Sugar Bug~Available!

Meet Sugar Bug, the lovable 4 year old, pure white Aussie girl! She is visually impaired and a deafie, but doesn’t let that let that stop her. She loves to chase the ball and cuddle with anyone! Her love knows no bounds and she is happiest when cuddling with someone on the couch.

Sugar Bug would be best as the only dog in a household since she wants any and all attention on her. She is a quick learner and has already picked up on several of our hand signals here at the rescue.

For more information about adopting Sugar Bug, feel free to contact us at

Danni Boy~ Adopted!

This youngster is a very happy boy, he has not been abused or mistreated.  He loves to play with other dogs, he is crate-trained and quiet.  He is not food-aggressive, and is easy to please!  He is about 50 pounds, and would love to be loved!

You can see more photos and updates on Danni by visiting his Facebook Page.


Jon Snow ~ Adopted!

13872592_10209054798702565_521691469_nJon Snow is a 6 month old pure bred Aussie pup who comes to us after his one special need was noticed. Jon is great at a lot of things, play, cuddles, watching out for mailmen, but he may not hear them coming because he is deaf. He doesn’t let that effect him at all.


8/12/16 Update: Jon is a lucky boy. Adopted!


11/1/2016 – Jon is back with us. He is the sweetest little guy, a total love, and is a BIG fan of cuddles and love. This love muffin is ready to find his forever home!




11/21/2016 Update: Jon has found his home with the Martin family of Deltona, Florida.  He will have 3 doggy siblings and is fitting in well!












Minnie Mouse ~ Adopted!

Minnie Mouse is on her way!

Minnie Mouse is on her way!

3/10/16 Update:  Minnie is a 7 year old Chihuahua mix around 11 lbs. She fully vetted (including spay) and seeking a home. Minnie does have a special need, she is blind. She is also very loving!  Check out her Photos on Facebook!

If you are interested in being considered as an adopter for Minnie, please  read Our Adoption Process and answer the questions in the post.


Minnie Mouse needs Veterinary Care

Minnie Mouse needs Veterinary Care

History:  When Alyse brought this dog to my attention, she was hoping we would take her, but she was even more hopeful that we could get pledges/donations for her veterinary care.  On the dog’s page via Rescue Me Tampa, she received quite a following! 108 Likes, 371 Shares, and almost 100 comments left by concerned individuals on Facebook.  Yet, after Alyse asked for pledges – her page went silent!


Minnie will need full blood work, and a dental which may include a few extractions.  She will then need all of her vaccinations, her spay, and her microchip.  She is heartworm negative!  We will probably want her to have the spa treatment as well.  A nice bath and some conditioner never hurt anyone!  Please make a donation toward her care.

Here’s what the shelter wrote about her:

**** HAS RESCUE!! This poor little girl is a heart breaker. She is blind and she is so scared. Can you imagine being so tiny and in a strange place and cannot see? She backs up to get away and there is a wall behind her and she has no idea what is going on and is terrified

She is listed as a 5 yo chi mix, she is only 10.5 lbs! The shelter has not named her yet, but we are calling her Desi. Her notes state she has severe cataracts and is not aggressive, just very scared. So sad, please share her to help her make it out!Stray
Weight Estimate: 10.5 lbs
09/09/14:  This little girl is coming to our rescue. She needs the works, not just spay. She has severe dental issues, and as you can see, we are hoping to get her into an eye specialist who can operate. We need your help! Please click if you can sponsor her rescue.We want to thank our Alyse  and Debbie from Hillsborough County for coordinating her rescue for us, and Theresa Lorenzi for offering to transport her tomorrow.

09/10/14:  Thank you Theresa!  Minnie is in the house!  The staff at Newman Vet/Deltona just love her!  She is scared to death but she will let you hold her – no problem!  We have our work cut out for us.

09/11/14:  Last night I was on the phone with Carrie of Newman on and off.  We were coming up with a plan for this shy little girl we call Minnie Mouse.  First, was the eye medication, next we discussed her spay surgery – so bloodwork was in order.  I got comfortable and tried to watch the President’s address to the nation, when Carrie called me again, bloodwork is just fine!  Woo Hoo!  When I looked up at the TV, the Muppets were on… how did that happen?

Carrie & Minnie after a bath!

Carrie & Minnie after a bath!

Note:  I just want to pause here and make it very clear why I love Newman Vet so much… while we are just starting to relax after dinner, and prepare for bed, the staff at Newman are always taking care of our dogs – without delay.  No Minnie didn’t have to wait for the morning… for someone to unlock the door, turn the lights on and check our our dogs… Minnie received care as soon as she arrived.  And it’s not just medical care that they provide, the staff at Newman really pampers our rescued dogs with love and attention!

I spent the rest of the evening texting Alyse about Minnie’s condition and prognosis.

Minnie and Zsa Zsa have taught me a lot, and we have much to share.  We are gathering information to write a post that we hope will help the welfare of all dogs.

In the meantime, we still need donations for Minnie’s care, can you help?

09/12/14 Update:  Minnie had multiple teeth pulled yesterday, and a dental cleaning.  The Vet tells me that many of her teeth were absolutely rotten.  They couldn’t believe it.  She is going to feel so much better now.  She was also spayed.  Out vet estimates she is around 8 years of age.

Shannon Adopted Minnie Mouse today... I'm still tearing up!

Shannon Adopted Minnie Mouse today… I’m still tearing up!

09/14/14 Update:  If you have kids, you know the book series “If You Take Your Moose to the Movies“.   Well, I believe if you leave a cute dog at the vet long enough, someone there will fall in love and adopt it!  That’s what happened to Minnie Mouse!  Everyone at Newman Vet just fell in love with this sweet little thing, and Shannon asked us this morning if she can bring her home.  I Cried!!!  Not just any Shannon, but my Shannon!  We are so blessed to have so many wonderful and dedicated volunteers, and so blessed to have the best adopters – EVER!

09/25/14 Update:While Minnie Mouse has proven to be a wonderful little girl, Shannon had some bad news today. Shannon’s husband is very allergic to her, and that’s something that I totally understand. I am personally allergic to the smoothies, the short-haired dogs. Shannon thought since they have other breeds, the Chihuahua would be a no brainer, but the breed does have different hair than let’s say, the Maltese, etc. So Shannon is having to give up Minnie Mouse, and she is heart-broken. But the good news is we have learned a lot about Minnie, she is very affectionate, great with cats (they love her) and with kids. As much as we wish Shannon could keep her, we know we’ll find her a wonderful home soon!

09/28/14 Update:  After consulting with her family, Shannon is going to try some natural products and a few ideas to help her husband’s allergies with Minnie.  I bought Minnie a super cute sweater today, which I know will keep the dander down to a mild roar.  That along with baby wipes might help!  We’ll have updates soon!



Flynn ~ Adopted!

12144662_10153509944574792_8371856800179336767_nFlynn is coming to us to find a forever home.  He is incredibly smart and is easy to train (Who says deaf dogs don’t listen? [Read More]). Flynn is devoted and loyal and could easily be someone’s best buddy. He is also quiet and did we mention, house broken? He’s got that down pat. It’s time for Flynn to have a forever family all his own, and we are looking for just the right person for the job. Does that sound like you?

12122714_10153522800104792_1299266316807842049_nFlynn is in Deltona, FL and yes he is available for adoption! He is approximately 3 years old and 50 lbs. He is also deaf but that doesn’t hold him back in the least. Interested in becoming his family? Check out Our Adoption Process and answer the questions in email. 

Check out his Photos on Facebook!

12021946_10206737196283953_2115093453_nFlynn (aka John King) can’t wait to meet his next best friend(s)

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3/31/16 Update: Flynn was adopted by the DeRosa family of Florida! Congratulations to them all.

Miss Trouble ~ Adoption pending

4Here comes trouble! (and she’s awesome!)

Trouble’s story begins (for us) in 2014 when she arrived at a shelter after her family faced eviction and hoped for a better life for her. In the shelter they discovered during the noisy process of morning cleaning, that Trouble slept right on through it… she is deaf.

She was also a staff favorite. She loved playing in the yard, snuggling, and chasing the water from the hose (easy to bathe!). She was spared from the “E-list” for quite a while because she was so beloved by the staff, but eventually everyone runs out of time, and plans were made to get her out in time.

3Miss Trouble is a 5 year old female American Bulldog who LOVES people and loves doing just about anything: Walks, laying by a campfire, snuggling under a nice warm blanket and watching Netflix… she’s game! She is comfortable with other dogs and sometimes likes to wrestle with them. She knows some commands and will sit for a treat and is house and crate trained. She is a big fan of healthy treats like apples, bananas, carrots and green beans.5


Check out her Photos on Facebook!

If you just cant get enough of Miss Trouble read Our Adoption Process and send us an email with the answers to the questions presented.


Sunny Boy ~ Adopted



734872_10153643252374792_1479089927578391538_n12/19/15 Update: Sunny is home with Dee Krebs in Chicago.

Dee writes: To Dana Campo. I’ve been thinking about this post for the last couple of weeks and every time I do, it brings tears to my eyes. They are tears of sorrow, but also tears of joy. When Dana passed, down in Florida, her friends’ first concern was for her deaf and blind Double Merle Australian Shepherd, Sunny Boy. I immediately offered to take him and the Deaf Dog community rallied to work on transport. However, Gisele, with The Dog Liberator took him back into their rescue where he originally came from. She had a family waiting for him. With a heavy heart, I asked that he be safe, well and happy. I prayed for Sunny and asked God to place him where he would be loved and cherished for the rest of his life. The adoptive home that was waiting for him fell through. Bless Gisele because she actually considered me. We talked for weeks. Then we went back to our Australian Shepherd friends and it took a while, but a transport was set up. So yesterday, my prayers were answered. With Sunny’s Angel watching over him, a number of fabulous people stepped in and transported him north. My deepest thanks to every single one of you!!! We didn’t make it home until 5:00 this morning, but Sunny Boy is now with me outside of Chicago. We are slowly letting him meet the rest of the pack, but things are going well. Many thanks to Gisele, Eric, Ronna, Isa, Mark and anyone else I may have missed. I truly believe that this is what Dana would have wanted and praise be to God for answering my prayers!! I promised a photo of the 2 of us and I will work on that soon. But in the mean time, Sunny Boy would like to say “Good Morning!” from chilly Chicago. – Dee Krebs


12179434_10206981478070845_1242926526_n10/25/15 Update: It is with a sad heart that we have to share that Sunny has come back to us after the tragic loss of his sweet mommy Dana… She passed suddenly and we are heartbroken for she an Sunny.

We need to take the time to thank a few people who were kind enough to help us bring Sunny back to TDL. A special thanks to  Lora Wiggington and John and Jocelyn Peddler for all you’ve done for Sunny and for us. Sunny is in foster as we determine our next steps.



Dana and Sunny

2/1/15 Update: We are happy to announce that Sunny has found his new home with Dana of south Florida! Congratulations to Sunny and Dana as they begin their new adventure together!

We even received an update already! Dana reports that Sunny is already mapping the house well. She writes “I watched him map out the layout. ….I was mesmerized. He would bump into things then turn around and start all over again until he could actually run through without bumping into anything and that was when he settled down.” And if your know the running joke in TDL about being “couch trained” or “bed trained” this part of the update will make you smile “Yes, Gisele. ….he slept in my bed with me and upon getting up this morning we went for a walk and he pooped and pee. I was such a proud mama 😉 ” Dana also reports that Sunny’s new kitty siblings are adjusting to this new member of the family, and are understandably perplexed by him.

We value transparency in rescue, which is why we loved this update so much we just had to share it. Dana writes “I was skeptical about this venture at first but now that he is home with me I feel completely different and love him totally and unconditionally. I feel so blessed, I don’t know what other words to use to describe how incredibly grateful I am.” We are so happy for Dana and so glad this match has worked out well!

12/14/14 Update: Sunny is coming back to us due to no fault of his own. Sadly his adoptive Mommy has sustained an injury which has had her in and out of the hospital and makes caring for him very difficult. It is breaking her heart, but she recognizes that it is best for them both if we find him another awesome home.

Sunny is good with small children, puppies, older dogs (pretty much dogs of all ages), and is great with meeting new people. He is deaf/blind, not demanding, and loves his crate. He would thrive with a buddy-dog who he can follow and play with!

If you are interested in Sunny, please read about our Adoption Process and then shoot us an email!

Check out his Photos on Facebook!

Funny Sunny, Deaf and Blind, has found the perfect home!

Funny Sunny, Deaf and Blind, has found the perfect home!

05/26/14 Update: Sunny was adopted yesterday by Elizabeth Spicer of the Jacksonville area. I got up this morning and put plants and furniture back – I had moved things to help Sunny not boink or trip on them. I was kind of sad, I guess I had grown accustomed to the goof ball! He brought me a lot of joy. But I also thought I would foster him for much longer. As it appears, I became aware of Sunny through Dale Parent, on April 4th, and he came to our rescue on April 11th, and he came to my home on the 14th.  Which means we only fostered him for six weeks.

Several days ago, I received an inquiry from Elizabeth, who had been interested in adopting some of our other deaf/blind dogs.  Every time she inquired, the dog had already been adopted.  Four years ago, Elizabeth rescued a ten year-old dog from the pound who was deaf/blind, and she shared that it was the best dog she ever had.

When Elizabeth mentioned that she had a 6 month-old female Lab at home… I was hooked!  Sunny still misses Phoebe!

Sunny’s meet went perfectly, he is always friendly.  She signed the adoption contract, with the caveat that Sunny would come back to me is there is any problems (but that’s standard with our contracts).  I lifted Sunny into the crate in the back of their vehicle, and he was content.

They stopped along the way home for a potty break, but amazing as it sounds, when they returned to their car, and opened the back… Sunny literally jumped right in his crate.  Huh?

Once they got home, Elizabeth wrote:  “Trip was good… we got home, allowed him to sniff around and then introduced the other dogs.  Needless to say, Sunny and Lola, our lab puppy, have been playing non-stop!  They are the same size and just rolled around and wrestled together.  I had to break them up so we could eat dinner!  LOL!  I will call you later tonight.”

Elizabeth did call me later last night.  As she explained, because she has two tiny humans (two gorgeous little blonde boys) their house is baby-proofed.  No coffee tables with sharp edges, etc.  They invited Sunny inside their living room, and Sunny used the couch as home base…. after playing with Lola, he went to the door and asked to go potty.  How could it be that he knows where the door is so quickly?  He just does!  Three times Sunny asked for the door, went outside, and wee weed!

Elizabeth has promised to continue to send us updates.  I know I sound like a broken record, but I just can’t express how wonderful these dogs really are, and I can’t express enough how quickly shelters and pounds put them down, as they are labeled un-adoptable.  I disagree.

So now I am about to press the “Update” button, and it’s okay for me to cry!  Special thanks to Jenny Elliot who helped me brain storm and find my confidence!!

Click here to See all of his photos on Facebook!

Sunny loves Rachel!

Sunny loves Rachel!

04/23/14 Update: Because of my experience with Ralph, I saw this coming. I brought Sunny (deaf/blind) home last night and gave him a little bit of time in the yard with the kids. He did great, but bumped into everything. This morning… I watched him map our yard… mowing the lawn with his nose! First, he created a triangle, and within 45 minutes he had my yard mapped out 90%. Amazing! And yes, I took video! Will be publishing shortly!

Busy learning!

Busy learning!

04/29/14 Update:  Sunny has the entire yard mapped out!  He loves meeting new people, adores being with other dogs, and loves the Friends Puppies!  He’s a very happy boy, full of joy and proud of every new accomplishment!  He has a lot of determination, and is very impatient to learn new things!  In short, he doesn’t give up until he gets it down pat!

Sunny and Ozzie

Sunny and Ozzie

05/22/14 Update:

I shared this video of Sunny and Phoebe playing Hide and Seek!

I shared this video with Sunny and Ozzie last week.  Hilarious!

Lately, Sunny wants more to do, so now he is practicing jumping over things.  I guess he wants to be an agility dog now!  I’ve posted many new photos of him on Facebook!

The morning of May 24th, I shared this video that I took very early on a Saturday morning!  The pings you hear is my phone notifying me of text messages!  My day starts early!  This video is hilarious, click here!


I'm a TDL Dog Now!!!

I’m a TDL Dog Now!!!

Sunny Boy aka Funny Boy!

Sunny Boy aka Funny Boy!

Sunny has been awesome when meeting strangers, he’s very friendly! He’s great with puppies, young children and older dogs. His joy is to run and explore. He has my yard completely mapped! He enjoys sleeping in his crate, he is quiet, and sleeps through the night. Sunny is really one of the easiest dogs I’ve fostered. He is not demanding, however, he does want his independence! There are a ton of advantages to owning a deaf/blind dog, they won’t run away, chase squirrels or cats, and they are not afraid of thunder! Sunny is easy peasy! We just uploaded more great photos of him, thanks to photographer, Dianna Noreen!
History:  Great News! Sunny is being transported from Virginia to Florida thanks to volunteer, Chuck! We can’t wait to meet him!

Deaf Dogs Hear with Their Hearts

Deaf Dogs Hear with Their Hearts

This handsome young man is about 9 months and 40lbs.  Our dream come true would be to find a special adopter around Virginia! He is looking for a forever home and is currently in Virgina near Charlottesville.  Sunny is both Deaf and Blind.  Rest assured, if you are considering adopting him, The Dog Liberator will provide you and your family with consulting, and we will help you with any questions you have regarding owning a deaf and blind dog!  Our Ralph was successfully adopted not long ago, and he is a wonderful and intelligent dog, fully trained, and loves his family, including his children!  Deaf/Blind dogs in many ways, are very easy to train.

Sunny Boy needs a home

Sunny Boy needs a home

You can see more photo of him in his photo album on Facebook.

If Sunny does not find a home in Virginia wee are asking for a virtual sponsor to help us rescue him. He also needs transport.

Transport would run from Virginia to Florida so if you or someone you know might be heading down the coast please let us know and feel free to email

John King ~ Adopted

12023173_10206737195643937_642810266_nJohn King returned to us after his new home didn’t work out. He is doing quite well in foster and is ready to find his forever home!do He is incredibly smart and is easy to train (Who says deaf dogs don’t listen? [Read More]).

John is devoted and loyal and could easily be someone’s best buddy. He is also quiet and did we mention, house broken? He’s got that down pat. It’s time for John to have a forever family all his own, and we are looking for just the right person for the job. Does that sound like you?

11999863_10206737195203926_954690376_n8/20/15 Update: John King is in Lake City, FL. He is available for adoption! He is approximately 3 years old and 50 lbs. He is also deaf but doesn’t let that hold him back in the least.

Interested in becoming his family? Check out Our Adoption Process and answer the questions in email. 

Check out his Photos on Facebook!



Past History:

John at the shelter

We had a gorgeous white Aussie and named him Anderson Cooper.  When I saw this little guy’s picture at the pound, I figured why not name him John King!  While we made a commitment to get him, his time was running out.  We are very grateful to everyone who played a part in his transport to us.  It was close!

Bath time!


This young pup is being fostered by Jen Wilson in Daytona Beach.  He is getting used to his new surroundings, and we’ll be updating his progress shortly.  You can see his photos on Facebook. 


12270098_10207127168953026_1628173245_n11/22/15 Update: John was adopted by Patricia Ann yesterday. He has a new sister, a Border Collie named Poppy! So happy for you, John!


Sipsey now Cyrus

Sipsey now Cyrus

Found at a camping site near the Sipsey river, this 2 year old Aussie boy is deaf blind.  He was adopted today by a former TDL adopter!  You can see more of his photos on Facebook!


Beyond Gorgeous!

Beyond Gorgeous!

Wow, this guy is stunning.  Animal Control doesn’t understand why such a gorgeous dog was not re-claimed.  He was not matted, or dirty, and his nails had been recently manicured… and once I met him, I couldn’t figure it out either.

At first we were convinced that Niall is both deaf and blind, but I don’t think so yet!  He appeared to travel sound and be able to see quite well, but remember, these deafies are super smart and intuitive.  Deafies are so smart, most of the time their owners don’t know they are deaf!  Niall is one of those.   The only true way to see if a dog is deaf  is when they are alone, and asleep.  You enter the room, make slight noises (not vibrations) and see what happens!  Here’s what I do know… he responded to sounds and he did not “bump” into anything, and he came right to us repeatedly.  Much like China, he has adequate vision.

Can I come out and Play?

Can I come out and Play?

Niall is very young, maybe 1 less than 2 years old.  He is a real cuddle bug and has the Aussie Wiggle Butt.  He has been fully vetted, neutered, microchipped, however, the vet found that he is heartworm positive.  Heartworm is so easy and inexpensive to treat, I wonder if his owners got scared and gave him up thinking the treatment is expensive.  Niall will start his heartworm treatment and be negative in about 6-12 months.

Niall is so much like my China, I just know I’m going to fall in love big time!  And by the way, I thought Lilly was deaf/blind too, and she marched right into our rescue and never was!

Cuddles with his toy

Cuddles with his toy

You can see more of his photos on Facebook.

Update:  Niall is being fostered by Courtney, Ginger Doodle’s Mom!  He is incredibly affectionate and friendly.  He is learning everything super fast, including stairs!  He is housebroken and has amazing manners.  We will have more updates shortly.

Mr. Niall and Joey, his new name is Ban Joe!

Mr. Niall and Joey, his new name is Ban Joe!

10/27/14 Update:  We had a lot of great people who wanted to adopted Niall, and choosing wasn’t easy.  Niall was adopted yesterday by Joey!  We’re looking forward to updates soon!

Cyndi Lauper~Adopted

Bernie, the Puppy Daddy!

Bernie, the Puppy Daddy!

My heart jumped when I saw this little girl at the shelter… I knew immediately she is deaf and blind in one eye.  I’ve been told she is a double dapple Doxie.  No wonder I fell in love with her, she is the equivalent to our double merles that we love so much.  She was flown yesterday from Alabama via Jeff Bennett/Pilots-n-Paws and what an adorable little girl she is.  She is affectionate, rolls over and shows her belly, gives kisses, and just wants to be near you.  She is only 12 months old, and has a lot of puppy joy in her.  She loves other dogs and was very interested in some kittens at the vet (they were not interested in her though).

Cyndi Lauper, adorable in every way!

Cyndi Lauper, adorable in every way!

I could see her going to any type of home, a home with children, or a senior home.  She is really a joy, and reminds me a lot of my Rosie with regard to the level of affection she displays!  This dog is a keeper!

You can see more of her photos on Facebook.

Run like the wind!

Run like the wind!

I posted two videos of Cyndi, one last night and one this morning. She hasn’t even been here for 24 hours yet, but she is a real joy!

Anne, the Puppy Momma!

Anne, the Puppy Momma!

Bernie and Anne wasted no time adopting Cyndi, her new name is Gidget, and she and her deaf dapple doxie, Gracie, are getting along just fine!

They were literally starting to teach Cyndi/Gidget sign language!

Anne works at the Hard Rock Cafe, so if you see her, tell her TDL Deafies ROCK!

Here’s their first video that they shared with me last night!

Friendly Dog Collars

A great idea!

A great idea!

“FRIENDLY” Color Coded Green Semi-Choke Dog Collar & 4 Foot Leash Set (Known As Friendly) PREVENTS Dog Accidents By Warning Others of Your Dog in Advance!

Here’s a great idea, just in time for the summer.  Whether you order one from the company, or shop around for collars like these, it’s a great idea to label your dog when you’re out in public, especially when those tiny humans want to pet your dog! Personally, I was  happy to see one that says “Deaf” or “Blind”. The company is called Friendly Dog Collars, and they are based out of the U.K. Friendly Dog Collars

Phoebe Buffay~Adopted

Phoebe has been adopted and will go home on Monday. I don’t know what Sunny will do without her!

Only Six Friends Puppies are Available for Adoption!

Phoebe BuffayPhoebe does have some visual limitations in her right eye. Her left eye appears normal. We are testing her hearing, but believe she is most likely deaf (not confirmed). She is a doll baby and is being fostered by Jen!

You can see more of her photos on Facebook, or visit the Friends Puppies Page for more information.

"my little puppy!" "my tiny human!"

“my little puppy!”
“my tiny human!”

Update:  Phoebe was adopted, has two little female humans to play with and a very large but gentle German Shepherd to teach her the ropes… all in Port St. Lucie!

The Friends Puppies~Adopted

Friends PuppiesUpdate:  There are 10!!!!

These pups are siblings of Juliet and Ralph. We are not going to engage in a discussion about their rescue at this time.  But we can tell you that each pup was hand-carried to Jen’s car by their owner/breeder.  Our focus is to spay/neuter, including their mother to stop future litters of deaf/blind dogs. We have been adamant about getting the breeding parents spay/neutered for over a year. We are relieved that the breeder allowed us this opportunity to right the wrongs. The female has been having about two litters each year, some of the pups have been deaf/blind.

Jen on a spay/neuter mission!

Jen on a spay/neuter mission!

We are sorting through the puppies, every time we count them we come up with a different number! We thought we had 10, now we count 9!  It’s like counting flies!

Jennifer Clemens Wilson is definitely our hero of the day! Without spay/neuter each one of these puppies could have had multiple litters. There is no room in this world for unwanted and homeless puppies.

Dawn Van Ness is on her way to help! Thanks Dawn!

Chow Time

Chow Time

All of these puppies will see Newman Veterinary on Sunday, where over the course of a few days, they will all receive their shots, be microchipped, de-wormed and spay/neutered.  We will be posting more photos of them in their album on Facebook.

If you are interested in adopting one of these Aussie Puppies, please visit

Click on a photo below to go to the dog’s page!


Ross - Likes to play in the dirt!

Ross – Likes to play in the dirt!

Rachel - Look at that pink nose!

Rachel – Look at that pink nose!

Phoebe - princess

Phoebe – princess


Monica, what a beauty

Mike Hannigan - I can't resist this face!

Mike Hannigan – I can’t resist this face!

Joey - How YOU Doin'? - Adopted

Joey – How YOU Doin’? – Adopted

Jessica, the Slapper!

Jessica, the Slapper!

Janice - Oh My Gawd, aren't I cute? - Adopted

Janice – Oh My Gawd, aren’t I cute? – Adopted

Richard (adopted) - played by Tom Selleck, this boy has been adopted!

Richard (adopted) – played by Tom Selleck, this boy has been adopted!

Chandler Bing - Can I BE more cute?

Chandler Bing – Can I BE more cute?

There are only six Friends Puppies Left for Adoption! Here’s their new video!

Come Pack!

Ralph, Deaf and Blind

Ralph, Deaf and Blind

Ralph, the Deaf/Blind Puppy

Ralph, the Deaf/Blind Puppy

In less than five years, The Dog Liberator has rescued, rehabilitated, trained and re-homed over two dozen deaf and/or blind dogs.

They are simply amazing creatures that are in many ways extremely easy to train…   the concept of “come”, however, has posed many challenges.

A vibrating collar, along with reward will help us train deaf/blind dogs much faster, thus preparing them for their new homes.–vibrating-collar-guide.html


Where's Ralph?

Where’s Ralph?

$839.00 will purchase four vibrating collars ($209.99 each) that we will use to train deaf and/or blind dogs to “come”.

We are submitting a request for a grant us a $1,000 grant to purchase these collars, which will be distributed to fosters who specialize in fostering deaf/blind dogs.



China and Sarah

China and Sarah

Here is a quick glance at our  history with Deaf and/or Blind Dogs:

2014 Adoptions:

Johnny Carson   – Aussie  –   Owner Surrender


Ginger Doodle – Aussie       Owner Surrender



2013 Adoptions:

Sinatra – Aussie     Owner Surrender


John King – Aussie    Summerdale, Baldwin County AC


Ralph Lauren – Aussie           Owner Surrender


Juliet – Aussie          Owner Surrender


Winter and Dale

Winter and Dale

Squeeze – Aussie  Owner Surrender, Alabama


Maddon – Aussie   Owner Surrender, Georgia


Anderson Cooper – Aussie   FL, Polk County AC


Little Miss Muffet – Toy Poodle  FL, Lake City HS




Winter – Aussie  FL, Seminole County Animal Control


Bailey’s Irish Cream – Border Collie  Owner-Surrender


2012 Adoptions:

Jalo – Sheltie      FL, Miami-Dade AS


Diva – Aussie    GA, Gainesville, Hall County HS


Knish – Aussie/Catahoula  GA, Gainesville, Hall County HS


2011 Adoptions:

Falcor – Aussie  Owner-Surrender


Irwin – Aussie   Craig’s List


Dundee – Aussie  Craig’s List


Fiona – Aussie  Craig’s List


Baby GA GA – Aussie  AL, Athens Dog Pound


Kiss the Puppy – Aussie  Craig’s List


2010 Adoptions:

Sparrow – Aussie                Craig’s List


Sassafras – Old English Sheepdog  Owner Surrender


Velveteen – Aussie  Owner-surrender


China – Aussie

GA, Kingsland, Camden County HS


Skate – Aussie  AL, Hale County, HS






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Here’s Johnny~Adopted

Here's JohnnyThis young Aussie is an owner-surrender.  He has never been abused or neglected.  He has had all of his shots, been micro chipped, and neutered.  He is being fostered by Jen, and she reports that he’s all puppy!  He loves toys, especially tennis balls!  He’s friendly, great with other dogs, cats, and kids.  He has incredible focus and is easy to train.  Yes, he is deaf, but you know how much we love our deafies!

Toys are NOT optional!

Toys are NOT optional!

You can see more of his photos on Facebook.

Here’s Johnny!  For adoption information, please visit Our Adoption Process.

Ginger Doodle~Adopted

Ginger Doodle, deaf and knows hand signals

Ginger Doodle, deaf and knows hand signals

01/14/14 Update:  Ginger went to the vet today.  She was an instant hit, greeting everyone with the famous Aussie wiggle!  She will be groomed, get all of her shots, heartworm test and micro-chip.  She is one friendly little girl! 01/12/14 Update:  Ginger is an awesome little girl.  She is very affectionate and prefers to be with her people.  She is good in the crate but she does get lonely!  She would prefer to be a couch potato!  She would be the perfect dog for an older couple or a person living alone who really needs company.  It is almost impossible to notice that she is deaf – she’s that good! History:  This cute little 22 pound mini aussie was owner-surrendered to us this morning, and let me tell you, tears were shed.  Her owner adores Ginger, and trusts that Ginger is in good hands with TDL.  Ginger is totally deaf, but does not have any visual impairments that we can tell!  She is very friendly with strangers – she only needs a few second to warm up!  Ginger Doodle does know several hand signals! You can see more of her photos on Facebook. She needs a little help on the leash, and I suspect she has been treated like a princess all of her life – nothing wrong with that!  She is very healthy (she could afford to shed a pound or two) and needs a loving home.

My daughter Sarah edited this photo... this means she's in love!

My daughter Sarah edited this photo… this means she’s in love!

Ginger Doodle gets nervous around infants but did well with toddlers.  Ginger also lived with another small dog and they interacted very well together, however she seems to be nervous around big dogs.  She doesn’t always do well on long car trips… if she can’t see outside, and she doesn’t feel the breeze, she might get sick in the back seat!  Allowing her to skip a meal if you’re planning a trip would be recommended! She is housebroken and crate trained.  So far, she is whimpering once and a while in her crate, but that’s because she can’t hear that we are home and she doesn’t know that she is not alone!  Winter would wake up me barking at 2:30 every morning, just to make sure I was there, and he wasn’t alone.  It was hilarious.  He quickly learned not to be afraid at night! We’ll be working with her over the next few days, evaluating her and introducing her to new things. Ginger Doodle really reminds me of Baby Ga Ga and Squeeze!  She is gorgeous! 01/19/14 Update:  Ginger was adopted by Courtney of Windermere.  Courtney runs her own business, and will soon be creating dog-related products, where Ginger will be her model!  I’m sure we’ll be getting a lot of photo updates!  Ginger has settled in nicely into her new home, and is learning a new routine.

Here’s a video posted on Facebook of Ginger learning agility!

Deaf Dogs Rock Auction~Ended

I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! The winner of this Auction is BoBo’s and John King’s Mom! Woo Hoo!

Awesome Goodies for Deaf Dogs!

Awesome Goodies for Deaf Dogs!

A collection of goodies being auctioned on Ebay specifically for Deaf Dogs!

Click here to Place your Bid Today!

This is a special gift from our Rescue, The Dog Liberator to a very special person who has adopted or owns a Deaf Dog.  

Deaf Dogs Hear with Their HeartsFirst, a Signed copy of the true story of China’s rescue, “Deaf Dogs Hear with Their Hearts” written by Gisele Veilleux, President and Founder of The Dog Liberator in 2013, about a very special Deaf Aussie, who had been abused and rehabilitated.  Estimated value $20.
The Whole Pet DietSecond, a copy of Andi Brown’s “The Whole Pet Diet”.  A Book about cooking for your dog, and the recipes are used by our rescue to help treat puppies with Parvo, and severe allergies.  This book is the Bible regarding Nutrition for your Pet. Estimated value $12.00
Third we have a wooden keepsake box which includes a photo of Winter, a deaf Aussie rescued by The Dog Liberator.  Estimated Value $10.00
giftFourth, we have a custom made dog tag “I can’t Hear you” made by Fetching Tags specifically for The Dog Liberator.  Estimated value $30.00
Fifth, we have a green bandana, “I’m not ignoring you, I’m Deaf!”  Estimated Value $2.00
Sixth, we have a The Dog Liberator Pack Leader baseball cap.  Estimated Value $20.00
TDL Baseball Hats

TDL Baseball Hats

Last, we have a coupon book from PetCo filled with money-saving coupons for all pets.

All proceeds from this Auction go to the Dog Liberator’s Canine Rescue.


"I'm not singing the blues anymore!"  ~Sinatra

“I’m not singing the blues anymore!” ~Sinatra

11/23/13 Update:  Sinatra was adoped yesterday, by Beverly and her husband of North Port, FL!


Here’s a recent video of Sinatra playing with this little buddy, Milhouse!



Sinatra is a young male Aussie, less than 12 months of age.  We believe he is deaf, and don’t believe he is visually impaired.  He is great with other dogs, and very friendly.  He is being fostered by Michelle in Boynton Beach.  His photos can be seen on Facebook.  Details coming soon!


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