Yoo Hoo – the adorable Dorkie! – Adopted!

Y11142431_10153146479444792_5424032604752819504_noo Hoo is a six month old Yorkie, Doxie girl, full of curiosity and love! Yoo Hoo is a little doll and she is making quite an impression on all of us! She is about 5 pounds or less and we don’t expect her to get to be much more than 6-7 lbs.


She is headed to the vet shortly to be spayed and she is doing well with both crate and leash training. Like any puppy she would rather be with you but after a few little whimpers she calms and settles down.

Check out her photos on Facebook!

If you’d like to get to know this little baby we encourage you to read about Our Adoption Process and then send us an email. She is going to love being someone’s best girl!


5/19/15 Update: Yoo Hoo is rolling out! She was adopted by Brittany and Greg of Tallahassee today! We’re so happy for them!


Cyndi Lauper~Adopted

Bernie, the Puppy Daddy!

Bernie, the Puppy Daddy!

My heart jumped when I saw this little girl at the shelter… I knew immediately she is deaf and blind in one eye.  I’ve been told she is a double dapple Doxie.  No wonder I fell in love with her, she is the equivalent to our double merles that we love so much.  She was flown yesterday from Alabama via Jeff Bennett/Pilots-n-Paws and what an adorable little girl she is.  She is affectionate, rolls over and shows her belly, gives kisses, and just wants to be near you.  She is only 12 months old, and has a lot of puppy joy in her.  She loves other dogs and was very interested in some kittens at the vet (they were not interested in her though).

Cyndi Lauper, adorable in every way!

Cyndi Lauper, adorable in every way!

I could see her going to any type of home, a home with children, or a senior home.  She is really a joy, and reminds me a lot of my Rosie with regard to the level of affection she displays!  This dog is a keeper!

You can see more of her photos on Facebook.

Run like the wind!

Run like the wind!

I posted two videos of Cyndi, one last night and one this morning. She hasn’t even been here for 24 hours yet, but she is a real joy!

Anne, the Puppy Momma!

Anne, the Puppy Momma!

Bernie and Anne wasted no time adopting Cyndi, her new name is Gidget, and she and her deaf dapple doxie, Gracie, are getting along just fine!

They were literally starting to teach Cyndi/Gidget sign language!

Anne works at the Hard Rock Cafe, so if you see her, tell her TDL Deafies ROCK!

Here’s their first video that they shared with me last night!

Atlanta Doxies

Awesome Photo!

Awesome Photo!

Adoption Update!  This two were adopted and have a new family go play with in Port St. John, Florida!  Congrats!

This is courtesy post by TDL’s Canine Connect.  Becky, who lives in the Atlanta area is trying to find a home for her Dachshunds.  Here’s what she shared with me:

Dear Gisele,
I was given your name by my student Steven’s mom, Terri .
I am the mom of two little dachshunds. The one on the left is Cowboy (6yr), the one on the right is his little and younger sister Beatrix (5 yr). I moved out of my big suburbia house in January of 2012. I took the doxies with me, and they kept me very good company.  The doggies are dear, but it turns out that after a year of living on my own, and almost a year of being officially divorced, I am not making ends meet. These little guys are cuties, but because I travel so much, I have come to the realization that I should try to find them a new family. Maybe someone with little children who will want to pet and brush them.  Or a retired couple like my parents who could have fun teaching them tricks and establishing some routines. Beatrix is also not opposed to being pushed around in a dolly carriage or wearing hair bows. Neither mind being carried around by children, but Cowboy is too heavy for it.

Beatrice and Cowboy

They are all up to date on vet stuff, heartworm med, and flea prevention. Cowboy (20 lbs, I think) is relaxed and friendly, wags his tail when meeting new people and dogs in the neighborhood, generally likes other dogs at dog park. He will jump on the couch (as you can see) but does not attempt to jump on beds because they are too high. I think that tells a little about his relaxed personality. He is content to go under the bed. He likes chewing stuffed animals, but shreds them up and fluff gets everywhere (my mom’s doxie knows how to chew without destroying them.) He doesn’t chew up shoes or other valuables. He likes to sleep in the bed with me and Beatrix, but you have to lift him up there. Cowboy will protect his treasured bones, and does not like it when someone tries to take them away from him.   He isn’t territorial that way about other things, like his food or his human family members. He is well house trained.

Beatrix is the one everyone gravitates toward, because she is so little, 12 pounds. She looks like a little fox or deer. She is named after Beatrix Potter who painted little animals. She is more shy. When seeing other dogs, she is the first to bark. She acts like she’s defending us, and then hides behind my legs if we stop to talk. She is more adventuresome about climbing-once jumped up from the back of the couch onto the counter!  Beatrix is generally more cuddly. She will come sit on you or near you on the couch and jumps in bed with me every nite. In cold weather, she likes to go under covers and keep my feet warm. Cowboy will go too. It’s cute. Beatrix is not as consistent on house training. If she is left to wander the house when I’m gone, she often pees on carpet. Sometimes poos, but that is easy to clean up. If I leave them in my room, she is much better about it. I think she views it as her crate. But not 100% guaranteed. That is another problem with keeping them. If I move, I do not want to have to pay pet deposit. If they are on hardwood or linoleum (no carpet) no problem. 
They have to go together, because Beatrix goes nutty if left alone and Cowboy isnt’ there (scratch paint off of door, figure a way to break out of dog gate). Another thing they do that is cute is groom each other, licking each other’s face.  I know doxies aren’t your usual. Just got your name and thought I’d give you a holler. I can keep them until the right spot is found, and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll take back until another possible fit comes along. thanks for your time. ~ Becky 



What a smile!

Sheldon is a four year-old purebred Dachshund.  He is a tiny little guy, with a lot of expression.  He is at Newman Veterinary Center right now being checked out!  He will get all of his shots, microchip and he has been neutered.  Sheldon is a very intelligent dog, he is very aware of his surroundings.  He is happy dog but serious at the same time!  He is also a bit needy.  I can’t blame him considering he his been separated from his owners.


Sheldon is a product of a breakup in a relationship.  He doesn’t understand why he was cast out.  He was very loved by his man owner, but his owner’s job requires extensive travel-not a good life for homebody Sheldon.  His woman owner did not want to keep him.  A good Samaritan stepped in and grabbed Sheldon before he was headed to the pound.  Which is not a good place for such a serious little man!

Sheldon is great with kids, other dogs, and all people.  He has NOT been tested with cats yet.  He is very interested in lizards!  Sheldon is housebroken, and I’m sure he knows many commands!  We will provide updates as soon as we learn more about him.  You can see more photos of Sheldon on Facebook.

Looks a bit sad, eh?

May 2, 2013 Update:
I am learning more and more about Sheldon everyday. While he doesn’t hate the company of children he would much rather be accompanied by adults or older children maybe teenagers. You can see in his photo’s he doesn’t turn down a good belly rub or bacon treat, even if it means the kids have to love on him first! He is the definition of LAP DOG! He will sit in your lap for hours if you let him.

Sheldon has free roam in the house with no apparent flaws. He does retreat back to his crate to sleep. Oh yeah! he is crate trained too. Only a few whines here and there now he is getting used to the new surroundings. I don’t believe he EVER missed a meal, maybe even stole a few extra’s here and there judging by his weight 18.5 pounds! What a chunky boy! He is currently on antibiotics due to an allergy, possible food. I have switched his food to something less prone to an allergic reaction. We will give him a few days on the medication and see if there is any improvement.

Loves to Travel!

I would describe Sheldon’s perfect home as a quiet home where he could spend his days curled up on a pillow or in his humans lap. Someone with occasional children or older teenage children to love him. He loves to go for car rides and will even jump in. Yeah, yeah! I know he has no legs you say. I have an expedition that is extra tall =) and he jumps right in!
You can see more photos of Sheldon on Facebook. ~ Brittney


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what contingency plans do you have in place should you no longer be able to care for your dog and,
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and are you prepared to bring your new dog home if you are approved during your meet?

have you or anyone in your family ever been bitten or traumatized by a dog in the past?

is there anyone in your family, circle of friends, or anyone who lives with you that can decide if you can have a dog in your home?

Kids are great!

also, provide us with your phone number, home address, including county and zip code

and then we’ll go from there! The more you share the better!

Also, for more information about adopting a rescued dog, Please visit Let It Go for details.

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The playful family dog

Truffles is a one year old Spaniel… maybe Cavalier, and doxie? Reminds us of our Nutella! She is a very sweet girl, loves children and does well with other dogs.

She really enjoys playing ball with the kids, however she is more than happy to cuddle up and watch some TV with you… Truffles is currently fostered by Brittney in DeBary, FL

Truffles’ photo album can be viewed on Facebook.

what a cutie pie






02/11/13: Truffles was adopted by Linda and is living in the Central Florida area. Linda will be taking her to work with her everyday, so I suppose she’ll be an ambassador at the office!

Ready to go to work!

Schnapps, the Gorgeous Doxie~Adopted

My name is Schnapps
and I am quite a hoot
I can fit in a box
I can fit in a shoe

I can travel in purses
but it’s not about style
Cause’ no matter which one
I’ll be making you smile

Leather or Rhinestones
I really don’t care
Gucci or beach bag
As long as you’re there

Color or Drab
It matters not
I’m always in red
and that’s really hot!

I really like kids
and they really like me
they can not resist
I’m as cute as can be

So click on the website
and I’ll wait patiently
for my own special Mom!


Schnapps and Strudel (adopted) are mini Dachshunds, both are papered purebreds, are approximately 12 months old, and have wonderful temperaments.  Strudel weighs 7.8 pounds, and is a delightful young pup.  Schnapps weighs 9.1 pounds and is always happy.  Even after her spay surgery, her tail was wagging up a storm!

Here’s her own personal Video:

We will have the pleasure of interacting with these pups this weekend, and will take more photos and of course, Video! Both dogs are heartworm negative!

Update:  Schnapps has a wonderful temperament.  She is awesome with children, and although cautious with other dogs, she is quickly warming up to Foster life!



For their original rescue story please visit their Rescue Page.  This dog’s rescue was sponsored by Lynne Deal.


Update:  Schnapps has been adopted by Nicole and Aaron Van Son and they are on their way to Daytona each!  Can’t wait for Updates!

Strudel, the Doxie~Adopted

Strudel and Schnapps are mini Dachshunds, both are papered purebreds, are approximately 12 months old, and have wonderful temperaments. Strudel weighs 7.8 pounds, and is a delightful young pup. Video of Strudel will be coming soon! For their original rescue story please visit their Rescue Page.

07/16/11 Update:  Strudel has been adopted by Kim Kirkpatrick, and she’ll be living in the Downtown Orlando (Lake Eola) area very soon!  It was a match made in heaven!

Rescue from Breeder

Safe at Vet

I received an emergency call from an anonymous friend who has been trying to get these dogs out of their horrible conditions.  The same breeder that Jordan’s Prize and Zeus came from.  I called Val-u-Vet immediately, and they were ready to receive them all (sigh of relief).  I told Vanessa to prepare for the worse, that they would all be heartworm positive.  4 out of the 6 are, but if you include Jordan and Zeus that means 6 out of the 8 dogs from that breeder are HS+.  It makes me sick.

Two Japanese Chins (dehydrated and HW positive)

Two mini Doxies (cuteness overload)

Two King Charles Cavaliers (one with a severe ear infection, both heartworm positive)

All are either AKC or CKC, I’m still sorting through the paperwork.

The Doxies are in good shape, but they were the  two that had been bathed, and made available for sale for hundreds of dollars, on Craig’s list.

Considering how much this Breeder was paid for their litters, I don’t understand how a box of heartgard and a bottle of shampoo would’ve broken the bank.

When the dust settles, they will have:  HW test, bordetella, DHLpp, rabies, microchip, de-worming, bath, boarding, spay/neuter, nail clipping, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, some tooth extractions, and monthly heartgard.   But there’s one more thing, once I evaluate their temperament.  Then they can have a successful adoption, and a permanent “clean” home!

Click here too review the comments that were made on Facebook about this video, and special thanks to Lynne Deal for contributing to their vetting.

Spike’s Miraculous Journey

Spike at the Shelter


Spike’s Story, by Darcy Heston

A few of you might remember this beautiful baby boy named Spike.  He was inmate number A12258259 at Hall County, Georgia doggie pound.  Spike has an amazing story to tell and I can tell you, I couldn’t be more thrilled and overjoyed with the outcome!

I posted Spike and a few other puppies who were in the puppy room at the shelter.  Spike was maybe around 6 months old.  A rescue effort was arranged and we worked on having 7 + puppies pulled for a rescue in PA.  Spike was one of them.

When the call was made to the shelter to place a hold on the 7 + puppies, the rescuer was told that Spike “was no longer available”.  I can tell you that usually means only one thing.   I literally cried as this boy had my heart.  I moved his picture over to my RIP album.  Quite a few of us was very sad for Spike.

About 6 weeks later, I am looking through Hall’s albums and I SAW SPIKE!!  He had apparently “gotten lost in the system”!!  I could not believe my eyes!  I vacillated between being angry at such a careless mistake and relief that he was still alive.  The poor little fellow had been sitting in a cage somewhere marked off as “no longer available” in the computer system…  How he wasn’t actually euthanized is a miracle in itself as pups do not last that long in that place, in the system or not!   HE WAS ALIVE!!! AND HAD GROWN INTO SUCH A HANDSOME LITTLE MAN!

The mad scramble was on to save his life because now that they ‘found’ him, he didn’t have much time until D day.  A woman in Florida wanted to adopt him.  The Dog Liberator offered transport to Florida, and Vickie Truelove offered to foster Spike in Georgia while arrangements were made.  Just one week later, Spike was transported to The Dog Liberator, and Maria DeRosa stepped up to the plate to foster him while he waited to go to his new forever home.

Then the next ‘hiccup’ happened….

…. the ‘adopter’ never followed through for various reasons (or excuses).  Maria was now holding Spike until a new forever home could be found for him.  There was a slight problem:  Spike did not like her husband.  He was fearful and didn’t like men.

Maria sent me this in a PM and has given me permission to share Spike’s story and “Why We Kept Him”.  This  story had me crying tears of joy and gave me goosebumps!  I just had to share Spike’s story with you… I hope you find it inspiring too!  We need to read the good stories to balance out the bad ones we read about every day.


Why We Kept Him, by Maria DeRosa

You have been following him pretty closely, so I am sure I don’t need to tell you everything…. well that little guy hid under the furniture and wouldn’t let anyone touch him other then the kids for 3 days. On the 4th day, he reluctantly let me touch him….. after 10 days, he would still run and hide if my husband came into the room. 10 days and my husband still wasn’t able to touch him at all…. as much as I loved him and wanted to keep him – I wouldn’t consider it. 1, it is not appropriate for me to ask my husband to live with a dog that fears/doesn’t like him and 2, it is not fair for Spike to have to live in a home with someone he is afraid of. I had come to terms with the fact that mine was not the right home for Spike and I released him for adoption through The Dog Liberator after 3 days of consideration. I cried my eyes out. I also advised them that he had absolutely no training and was not even housebroken….. if we adopt him out, he is going to come right back or worse….. we collectively decided that he would stay with me for a month to be trained before listed on the website. I cried some more….

My husband kept telling me to keep him because I loved him so much and was so upset by it but I was sticking to my guns on it and would not even consider changing my mind.

Rescue is my project…. not my husbands. He tolerates me bringing all of these animals in and out of our house. We had decided that even though we are dog people and missed our dog (she died 2 years ago) we were not going to have a dog right now. Fostering is the best of both worlds because I can still go on vacation, don’t have a vet bill, etc. We still have a dog around the house, etc but every few weeks we can enjoy an empty house…. my husband could care less if there was a dog around….I sort of need them around.

So, I share something I learned at rescue training with my husband…. when a dog has been abused and fears you (after a few days of settling in, of course) the best thing you can do is either use a leash or wrap them in a blanket and hold them close to you…. hold them close and hold them down. Do not speak to them, pet them or look at them…. watch TV while you do it. When you feel the animal relax, give a treat, pet and say good boy/girl. Repeat the process 2-3 times a day for 15 minutes each, until the animal will stay with you willingly. I asked him to do this for Spike… he was so terrified of men… he needed to get over it. My husband said no, understandably. He said that if Spike were a bigger dog, he would be scared of him because of the way he looked at him….it was a mean look out of the corner of his eye. He said he would just leave him alone until he found a home but he didn’t feel comfortable with it…..and he ignored him.

The Dog Liberator asked me to foster Cream Puff.   Cream Puff’s introduction was a blessing in disguise. She taught him how to be a dog…. my husband observed them together and said “Its a shame he doesn’t like me – he is a really cool dog. Great with the kids and loads of personality….”. I reminded him what needed to be done…. he still wasn’t interested.

I have 2 little girls – they are 7 and 10. Every day they come home from school at 2:30 and they walk Spike. They take turns….because they enjoy it. Then they take him in the back yard to run and play. Since we got Creme Puff in, they each have a dog to walk. Last Friday the girls came home from school…. they each took a dog, walked down the driveway and parted ways.

My 7 year old had Spike…… my husband said within minutes of them leaving, he heard a big dog barking, snarling and growling – attack language. He said the growl was big and had base…. he expected to see Rottweiller, Pitt Bull, etc – mean large breed of dog when he looked outside. He expected to see a very large dog attacking either Spike or Creme Puff; with one of his daughters holding the leash…. he ran to the door and looked outside. There was a car stopped in front of my house and a man had gotten out and was standing in front of my daughter (the 7 year old). All that noise was coming out of Spike…. she had both hands on his leash and was leaning all the way back to hold him back from this man, who was not at all afraid of Spike….. and Spike wasn’t afraid of him either – Spike HATED him…… but when my husband opened the front door – the man was suddenly startled and jumped in his car and drove off. Spike snarling and growling in the rear view….. I cannot think about what was about to happen to my little girl. My husband went outside and asked my daughter what happened. She said the man stopped the car to ask her about her puppy and Spike went nuts. He looked down at Spike, who this time did not cower. He stood proud and wagged his tail for my husband and then walked up to his feet and sat.

He is very proud of his “sit” and the night he learned sit, he ran the house sitting for everyone, except my husband….. he had a happy “look what I can do” face on and just ran around planting his butt in front of everyone.

My husband scooped him up, brought him inside and sat on the couch with him, telling him he was a good boy and he fed him almost an entire bag of his favorite liver treats.

When I got home, my husband was sitting on the couch, with Spike stretched across his lap, on his back, getting a belly rub.

I knew nothing of what had happened….. I smiled and asked him, “You made friends???”  He said “This dog has found his home – he goes NOWHERE. Happy Birthday.” Then he told me what he did….

I have always believed that a rescued dog is more loyal then any other…. they will love you and protect you more then any other dog could even dream. Spike is proof. He earned his keep 🙂

He was also the best birthday present I have ever gotten 🙂

We have found a home for Creme Puff and she is to be picked up tomorrow night. Spike’s “boot camp” will start weds morning. My goal is to get him housebroken completely by the end of the month while we finish obedience training. He can get lots of 1 on 1 attention then.

Loyalty and love for a child is what brought him home. He did it all himself … I deserve no thanks for this.

Spike now follows my husband around the house, he listens to him, he wags his tail when he sees him and when he is feeling intimidated, he will hide behind him. His fear of my husband is all gone…. its only the rest of the world to contend with now but I know that when it counts, he will not fear the person trying to hurt our family. In Spike’s mind, he put his life on the line for her. You cannot ask for more from a dog.

I LOVE YOU, SPIKE!!  You’re a good boy and you found your Mommy and family, as that was where you were meant to be ALL along <3  You were resurrected from the RIP album to pride of place in my Happy Tails album and I couldn’t be more excited and happy for you little man. 🙂  Woof!!


Pippin and Pompy, Dachshund Puppies ~ Adopted

Pippin and Pompy are two little brindle dachshund puppies that one of our volunteers saw at a rural Florida shelter. They were four of them, just five weeks old, huddled together, shaking. She called me and asked if I would foster them. I grew up with Dachshunds, so they have special place in my heart. Plus, as the puppy foster, I know that a shelter is no place for puppies so young.

We contacted the shelter manager who is just lovely, explained to her who we are and what we wanted to do. She agreed to let us pull them, but by the time we got there, two had already been adopted. That broke my heart, to think of them separated from other puppies at such a young age.

But now I have these two little boys and I couldn’t be happier. We named the darker one Pompy because my daughter just finished studying him in her Roman history class (plus it sounds cute!) and the lighter one Pippin because, you guessed it, we’re Tolkien fans! I was concerned about introducing them to the rest of the puppies because they are so much smaller, but silly me! they ran right out and joined in the fun. KitKat the Border Collie is forever trying to herd them into straight lines, but they’re German dogs and have their own opinions! Playful, affectionate, fast as quicksilver, they are an absolute joy. Sure, I’m biased, but I’m also right!!!

You can view their ridiculously large photo album on facebook.

December 10th Update:

I can’t hardly stand how cute these two are!!! They happily play with the other dogs, but they love their people too. When I’m outside with them, they jump around my feet doing the “Pick me up! Pick me up!” dance. Adorable. Of course, the second they’re picked up, they reward me with kisses. They are less than enthusiastic about the cold snap we have been having, much preferring to run around the house and try to reach the great heights that we call the couch. Precious. They really are!

December 20th Update:

These little guys just crack me up. They love to be inside on your lap, and they love to play with each other, but they are also play wonderfully with the big dogs. This video says it all. KitKat the Border Collie started to stalk Pippin, got distracted and then got pounced! Pretty soon everyone joined in! Gotta love a little dog with a big dog personality!!!

Merry Christmas To All

December 22nd Update ~ Adopted!!!

Today was a good day! Both the boys were adopted! Yay!!!!

Kyle and Lauren were ready to bring home a playmate for Zoey, their Dachshund puppy. But who would it be? When she first got here, Zoey was really taken aback by the energetic puppies, taking refuge on the back of the couch behind Kyle. Pompy was content to play with toys and scamper around, but Pippin just had to jump up on the couch and sniff around Zoey. When we went outside, the interactions continued, with Pompy impressing everyone with his ability to fetch the ball, and Pippin wanting Zoey to join in the fray. Kyle and Lauren decided that Pompy would be a better fit, as he seemed more inclined to respect Zoey’s space and even managed to sneak in a lick on her face. Good decision!

Just as they settled on Pompy, Ryan arrived to meet Pippin. And it was clearly once again a good match. Fez, Ryan’s 6-year-old bulldog, died suddenly of cancer in October. Understandably, he wanted a young puppy, a small breed but one with a bid dog personality. Having lived with bulldogs most his life, a stubborn streak was almost expected. Again, good match with Pippin. lol I know they will have years of fun together!

Jitterbug the Dachshund ~ Adopted!

Jitterbug is a Dachshund puppy born around May of this year. She and her littermates were abandoned in a park in Alabama. Fortunately, they were found and transported to us. For their full story, read the blog page about the litter.

Jitterbug might have a touch of Pug in her and is the smallest in the litter. She only weighs about 11 pounds but she doesn’t know that. She considers herself a big dog! She loves to play with all the other dogs and puppies, no matter their size. She isn’t shy at all. And when it comes to people, well, let’s just say she is a true lap dog ~ if you sit on the ground you are guaranteed to have a lap full of Jitterbug in a matter of seconds. She has been known to push the other dogs right out of the way. No shrinking violet, this one!

Jitterbug is very athletic too. I am amazed at how high she can jump when she wants to. Many a dragonfly has found this out to its detriment! She loves to chase balls and will go for as long as you want to. She hasn’t quite figured out the return thing yet though. Bummer!

This is a terrific little dog for someone who likes small dogs without the small dog yippiness!

I have lots of fun taking photos and making videos of Jitterbug. She is such a character! You can see lots of photos in her photo album.

I made this video the day after Cinder and Chloe arrived. Jitterbug just couldn’t get enough of Chloe, a white ball of German Shepherd fluff!


Jitterbug has very good hearing and is constantly in pursuit of bugs ~ I guess I named her well. On this particular morning she had played with one bug in the grass until it was broken. She seemed quite disappointed that it wouldn’t play any more!

Here she found a ball and was happily playing with it until her sister Junebug came along. lol

I learned a long time ago that the secret to having puppies is get them to play hard so they sleep hard. Here they are sleeping in the living room. Jitterbug tried so hard to keep her eye open! Poor pumpkin!!!


October 16 Update:


Jitterbug has been adopted! Elissa had recently lost her 14-year-old dachshund and she had a big hole to fill. Jitterbug more than fit the bill. She was all over Elissa and her sister Donna, sitting in their lap, bringing them her toys, dragging in the dog bed from the other room,…. Oh yeah, she was on her best behavior. It made me so happy to see how well she and Elissa fit! As we were filling out the adoption paperwork, Elissa told me she wanted to get a second dog at some point. I asked her what size of dog she was looking for because I wanted to find one for her. She said Cinder, at 28 pounds, was too big. I went to get MacKenzie to show her what an 18 pound dog looked like. When he walked in the room, her heart melted. I mean, instantly! Before we knew it, she had adopted them both. I’m so happy. Jitterbug is an energetic bouncy girl, MacKenzie is a laid back boy. I think they will make a wonderful pair for Elissa!

October 16th Update:

So one full day has passed. And I’m sorry that I didn’t get back to you sooner I just wanted to have some time with her to see how it was going to workout. And do not fret, my dear, things have been awesome. Junebug is just as precious as I knew she’d be. She slept with me all through the night in my bed, no noise, no accidents, nothing! (Such a good cuddler!) When we first got here we had a few accidents but I know that she was just adjusting, and since, she has been SO good about going to the bathroom outside, third floor schmird floor! She’s rockin it! I’m really starting to fall in love with her and it’s all thanks to you! Well, that’s all for now but there will be plenty of updates to follow! Thanks again ma’am and have a fantastic day!

October 19th Update:

Jitterbug and MacKenzie are doing great! We have been taking walks every night and they are both doing very well on
their leashes. They both love playing with their new toys and are having a great time playing ball in the back yard.

We are the three musketeers. If I leave a room, MacKenzie and Jitterbug are right on my heels following. They are adorable. I’m sending a picture to you from my gmail account.

Dachshund Puppies! ~ Adopted

Look at this amazing litter of Doxie puppies sent to us by Dee Sullins of Hale County Humane Society in Alabama. A woman was at a park in Alabama when she saw a puppy playing in the high grass. When she went over to investigate, she found this entire litter, abandoned. Someone had dropped them off there rather than continuing down the road three more miles to the Humane Society. Fortunately, this woman cuts the hair of the Humane Society’s director, Dee. She brought them to him and he called us. I’m so glad he did. Dachshunds are the dogs of my childhood. In fact, Heidi attended my wedding!

Jester and his sisters Jigsaw, Junebug and Jitterbug are all set and ready for their forever homes. I know we will find wonderful ones for them! I’ll be making a video of them soon, but meanwhile you can enjoy an outrageous number of photos of them on their photo album.

26 August Update:

I had forgotten how manipulative Dachshunds are! Whoever adopts them better have strong arms because they’re going to spend all their time holding a puppy in their arms! lol

Jester is very self-confident. He honestly thinks he is every bit as big as Dixie the Shepherd puppy. I think he likes his women big! He loves to play with Dixie, wrestling with her, stealing the bone or ball, just being the pesky younger brother. It’s awfully cute to see them together!

Jigsaw likes the Australian Cattle Dog puppies. She hangs out under the hedge with them. I think they are hiding treasures under there!

Junebug loves to be held but won’t push herself on you. She sits there, giving sad eyes, hoping to be noticed. When you hold her, she’ll happily lay in your arms for the rest of the day.

Jitterbug is extremely people oriented. She totally knows how to work her eyes, looking like she is just about to cry. You pick her up and she lays her head on your shoulder or chest and doesn’t want to leave. She’ll quickly clamber into your lap and knows how to do the cat trick, you know, increases her weight ten-fold when you want to get up.

My daughter said to me last night, “I feel sorry for anyone who comes to meet these puppies. There is no way they’re going home without one!” They are just that cute!!!

August 27 Update:

Jitterbug was being annoyed by her littermates so we took her out of the crate and let her loose in the house by herself. She immediately jumped up onto the dog bed with Ralph, our Basset/Lab. Very cute; I had to take a video. I think she likes big dogs better than small ones! lol



August 29 Update: 

They really are adorable! We were in the yard, I had my camera so I could take more photos (they are added to their photo album) when the puppies started wrestling for a rope toy. Cute!


Okay, and here is one more of them horsing around together in the living
room again!


For more videos, be sure to visit our Facebook video page.

September 10 Update:

Oh, how we are enjoying these dachshund puppies. I’ve added even more photos to their album (surprise!). Each of them has continued to bloom and show wonderful personality.

Jester thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips! When the puppies are outside, no matter how stealthy we are about coming inside, he manages to zip in and run through the house, tail wagging! He is quite smart and has figured out how to jump onto the dining room chair and then on to the table. Um, that’s smart, right????

Jigsaw is the most gentle of the crew. She likes to play but when things really get going, she prefers to watch. She’s smart enough that if it looks like things are getting out of hand, she scoots behind a member of the family! Like the rest of them, she loves to be held.

Jitterbug loves big dogs. She just can’t get enough of my Basset mixes, Ralph and Gus. She is quite sure of herself and thinks that being cute will win over their hearts! She has decided that she is my daughter’s favorite and jumps into Caitlin’s lap at every chance. If she isn’t pure Dachshund, then she either has Chihuahua or Pug in her; I can’t decide which.

Junebug is a lap dog. She loves to sit with my teenage son while he is at the computer. Ryan’s legs will grow tired long before Junebug gets bored! She is the most ball-oriented of the litter. I really think she might have some Pug in her ~ that extra skin and solid body must come from somewhere!

Here we are on the living room floor with all the puppies. They really are a riot!

21 September update:

These puppies really know how to play hard, but they have also developed the fine art of sleeping as well. Today they had all crashed on the couch so I grabbed my camera and set it to one of my favorite songs. Check out how silly Junebug looks with her ears turned inside out. I just adore these puppies!!!

27 September Update:

Yesterday Ariel the Aussie, MacKenzie the Collie and Little Bit the Papillon arrived. I was a bit concerned as to how introductions would go. I don’t know why ~ they were all happy to meet each other. In no time at all they were outside playing together. I love the flexibility of dogs! After a lot of play, Jitterbug found an old tennis ball that needed to be chewed on. She hid at the edge of the hedge but Junebug found her. Here they are ~ so cute!

30 September Update:

Okay, I know, I’m a nut for these videos, but I just love my puppies! They are so cute I hardly ever get anything done because I’m forever grabbing my camera. Watch this video and see how well all the puppies do together. Jitterbug is particularly enamored with Little Bit, a very athletic papillon. She is pretty much the only puppy who can keep up with this one-year-old.



Adopting Families


Jester was adopted on September 19th. Sue’s sweet French bulldog tragically passed away from brain cancer. Hannah, her 11-year-old Jack Russell, needed a companion and Sue missed having a lap dog. Enter Jester! He was fascinated by Hannah and loved to sit in Sue’s lap. I’m thinking they have many fun days ahead!

September 23 Update on Doyle (aka Jester) from Sue:

“I was looking for the right personality on a healthy dog. My French bull died from a brain tumor a few months ago. I looked at breeders. Then I saw a video of a very happy puppy and what was written about him. I decided to take the chance and bring my not so easy Jack Russell to meet him. He was a match and we brought him home to meet the cats. He’s sweet, smart, calm, a major cuddlier, gets along with all my other animals, loves toys and bones not chewing on chairs. My vet saw him and he is a healthy boy. He is everything I wanted. I am amazed that someone would throw out such an animal. The puppy and I were very lucky to find The Dog Liberator group. He is in my lap as I write this as I am sure he will be for many years to come.”

Jigsaw was adopted on September 25th. Rob and Dana had been casually looking for a dog for the past year. According to Dana, “Growing up, my family has always had doxies. My aunt currently has two miniature dapples that we adore. When we saw Jigsaw’s little face, we fell in love with her. We’re looking for a playful, cuddly pup…a companion that we can take with us to the farmer’s market, dog park, etc. “

When they walked in my home and Jigsaw trotted right up to them, Dana’s face just lit up! Rob was suckered in when she planted herself right at his feet. Yeah, we teach our dogs this stuff! lol 

This is why I can foster ~ our dogs get adopted by the most wonderful people!
September 28 Update on Jigsaw:

Hey Holly,

Things are going well so far! We definitely spoiled her at Petco. She pooped and peed in the house yesterday and vomited outside, but she has peed and pooped several times on our walks. She’s wimpering quite a bit and that breaks our hearts. She cried in her crate for a few minutes last night, but we were determined not to let her play us and she settled down and went to sleep. We bought her the marrow bones that you told us about and she loves it! She carries it all around the house with her and tries to pick up the bone and one of her toys in her mouth at the same time! She’s too cute and we love her to pieces.

I’m guessing the wimpering is because she misses her siblings a bit. We hope that she gets past that soon. She really loves to be right near us and is on my lap right now! She couldn’t care less about the cat, but the cat is a bit grumpy right now. Hopefully, they’ll become friends soon.

I’ll keep you updated. We hope to make it to the reunion.

Thanks again!

Dana & Rob

October 13th Update:

Junebug has found her forever home! Heidi came thinking to adopt Jitterbug but she was wise enough to stay open to possibilities. It quickly became apparent that Junebug was exactly what she was hoping for. No doubt Junebug is going to have fun with Heidi and her roommates Jenna and Kerry! Once again, I’m happy!!!

Puppies, Water and Play

Did you see this one? I posted it on the pages of the appropriate dogs, but realize that if you are a regular reader, you wouldn’t go back to see what has been added. Saturday night three more dogs were transported to me from Alabama (thank you, wonderful volunteers!). This gave me just one more excuse to make a new video. So here you will see 7-year-old Tippy the Old English Sheepdog, 4-year-old Ariel the Aussie, 2-year-old Little Bit the Papillon, 8-month-old MacKenzie the Collie, 6-month-old Junebug and Jitterbug the Dachshunds, 11-week-old Durango the Australian Cattle Dog and 10-week-old Ryder the Australian Shepherd. Enjoy!


Sleepy Time For Puppies

The secret to fostering lots of dogs and puppies is: Play Hard, Sleep Hard!!! After a major play session, all the puppies crashed in the living room so I promptly grabbed my camera. They were so cute as they tried to keep their eyes open to see what I was doing but all to no avail. The nice thing is that I’ve had a Louis Armstrong/Ella Fitzgerald song going around in my head for weeks but never had the right footage to fit it. I think this is perfect! Enjoy!

Puppy Mayhem

I am often asked how I can foster puppies, let alone so many. It takes a lot of planning and flexibility. Plan for the day, flexible for when the plan falls apart! As a general rule, I take the puppies outside so they can wear themselves out, then I bring them inside so they can play in the house at a calm level, then they go in their crates for a nap, then I take them outside…. over and over, all day long. It doesn’t always work as planned (please refer back to the need for flexibility). These two videos were taken the same morning, the first during outside play, the second during inside. Obviously, this was one of the days that the plan didn’t work. What can I say? Puppy joy is contagious!!!



You can read more about the puppies on their blog pages, Dachshunds, Australian Cattle Dogs , Spaniels and German Shepherd. And if you need more videos to make you smile, visit the video section of our facebook page!


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