus. He needs to be worked out or he will have the typical Aussie issues as he gets older, which is to be bossy and destructive. Copper is just a pup, but he’s still just a pup. He is obedient and affectionate, he wants to please. Jesse believes that Copper can be molded into any type of dog you want, i.e., disc, agility, etc. Again, he stressed how gorgeous he is, “I’ve never seen an Aussie that looks this awesome.”

The paperwork says that Copper is 50 pounds. Jesse disagrees, he’s young and is the same size as Little Bear, so he is guessing that Copper is more like 35 pounds, unless he is carrying rocks in his stomach!!!

ADOPTED!!!! Way to Go Dawn!

China, the little Aussie Girl, Takes Down Dah House-Adopted

I don’t know where to start, but here is her photo album and all of the comments on Facebook, more details to come, and I’m sorry, but I’m too busy observing her to post! Everybody wants her! China has met the pack, she enjoys Ozzie, and Lady Di has already established “how to play”. China enjoys chase around the trampoline, and is settling in very nicely!

08/17/10: I suspected it, but had to confirm, her left eye is blind as well. When knocking on my daughter’s door this morning, China lay still asleep and no noise that I made would wake her up. She only feels safe with my children… she has a 2 foot rule, she won’t leave them for more than 2 feet!

Today, my children are at school, their first day back, and China went to my daughter’s bedroom, retrieved a tshirt and a sock, and brought it into her crate. She does not leave her crate, even though the door is wide open. Her crate is her safety place. It’s underneath a large computer desk. Every once and a while, when I am far enough away, she darts out of the crate, and stares out by the front door… waiting for their return. Considering she has been shall we say, abused by adults, she does not care for men or women, I’m astonished with her good temperament. She is housebroken, great with the other dogs, she is just afraid of me, which breaks my heart. She did let me pet her, after of course I gave her steak bites from last night’s dinner, and she eased her nose to mine.
I was hoping for a kiss, but I’m not pushing it! When Holly and I discussed what we were going to name her, I guess I didn’t realize then, during her first 10 minutes with me, how fragile she really is, fragile emotionally. I’m usually not the type to write with emotion, I am a technical writer, and truly it’s Holly that writes with her heart, with flair and with humor. This dog has captured my heart, hook, line, and sinker, and I thank God that Amber thought to call me that morning. I will never forget the panic in her voice, for she knew that China was not considered “adoptable”.
When a shelter is full, they’re full, and there are no exceptions. Many of my close friends work for shelters, and I see what it does to them, and how happy they are when just ONE gets out. China was the lucky one. I will wait for as long as it takes until I can find her the perfect home, and this time, it will be for as long as forever lasts for her. ~Gisele
China Update 08/28/10: Random thoughts about this delicate little girl. She has a strong herding eye. She is still fearful of adults, but wants to soooo bad to trust them. She retreats to her crate if I move too quickly. Last night, I decided to start taking her to a new level. Here’s what happened, in her own words. “Uh oh, she’s putting a leash on me. Here comes the gentle tug, but I’d rather stay in my crate. Oh well, okay, I’ll follow you, but where are we going? In your bedroom? No, No, No, you don’t understand, I only sleep with children, I don’t like adults. I am not comfortable here, and I don’t want to be next to you. What? You want me to jump in bed with you? Well… I feel that tug on the leash, and as much as I’m terrified of you, I do want to comply, so I’ll jump up, but I’m not getting too close. Okay, I’m up, you pet me, now… I’m outta here… Woops, I feel that tug again. I guess I’ll stay for a minute or two. Ahhhh, I love having my ears rubbed, let me get a little closer. Kiss my nose? Are you crazy lady, that’s way too close for me. Well, okay, just this one time. Let me accidentally roll over on my back so you can rub my belly. Wow! You have finger nails, that really feels good. Okay, I guess I can kiss you back. This is fun!”
China rolled over and fell asleep, pressing her back against mine, and maintained close contact with me until about 4:00 AM, when she tried to jump off the bed again. I held the leash, and she settled back down at my feet.
At 5:00 AM, I decided she had done well, and I opened my bedroom door, and off she bolted into Sarah’s room.

We will continue this game of trust, and I’m confident that the progress will be swift. We must be strong pack leaders, but at the same time show the dogs that they are safe. The affection is their reward. In the meantime, China has created quite a collection of stolen items in her crate. It started with Sarah’s t-shirt and a sock, but yesterday, she found a rather large wicker basket and put it in her crate. She is collecting balls, blankets, towels, and dog toys. And by the way, she loves the tennis balls! I think playing ball with her might help her get out of her shell. Ryan is anxious to do a video of her playing outside with the pack, she is quite impressive. Maybe that’ll be on my list of things to do this weekend. ~Gisele

Update 09/21/10: China, China, China. You have fallen madly deeply in love with the ball! You are sniffing strangers, even allowing them to pet you sometimes, but you need time to evaluate before you jump right in. You’ve learned that when I walk to the kitchen, I just might open the fridge and give you a chicken hot dog! And to be honest, I think you’re starting to like me! Last week, I stretched out on my bed (suffering from a cold) while my Sarah was in the tub… you sneaked into my room and peeked up at me. I tapped on the bed, and much to my surprise, you jumped up and cuddled… for only a minute, before something told you to be afraid, and you bolted. Oh well, I’ll take that 60 seconds! It’s almost time for you to be brave my dear, and go to the vet to be spayed and completely vetted. You are such a flight risk, I wonder if the vet can give you two micro-chips!!! You’re not ready to be adopted yet, as as much as I’d love to keep you, I’m painting a picture in my mind right now, of what your forever home will look like. Don’t worry dear, I won’t settle for anything but the best for you. And when that family comes, I’ll know it.

12/27/10 Update: I waited and waited for China’s family to show up. Some were interested but the home wasn’t suitable for China’s quirks. China appears to use Ozzie as her compass, not wanting to move into new situations without him, and using Sarah as her comfort zone, we have decided to keep her. On Christmas morning, after all the presents were opened, I told Sarah that China was hers to keep. Sarah didn’t believe me at first, and questioned me, but I assured her that China is NOT available for adoption any longer. Here are the Facebook comments that were posted on Christmas morning.

So China is home, and I am a foster failure!


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