Bling the Puppy – Adopted

Special Thanks to Derm for being our photo-grapher today!

Update: Bling is ready for adoption! She and Ranger sleep most of the time, but when they play, it’s a joy to watch! Bling is very friendly and is quick to learn.

Bling is a very young female Bossie. She is approx-imately 3 months old. She will be evaluated by our vet shortly and we will have more information with regard to her age, her current weight, and her estimated weight at maturity.

For now, she’s just a healthy and happy little pup that is enjoying playing with our Ranger… A LOT! She will be groomed today, and I’m expecting her to look like a little lamb when we’re done!

Better photos are coming soon!

Bling has been adopted… Her job? To cuddle a lot, and herd cats! Anxious for updates!

Adoption Update: Update on Nougat (aka Bling). As we have mentioned she is getting used to the cats, her new pack, and here is proof. She loves this cat toy and we have a series of pictures with her and Bunter, one of our rescue cats. But we have not been able to figure out how to load more than one pic so we went with this one we call… “The Tie”.

Here is another shot of her out under our tree in the back yard where she loves going under and diving on the clumps of grass and chewing on them.


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