Bonjour Soleil! The Golden Pup – Adopted

Soleil was originally named Giselle by her rescuer. Well, that didn’t fly with me! She is a gorgeous golden color, much like Lady Di, yet she has the face, and markings of a true Border Collie. Soleil is only 5 months old, and she needs an owner that is willing to take the time to teach her basic commands. She is very affectionate and learns quickly. She enjoys children and plays well with other dogs. More details about this pup will be coming soon.
12/12/09 Update: Soleil was adopted at our adoption event at the Villages, and renamed Lucy. She is also going to get extra socialization coaching from Jesse, with Sit and Stay The Villages Doggie Daycare, owner of Titan the Border Collie. We’re looking to getting updates on Soleil, the pup that was only with us for one week!See the post on our adoption event at the Villages for more details. We also met an AKG Judge who proudly informed us that Soleil (Lucy) is really a Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever! That’s a mouthful, eh?

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