Romeo – Adopted

Update:  Romeo got adopted yesterday . Family were part of original family/friends and they were cleared by our vet. ~ Nadia Here’s a twist!  I would love to pull this dog from Citrus County (near Ocala).  But, unfortunately we are full at the moment.  I spoke with Mike yesterday, a shelter volunteer, and I had […]

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Hopscotch, Loves to Play Outside~Adopted

Foster Update:  If you’re watching us on Facebook, you know that Hopscotch was bitten by a pygmy rattlesnake.  We freaked out.  Thank Goodness Lynne took him to Valuvet in Deltona immediately, and Kurtis was on duty!  Hopscotch has recovered!  He is doing great playing with the other dogs, and he’s a very young pup with […]

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Malibu, the Golden BC Pup ~ Adopted

My new foster, Malibu, is a golden boy in more ways than one! First off, we believe him to be a Golden Retriever/Border Collie mix. He has the long, lean build of a Border Collie with the coloring of a Golden Retriever. His coat is a golden reddish brown with a kiss of white on the chest, […]

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Cowgirl, the Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) ~ Adopted

The e-mail started like so many others: “These dogs just came into the shelter. Can you take them?” Nadia Caron-Davis, a wonderful volunteer for Friends of Citrus County Animal Services (FOCCAS), e-mails me whenever herding dogs come into my local shelter. She’d attached photos to her most recent e-mail showing three female Australian Cattle Dogs, one […]

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Cadence, the Blue Merle Border Collie ~ Adopted

Cadence is a lovely 2-year-old blue merle Border Collie girl brought to us by Nadia Caron-Davis, a volunteer for Friends of Citrus County Animal Services (FOCCAS). Like so many other wonderful dogs that find their way to TDL, Cadence was a stray running the streets when she was picked up by Animal Services. That explains her extremely thin […]

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Peppermint Pattie, the field bred English Setter ~ Adopted

Meet Peppermint Pattie, a 2-year-old field bred English Setter that comes to us from an overpopulated rural Florida shelter. Shelter volunteers asked us to take her because the shelter’s adoption area is so full, adoptable new intakes don’t make it out of the quarantine area unless potential adopters see them online. Originally, shelter staff thought Pattie was a […]

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Cheez-It, the Brittany Spaniel puppy ~ Adopted!

Sometimes things just happen, don’t they? Take Cheez-It, the Border Collie/Brittany Spaniel puppy, for example. I stopped by the local county shelter on my way back from driving Jedediah, Holly’s Basset Hound puppy, to another transporter. My intention was to drop off a bag of dog feed and leave, but of course I had to take a walk through the […]

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River, a Border Collie who adores Children! ~ Adopted

Recently, we were contacted by Nadia Caron-Davis, a volunteer with Friends of Citrus County Animal Services (FOCCAS), regarding a female Smooth Coat Border Collie. Nadia informed us that 2-year-old River was very friendly and people-oriented, but not doing well in the shelter environment. We know this to be true of many dogs, especially the intelligent, […]

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Birdie the Mini-Bearded Collie-Adopted

Amy is one of our wonderful adopters, transporters and occasional fosters. She also volunteers at a county shelter near her home. When she sees a dog there that she thinks would be a good Dog Liberator rescue, she lets us know. A few weeks ago she told us about a husky that, due to a […]

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