Lady Di Revisted

Four years ago today, Lady Di and Goldie Hawn were flown to TDL via Pilots-n-Paws.  I had only been in rescue for a few months, and what I learned from these two gorgeous collies I have carried with me.  I never realized that a dog that I rescued could die.  It just wasn’t something that […]

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Border Collie Boot Camp

Many times, when talking to people about their dogs, the describe them as “Protective” when they are really being “Dominant”.  There is also a huge difference between being a Dominant dog, and an Alpha dog.  Many times a dog tries to dominant because he’s insecure.  An Alpha dog is never insecure!  As you can see […]

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Canine Reboot

I’ve done this dozens of times… talked to owners who are frustrated with their dogs.  Wanting their dogs to be balanced, and happy.  Sometimes it’s the wife that hates the dog, sometimes it’s the husband.  Sometimes the dog doesn’t like the kids, or the grandparents.  Dog fights, cat fights… you name it. One of the […]

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Alpha Dog, Pack Leader, and YOU!

I get phone calls, sometimes 5 a week, from owners who want to surrender their dog. Usually, it’s because the dog is showing serious signs of aggression, sometimes toward children or other dogs. As I interview the owner, I am then informed that the owner not only allows the dog on their furniture, but actually […]

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