FlapJack ~Adopted!

FlapJack (shown here with his best friend Mulaney) is a seven month old Pomeranian/ German Spitz who loves playtime more than anything. He is a spunky little boy who loves to make friends and steal hearts wherever he goes. Especially, since he is only seven pounds or so and oh so fluffy!

He is currently perfecting a few commands and finishing up his house-breaking training, but he is such a quick learner and so eager to please that it shouldn’t take long at all! As long as he can play, FlapJack is happy! This little guy loves his friends so much, he needs a home with at least one other dog so he always has someone to play with. If you are interested in this little heart-stealer, email us at adopt.thedogliberator@gmail.com

Hermes ~ Adopted!

Don’t let his little size fool you, this puggle may have snuck in to The DogLiberator with a bunch of bigger pups, but he doesn’t let that keep him down! He has a personality that shines through and is as big as his heart! He is fearless, loving and absolutely stinkin’ cute! If you want to learn more about this little bundle of joy, check out his Facebook album here or email us at adopt.thedogliberator@gmail.com!




Update: Hermes has been adopted by Elise and Gareth of Orlando!


KITTEN CONNECT! Grayson and Shylo!


Grayson – Male Tabby

I know what you’re thinking… “The DOG Liberator” right?  Canine Rescue? Well okay, we have a soft heart. Meet Shylo and Grayson: 12 week old brother and sister. These adorable babies are looking for forever homes!


Shylo – Female Calico

Current on shots, fecal neg, spayed and neutered. The grey tabby is Grayson (male) and the calico is Shylo (female). $100 each our both for $150 .

Contact Cathy bcmcilroy@bellsouth.net



Roland ~ Adopted

12990912_10153938379639792_39002013399860692_n.Roland is a 18 month old male chihuahua who came to us with Tiny Tina.

We are still vetting and getting to know Roland, more information coming soon!

If you would like to be considered for Roland please read Our Adoption Process and answer the questions presented in the article.

Check out Roland’s Photos on Facebook!




4/23/16 Update: Roland, now King Tut was adopted by former TDL adopter Alisa (Captain Teemo’s mom) and Tut is already working as a therapy dog! He’s been visiting cancer patients, folks with depression, etc. We’re so very proud of him!



7/8/16 Update: Roland and Teemo now has a new sister. Welcome home Daphne!






Tiny Tina ~ Adopted!

12991072_10153938379564792_6743338994509534257_nTiny Tina is  a 6 month old female chihuahua who came to us with Roland.

We are still vetting and getting to know Tiny Tina, more information coming soon!

If you would like to be considered for Tiny Tina please read Our Adoption Process and answer the questions presented in the article.

Check out Tiny Tina’s Photos on Facebook!13007201_10153940377229792_8658251390272790567_n




4/23/16 Update: Tina was adopted by Stephanie of Altamonte Springs!






Tootsie~ Adopted!

Tootsie is a 16 month old female chihuahua who comes to us after the death of her owner.
Check out her Photos on Facebook!12509866_10153704684824792_1119792371956101094_n12523134_10153704684099792_4997943509092940253_n

She is receiving medical care and is seeking a loving home! If you are interested in being considered for Tootsie please read Our Adoption Process, answer the questions presented in the article, and send your answers to the email listed in the post.

IMG_702322Sarah’s take on Tootsie:

During my visit to Florida for the TDL Reunion I had the opportunity to meet Tootsie. She is a beautiful Chihuahua with the most amazingly sweet eyes. When I walked in, she was scared. Tootsie hasn’t been socialized much, and she is initially afraid of anything new. She has already adjusted life in the TDL pack and grown comfortable, looking to Pink and Rosie for guidance at times when she is unsure.

IMG_7025Initially would not walk near me, she barked, paced, and ran away. Night one she only approached me when the whole pack was getting cookies and she took one nibble and ran. In the morning Gisele put her on a leash and I walked her around. She is still adjusting to wearing a leash but adapted well and after a few minutes she barely noticed it. I took her outside in the yard to give her an incentive to like the leash. I sat down in a chair and offered her treats to come closer, sometimes with small leash cues, sometimes on her own. No sudden movements, low gentle voice, even my words were slow. She needs calm energy, and to know what is happening. Then when she would put her paws on my thigh to get a treat, I slowly moved to the floor and set the treats further across my legs so she had to walk on me to get it.IMG_7009

I practiced putting an empty hand out, and holding a treat in the other so she would have to brush past my hand to get the food, initiating touch. We worked for probably 30 minutes, and it ended with her coming up with no leash tension and standing on my leg (hind legs on the ground). She would not let me touch her body bellow her head but would let me touch her ears. You have to move slowly, slowly, and let her see that you plan to touch her and where. Surprise will make her flee, and moving too fast will scare her. It is the unknown that sets off her anxiety.

We resumed later that day when I sat in Gisele’s spot on the couch. No cookies, but she did hop up and sit with me. She wants affection, she just needs to know she can trust, and that you will respect her. At one point I did move too quickly and scared her. I would expect a fearful dog to bite me, but she nose bopped me instead. I think this shows her desire to trust you. By the end of the evening she was sitting on my lap, getting a massage and if I patted my chest she would come closer and even kissed me. After just a day and a half and she was on my lap, giving kisses. It is possible but you must go slow and show her “I don’t want to hurt you, I want to cuddle and give you nice things.” She will accept.

The morning that I left Florida, I sat on the other couch and shared bits of my toast with the pack. Slowly, slowly Tootsie joined the fun, and when Rosie moved off of my lap she hopped up and curled up. The real gem of the day was when Gisele’s son Ryan came home. Tootsie had previously seemed to show more fear toward men than women. Not today. She allowed him to sit on the couch beside her, and slowly reach over and pet her. No sign of fear. Tootsie is learning bravery and trust, and is letting her amazing heart shine through.IMG_7068You may be wondering, why is all this worth it? Why would I want to deal with a skittish dog? What is the payoff? She is the payoff. You get Tootsie, a good girl who loves to cuddle and kiss. She is alert and will let you know if something is amiss in the house or outside. She is good with other dogs and would love to be your best little buddy. It doesn’t take long to build trust with her and she is worth every moment of it.IMG_7033



3/28/16 Update: Tootsie was adopted by Jessica of Deltona!

Tater Tot ~ Adopted!

12524084_10153704682919792_8976773963458482448_nTater Tot is about 1-2 years old chihuahua who comes to us after the loss of her owner. Check out her Photos on Facebook!

She is receiving medical care and is seeking a loving home! If you are interested in being considered for Tater Tot please read Our Adoption Process, answer the questions presented in the article, and send your answers to the email listed in the post.

12507545_10153718342684792_6491777594445603867_n1/22/16 Update: Tater Tot was adopted by the Clevingers of Jacskonville. She has a new doggie sister, too. A Chihuahua named Zoey!








Little Vader ~ Adopted

12219603_10153565039174792_5020078036147885926_nLittle Vader may have the name of a villain but he is anything but! Vader is a 13 month male chihuahua, approximately 5 lbs, who is up to date on shots, neutered, and doing well! This spunky little fellow is great with other dogs and has done well with children. He is crate and leash trained and now just needs an awesome home!



If you are interested in adopting Little Vader please read Our Adoption Process and email us with the answers presented in the article.

Check out Little Vader’s photos on Facebook!


11/11/15 Update: Little Vader found his home with Dixie McCombs of Deltona, FL! More information coming soon!

Canine Connect: Cupcake ~ Adopted!

unnamed3Cupcake is a spayed female 4-5 years old Cairn Terrier or Yorkie mix, approximately 23 lbs. She is in excellent health with all shots up to date.

unnamed2Cupcake prefers to be in a home with a male dog as she prefers to be the only princess. She has lived with cats but would rather not deal with them if she didn’t have to. We’ve been told she has done well with larger dogs as well as children.

If you are interested in being considered to adopt Cupcake, please read Our Adoption Process and email us the answers to the questions in the post. Check out her Photos on Facebook!


9/21/15 Update: Cupcake was adopted by Susan Springer. Congratulations!

Harrison – the Hamilton Beagle! ~ Adopted!

11719977_10206247745487989_1269065345_nMeet Harrison! He’s a 3 year old, 30lb, male Hamilton Beagle. He’s a wonderful young boy: Great with dogs, cats, and kids, and great manners, too. A perfect family dog!

If you’d like to be considered for Harrison, please go here for everything you’ll need to know about adopting from us.


Also, check out his photo album on Facebook!

More updates coming soon!

9/24/15 Update: Harrison found his home with the Goodman’s. Congratulations to them all.


Canine Connect: Scout ~ Adopted!

1467409_10153261153319792_2970361028741113068_n Scout is a very sweet and gentle little 8 year old girl who needs to be rehomed. The dogs she’s currently living with are much larger than she is, and they are picking on her a lot. Because she’s such a sweetie, she won’t fight back.

Ideally, she would be best as either an only dog, or in a household with another small submissive dog. She loves attention, walks, and rides in the car. A perfect companion!

If you would like to meet Scout, please go here  for everything you’ll need to know about adopting from us.
Her adoption fee is $175.10996759_10153261153314792_2610097647779229602_n



7/8/15 Update!

Scout has left the building! She was adopted by Sally and Mike of Edgewater, FL tonight! We’re beyond thrilled for Scout. This is a perfect match. Canine Connected!





Tickle Me P!nk ~ Foster Failure

Tickle Me P!nk (P!nk for short!) is an 8 month old female Chihuahua schnauzer mix who is a little shy but so hopeful. You can just see it in her eyes, a little timid but deeply desiring to fall head over paws in love with someone who will love her just as much in return.


“I don’t know about this….” P!nk


“But I do love being loved!” P!nk










She comes to us as a stray and will be fostered in Deltona. We look forward to telling you all about P!nk as we get to know her. In the meantime, why not check out her Photos on Facebook?

 4/19/15 Update: As we get to know P!nk we are discovering how sweet and special she is.

We would love to find a home where she might be able to be a companion for a child with special needs, as she seems to have a temperament which would be great for such a child. Calm and quiet, she doesn’t cry when left. She loves to sleep in bed with you and recognizes the privilege. She remains in her little spot all night. Our only warning is that she is small and will escape through small holes in a fence, so the yard must be secure.



6/15/15 Update – Today I got the message I half knew was coming. P!NK has been home all along.  She is Rosie’s new playmate and best friend, Di’s little buddy, and has made her self a permanent part of the pack. P!NK adopted herself out, and We couldn’t be more happy that this little stinker will be loved and cherished the rest of her days.






Snape aka Reggie, the Cavalon! ~ Adopted!

 11/27/14 Update: Snape has been adopted! More details coming soon!

10403251_10152748618544792_1924352848974575006_n11/26/14 Update: Snape likes to play with kids and other dogs! This little love bug is ready to wiggle himself into someone’s heart.


11/17/14 Update:  Snape is all about his people!  He loves to run and play ball.  He is great with kids, and incredibly smart.  Snape is just as playful as he is loving.  He would like to be a part-time lap dog, and a part-time cannon ball!  Woo Hoo!  If you adopt Snape, you’ll get two dogs for the price of one!  And by the way, we’re calling him Reggie!

Johanna wrote:   I think little Snape might be a Phalene! He really doesn’t look much like a King Charles, IMO. But he looks quite a bit like the floppy eared version of a Papillon!

Designer dog breeders refer to the Phalène/Papillion and Cavalier hybrid as “Cava-lon (Cavallon)


Shelter Photo with Cherry Eyes

Snape (Reggie) is a doll!

Snape (Reggie) is a doll!

Snape is a year and a half old, male, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who came from Kingsland, GA.

As you may notice from his picture, Snape has a case of Cherry Eye, or eyelid protrusion. We have surgically repaired this!

Click to see Snape’s photos on Facebook!

Cutie Pattotie!

Cutie Pattotie!


Viktor Krum~Adopted



Viktor is a 6 month old male Long hair chihuahua. He reminds us of one of the faces of TDL, Rosie, and he is stinking cute!

He comes to us from Alabama, where the shelter had nothing but good things to say about him (you’ll shortly notice a trend)! The shelter stated:

He sits on command. Loves to cuddle. Starving for attention in the shelter.

When Johannah picked him up she stated:

GOOD DOG! Quiet on the ride, walked well on a leash, peed in the grass like a champ. He is top shelf!



Needless to say Viktor is an attentive people pleaser and cuddle bug. He is not at all growly or snippy.

In fact, the biggest issue you might have is him drowning you in kisses! See his photos on Facebook!

  If you are looking for a pint sized companion, Viktor might be your little man!


pizap.com141451579154012 pizap.com14145160392621





Athens 2 blaze2pizap.com14145161830402






 If you think Viktor might be the little man for you,

please first read about Our Adoption Process and then


Mr. Beans~Adopted

Mr. Beans' Shelter Photo

Mr. Beans’ Shelter Photo

Update:  Mr.  Beans is probably a Lhasa Apso/Maltese boy!  He is very friendly and takes turns being an active playful boy who loves to run, and being in your lap!

History:  His shelter name was Mr. Beans… we came up with a lot of name ideas for him, but Mr. Beans just kind of stuck!

We’re not sure what breed he is, but when we saw his shelter photo, we thought he would be an amazing lap dog and companion, more importantly, we know that the Polk County shelter has few adoptions and is over-crowded.  Why not?  He had a gorgeous coat, but due to severe matting, he had to be shaved.  He also has a large boo boo on his back which we needed to really look at.  The folks at Newman say he’s a wonderful and happy little boy!  He’s going to get a medicated bath, and get prepped for his neuter surgery tomorrow.

I'm a TDL dog now!

I’m a TDL dog now!

There’s a lot to be said about these little guys.  Not everyone has the space or the patience for a Border Collie or any dog within the herding breed.  We’ve said yes in the past, to dogs like Hugo and Wiigo, and the joy that they have brought to their new families is huge… just look at my Rosie!

Mr. Beans is a deserving little boy, and he’ll bring a lot of joy to someone’s home and family!

I know that not everyone possesses the knack for seeing a dog and imagining what it will eventually look like.  I can!  The before and after photos of Hugo and Wiigo were jaw dropping!  I guarantee you, this little guy is going to be stunning!

This is one VERY happy boy!

This is one VERY happy boy!

Special thanks to Vanessa Wilkerson and Dawn Ockstadt for transporting him for us on a Saturday!

Mr. Beans is a small little guy, around 12-15 pounds, and about 1-2 years of age, but we’ll know more about him in the next few days and will be able to provide you with details.  I hope we can also cat test him!

See more of his photos on Facebook!


12/13/14 Update! Mr Beans was adopted by Luana and her family, of Tampa! Congratulations Beans!


Close Your Eyes, Open Your Heart – How Do you Adopt Again After Your Dog Dies?

How Do you Adopt Again After Your Dog Dies?

This post will explain the grief and anguish people go through after they have lost their beloved dog and how hard they try to replace their dog that has passed away with an identical copy.  “How can I adopt after my dog dies?”

There is a puppy mill that advertises they will create a special order Border Collie just for you.  All you have to do is tell them what you want.  The manner in which they can produce an identical replica of your deceased dog is frightening.  For example, you can go so far as to request a red merle female with one brown eye and one marble eye – and they will produce it.  So what happens when you purchase a dog that looks identical to your dog that has passed way – will they be identical?  I say no – it’s impossible.

Finding the Perfect Dog After Your Dog Passed Away

At least 50% of the emails we receive to adopt are from people who have recently lost their dog.  The other 50% are from either people who want a second or third dog, or people who are ready to adopt their first dog.  Many times, people who are grieving the loss of their dog are looking to adopt one exactly like the dog they lost.  Maybe it’s a red merle Aussie female, or a classic black and white Border Collie.  Throughout our interview process, I gather information about their home environment, their experience, the dogs they have had in the past, and I focus on recommending a dog that has the right temperament for them.

Most of the time, adopters are wanting to adopt a dog they see in a photo.  The problem with that is that they are completely overlooking the dog’s temperament.  Many times, I am forced to recommend a dog that they did not notice, a dog that they did not look at, a dog that they are not interested in because… it doesn’t look like their dog that passed away.

I totally understand this, because I did it too!

How I found my first Border Collie

In 1981, while living in Houston, a friend of mine found an abandoned litter of puppies under a shed at the Herman Park Medical Center’s rose garden.  I took as many puppies as I could, found them good homes, and kept one, that I named Troubles.

Troubles 1983

Troubles 1983

I didn’t know what breed she was, until I asked a friend, who without hesitation, said, “border collie”.  I didn’t know what a Border Collie was at the time.  I had Troubles until 1994, and she was amazing dog.  Her focus was on me, and only me.  She never took her eyes off of me, and did everything I asked.  She was incredibly trained, yet she had no training.

When Troubles died, I was a complete mess.  Back then, there was no email, no internet, no cell phones.  I faxed flyers to local humane societies asking them to help me find a dog just like her.  My faxes went unanswered.

I visited a local Border Collie rescue, and met dozens of border collies, all of them unhealthy, and unbelievably hyper to the point that they were insane hyper.  I looked around at other border collies on the property that appeared to have great health and great temperaments, and asked if I could adopt one of them.  The answer was, “no, that one is mine.”  After pointing dogs that was I interested in, I learned that they were all owned by the rescue.  How many dogs can one person possibly own?  I left without a dog, and going home to an empty house was brutal.

After a few more days had passed, my grief did not subside one bit.  I even asked to take on projects at work that would cause me to work overtime.  I wanted to avoid going home.

After seeing my despair, my then husband took it up on himself to look in the local paper, and there it was!  An ad for Border Collie puppies.  He called them, and there was one female left.  She was expensive, $450.  We didn’t have that much money, but somehow we would manage our bills, and go without a few things for a while!

Can I Replace My Dog That Just Passed Away?

When I arrived I had the luxury of meeting the puppies parents, and the female mommy was a real love.  I went to their back porch and met the baby female.  There she was hiding under a chair.  She was gorgeous.  We brought her home and we named her Reckless.

Reckless quickly became my third heart dog.  First was my Collie, Nelson when I was just a kid, my Troubles, and now Reckless.

I want to Clone My Dog

Reckless, 2002

Reckless, 2002

Much to my surprise, Reckless was nothing like Troubles.  So even though my goal was to replace Troubles, and I did get another Border Collie – the two were as opposite as day and night.  Troubles was anti-social and a one-person dog, Reckless loved the world, and wanted to visit people!  Many times Reckless was sneak off and visit a neighbor and just hang out.  Neighbors would knock on my door and ask if they could take Reckless on their walk.  Reckless was a social butterfly.

Let me explain it this way.  You may have a family of four children, and they even look alike, but one is a Saint, one is a Trouble-Maker, one may be a Scholar, and one may be a Drop-Out!  Dogs may be similar, but even siblings are different.  We see it all the time when we rescue a litter!

Reckless died in 2009, and for the next few months I knew that I was incredibly lucky and grateful to  have had three heart dogs in my life.  I figured – this is it, I can’t possibly be blessed again.

Ozzie, Adopted 2009

Ozzie, Adopted 2009

Ozzie was owner-surrendered, and while he is a purebred Border Collie, and a very good boy, he’s not my heart dog.  Many other dogs found their way into my home, and The Dog Liberator was born.  Finding great homes for great dogs was easy for me, and even though many of them reminded me of Nelson, Troubles, and Reckless – I did not keep!  Why would I keep a dog for myself and rob a family of having the experience that I  had.  I came so close to keeping great dogs like Trixie Belle, Tim Tebow, and Jake.  The temptation was unbearable, especially when I had two young kids constantly asking me, “can we keep them?”  Oy vey!

Several months had passed, and I rescued Lady Di and Goldie Hawn.  I expected to keep Goldie, but she passed away.  I eventually kept Lady Di, and she is amazing.  I really thought that she would be as close as I could get to having a fourth heart dog, but I was wrong.

Princess Lady Di, Adopted 2009

Princess Lady Di, Adopted 2009

I didn’t keep Ozzie and Lady Di technically for myself or my family, I kept them because they created a fantastic pack environment.  Ozzie is the walmart greeter, and Lady Di is the sheriff!

China, Adopted 2010

China, Adopted 2010

Months later, we rescued China, and against my will, we kept her as well.  The bond between China and my daughter was too great to break.  China fit into the pack taking on the roll as the cautious player.  China had another purpose to serve.  Her job is to be the Deaf/Blind icon of our rescue.  She has served her role very well, because of her work at representing deaf and blind dogs, we have been able to rescue and adopt dozens of dogs like her.  She has been the reason for Deaf Dogs Hear with Their Hearts, and The Chosen Ones.

These three gorgeous dogs have been helping me rehabilitate and resocialize rescued dogs for almost five years now, and they do a fantastic job.  I couldn’t rescue without them, for it takes years for a human to teach a dog what another dog can teach them  in five minutes.

Your Dog Can’t Be Replaced

The TDL Pack

The TDL Pack

This past January, I received a phone call from Lily’s Dad, Dusty.   Dusty’s friend had to surrender her 2 year-old Chihuahua.  Seriously?  What am I going to do with a Chihuahua – one of the breeds I dislike the most.  Dusty begged, and I had no choice but to say yes.  When that little red cutie pie entered my home and sat in my lap I knew I was in trouble.  She won me over in less than five minutes, her name was Athena, but we named her Rosie.

Later, when I picked up my children from school, they both screamed, “can we keep her?” Thank God they felt the same way I did.  It has been four years since I have said yes to the word Keep!  Rosie doesn’t really have a job here with our rescue, other than to represent her breed, which unfortunately is probably one of the most homeless and desperate breeds there are right now in our country.

Finding Your Next Dog Might Be Easier Than You Think

No one can resist Rosie!

No one can resist Rosie!

In 2007 only 800 Chihuahuas were homeless on Petfinder.  Today there are over 18,000 homeless Chihuahuas.  If there ever was a breed that people should be trying to adopt, it’s the Chihuahua.  That’s not the only reason why I was so excited to keep her.  Ozzie is now 7 years-old, Lady Di is estimated to be about 6 years-old.  We believe China is approximately five years-old.  Their life-span is estimated to be approximately 13.  Combine that with I’m getting older too (yes, I sing Stevie Nick’s Landslide often).  My hopes are that as I am forced to say goodbye to each of these amazing dogs, I’ll have my Rosie to console me.

Rosie has been part of our pack now for 7 months now, and she is my new Heart Dog!  She barks when she hears even the slightest noise, she steals toys and bones from every dog every chance she gets.

Rosie, we can take her everywhere!

Rosie, we can take her everywhere!

She serves absolutely no purpose here except to make us laugh and give us unconditional love.  She will rub her little face on yours and make funny grunting noises expressing her deep love for us.  She’ll sleep with anyone, anywhere if you let her.  She is the most wonderful dog I have ever known… and she is a Chihuahua!

My decision to keep her did not go without ridicule and sarcasm.  People who know me took advantage of embarrassing me with comments like, “excuse me but that doesn’t look at all like a Border Collie.”  I took the sarcasm with grace, and watched how each and every one of my friends couldn’t help but hold her… knowing that they wanted one too!

Dianna's ChiChi, adopted 2014

Dianna’s ChiChi, adopted 2014

Recently, former adopter, Dianna Noreen found her own Rosie, and named him Chi Chi – now that’s one lucky dog, and one less Chihuahua on death row.

While I’ve had nothing but collies all of my life, Rosie taught me a valuable lesson.  Close your eyes, and open your heart.  You never know what dog will bring you the joy you’ve been missing.

Saying Goodbye To Your Dog is Never Easy

Update:  Just as I finish writing this, I received a text message from our Brittney, that Laddie passed away this morning.  For those of you who attended our reunion last year, you’ll remember laddie, a big gorgeous Collie that was surrendered to us.

Laddie, RIP

Laddie, RIP

It wasn’t until after Brittney decided to keep him, she learned from her vet that he had a stage 3 heart murmur.  Laddie died in his sleep.  He enjoyed the company of Brittney’s family, adored her young son, and enjoyed playing with this new pack.  He died knowing love, family, and companionship.  Ironically, the first thing Brittney’s sun asked her is, “can you find us another one?”  Unfortunately, the answer is no.  Every dog is unique, as unique as each of us are.



GiGi ~ Adopted!

I love that Tooth!

I love that Tooth!

GiGi is about 7 years old, heartworm negative and has been very well cared for by her former owner, who passed away recently.  Lost and confused, GiGi was afraid of strangers, and we felt she didn’t stand a chance at a shelter/pound.

GiGiGiGi is very affectionate, and eager to please.  Her vision is not that great, but she gets around just fine!  GiGi would be perfect for a senior who is wanting a real lap dog!

You can see more photos of her on Facebook.


11/13/14 Update: Gigi was adopted by Vikki of The Villages. Congratulations to them both!

gigi gigi2

Cyndi Lauper~Adopted

Bernie, the Puppy Daddy!

Bernie, the Puppy Daddy!

My heart jumped when I saw this little girl at the shelter… I knew immediately she is deaf and blind in one eye.  I’ve been told she is a double dapple Doxie.  No wonder I fell in love with her, she is the equivalent to our double merles that we love so much.  She was flown yesterday from Alabama via Jeff Bennett/Pilots-n-Paws and what an adorable little girl she is.  She is affectionate, rolls over and shows her belly, gives kisses, and just wants to be near you.  She is only 12 months old, and has a lot of puppy joy in her.  She loves other dogs and was very interested in some kittens at the vet (they were not interested in her though).

Cyndi Lauper, adorable in every way!

Cyndi Lauper, adorable in every way!

I could see her going to any type of home, a home with children, or a senior home.  She is really a joy, and reminds me a lot of my Rosie with regard to the level of affection she displays!  This dog is a keeper!

You can see more of her photos on Facebook.

Run like the wind!

Run like the wind!

I posted two videos of Cyndi, one last night and one this morning. She hasn’t even been here for 24 hours yet, but she is a real joy!

Anne, the Puppy Momma!

Anne, the Puppy Momma!

Bernie and Anne wasted no time adopting Cyndi, her new name is Gidget, and she and her deaf dapple doxie, Gracie, are getting along just fine!

They were literally starting to teach Cyndi/Gidget sign language!

Anne works at the Hard Rock Cafe, so if you see her, tell her TDL Deafies ROCK!

Here’s their first video that they shared with me last night!


Update: I’m so proud of Eddie. He was a star at Newman’s. He was handled in and out of the crate, given his shots, and his microchip (ouch) without incident. James also gave him a much needed bath and said he was a very polite little boy! Woo Hoo!

I'm ready to learn some tricks!

I’m ready to learn some tricks!

His name was Beethoven, but it didn’t stick with us!  Meet Eddie!  He is a very young boy, maybe 1-2 years of age, and full of personality.  He was not friendly at the shelter, but outside of his kennel, he was the walmart greeter!  Yesterday, after transport, I brought him to Newman Vet and he wagged his tail at every stranger and every dog that walked in!  He is a VERY smart boy, and would really benefit from basic puppy training classes.  I think he could easily become a trick dog!  I also think he would be happy living with a senior, but maybe I’ve been watching too much Frasier!

Friendly and Playful are my middle names!

Friendly and Playful are my middle names!

You can see more photos of Eddie on Facebook.  He has been fully vetted, neutered and microchipped!  He’s ready to be someone’s little man!

FYI, the real Eddie of Frasier Crane was actually surrendered by his owners, they said he was too much for them!  Click here for Moose’s story!

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Yes, I am a Very Good Boy!  ~ Eddie

Yes, I am a Very Good Boy! ~ Eddie

07/13/14 Update:  Harry Ameen drove over 2 1/2 hours today to meet Eddie.  He recently lost his Westie, and at first, he was trying to avoid adopting another terrier, but Eddie kept tugging at his heart!

Let's Play!

Let’s Play!

I’m very proud of Eddie.  At first, the amount of attention and affection he was receiving from Harry seemed to make Eddie nervous.  “What is this, someone is actually liking me, and rubbing me, and wanting to spend time with me!”  But Eddie kept coming back for more, and after just a few short minutes, Eddie picked it up a notch…. grabbed a tennis ball and went nuts!  He ran around the yard, and insisted that Harry play with him.  It was the first time I’ve seen Eddie play with a toy!  Needless to say, Eddie has been adopted!  You can see more adoption photos of Eddie on Facebook.

Mitzi Mu~Adopted

precious little girl

precious little girl

Mu Mu is a very good girl. She is afraid of strangers for a few minutes, but once she trust you, she warms up quickly. She is also afraid of other dogs at first, but give her a day, and she’ll be fine with the pack! She is good with cats, and enjoys playing with them. She prefers to be with my daughter, Sarah, and Sarah is calling her Mu Mu!

Lap Dog!

Lap Dog!

Mu Mu likes to follow you around, and does not like to be left alone. She would prefer to be a lapdog!

You can see her photos on Facebook.


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