Chico and Rosie!

Chico and Rosie!

Aye Chihuahua!  This little boy arrived last Saturday, and he too was adopted quickly,  by Kristina who works at Newman Veterinary Centers of Deltona!  He is a wonderful little dog!

Toby the Beagle~Adopted

TobyClearly not a Border Collie, this young boy was purchased from PetLand for a hefty price, and had a bit too much energy for his family.  He is good with dogs, kids, cats, and loves toys!

You can see his photos on Facebook!

Toby was adopted by the awesome folks at PePe and he will be trained as a professional bug dog!




He’s Clearly Not A Border Collie – But he is as smart one.  This 2 year-old purebred Poodle knows dozens of commands, has experienced agility and did great.  He has a lot of energy, lived with cats, and is great with kids.

He’s learning to be part of a pack, and he does well with my big dogs.  He does, however, find Ruby annoying!  He is slow to adjusting to change, but is becoming more relaxed every day.

AlfieHis photo album can be viewed on Facebook.

10/01/13 Update:  Alfie is still cautious of strangers, but he is starting to wag his tail a bit!  He is slowly coming out of his shell.  Poor little guy, he’s just shy!  He’s doing very well with my daughter, Sarah.  She just loves him, and can’t believe how many tricks he knows!  I’ll be taking new photos shortly.

10/03/13 Update:  Alfie made huge progress last night with my daughter Sarah!  They played ball for hours, and he was very proud of himself.  Then, he sat on the couch with us, and finally he ate some kibble with good appetite!  Ironically, Alfie has a meet today!

Alfie's New Dad

Alfie’s New Dad

10/09/13 Update:  I took Alfie to the groomers, and he got a gorgeous new look!  When I got home, I had an email waiting for Alfie, a potential adoption!  Alfie was adopted by James of Rockledge, Florida.  James lost his Poodle recently, and going home to an empty house was too much for him.  He’s retired, has a big back yard, and is thrilled that Alfie will play ball and go for long walks with him!

I also received an update:  “Just a quick  note to let you know about Alife (Winnies) first night.  He found a safe spot on the  day bed in my bedroom. This is where I watch tv and work on my computer.  He stayed curled up next to me all night.  He ate a big bowl of chicken and rice. Bed time he slept in the big bed all night without fussing. He trots rite outside does his business then comes rite back in.  This morning he has been following me room to room wagging his tale.  I think he’s going to adapt just fine. Thanks again.”

10/23/13 Update:  When I first met Alfie at his previous home, he ran up the stairs and barked for over 30 minutes, and refused to come down to meet he.  He was scared, and very nervous.  He trembled so bad, I felt so sorry for him.  As you recall, he wouldn’t eat for me… no matter what food I tried.  He was terrified of my dogs, and I just had to give him time to adjust.  I usually have a house full of kids here, and every time a stranger came over, Alfie would go crazy.  He’d bark, run around in circles, growl, and refuse to come close.  I put him on leash, correct him, and made him meet new people.  One by one, he learned that the more people he meets, the more attention he gets!

Alfie’s previous owner suggested that he needed a home with a lot of children, so they would play with him.  She said he needed a tremendous amount of exercise, possibly agility.

Alfie’s previous owner is very upset that TDL did not adopt him to a family with a lot of children.  Why didn’t we?  Because  that’s not what Alfie needed.  A house full of children would’ve made him even more nervous, anxious, and unsure.   Dogs with children can be a great thing, but children rarely focus on their dogs.  Instead, they focus on their Xbox, their Ipads, their cell phones, boyfriends, girlfriends, soccer practice, etc.

Alfie wasn’t hyper, he was nervous.  He needed a pack leader to tell him what to do, and how to act.  When I first met James, I knew he was perfect for Alfie.  He would give Alfie the undivided attention Alfie needed, but he would also expect Alfie to behave, and relax!

I’ve been waiting for this moment, here’s an update from Alfie’s (Winnie the Poodle) new Dad!

Hi Gisele!

Update on Alfie-Winnie,  He had his checkup at the vets last week and all is well.  He is such a different little dog than the nervous little pup we bought home.  He has made friends on his walks with the neighborhood children that love to pet on him, not to mention best  buddies with the little dog next door.

It's Playtime!

It’s Playtime!

No more shaking when he is approached by a stranger just lots of tail wagging and a look that says pet me damn it I’m cute. He loves to get on a tare running like a crazed hound around the back yard as hard as he can. Not to mention the hours of playing fetch with his stuffed rabbit up and down the hallway. 

He has also discovered the big birds that come to the back yard to eat from the feeders, he loves to chase them away even though they are bigger than him. When it’s bed time it’s off to sleep in the big bed and he pretty much sleeps all through the night. 

His appetite is great.  He eats at least two bowels of chicken rice and veggies a day and only gets organic dog treats.  He has already found the treat closet and goes there and stares when it’s treat time. The barking is down to a minimum usually when the doorbell rings, the  tail starts wagging. I was a bit worried when we first brought him home that he would not transition well but the difference is like night and day. No nervous barking and hiding, just tail wagging and lap sitting. He goes with us everywhere, loves the car, and going for walks.  Our former Poodle did not play ball, or do any of the things that Winnie does.   He is such a joy.

I'm ready to play!

I’m ready to play!

So while Alfie’s previous owner felt she knew what he needed, more exercise, children and maybe even agility classes, what Alfie needed was to stop being terrified of everything and everyone.  My Mom wanted me to be a lawyer and marry a doctor.  We all have good intentions for the ones we love, but what’s important is that we’re happy and our needs are being met!   Alfie, I mean Winnie, hit the jackpot!

It's hard work being a good boy!  Nap Time!

It’s hard work being a good boy! Nap Time!


The Mixed Breed

Tiny Tim the Corgi-lier (Corgi Cavalier)

Tiny Tim the Corgi-lier
(Corgi Cavalier)

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time, but just couldn’t figure out how to explain what it is I want to share.  This post is written specifically for shelters and pounds, and I hope those of you who work hard to save dogs, make sure that my message is delivered to the top of your organization.

It’s all in the label.

A few months ago, we helped a purebred Boxer find a new home. We posted Wrangler through our Canine Connect program, and he was adopted right off of our Facebook post. The problem was after he was adopted, we received about ten requests from qualified adopters wanting to adopt a purebred boxer.  I found that strange since there is a Boxer rescue not far away.

Over the past few months, we received notifications from shelters and pounds throughout the southeast who had advertised a homeless boxer in their care that needs a home.  The problem was every listing showed “mix”. So while I was looking at a photo of a purebred Boxer in their shelter, on Petfinder and other rescue sites, the dog was labeled a mix.

KiKi, the Shorgie (Sheltie/Corgi)

KiKi, the Shorgie (Sheltie/Corgi)

I have spoken to several shelter volunteers and employees about this. Why do you do that? Their answer is very disturbing. If they can’t prove that the dog is a purebred, they can’t mark it down as such.

petfinder CaptureLet me explain something about posting on Petfinder. You have a drop down menu where you insert the dog’s breed. Border Collie!

Then there’s another drop down menu where you can insert a second breed.

Then, there’s a box you can check, mixed breed where the options given are Yes or No!  What shelters and pounds do is automatically check the mixed breed box with the Yes option. Why? Do you know, proof-positive, that this dog is a mixed breed? Their answer is no, but we don’t know proof-positive that it’s a purebred either.

The Borgi Puppies (Border Collie/Corgi)

The Borgi Puppies (Border Collie/Corgi)

My question is, what would it take for you to know proof-positive that it IS a purebreed? Their answer? Papers!

This is not only insane, but it’s hurting the dogs that are truly purebreds.

Katy Perry was adopted yesterday. I am very confident that Katy is purebred. Do I know that for a fact? No. So why would I profess that she is? Because I don’t see anything else. She does not present any other breed.

When I looked at Boo Boo, I saw Aussie, but I knew she was not a purebred, yet I couldn’t put my finger oni t.  After a few days, and hearing Brittney’s opinion, I saw Aussie and I saw Red Heeler, so I labeled her as such.

White Fluffy Puppies (Aussie/Catahoula)

White Fluffy Puppies (Aussie/Catahoula)

I’m not saying that purebreds are more attractive, and I’m not saying that mixed breeds are less desirable, all I’m saying is I am not going to check the mixed breed box with a Yes unless I know it is, think it is, or suspect it is.

Shelters and pounds claim that their hands are tied, and that they are forced to label every dog that comes into their shelter a mixed breed.

So if you’re cruising Petfinder or other rescue sites, and see that nasty little box checked, ignore it. They don’t know, the dogs are strays!

In cases where a shelter receives an owner-surrender. The owner brings in a puppy, and the owner claims it’s let’s say Border Collie. The owner claims it has a male and female Border Collie on the property, the two dogs were breed, and the pup must be a Border Collie. In this case I would agree, if those were the only two dogs the breeder had, and those were the only two dogs on his property the entire time his female was in heat.

Lady Victoria Collie Mix?

Lady Victoria Collie Mix?

In many cases, Hobby Breeders own several different breeds of dogs. If there is a Sheltie or Great Pyrenees on the property, you can’t guarantee that the puppy is a purebred Border Collie. In many cases, what really happened is the breeder whelpt five wonderful Border Collie puppies, and three that were not. One may have looked more like a Sheltie, and two may present Great Pyrenees. Now, the breeder is stuck. The breeder has three pups that he/she can’t pass off as a Border Collie, i.e., the pups have no value, hence they go to the pound.

I personally could case less if it’s a mixed breed, the purpose of sharing this with you is so that you do not look at that box that is checked.  If you are determined to adopt a purebred, use your own judgement, do not rely on the shelter’s assessment, after all their hands are tied.

One of the reason some people love TDL so much is because we do take in the mixed breeds.  Dogs like Kudos just melted my heart.  There’s no doubt when we rescued dogs like Tim TebowTrixie BelleJakeLady TrueloveZiggy, and even Bart, they were all probably labeled as mixed breeds.  Hogwash, and  I will not drink the Kool-Aid!

Tim Tebow and Lady Truelove (Ignore the Box!)

Tim Tebow and Lady Truelove (Ignore the Box!)

Back in the late 90s I was contacted by a lady who had purchased a Border Collie pup, and she could no longer take care of it.  She described the pup to me over the phone, and I wasn’t interested.  She called me day and night, begging me to take the dog.  We went to see her, and as she came out of her house, one look at the pup and I knew it was a Sheltie mix.  Even though I was looking for a Border Collie, my then husband convinced me to take her.  The woman swore that she bought it from a Border Collie Breeder, and met the parents of the pup.  I asked her if there was a Sheltie on the property.  She said yes.  I rest my case.  Did it matter?  Not really, I loved the Sheltie, we named her Mischief and later I found an awesome Border Collie.  It was meant to be.

While we listen carefully to what a shelter or pound shares with us, and we do share that information with you, we also share our opinion with you! We won’t drink the Kool-aid!

Denise Novros sent me this video on Facebook this morning, and it blew my mind! If you volunteer or work for a shelter or pound, you have to watch this brilliant video!

Dylan, a Purebred American Couch Dog~Adopted

Dylan, a Purebred American Couch Dog

Dylan, a Purebred American Couch Dog

Hi!  I’m Dylan… and I live up to my name!  I’m calm and like to chill by the pool with friends (I sneak in a dip when no one is looking!) but I love to go with my human to the beach, the dog park, on bike rides, jogging, camping, hiking… I just like to go!  I’m going to be four years old in August, and I weigh 60 pounds (I love cookies).  I’m great with people, kids, and other dogs.  I’m quite the social butterfly to be honest.  I was adopted, but returned because the family wanted a puppy… no biggie, I’m moving on!

A lot of people have tried to guess my breed, I’m sorry but I don’t know what I am… I was too young to remember!  I guess I’m a purebred American Couch Dog!  I really don’t have any issues, to be honest, I’m a really good boy!  I’m being fostered by a really nice lady named Margrit in Englewood, Florida.  You can see more photos of me on Facebook.  I hope to meet you soon!  ~ Dylan

Dylan is a courtesy listing by TDL through Canine Connect

Update:  Dylan was adopted by his foster Mom!

Springsteen’s Rosie~Adopted

05/19/13 Update: Little Rosie was adopted by Cynthia and Jeff or Rockledge, Florida. Cynthia adopted Lady Melbourne from us many years ago! Rosie will go to work with Cynthia, as she is a school teacher for disabled children. Rosie’s job will be to sit on little laps and be petted! Woo Hoo!

One Happy Little Dog!

Bath Time!

Rosie is a purebred Papillon about five years of age.  She weighs just under 8 pounds.  Her former roommate, Sheba, is also in our rescue.  Rosie had has some hot spots due to fleas, but all has been treated.  She also had a severe ear infection and serious dental issues, which are also being take care of by Newman Veterinary Center.  Rosie is incredibly friendly with everyone, including other dogs.

In short, she is a little doll!  You can see more photos of Rosie on Facebook.

You need a kiss?

05/08/13 Update: I’ve been told that these little guys have bad teeth, and I have rescued a lot of small breed dogs that had serious dental issues, but Rosie, poor little girl, only had one tooth left, it was infected and could not be saved. Unfortunately, now she doesn’t have any teeth at all, but that doesn’t stop her! She’s eating very well, and recovering from her spay nicely. She really wants to be held right now! She has had all of her shots, and has been micro-chipped. Special thanks to Brittney for giving her a much needed bath! Rosie is resting comfortably, and she’s simply waiting for the right home to find her, scoop her up, and bring her home!


What a smile!

Sheldon is a four year-old purebred Dachshund.  He is a tiny little guy, with a lot of expression.  He is at Newman Veterinary Center right now being checked out!  He will get all of his shots, microchip and he has been neutered.  Sheldon is a very intelligent dog, he is very aware of his surroundings.  He is happy dog but serious at the same time!  He is also a bit needy.  I can’t blame him considering he his been separated from his owners.


Sheldon is a product of a breakup in a relationship.  He doesn’t understand why he was cast out.  He was very loved by his man owner, but his owner’s job requires extensive travel-not a good life for homebody Sheldon.  His woman owner did not want to keep him.  A good Samaritan stepped in and grabbed Sheldon before he was headed to the pound.  Which is not a good place for such a serious little man!

Sheldon is great with kids, other dogs, and all people.  He has NOT been tested with cats yet.  He is very interested in lizards!  Sheldon is housebroken, and I’m sure he knows many commands!  We will provide updates as soon as we learn more about him.  You can see more photos of Sheldon on Facebook.

Looks a bit sad, eh?

May 2, 2013 Update:
I am learning more and more about Sheldon everyday. While he doesn’t hate the company of children he would much rather be accompanied by adults or older children maybe teenagers. You can see in his photo’s he doesn’t turn down a good belly rub or bacon treat, even if it means the kids have to love on him first! He is the definition of LAP DOG! He will sit in your lap for hours if you let him.

Sheldon has free roam in the house with no apparent flaws. He does retreat back to his crate to sleep. Oh yeah! he is crate trained too. Only a few whines here and there now he is getting used to the new surroundings. I don’t believe he EVER missed a meal, maybe even stole a few extra’s here and there judging by his weight 18.5 pounds! What a chunky boy! He is currently on antibiotics due to an allergy, possible food. I have switched his food to something less prone to an allergic reaction. We will give him a few days on the medication and see if there is any improvement.

Loves to Travel!

I would describe Sheldon’s perfect home as a quiet home where he could spend his days curled up on a pillow or in his humans lap. Someone with occasional children or older teenage children to love him. He loves to go for car rides and will even jump in. Yeah, yeah! I know he has no legs you say. I have an expedition that is extra tall =) and he jumps right in!
You can see more photos of Sheldon on Facebook. ~ Brittney


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now THIS is stinking cute!

Sheba is an awesome little girl. She is very affectionate, gets along with other animals, and is quiet. Sheba has NO health issues. She is a purebred Papillon, and she is ten years old.  She uses puppy pads to wee wee like a good girl!  You can see her photos on Facebook.

Queen of Sheba!

I’ve had Sheba for a few days, and she is a wonderful little dog, weighing in at only 5 pounds!  She is at Newman Veterinary Center right now, and her evaluation showed serious dental and ear issues.  Those will be addressed while she is being spayed today.  When they are finished with this little baby, she will have a new smile and be totally vetted!

easy to please!

I think Sheba will be a bit more spunky after she recovers from her ordeal today at the vet.  Her teeth must have been very painful.

05/08/13 Update:  This poor little thing had seven teeth removed.  She has had all of her shots, been spayed, and micro-chipped.  She is on antibiotics, and doing very well.  I can’t imagine how it would feel to be housing seven infected teeth… ouch!  Sheba also had a severe ear infection that has been treated.  After Sheba recovers, we will see a new spunk in her walk and new joy in her heart!  She is a precious little thing!

05/09/13 Update:  Yesterday was scary.  Sheba was shutting down.  She wouldn’t drink or eat, and she’d lay in the back of her crate, unresponsive.  I know she was in pain, but at only five pounds, I was scared for her.  I called my friend Ernestine.  I was afraid of dehydration, but Ernie was afraid of dropping blood sugar.  She gave me a great tip!  She suggested I find some Karo Syrup, but I didn’t have any so she suggested pancake syrup… just put a little on your finger, and let her lick it to get her blood sugar up.  I did, and it worked.

“Come on little girl, eat for Sarah!”

I offered her everything I had, chicken stew, canned dog food, peas, you name it!  I put a small piece of cooked steak in the blender, added water and Sarah went into Sheba’s crate, and used a syringe to force feed her.  Sarah alternated between food and water, until Sheba was up and much more lively.  Then, Sarah chopped up some tiny steak bites, and Sheba gobbled them up!

Sarah let Sheba and Rosie outside, and then we let them hang out with us on the couch for a while.  Sheba really enjoyed the company, and Sarah held her in her lap.

This morning, Sheba is still eating and drinking!  Yesterday, I published our newsletter, and asked for donations to replenish the funds that Sheba had exhausted!  I want to thank everyone who sent donations for our Veterinary Care Fund.  I really appreciate your help.


05/11/13 Update:  Sheba was adopted yesterday by Susan from Ocala!

Here Hugo~Adopted

You can see the sores on his head

What’s a Lhasa apso Yorki mix?  A YorkiApso!  Britteny Myers looked it up for me, that that’s Hugo!

Written by Sarah White:  Hugo came to us after being dumped in an apartment complex with two other dogs. One was re-homed, the other unfortunately didn’t make it, but little Hugo came to us thanks to two good Samaritans, Jon and Chris, who took the little guy in and helped him out. We think Hugo is a “yorkie apso” (Part Yorkie, part lhasa apso). This cute little guy is just waiting to wiggle into someone’s heart.

Could you please help us by being Hugo’s virtual foster?

Hugo is great with the pack, he is quiet in his crate, and he needs a lot of grooming.  I’m afraid that grooming will lead to some serious medical attention.  His scabs are inflamed.  I’m sure a theraputic bath by Groomer, Serena Drake and the attention from the folks at Val-u-Vet will turn him around on a dime.

and you can see the joy in his heart!

Of course, the first thing I did was serve him a meal of Doc’s Stew by Andi Brown.  He gobbled it.  Along with Andi’s “Best in Coat” I’m sure his fur will be gorgeous soon!

What I find interesting is McDreamy is very fond of Hugo.  He follows him around with his tail wagging constantly.

Hugo will visit the vet tomorrow (Tuesday) and be neutered on Wednesday.  We will have more information about him then, and of course, we’ll share updates!

Hugo’s photo album is on Facebook!

with good Samaritans, Jon and Chris

Sarah says goodbye to Hugo!

10/28/12 Update: Hugo was adopted today by Diana Hall and her husband, and is setting up his permanent residence in Okeechobee, Florida!

Brittney Meyers gave me a glimpse as to what Hugo will eventually look like!

Hugo with a Full Coat

WiiGo, the Yorkillon~Adopted

WiiGo with her landing gear up!

This cute little doll was found wandering the streets before she was spotted and picked up by Debbie Brubaker, who whisked her into her car.

Wii Go is home with me now. She was groomed, had her teeth cleaned, three teeth pulled, anal glands done, ears cleaned… you know, the works!Imagine this, she’s a Yorkshire Terrier / Papillon mix.  What is that? Either a Porky or a Yorkillon!!! I can hear you Snickering!!!

She is stinking cute, fully housebroken, leash trained, heartworm negative, and weighs in a whopping 7.5 pounds.  Meet Wii Go! Clearly not a border collie! Special thanks to Debbie Brubaker and Sheila Coffman who rescued her and brought her to TDL!

sporting the Yorkie look

When her ears are up, she looks very Papillon, but when her ears are down, she looks very Yorkie!

WiiGo is very quiet in her crate, she loves my kids, she is housebroken, and leash-trained.  It is too soon to introduce her to my pack because she was just spayed, but in a few days we will let her meet everyone.  So far, she is a joy to foster, and easy to care for.

She is very underweight, so I’m anxious to put some pounds on her.  I wonder how long she has been on her own.  We called animal control, no one had reported her missing.  These little dogs can’t go more than a few days without good food before they become emaciated.

WiiGo’s photo album can be viewed on Facebook.
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WiiGo and Jackie!

Adoption Update:  Little WiiGo is now Scarlet!  She was adopted by Jackie & Bill Gioia and will be living in Ormond by the Sea, Florida.  I sure loved this little girl!



Teddy ~ Adopted

"Can't touch this!"

Did you know that every Lassie, breed and trained by the Weatherwax family had its own Terrier?  It’s true!  My first collie, Nelson, had his own Poodle to play with!  It was hilarious watching that poodle being chased by our 75 pound collie.  The poodle could cut corners, run faster, and run under furniture… the collie never had a chance!

This little guy is Clearly Not a Border Collie, but sure is a great family pet.  Weighing in at a whopping ten pounds, Teddy (Bear) is a blonde Chihuahua that is two years old, and is great with dogs, kids and cats.  What more could you ask for?  His family is forced to surrender him because of their work schedule.  Little Teddy is not getting enough time and attention.  He is being fostered in the Deltona area.

Pick Me!

If you are interested in meeting one of our dogs or learning more about it, please e-mail us at and let’s get the process going! Share such information

as where you live,
your household composition,
your yard/fence/exercise plan,
pets you have and/or had,
your normal work schedule,
how much time the dog will be alone,
what you are looking for in a dog,
do you have a pool
what contingency plans do you have in place should you no longer be able to care for your dog and,
if you rent, do you have landlord approval,
and are you prepared to bring your new dog home if you are approved during your meet?
And then we’ll go from there! The more you share the better!



John Claude Van Poodle~Adopted

John Claude, small in size but big in personality!

John Claude is a six pound poodle, found wandering by Betty Acosta.  He is said to be less than a year old, is heartworm negative and very loving!  Betty took him for a new hairdo, and he loves it!  Contact me for more information on this precious pup!

His photos can be viewed on Facebook.


Check this little guy out!

Stinking Cute Pippin Puppies~Adopted

Due to the number of phone calls and emails we have received from shelters and pounds please be aware that Sam Mauldin no longer volunteers for The Dog Liberator. She can not pull, transport, or foster dogs for our rescue.

Paddington, Pick Me!


Paddington, the Pippin Puppy!

Paddington’s two littermates, Puddin’ and Pippin have been adopted. The runt of the litter, this little boy is waiting for his forever home!

Click here to see his video!

Click here to view Paddington’s own personal photo album on Facebook!


Stinking Cute Fluffy Pippin Puppies!

What’s a Pippin Puppy?  We’ve named this litter after Erin Pippin who was our only hope at getting them rescued.  These three adorable pups came from Hall County (Gainesville, GA).

Click here to see all of their photos on Facebook.

What are they?  I have no clue!  We have stared at their photos and I met them personally, and I still have no clue!  So I’ve named them the Stinking Cute Pippin Puppies!

Erin Pippin agreed to pull and foster these pups overnight, while Sam Mauldin drove from Gainesville, FL to Atlanta, GA and back!  I then drove from Deltona to Gainesville and brought them to puppy foster, Cathy McIlroy.  These pups must feel awfully special to have a private legged transport arranged just for them!  Cathy reports they are all healthy and doing fine!

If you are interested in adopting, please read Starting your Dog Out Right, and How to Adopt from us, and then email me at

Update:  Cathy reports they have all gained several pounds since they arrived!

Note:  Because of the known dangers when rescuing puppies, TDL has implemented a 10-14 day quarantine for all rescued puppies.  Not only is quarantine a new guideline, but transporting puppies must also be executed responsibly.  Exposing other dogs on a transport, the vehicles of volunteer transporters, including automobiles and private planes is not cool!  TDL is taking extra precaution when rescuing puppies.  These puppies have been under a 14 day quarantine and are now available for adoption!

Special Thanks to Hall County Animal Services for holding these puppies until we could arrange foster and transport.

Pippin was adopted on December 21st, 2011.

Pippin Adopted!









Puddin’ was Adopted 01/02/12

Puddin’ Adopted

The Number One Favorite Family Dog ~ The Mixed Breed

Kudos, from Huntsville, AL

After rescuing dogs from shelters and pounds for over two years, today’s mixed breed still amazes me.  Yes, I do love the purebreds, but there is much to gain by adopting a mixed breed.  Less chances of genetic disorders, improved temperament overall, and a look that’s one-of-a-kind and can stop traffic!  Take a look at some of the gorgeous mixed breed dogs that we’ve rescued.


Saki, the Japanese Chin

the Curious

Foster Update: Saki has always been a happpy little guy but he is just full of joy now.  Saki would prefer NOT to be an only dog. He needs a friend … He plays very nicely with all the dogs, cat and kids and boy does he LOVE to play!

Saki and Suki are lovely Japanese Chins who came to us from a Breeder who could no longer care for them. To read more about their rescue click here.

Both are registered purebreds, used for breeding.  We estimate that they are 6 years old.  Suki weighs 9.4 pounds, and Saki weighs 12.5 pounds.  Both Suki and Saki are heartworm positive, their slow kill  treatments will begin immediately.

Saki is an awesome little dog with a lot of spunk!  He’s great with other dogs, loves kids, and is very entertaining.  He is being fostered by Maria DeRosa, and details about his temperament will be coming soon.

07/21/11 Foster Update: Suki is felling much better from her spay surgery, and the pair are very happy and playful pups. They like the cat and the doxie! I don’t think they realize that the rabbit is an animal…lol. Neither seem to be afraid of anything and they both prefer to be outside rather than inside, playing. They are really enjoying the grass….They do not bark, at least I haven’t heard them bark yet. The LOVE to be petted, they are eating well and they like everyone and everything… easy, EASY dogs.

Click here to visit their rescue photo album on Facebook.

Suki & Saki, Going Home!

are you my Mommy?

09/06/11 Update:  Suki and Saki were adopted together by Molly & Mike of Palm Bay!  Look out Palm Bay, these dogs are on their way so you can marvel in their cuteness!

Suki, the Japanese Chin~Adopted

06/04/12 Update:  Suki is now heartworm negative using the slow kill method with monthly heartgard!

the Listener!

Foster Update:  Suki feels much better after having her staples out from her spay surgery! She has shown a playful side  Still her favorite thing to do is sit with my 8 year old and listen to her talk. She brushes her and talks non-stop and Suki looks at her with adoring eyes. I don’t think she would mind being an “only dog”, as long as she had someone to talk too.   She brings the term “companion” to a whole new level.  While she is very bonded to her brother Saki, she loves getting attention from people!


Suki and Saki are lovely Japanese Chins who came to us from a Breeder who could no longer care for them.  To read more about their rescue click here.

Both are registered purebreds, used for breeding.  Both are six years of age.  They, along with the other dogs we received were in bad shape.  Our vet, however, has given them the best of care.  Both Suki and Saki are heartworm positive, their slow kill  treatments will begin immediately.  Suki weighs 9.4 pounds, and Saki weighs 12.5 pounds.

Suki is a riot.  All she wants is to sit next to you and listen to you talk!  It doesn’t matter if you’re talking to her or not, she just stares at your and wags her tail.  She likes everything you say, and she’s quite content just being with you.  She is not as curious as her sibling Saki, loves to be held, is very gentle with children, and the pink bow didn’t bother her one bit!

07/21/11 Foster Update: Suki is felling much better from her spay surgery, and the pair are very happy and playful pups. They like the cat and the doxie! I don’t think they realize that the rabbit is an animal…lol. Neither seem to be afraid of anything and they both prefer to be outside rather than inside, playing. They are really enjoying the grass….They do not bark, at least I haven’t heard them bark yet. The LOVE to be petted, they are eating well and they like everyone and everything… easy, EASY dogs.

Going Home!

09/06/11 Update:  Suki and Saki were adopted together by Molly & Mike of Palm Bay!  Look out Palm Bay, these dogs are on their way so you can marvel in their cuteness!






























These Dogs are Sponsored by Lynne Deal & The Corner Bar & Grill, Clearwater











Click here to visit their photo album on Facebook.  Both Suki and Saki are heartworm positive, their slow kill  treatments will begin immediately.

Zeus, Absolutely NOT A Border Collie ~ Adopted

Sometimes we are not sure if a dog has Border Collie in it or not. It might be Aussie, maybe Husky,….. But I can tell you, I am certain Zeus is no Border Collie!

Early on, handsome but still thin

This little fellow is a six-year-old Chinese Crested, and, yes, he’s supposed to look like this!

Only nine pounds of non-fluff, his life has been one lacking in love and commitment. Yes, he has been a breeder dog.

Worse yet, he has been passed from breeder to breeder, each only interested in the puppies he could sire, not at all concerned about him. It always leaves me dumbstruck at how dogs can live such a life of neglect and yet still be so loving and trusting.

Such is the case of Zeus. When rescued from the last breeder, he was covered in fleas and dirt. Should we be surprised? After all, it was the same breeder from whom we rescued Jordan’s Prize! A bath and a dose of Comfortis later and there he was, a handsome little pup. Most surprising is his spirit. He loves people, he loves dogs. Truly, he simply takes joy in the company of any living creature.

I find this photo especially tender

When he’s tuckered out, he happily trots into his crate for a well-deserved nap. What was his life like before? I shudder to think.

Like our Jordan’s Prize, this is a dog who has survived the life of a breeder dog, has put away the hauntings of the past and chosen to live life with love.  We will do our part in finding him the family that will return his love and give him a wonderful forever home.

Make sure you check out Zeus’ extensive photo album.

If you think that you might be the right home for Zeus, please first read our Starting Out Your Dog Right, then review our Adoption Process and e-mail

07/01/11 Update:

the cuddle bug

Dr. Oliver of Val-U-Vet of Deltona examined this little guy today  and confirmed what we had anticipated:  Zeus is heartworm positive.  I wish we could say we’re surprised, but Jordan’s Prize was positive, and we expected the same lack of care for this boy.  How sad is it that Zeus has spent six years in a kennel, deprived a real life, of love and affection, valued only for the litters he could produce.  How much money did he “make” for this breeder yet she was not willing to invest in heartworm preventive?  Gosh, she could have just gone to the feed store and bought a bottle of ivermectin for $35 and had enough for three years!  Instead, she just took from him and put nothing back in to his life.  It makes me simmer.

We are starting Zeus on the slow-kill method of heartworm treatment.  It is more gentle and won’t require that he be crated.  Instead, he’ll just get all the love he deserves!

07/02/11 Update:

Flipper has never seen anything quite like Zeus!

Zeus is doing great.  I have him at my house now, here in Winter Park.  When he first arrive, all my other dogs couldn’t figure out what the heck he was!  I first introduced Flipper the Border Collie puppy.  The timing was good because he was depressed ~ his sister Faddle had been adopted that morning and he was the last of his litter with me (a bit of a shock to us all since he is so beautiful).  Honest to goodness, I don’t think that Flipper knew Zeus was a dog.  He followed him around at a bit of a distance, giving me a look every now and then as if to ask, “Hey, are you seeing what I’m seeing???”    When Zeus finally let go and started running, Flipper was thrilled.  They raced around, looking kind of like a rabbit being chased by, well, a border collie!

Next one to  be introduced was Ralph, my Basset/Lab.  I never worry too much about Ralph because he has a naturally nurturing nature (that’s three “n”s in a row!).  He trotted out, happy as a clam, and Zeus came right up to him.  In no time, Zeus was licking his face, pushing up against him, best buds.  Ralph, of course, took it all in stride.

The last one out was Gus.  Now, I have to admit, I was a bit concerned.  Gus is my Basset/American Bulldog.  At 58 pounds, his favorite game is “bowling for puppies” ~ he runs at them full speed, his them with his chest and sees how far they can roll.  Yeah, I know, what can I say?  He’d been barking on the other side of the glass slider the whole time.  I kept saying, “Gus, don’t eat the new baby.  Be nice.”  So I let him out.  And nothing.  He ran over, sniffed Zeus, and then walked off.  I think it was just too much for his little brain…..

Zeus does a happy dance

Later that evening I let Zeus into the house loose for the first time.  First, I got a belly band for him.  It’s an absorbent band that wraps around him to keep him from peeing all over the place.  As an un-neutered, breeding male, he does like to mark.  It is one of the first things I’m working to break him of (the other would be humping the other dogs.  Poor Ralph keeps giving me those Basset eyes, as if to say, “Could I get a little help here???”  Just as a sign of how smart Zeus is, he hasn’t tried this with Gus!!!).  So, belly band on, I let him in.  He danced around the house, very happy.  He saw his reflection in the dishwasher and was startled (hmmm, same reaction that Flipper had to Zeus!)  He paid no attention to my cats, which was good, because 20-pound Baranov is not one that should be messed with.  (By the way, Baranov refuses to even acknowledge that this is a dog!).   Finally he jumped up on the couch where Ralph was laying (yeah, my dogs are well trained) and laid down with his head on Ralph’s haunch, and fell asleep.  It was adorable.

I think this little guy is going to be just fine!

July 4th Update:

I love his face

Zeus is continuing to do great.  I’ve started him on the meds for slow kill.  I’ve also started feeding him Spot’s Chicken Stew from Andi Brown’s book, The Whole Pet Diet.  He eats have a cup a day, wagging his tail the whole time.  I add 1/2 teaspoon of Dream Coat by Halo once a day ~ it is a blend of seven oils that nourishes the skin and, as a result, the fur.  I use it with spectacular results on all my pets, personal and foster.  I think that Zeus, as a “naked” dog, will benefit tremendously from it.  I also add a dab of yogurt to his food to help offset the negative affects of the antibiotics on the healthy bacteria in his colon.  Oh, and a couple of small pieces of liver.  Of course, he doesn’t know all this.  He just keeps wagging his tail!

"Backyard Bone Club" t-shirt

I remember that when Liz and Lynn adopted my Nicolai, they brought their Chinese Crested with them.  I teased them about her extensive wardrobe (I think they told me they had 40 outfits for her!), but they told me that hairless breeds actually get sunburned, so they need either sunscreen or clothes.  Now, I have to admit, just last week I was in Ross’ and noticed they have an extensive pet supply section, including clothes.  Just the excuse I needed: I went there yesterday and picked up a little t-shirt for Zeus.  I think my husband’s eyes are permanently locked in the crossed position, but I think he looks cute!

Clearly, Chinese Cresteds are a breed that you either like or you don’t.  I think Zeus is precious.  My husband is convinced that this is an experiment gone terribly wrong.  My daughter said, “If all dogs were bred from wolves, who decided it was a good idea to breed them down to this???”  My friend Lynn, on the other hand, smiled with delight and didn’t want to put him down, even when it was time for lunch.

Okay, seriously, I have to find another foster for this dog before I turn into one of  “those” people!!!  lol

July 15th Update:

He loves to run

Zeus really is an amazing boy.  Yesterday was another break through.  He was outside with the other dogs when Domino, Goggles and Kai started to run around the yard.  Suddenly, he was running with them!  Full out, fast as the wind, look-at-me-I-can-fly running!  He was pure joy.  My husband called me to see.  “I think this is the first time I’ve seen him play.”  Glenn was right.  Up to now, Zeus has only wanted attention for us, and kept himself on the edge of the other dogs (except, of course, when he humps my poor Ralph!).  To see him join in the play, well, that was truly something to behold.

August 2nd Update:

Helping me update the website

I just love this little guy.  There is a certain process that rescue dogs go through as they shed the ghosts of their past and become ready for their new homes.  For some, it takes just a day or two.  For others, it takes longer.  Zeus, well, it has taken longer, but he has arrived!  Because he had lived his life outside as a stud dog, when he first arrived he wanted to mark everything, not a problem outside but a big issue inside.  For several weeks he had to wear a bellyband inside, and what a pain that was.  After he was neutered, I decided he was ready to learn proper manners.  Within a day he was housetrained and is no longer humping Ralph.  Yay!  He is completely at ease in our home now, loving to sit  with someone, sleep in the cat bed or just hang out in his crate with the door open.  He thinks he is a parrot, wanting to sit up on my shoulder when I’m sitting on the couch.  He has no fear of my big dogs at all.  He has finally put on weight so that his bones are not sticking out.  In fact, he looks fabulous.  Zeus is really ready for his forever home.  Ideally, he wants a person or a couple who will let him be their lap dog.  He is not demanding, just absolutely loving.  The day he finds his perfect home will be a happy/sad day for me.

August 8th Update:

Zeus is fascinated by my lovebirds.  He was very excited today when a wild lovebird found its way into our garden today.  He spotted it perched on our lemon tree.  He worked very hard to convince it to come down and play.  Silly boy!

Looking excited about his crab outfit!

August 9th Update:

Yes, I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help it. When you have a 9-pound hairless dog, well, it makes you want to play dressup! Thanks to the wonderful Stacy East who mailed me the outfits her Chinese Crested has out grown, and Gisele who in a moment of sheer madness went shopping for doggie clothes, our boy now has a wardrobe.  He’s so cute that we had a fashion photo shoot with him and created a separate photo album.  Try not to laugh!

August 14th Update:

This afternoon Zeus had a huge break through: he played with the puppies for the first time! I really never thought he’d do this. I’m so happy!!! The most amazing thing is, I had my camera on hand!!

Home at last!

August 26th Update:

Zeus is home. Amy has long wanted a Chinese Crested and was so happy to find Zeus. Billy was quite proud by how quickly our boy relaxed with them. I am thrilled that he has a home with this wonderful couple and Amy’s two Chihuahuas. She takes her dogs to work, so he’ll never be alone again. What more could I ask? Groveland, welcome your newest Dog Liberator pup!

Strudel, the Doxie~Adopted

Strudel and Schnapps are mini Dachshunds, both are papered purebreds, are approximately 12 months old, and have wonderful temperaments. Strudel weighs 7.8 pounds, and is a delightful young pup. Video of Strudel will be coming soon! For their original rescue story please visit their Rescue Page.

07/16/11 Update:  Strudel has been adopted by Kim Kirkpatrick, and she’ll be living in the Downtown Orlando (Lake Eola) area very soon!  It was a match made in heaven!

Rescue from Breeder

Safe at Vet

I received an emergency call from an anonymous friend who has been trying to get these dogs out of their horrible conditions.  The same breeder that Jordan’s Prize and Zeus came from.  I called Val-u-Vet immediately, and they were ready to receive them all (sigh of relief).  I told Vanessa to prepare for the worse, that they would all be heartworm positive.  4 out of the 6 are, but if you include Jordan and Zeus that means 6 out of the 8 dogs from that breeder are HS+.  It makes me sick.

Two Japanese Chins (dehydrated and HW positive)

Two mini Doxies (cuteness overload)

Two King Charles Cavaliers (one with a severe ear infection, both heartworm positive)

All are either AKC or CKC, I’m still sorting through the paperwork.

The Doxies are in good shape, but they were the  two that had been bathed, and made available for sale for hundreds of dollars, on Craig’s list.

Considering how much this Breeder was paid for their litters, I don’t understand how a box of heartgard and a bottle of shampoo would’ve broken the bank.

When the dust settles, they will have:  HW test, bordetella, DHLpp, rabies, microchip, de-worming, bath, boarding, spay/neuter, nail clipping, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, some tooth extractions, and monthly heartgard.   But there’s one more thing, once I evaluate their temperament.  Then they can have a successful adoption, and a permanent “clean” home!

Click here too review the comments that were made on Facebook about this video, and special thanks to Lynne Deal for contributing to their vetting.

Jean Luc the Tea Cup Poodle, Clearly NOT a Border Collie ~ Adopted

Border Collie in Disguise!

Jean Luc came to my rescue as an owner-surrender.  One of my trusted and dear friends is going through some rough times, including divorce.   Was this decision easy for her?  Absolutely not.  She’s called me a dozen times to check on him, and reminds me how wonderful he is, and he is truly wonderful, but he’s NOT a Border Collie!

First, we took Jean Luc to my neighbor’s house, Sue, who has a five year-old Poodle, Jazzy.  Boy, did they play.  Trying to video tape them together was like trying to video tape flies!  Jean Luc proved to be a very playful pup, full of energy, very polite, and very submissive.

Next, my neighbor Emily took him to visit her family.  Of course she begged them a hundred times if she could keep him, and the answer was no.  Times are tough, and we all know that Poodles require grooming, however, the flip side to the breed is they are an awesome dogs for people who suffer from allergies, and they do not shed!  Yeah, for your little black dress!

Later, we indulged in some roasted chicken (no fat please) and spent time hanging out with the pack.  Lady Di immediately made her feelings known… NOT a Border Collie!  Ozzie fell in love with him, and China still isn’t sure what he is.  But, this is what I noticed.  Every single time my children left the room, he stood on the back of the couch tracking them.  Never once did he take his eyes off of my kids, and waited patiently for them to return.  I also noticed that no matter how far away he is from me, one simple kissy sound and he’s running to you with glee.  His recall is out of this world (something I wish would rub off on Ozzie).

I called Holly last night, bragging about how great this little guy is, and every other sentence, Holly interrupted me saying, “But he’s NOT a Border Collie!”

Jean Luc with Emily

Seriously, the last Poodle I had, I was 18 years old, and I loved him.  This little guy, however, is the Un-Poodle Poodle.  He’s not nervous, he doesn’t tremble, he doesn’t jump on me or the kids, he’s not annoyingly excited,  he willingly leaps onto the couch when invited, he doesn’t bark unless he needs something, he’s focused, intelligent beyond belief… wait… maybe he is a Border Collie!

I brought him to Dr. Kim at Val-u-Vet this morning for his boosters, neuter and micro-chip, and tried to convince the staff that he was part Border Collie, something tells me they didn’t buy it!!!  But when I called this afternoon, the vote is unanimous, THEY LOVE HIM!

This little gem would be an awesome dog for active Grandparents who want a dog who won’t eat their children!  He is 17 months old, and weighs a whopping 5 pounds 10 ounces.  This boy isn’t just cute, he’s stinkin’ cute!  Ah, the joy of fostering!


And special thanks to  Sandy Hartman who spotted that he had too many teeth!  She was right!  Two of his puppy teeth were extracted today just to prevent any future complications!  NOW, he’s a Perfect Border Collie… I mean Poodle.

07/15/11 Adoption Update:  Jean Luc, now Brody, was adopted by Sue Webster!  Can’t wait for updates!


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