Fostering 101

What if? If we put together a package to attract New Foster Families, and it included a transport crate, a crate for your home, de-worming medication, flea preventative, dog food, leashes and collars, would you be willing to foster for us for 12 months and foster a minimum of five dogs over that 12 months…. […]

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Bad Dog!

If you have adopted from any rescue, shelter or pound, or if you purchased your dog from a breeder, and your dog is experiencing behavioral issues, please do not wait… call and ask for help immediately. If you don’t know of anyone, write a detailed email and ask for help by contacting a rescue group […]

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Let it Go – Stop Feeling Sorry For Your Dog

This article explains why it is unhealthy to pity or feel sorry for your dog. No matter what your dog has been through, pity will create behavioral issues. This article explains that most dog-owners, especially those who have adopted a rescued dog, don’t realize that feeling sorry for your dog does emotional harm. All Dogs Should […]

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Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid

July 22, 2012:  I slept with one eye open last night again.  Bart was coughing quite a bit, but in just a few minutes, he settled down and was quiet.  I think I heard him cough 10 times throughout the night, but it was only one good cough every hour versus constant.  I think all […]

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What is a TDL Dog?

I’m asked this question quite often.  How do I know which dog to pick and not to pick.  I don’t!  I go by instinct and past experiences, but more importantly, I know what my audience is looking for.  Sometimes I’m wrong, sometimes I’m shocked! There is no magic formula It’s not about size, color, coat […]

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What’s Different About a Rescued Dog?

So what’s up with The Dog Liberator? Why do we have so many people who are compelled to check on our status every day. Who’s new, Who’s been adopted? Got any updates? While we work very hard to update in real-time, it’s not the facts that people want, people want to see the story unfold. […]

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