Baby Girl~Adopted

Debbie and Baby Girl

Debbie and Baby Girl

When a photo of this little pup came across my facebook page, I immediately thought of little Sara.  Little Sara was rescued by Steve Williams and Terry Watts .  She passed away in early June of 2011 to Parvo.  I asked Steve if I could get help, and he was on it immediately!  Then, I has Becky if we could get her transported, again, the answer was yes!

Debbie Donohue, who adopted Evie, volunteered to pick up Baby Girl from the airport yesterday, and drive her to my door!  Once here, I shared with her the story of little Sara; Debbie knows too well how hard it is to loose a pup, she had originally adopted Maggie May just a few months ago, and Maggie passed away to cancer.

Playtime!  Baby Girl and Ralph

Playtime! Baby Girl and Ralph

But somehow it all comes full circle.  Once again, we all get to save a life, and eventually make a special family very happy with this new Baby Girl.  And she couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time.  She and Ralph Lauren are playing with each other, and she has lowered Ralph’s separation anxiety quite a bit.  She is a rough little girl!  Even though Ralph is double her size, she holds her own!

For those of you who have followed TDL for some time, you’re probably asking yourself if I’m insane!  I am fostering two puppies (little terrorists).

shelter photo

shelter photo

Baby Girl comes to us from Jackson County Animal Shelter in Gautier, Mississippi.  Her birth date is estimated to be the first week of August (she is 2 months old).  She is currently weighs a whopping 8 pounds.  She does have some mild discharge coming from her nose, nothing that I’m alarmed about yet.  I’m waiting to see if I hear a cough.  She’ll see Dr. Oliver at Newman Veterinary Centers soon!

Now that I’ve met her in person, that one white ear reminds me of Marbles!  You can see many more photos of her on Facebook.

I haven’t even had her for 24 hours yet, but what I can tell you is, she is a survivor!  She claims her food, loves her toys and I don’t think she knows how to walk from point A to point B.  She runs.  She runs like the wind!

Stinking Cute!

Stinking Cute!

She’s not going to be a couch potato like some of our Border Collies.  That’s why adopting a Border Collie mix is so great, they have the smarts of the Border Collie, but the temperament of a calmer breed, like Tobuscus.  No, Baby Girl is not going to be a couch potato!  She’s a non-stop-go girl… are we there yet?  I’ve even seen her do the crouch down and get ready to ambush position!    She’s everything a Border Collie should be!

My Daughter Sarah, is in Love!

My Daughter Sarah, is in Love!

We want to thank everyone who helped Baby Girl get to TDL, especially volunteer pilot Ed for his life saving flight, Debbie, Steve, Becky and of course, her sponsor who donated toward her care through our Veterinary Care Fund.


Daddy's Gotcha!

Daddy’s Gotcha!

08/22/13 Update: Baby Girl is headed to Parkland, Florida where she will be Scott & Alaina’s new pup… This Dad is going to be the most popular Dad in the neighborhood! Wait till his two kids see this puppy!!! Will they do their homework tonight? NOT!!!

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