Yankee Candles Donates to our Rescue!

Just Enter our Group ID, 990055884

Just Enter our Group ID, 990055884

Just Enter our Group ID, 990055884

I love them, don’t you?  Ozzie prefers the pine scented candles!  If you love Yankee candles, now you can purchase them from their online store, and help out!  Yankee Candles donates 40% of our sales profit to  TDL’s Veterinary Care Fund!  Click Today!  Here are more details:

Dear Family, Friends and Supporters of  The Dog Liberator;

Wouldn’t it be great if 40% of the price you paid for your favorite products went directly to The Dog Liberator?  Of course it would!  Which is why I’m so excited to introduce a new program with Yankee Candle.   No collection of monies, no distribution of products and no missing and/or damaged issues.

Just Enter our Group ID, 990055884

Just Enter our Group ID, 990055884

Here’s how it works:

You can now order Yankee Candle products on-line–delivered directly to your home or sent as a gift to your friends and family–for the exact same price that you would pay in a Yankee Candle store.

The Dog Liberator will get 40 % rebate on all products purchased. It’s that simple.

From today through the Holiday season Don’t wait seasonal items now available

These much needed funds will assist and supplement our budget.

To get started, simply click here or go to www.yankeecandlefundraising.com,   In the Start Shopping Box, insert our group number (990055884).   You will be on your way to supporting The Dog Liberator.   Start shopping and share this number with friends and family.

Yankee Candles Donates 40% to TDL's Dog Rescue

Use our Code: 990055884 and Yankee Candles Donates 40% to TDL’s Dog Rescue

Thank you for your continued support.

Woo Hoo and all the Best!

The Dog Liberator

Loyalty Shopping!

Amazon Smile donates 2% of your purchases to our Veterinary Care Fund!

Amazon Smile

Help our Veterinary Care Fund when you shop using Amazon Smile!  Amazon Smile donates 2% of your purchases to our Veterinary Care Fund!



422496Amazon Wishlist

Our Amazon Wishlist contains items which we need and would be happy to have. It covers everything from basics like dewormer all the way to our dogs’ dream bed and ink for us to print out adoption applications.


Ebay DonatesEbay

We signed up with Ebay’s Giving works!  This week, we received a $200 donation from Ebay’s Giving Works. Selling on Ebay? Make our Rescue your Favorite Non-Profit and show your buyers that you will donate a portion of your selling price to The Dog Liberator!  Sign up today, and share this with your Ebay Friends!


Just Enter our Group ID, 990055884

Yankee Candles

Yankee Candles will donate 40% or your purchases to our Veterinary Care Fund!  Just Enter our Group ID 990055884.  It doesn’t get any easier than this!


Not Setup to Donate Online?

Don’t feel comfortable with online payments?
You can send your contribution directly to our Primary Vet:

Payable to:  Newman Veterinary Centers, Deltona
Attention:  The Dog Liberator #7656

1200 Deltona Blvd. Suite 10 Deltona, Florida 32725
E-mail: deltonamanager@newmanvets.com
Telephone: 386-860-5335 Fax: 386-860-5322

Email us with your ideas at thedogliberator@gmail.com and please Subscribe to our newsletter


Our Wish List

China shares the dog beds and toys you have donated! Thank you!

Check out our Wish List on Amazon!  We welcome gently used items as well.  Everything from simple de-wormer, and flea preventative to doggie beds, leashes, collars, and toys.  Every donation no matter how big or how small helps! Here’s a sample of what you’ll find on our Wish List!  Thank you!

Pack Packs, the Gift Your Dog Really Wants!

TDL Pack Packs

This is the best Fundraising Event Ever!  We’re going to knock your socks off!

We have designed custom Pack Packs that can be delivered to your door for your Pooch filled with toys and treats that are TDL-approved!  No subscriptions, just decide when your pooch has done something awesome, and reward them with our toys and treats! Our Pack Packs make awesome gifts!

We sent out some sample Pack Packs this week! Click here to see some photos, and read the reviews below!

TDL Pack Packs

Why our Pack Packs?

We have rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed almost 900 dogs – I’m sure you can imagine how many toys have been destroyed here!  Nothing is more disappointing than buying a dog toy just to watch your dog destroy it in seconds!  Recently, we have been able to really evaluate specific dog toys.  It’s amazing which toys our dogs prefer.

Recently, I shopped for toys, and much to my surprise, China kept stealing one toy from my shopping bag.  I took it away from me just to watch her sneak into the bag again, and pull it out.  The toy was still attached to the cardboard, so after her fourth attempt to steal it, I let her have one!  Later that evening, I watched Ozzie play with it for a while, something he rarely ever does.

While I fostered Cyndi Lauper, I noticed that with incredible precision, she removed the squeaker out of the toy without destroying it, which is why I called her the surgeon!  It was sheer luck that a few weeks later, I found a toy that Leonardo could not destroy, and his new Mom, Nina, reports that he still has not managed to remove the squeaker from his toy!

Recently, I found an awesome plush toy that is hilarious!  Some dogs don’t destroy toys as fast as others, and these plush toys are simply stunning!

What’s even more disappointing is the gift subscription services that deliver a box of toys to your door.  They seem awfully pricey, and contain mostly samples.  While they are packaged beautifully, what’s inside hasn’t been very impressive.  It’s as if these subscription-style gift boxes are made to impress the humans, they don’t impress my dogs whatsoever! One toy was very pretty, but very loosely stitched, and it fell apart after one good chew and there I go again sweeping up fuzzy fluff!

Treats are also a hit or miss.  We’ve purchased hundreds of different treats, only to find out our dogs just aren’t interested!

We’ve tried and tested thousands of products, and now we can offer them to you!

Spec Loves Her Pack Pack!

Spec Loves Her Pack Pack!


Courtney Wrote:  What Spec and I liked most about our Pack Pack was the personal touch! Spec is on a very limited diet (allergies) and our box included treats she could enjoy! The toys have multiple textures inside (sometimes a squeaker, cotton, crinkly fabric, and more!) which were perfect for a Deafie! And a handwritten note was perfect for Mom (me!)! We give Pack Packs 2 paws and two thumbs up, and can’t wait to order another!




Maggie Dove Right in!

Susan Wrote:  Buddy Love, Bella Dingo and Maggie all had their heads in the Pack Pack x and loved the chews. Buddy and Bella waited for me to open the Pack Pack. Maggie grabbed a bag of chews and went under the bed (no cameras for her). She is FAST and SNEAKY! Buddy took all of the toys from Bella. Here he is being a hoarder;) Thanks for my goodies. We love Pack Packs! See my fuzzy Buddy Love licking his lips:)



Dutch, I think Echo is going to claim them all!

Dutch, I think Echo is going to claim them all!



Jeannette Wrote:  Echo and Dutch are so excited about their Pack Packs. Eeyore (Dutch) can’t believe someone would send him so many fun toys. (Hoo-hum) Echo grabbed the ball and made her claim fast.


Sadie Snatches New Toys!

Sadie Snatches New Toys!



Patty Wrote:  Woof, woof!! Sadie sends her thanks! Such a surprise she got today. She and I are thrilled. You are wonderful.  


jake and cody share!

jake and cody share!



Sheila Wrote:  Friends, I am passionate about rescue and have adopted and worked with The DogLiberator for several years now. Rescue is a lot of work and costs are high, but the rewards of pulling dogs from kill shelters, getting them fully vetted and then re-homed is a wonderful thing. Our fundraising efforts are always in progress and we try to make fundraising a WIN-WIN for all. Please consider clicking on the link and ordering a Pack Packs for your dog or as a gift. The toys and treats chosen are top quality meeting our own TDL rescue standards. My Pack Packs arrived with so many toys that I wore out two dogs. You get top end products and TDL makes enough money to contribute towards a vet visit and transport.

TDL Pack Packs

Dog Catching Tip

Brittney's Mystery

Brittney’s Mystery

You might have noticed the leash that Marlo was wearing in her photos, it’s made of chain! When we tried to catch Brittney’s Mystery, we learned a valuable lesson! After she snapped the leash in half with one swipe of her teeth, we had to come up with plan B! The flimsy leash we had was an epic fail! When we came back the next day to trap her, we had a braided nylon leash! She still could’ve bitten it, but it would’ve taken her a little bit longer to chew out!

Recently when I picked up William Wallace, in two seconds, he too snapped the leash in half. It happens! Several years ago, we rescued a Golden Retriever, Gracie, she too snapped her leash off like a pro.

After our encounter with Zsa Zsa the Poodle, I was prepared, and I suggest you do the same. I had a chain leash in the car!

Recently everyone has been reporting finding stray dogs! If you think you’re the type to try to rescue, do yourself a favor and arm yourself with a braided nyson slip leash (in case the dog does not have a collar, and then, once you can place a collar on the dog, use the chain leash. How would you feel if you helped a dog get to safety, only to watch it bite, snap, and bolt? It happens!  I actually went to a local petstore and paid a fortune for one of these leashes, only to find them reasonably priced on Amazon!

Buy and Sell on Ebay for TDL

Mission Fish & The Dog LiberatorBuy and Sell on eBay for The Dog Liberator, Inc.

You can support The Dog Liberator  when you buy or sell on eBay, with the eBay Giving Works program. Here’s how:

The Dog Liberator is part of the eBay Giving Works  program. So, you can support our mission when you buy and sell on eBay.

Here’s how:

Buy and Sell on EbayBuy

You can find whatever you’re looking for on eBay – from baseball cards to new cars and more. When you do, shop for items that benefit us. You can get a great deal and support The Dog Liberator‘s Veterinary Care Fund at the same time!

Shop now to support The Dog Liberator

Click here for the Link!

You can also support The Dog Liberator when you sell on eBay. Just designate our organization to receive 10-100% of your final sale price the next time you list something great.

Did you know that charity listings often get more bids and higher prices than regular eBay listings?

Boost your sales and support our critical work while you’re at it!

Plus eBay gives back to you too, with a fee credit on your basic selling fees.

Sell now to support The Dog Liberator




TDL Hats

TDL Baseball Hats

TDL Baseball Hats

Leia Buxbaum!Special thanks to one of our awesome supporters who really wanted us to have TDL hats before our next reunion!

Woo Hoo!  They are currently available for $20 each.  Just make a $20 donation, (button shown below) and be sure you indicate you are purchasing one of our hats and we’ll get them shipped out to you asap!




My Favorite Breed is Rescued

A new line of products available on Cafe Press!

TDL T-Shirts

The Dog Liberator T-Shirts

Shy Shannon T-shirts are Available!

Take a photo of your TDL t-shirt, and email to us so we can include you in our photo album on Facebook!
Note: We realize that this Paypal button may not allow you to select your size. If that’s the case, please simply email me and I will ship your desired size, while we work on this issue!

Note:  When using Google Chrome, I was not able to select the size to order, however, when using Internet Explorer, I was able to select my desired size and order.  I’m not sure why this is happening, but have asked the folks at Paypal to assist.  TheDogLiberator@gmail.com



TDL T-Shirts



TDL on Cafe Press

See all of the new things we have designed for The Dog Liberator on Cafe Press.


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