Go Potty – Helping Your Abused Dog To Go Outside

There are tons of “how to housebreak your puppy” books and videos out there.  And I’m sure there are millions of products that claim will help, but these things are for the normal average dog.  Rescued dogs sometimes come with a little bit of baggage!  Usually, it’s the dog’s former owner who confused the dog, […]

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What’s Pissing them Off?

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of emails about dogs who wee wee on area rugs.  I’ve researched it, there’s no science to it, except Jute!  Expensive rugs may have a backing made of Jute… and Jute smells like grass! All of my dogs were 100% housebroken.  Then, because of foster dogs and those terrorists […]

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Canine Reboot for Debbie’s Pack

I received an email from Debbie on October 20th, 2012.  She originally asked for my help to re-home her dogs after she found Canine Connect.  Her email stated:   “My husband and I are experiencing a lot of stress regarding my two little dogs, which I love!   They have been together for over 5 […]

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Canine Reboot

I’ve done this dozens of times… talked to owners who are frustrated with their dogs.  Wanting their dogs to be balanced, and happy.  Sometimes it’s the wife that hates the dog, sometimes it’s the husband.  Sometimes the dog doesn’t like the kids, or the grandparents.  Dog fights, cat fights… you name it. One of the […]

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Treating Canine Incontinence

Holding it! Earlier this year, the following thread with suggestions for treating canine incontinence was posted on Facebook.

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Bringing Your New Dog Home

So, you’re considering adopting a dog from The Dog Liberator.  If it is one of the puppies that I foster, we’re going to spend some time talking, and I’m going to share with you a lot of tidbits that I have learned over the years.  And then you’re going to get home with you puppy […]

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Bringing Your New Dog or Puppy Home

Click here to read “Starting out Right” .  This page contains everything there is know about bringing one of our rescued puppies or dogs to your new home!

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