Bebop the Miniature Aussie Puppy ~ Adopted

Amy’s done it again, rescued a wonderful little dog from a rural shelter!

Bebop was surrendered to a rural shelter by his owner who reported him to be an 8-month-old Miniature Australian Shepherd. I suspect that he was a spontaneous puppy store purchase. You see, he is stinkin’ cute, only 17 pounds, but very energetic. He would be easy to fall for, especially when he was just a couple of months old, but when he grew into his energy, well, that could be too much for a family.

In order to quickly achieve “Miniature” size, puppy mills are known to mix in a little Pomeranian or Papillon. I suspect such is the case in Bebop. He is fine boned and has a bit of an underbit, common is those breeds. He is not only cute, he is amazingly fast. I think that if someone wants a dog for agility sports, he’d be a fantastic choice!

I asked Amy to share the story of Bebop’s rescue:

The Rescue of Bebop, the Miniature Australian Shepherd

Thursday, March 31, 2011: I stopped at the local animal control shelter on the way home yesterday on the recommendation of a co-worker (“There’s this mini Aussie puppy you just have to pull. Please go see him!”). I hadn’t really intended to leave with a dog – just make an obligatory stop because surely the little guy had been adopted – but who was I kidding? If he was still there, he’d be coming home with me.

So … here I sit typing another foster diary. Yes, I am a sucker for a cute face! This one happens to be attached to an endearing underbite and an energetic little body. The shelter called him a Miniature Australian Shepherd. If you like your dogs small, furry, fun-loving, and stinkin’ cute!

The first thing I had to do was change this pup’s name. “Bear” just didn’t seem to suit him. He needed something more playful and energetic because he sure was bebopping around, checking out my dogs and house. Why not “Bebop”? Perfect!

The particulars: Bebop has been neutered, is up-to-date on all vaccinations, and tested heart worm negative. He is friendly, energetic, and people-oriented, gets along well with other dogs, and enjoys riding in the car (he prefers shotgun, or better yet, your lap as you drive!). Bebop is housebroken (big plus!) and walks well on a leash. He’s a smart boy who already knows how to sit, shake, and lie down in exchange for treats.

If you aren’t familiar with Mini-Aussies, here is a link to a description. I’m struck by how much Bebop looks like the dog in their photo!

Make sure that you check out his photo album.

If you are interested in adopting Bebop, please review our adoption process, then e-mail

April 5th Update:

Bebop is doing great. He has become much more comfortable with meeting new people. I suspect that he had a pretty restricted life in his previous home and as a result wasn’t very happy with new faces. Yesterday, however, when my new foster puppies, Grits and Gravy, arrived, he met three adults and two children, and was relaxed within two minutes. He continues to love other dogs, taking great delight in having them chase him. This morning he got a little cocky and took his eyes off of my Gus. At minute 1:54 of the video below, you’ll see what happened. Gus has been waiting for his chance! lol

April 21st Update:

The magic continues, as Bebop picks his new owner! When he came to me he was wary of everyone. Slowly he has become more comfortable with people, but still not quite there yet. That is, until Joshua walked through our gate. Bebop ran right up and greeted him with enthusiasm. He sat on his foot, retrieved the Frisbee, rolled on his back for a belly rub, …. really, he knew Joshua was for him! I’m delighted. Joshua is a chef at The Briarpatch in Winter Park, and has a schedule that will allow him to enjoy much time with his new best friend. I couldn’t be happier! Amy, you did a good thing the day you rescued this little dog!!!


  1. Joshua


    Bebop seems to be quite happy here in his new home. He is such an incredible dog and quite a cute pup too!

  2. Bebop is genuinely acting spectacular. He is very talented and heart warming dog Miniature Aussie Shepherd. I wish I might have one of that kind dog. Thank for sharing.

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