BISSELL – Lift-Off Cyclonic Bagless Cordless 2-in-1 Handheld/Stick Vacuum

Update: Sherri, a TDL follower and supporter, has won this auction! Woo Hoo and Congrats!
Bissell, Inc. StickThe awesome folks at BISSELL Pet Foundation donated this awesome cordless vacuum cleaner, for us to Auction! 100% of proceeds goes to our Veterinary Care Fund, but to be honest… I want one!!!

Bissell, lnc. StickHappy Bidding Ebay-ers!

We Need a Hero

We didn't know when we rescued Dudley that he was Heartworm Positive and he had been shot in the chest, but today he is one spoiled Dudley!

We didn’t know when we rescued Dudley that he was Heartworm Positive and he had been shot in the chest, but today he is one spoiled Dudley!

You know who we are, and what we do.  We need to find someone that can sell us a van that we can afford, maybe make a charitable donation that we can repay by giving a tax deductible receipt, and a lot of accolades for their good deed.

We have almost 4,000 followers on Facebook, we have almost 600,000 page views on our blog, over 500 subscribers & 1,261,000 Views on Youtube, and 169 followers on Twitter!  More importantly, we have rescued at least 700 dogs in four years. This Blog receives approximately 500-900 views per day.  Take one look in the right-hand column and you’ll see our Globe of visitors.

We need a miracle!  Visit our Plea for Help on Facebook! Email us if you can help

All of our donations go directly into our Veterinary Care Fund…. straight to the dogs! If you’d like to make a donation toward transportation, please note in paypal. Our paypal email account is (button shown below).  Thank you!

Dogs Need a Freedom Ride!

Bart in my van going home after beating Parvo!


Do you have a clunker that you can’t sell?

Three years ago, a friend bought TDL a  1996 Dodge Caravan for $600.  We’ve loved this van!  But, it’s time for us to say goodbye, yet we appreciate that it helped us rescue hundreds of dogs!

We received an estimate to repair the Caravan of $1,800.

The Dog Liberator, in short, is without transportation.

A TDL supporter suggested that we ask our followers, supporters, and fosters for help!  So that’s what we’re doing – begging for a miracle.

Repair or Replace?

We need a vehicle that can transport dogs, which limits us to very few options; a van or an SUV. We do have a mechanic that will volunteer to fix minor things, so we asking if you know of anyone who is selling their van or SUV that can negotiate the finances, please contact us at

We are praying that someone has an idea.

We appreciate your help and please do not forget we are non-profit, and can provide a tax-deductible receipt for donations.  We also posted our plea on Craigslist!

Synergy Installation Solutions

The Dog Liberator would like to thank Bill Dillon, Dan Tarr, and all of the staff of Synergy Installation Solutions for their kind donation toward our veterinary care fund.  Synergy Installation Solutions has offices in:

Atlanta     Baltimore     Charlotte     Detroit     New York     Phoenix     Richmond     Tucson     Washington DC

Thank you Synergy for helping The Dog Liberator.  Synergy is a class organization and we are proud to have them as our Partner!

Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors

The Dog Liberator, Inc., a 501c3 canine rescue organization located in Central, Florida.  We are a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned dogs, primarily dogs from high-kill shelters and owners who can no longer care for them. By working with committed volunteers, local veterinarians, trainers, and foster homes, The Dog Liberator is able to rescue hundreds of dogs every year.


Does Your Place of Business Participate with the United Way?

United Way Write In:  Does your company participate in a United Way workplace giving campaign? If it does, you can donate to The DogLiberator straight from your paycheck by writing us in as your charity of choice on your donation form. Each quarter, United Way sends us a check, which goes to our Veterinary Care fund.  Anyone needing assistance can email me directly at

What Your Donations Do:

The most important thing we do is spay and neuter.  For every dog you help us rescue, you will be reducing today’s current over-population; literally thousands of unwanted dogs.

The Dog Liberator’s rescued dogs are fostered in a home environment which enables fosters to evaluate the dog’s true temperament, provide them with loving temporary care, and find them well-matched, carefully screened homes. The Dog Liberator also serves as a resource to communities by providing education and information on responsible pet ownership, including the importance of spay/neuter, positive behavior training, and good nutrition. The Dog Liberator’s rescued dogs are examined, vaccinated, micro-chipped, spayed or neutered before they are re-homed.

Boscoe, Rescued and Adopted 2010

Your donations will enable hundreds of dogs- once considered damaged and consigned to doggie death row- find their forever families, and begin life anew. The success of The Dog Liberator™ is primarily due to the countless hours of incredible fosters, transporters, and numerous other volunteers, and limited only by the shortage of funds.

Adoption fees, in most cases collected days or even weeks after rescue expenses were incurred, fall short of covering the overall cost of rescue. Such costs include but are not limited to shelter pulling fees, inter-state transport to foster homes, dog food, medical supplies, and necessary veterinary care required for each animal prior to being adopted. In many cases those costs far exceed adoption fees and deplete valuable financial resources needed for saving another dog. Without the additional funding from grants, the organization is restricted in the number of dogs that can be saved and placed into available foster homes.

The Twins Adopt Logan

Your donations could provide useful funds to continue our mission and expand our efforts by enabling dozens of additional volunteers to participate in our rescue efforts.

While we will not raise our adoption fees, and we will not lower the quality of care that our dogs receive, we dream about being able to do more for animal-lovers.

Envision our Dreams:

Only the commitment from Corporate Donations can help us achieve our future goals.

Today, The Dog Liberator is announcing their Future Liberators program, something that we have dreamed of doing for several years.  Educating young students about the plight of America’s homeless pets, euthanasia rates and what we can do about it.  We have a lot of dreams.  As stated in our Mission Statement, we hope to one day be able to ask our Facebook followers to nominate a family who wants to spay/neuter their pet, but can’t afford to.  Corporate donations can help us achieve our dream to do more for the pet-loving community.

We also dream about providing Senior Dogs to Seniors who can not afford the expenses of owning a dog. With the help of Corporate donations, we would one day like to ask our Facebook followers to nominate a Senior and gift them a fully-trained dog that is completely sponsored for life.

We dream about being able to help Displaced Families keep their pets, by providing temporary foster care, and funding costly pet deposits.

We dream about doing the same gifting for Children with Disabilities, and Veterans who are Coming Home.  Nothing can help depression 24/7 more than a companion animal.

As you focus on running your business to satisfy the needs of your customers, shareholders, and employees, we know we can do the same; meet the needs of hundreds of homeless dogs.  Again, we have rescued over 800 dogs, but with your help, we can do more.  Please Donate Today.


Little Grace has a family to call her own!

Tell them All About it!

If you work for or do business with a company that regularly donates to non-profit corporations, tell them about us.  If you need sample letters, tax information or white papers, send us an email and just let us know!

Our New T-Shirts are In!

Ed Jillson, owner of has donated the cost of custom printed t-shirts for The Dog Liberator!

T-shirts will be printed by

Our new T-shirts are available now! Click on our “stuff” page and order one through paypal, or email us if you live in the Central Florida area, and get yours in Deltona or two locations in Winter Park!

We met Ed this summer when he and his family adopted Daffy, our fluffy German Shepherd puppy. He has taken an interest in The Dog Liberator and has proven to be a great source of encouragement. Thank you, Ed!

To read the story about Shy Shannon, the Pet Store Inmate, click here!


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