Angel Pup – Seen being thrown out of a Moving Vehicle~Adopted

Angel Pup at the Vet being well cared for

Angel Pup at the Vet being well cared for

First, we want to thank Kristi Stinson Sexton for taking such good care of this little girl while we waited for transport, Pilot Michael Young for transporting her to Florida, and Jeannette Dixon for bringing her to the vet for us! Angel is doing great!

She is too young for all of her shots, and way too young for spay surgery. We want to give her at least a week of good food, and a clean environment before we proceed. Therefore, we are hoping to find someone who is local to us, in the Central Florida area, to adopt her. She will need to come back to our vet in a few weeks.

Angel is a cutie patootie, very affectionate, and thriving well!  Please visit her photo album to see updates!

Pup Thrown from Moving Vehicle

Pup Thrown from Moving Vehicle


Donation Request: This Pup was seen being thrown out of a moving vehicle, and was picked up by a good Samaritan.  We have been asked to take her.

She is safe and will be transported to us on September 6th.  I have plenty of time to make her some chicken stew!  She has skin issues (probably due to poor diet and lack of care) and will need some medical care and good food to be pretty again! Some coconut oil might be helpful as well!  

Can you help, and donate to our Veterinary Care Fund?

Angel Pup now Gabriella

Angel Pup now Gabriella

Please see all of her photos, and get updates from her Facebook Photo Album.

Please share this photo and help us get donations for her care.


09/27/14 Update:  Angel pup was adopted by Shannon and her daughter.  She will be living in the Panhandle with her new family, and her new name is Gabriella… perfect name!  We will be getting updates and uploading her photos in her photo album on Facebook!


Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?

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