Callahan – When Breeders Do it Right!

Callahan is not a rescue. He is simply being re-homed due to a family with allergies. Ernestine Styron has asked for my help in finding him the perfect home.

Callahan is 7 months old, fully vetted and micro-chipped, however, he is not neutered. He is an AKC purebred, and is eye-certified.

It is a myth that rescuers are against breeding, we are against irresponsible breeding. One look at this gorgeous boy, and I can’t wipe the smile off my face. Furthermore, I don’t believe there can be enough Collies in the world! I wish I could be surrounded by them (I need a bigger house).

Here Callahan is shown with Blossom.

I can supply a ton of information regarding Callahan if anyone is interested in purchasing him. As a pup, his fee was $1,500. Ernestine will accept a reasonable offer to anyone who is approved.

Callahan’s parents, Chief and Chloe are shown, as is a photo of his litter mates.

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