A Collie/St. Bernard = What more could you possibly want?

A Collie/St. Bernard = What more could you possibly want?

Baloo is a wonderful dog.  He was adopted from us in 2011, and was called Snickers.  His siblings were Sunbeam and Samson.  He is about 65 pounds, the largest of the litter.  You can see his original photo album on Facebook.

Snickers has been with Jon now for about 2 years.  He was raised by Jon’s first TDL dog, adopted in 2009, Connor.  Ironically, both dogs originally were rescued from Chilton County Humane Society.

Jon’s job change, and financial situation has changed drastically.  He and his wife are now working split shifts, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.  They used to have time to take the dogs for walks, etc., but now they are feeling guilty.  The dogs do not get exercise, and they are in the middle of a move… to a very small apartment.

Baloo with his buddy, Connor

Baloo with his buddy, Connor

In rescue, we understand that life gets in the way, and people’s situations change at no fault of their own.  Jon believes that his dogs deserve more.  More time to play, more time to get out and do things, and as much as it pains him to give them up, he knows he’s doing the right thing – putting the needs of the dogs first.

Snickers (Baloo) thrives around other dogs.  Connor, on the other hand, is great with dogs, but can be an only dog if necessary.  It would be a dream come true if they were adopted together, but we understand that it would be a long shot!  Both dogs have been exposed to very young children, and they are great.

Baloo and Connor are both fully trained, fully vetted… just add water and stir!

These are wonderful dogs, they are not hyper, they have never been abused or neglected, they are healthy, happy, and ready to please!



We believe Baloo (Snickers) to be Collie/St. Bernard mix.

Note:  I’d like to point out my complete and utter disappointment recently when a well-known rescue would not take back a dog that they had adopted.  The dog had no issues.  Rescue is a commitment… not a hobby.

James and Baloo!

James and Baloo!

09/07/13 Update:  James adopted Baloo last night.  Jon is thrilled.  James wants to do all of the things that Baloo loves, going outdoors, going to parks, etc.  Baloo hit the jackpot!

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