Ross Geller~Adopted

Update: Ross was adopted by Katie and Paul of Orlando last night! What a sweet boy he is, he has to learn to get along and be polite with their cat! I’m confident he’ll be a gentleman! Only Six Friends Puppies are Available for Adoption! Ross is laid back, and happy if he can lay […]

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Rachel Green~Adopted

Rachel was adopted by Scott and Brett of Jacksonville! She is going to be spoiled! Only Six Friends Puppies are Available for Adoption! Isn’t she gorgeous?  She is one of 10 Friends puppies.  You can see more of her photos on Facebook, or visit the Friends Puppies Page!

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Phoebe Buffay~Adopted

Phoebe has been adopted and will go home on Monday. I don’t know what Sunny will do without her! Only Six Friends Puppies are Available for Adoption! Phoebe does have some visual limitations in her right eye. Her left eye appears normal. We are testing her hearing, but believe she is most likely deaf (not […]

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Mike Hannigan~Adopted

Mike was adopted by Luis and his wife of Ormond Beach! Only Six Friends Puppies are Available for Adoption! Mike is one of 10 of the Friends Puppies.  He is being fostered by Jen.  He is 9-10 weeks of age, and we do not believe he has any visual problems.  We are currently testing his […]

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Joey Tribianni~Adopted

How can anyone resist this face?  Joey is one of 10 Friends Puppies.  Details coming soon, but in the meantime, you can visit his photo album on Facebook. Driving all the way from Jacksonville with her family, Kristen adopted Joey!  He’s in Jacksonville, where he’ll enjoy the company of his own kids and a Beagle […]

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Janice Litman~Adopted

Oh, My, Gawd! Janice is one of 10 Friends Puppies. She is a real cutie! She is being fostered by Jen and she is super smart! Details coming soon! You can see more photos of her on Facebook. Janice was adopted by Michelle of Deltona.  It was very hard for Michelle to choose, but eventually, […]

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Dr. Richard Burke~Adopted

Richard was adopted by our own Dawn, who previously adopted Amelia! It was a match made in heaven!   Played by Tom Selleck, this little boy was immediately adopted by Dawn, who had previously adopted our Amelia!  You can see more of his photos on Facebook!

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Chandler Bing~Adopted

Update: Sheila and her family came to visit the pups, and Chandler had the magic they were looking for! Sheila’s oldest son is autistic, and usually avoids dogs, but not Chandler! Sheila plans to give Chandler (now Clifford) a well-rounded education so that he can become a certified service dog for her son! There’s nothing […]

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The Friends Puppies~Adopted

Update:  There are 10!!!! These pups are siblings of Juliet and Ralph. We are not going to engage in a discussion about their rescue at this time.  But we can tell you that each pup was hand-carried to Jen’s car by their owner/breeder.  Our focus is to spay/neuter, including their mother to stop future litters […]

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