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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Dachshund Puppies! ~ Adopted

Dachshund Puppies! ~ Adopted

Look at this amazing litter of Doxie puppies sent to us by Dee Sullins of Hale County Humane Society in Alabama. A woman was at a park in Alabama when she saw a puppy playing in the high grass. When she went over to investigate, she found this entire litter, abandoned. Someone had dropped them off there rather than continuing down the road three more miles to the Humane Society. Fortunately, this woman cuts the hair of the Humane Society’s director, Dee. She brought them to him and he called us. I’m so glad he did. Dachshunds are the dogs of my childhood. In fact, Heidi attended my wedding!

Jester and his sisters Jigsaw, Junebug and Jitterbug are all set and ready for their forever homes. I know we will find wonderful ones for them! I’ll be making a video of them soon, but meanwhile you can enjoy an outrageous number of photos of them on their photo album.

26 August Update:

I had forgotten how manipulative Dachshunds are! Whoever adopts them better have strong arms because they’re going to spend all their time holding a puppy in their arms! lol

Jester is very self-confident. He honestly thinks he is every bit as big as Dixie the Shepherd puppy. I think he likes his women big! He loves to play with Dixie, wrestling with her, stealing the bone or ball, just being the pesky younger brother. It’s awfully cute to see them together!

Jigsaw likes the Australian Cattle Dog puppies. She hangs out under the hedge with them. I think they are hiding treasures under there!

Junebug loves to be held but won’t push herself on you. She sits there, giving sad eyes, hoping to be noticed. When you hold her, she’ll happily lay in your arms for the rest of the day.

Jitterbug is extremely people oriented. She totally knows how to work her eyes, looking like she is just about to cry. You pick her up and she lays her head on your shoulder or chest and doesn’t want to leave. She’ll quickly clamber into your lap and knows how to do the cat trick, you know, increases her weight ten-fold when you want to get up.

My daughter said to me last night, “I feel sorry for anyone who comes to meet these puppies. There is no way they’re going home without one!” They are just that cute!!!

August 27 Update:

Jitterbug was being annoyed by her littermates so we took her out of the crate and let her loose in the house by herself. She immediately jumped up onto the dog bed with Ralph, our Basset/Lab. Very cute; I had to take a video. I think she likes big dogs better than small ones! lol



August 29 Update: 

They really are adorable! We were in the yard, I had my camera so I could take more photos (they are added to their photo album) when the puppies started wrestling for a rope toy. Cute!


Okay, and here is one more of them horsing around together in the living
room again!


For more videos, be sure to visit our Facebook video page.

September 10 Update:

Oh, how we are enjoying these dachshund puppies. I’ve added even more photos to their album (surprise!). Each of them has continued to bloom and show wonderful personality.

Jester thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips! When the puppies are outside, no matter how stealthy we are about coming inside, he manages to zip in and run through the house, tail wagging! He is quite smart and has figured out how to jump onto the dining room chair and then on to the table. Um, that’s smart, right????

Jigsaw is the most gentle of the crew. She likes to play but when things really get going, she prefers to watch. She’s smart enough that if it looks like things are getting out of hand, she scoots behind a member of the family! Like the rest of them, she loves to be held.

Jitterbug loves big dogs. She just can’t get enough of my Basset mixes, Ralph and Gus. She is quite sure of herself and thinks that being cute will win over their hearts! She has decided that she is my daughter’s favorite and jumps into Caitlin’s lap at every chance. If she isn’t pure Dachshund, then she either has Chihuahua or Pug in her; I can’t decide which.

Junebug is a lap dog. She loves to sit with my teenage son while he is at the computer. Ryan’s legs will grow tired long before Junebug gets bored! She is the most ball-oriented of the litter. I really think she might have some Pug in her ~ that extra skin and solid body must come from somewhere!

Here we are on the living room floor with all the puppies. They really are a riot!

21 September update:

These puppies really know how to play hard, but they have also developed the fine art of sleeping as well. Today they had all crashed on the couch so I grabbed my camera and set it to one of my favorite songs. Check out how silly Junebug looks with her ears turned inside out. I just adore these puppies!!!

27 September Update:

Yesterday Ariel the Aussie, MacKenzie the Collie and Little Bit the Papillon arrived. I was a bit concerned as to how introductions would go. I don’t know why ~ they were all happy to meet each other. In no time at all they were outside playing together. I love the flexibility of dogs! After a lot of play, Jitterbug found an old tennis ball that needed to be chewed on. She hid at the edge of the hedge but Junebug found her. Here they are ~ so cute!

30 September Update:

Okay, I know, I’m a nut for these videos, but I just love my puppies! They are so cute I hardly ever get anything done because I’m forever grabbing my camera. Watch this video and see how well all the puppies do together. Jitterbug is particularly enamored with Little Bit, a very athletic papillon. She is pretty much the only puppy who can keep up with this one-year-old.



Adopting Families


Jester was adopted on September 19th. Sue’s sweet French bulldog tragically passed away from brain cancer. Hannah, her 11-year-old Jack Russell, needed a companion and Sue missed having a lap dog. Enter Jester! He was fascinated by Hannah and loved to sit in Sue’s lap. I’m thinking they have many fun days ahead!

September 23 Update on Doyle (aka Jester) from Sue:

“I was looking for the right personality on a healthy dog. My French bull died from a brain tumor a few months ago. I looked at breeders. Then I saw a video of a very happy puppy and what was written about him. I decided to take the chance and bring my not so easy Jack Russell to meet him. He was a match and we brought him home to meet the cats. He’s sweet, smart, calm, a major cuddlier, gets along with all my other animals, loves toys and bones not chewing on chairs. My vet saw him and he is a healthy boy. He is everything I wanted. I am amazed that someone would throw out such an animal. The puppy and I were very lucky to find The Dog Liberator group. He is in my lap as I write this as I am sure he will be for many years to come.”

Jigsaw was adopted on September 25th. Rob and Dana had been casually looking for a dog for the past year. According to Dana, “Growing up, my family has always had doxies. My aunt currently has two miniature dapples that we adore. When we saw Jigsaw’s little face, we fell in love with her. We’re looking for a playful, cuddly pup…a companion that we can take with us to the farmer’s market, dog park, etc. ”

When they walked in my home and Jigsaw trotted right up to them, Dana’s face just lit up! Rob was suckered in when she planted herself right at his feet. Yeah, we teach our dogs this stuff! lol 

This is why I can foster ~ our dogs get adopted by the most wonderful people!
September 28 Update on Jigsaw:

Hey Holly,

Things are going well so far! We definitely spoiled her at Petco. She pooped and peed in the house yesterday and vomited outside, but she has peed and pooped several times on our walks. She’s wimpering quite a bit and that breaks our hearts. She cried in her crate for a few minutes last night, but we were determined not to let her play us and she settled down and went to sleep. We bought her the marrow bones that you told us about and she loves it! She carries it all around the house with her and tries to pick up the bone and one of her toys in her mouth at the same time! She’s too cute and we love her to pieces.

I’m guessing the wimpering is because she misses her siblings a bit. We hope that she gets past that soon. She really loves to be right near us and is on my lap right now! She couldn’t care less about the cat, but the cat is a bit grumpy right now. Hopefully, they’ll become friends soon.

I’ll keep you updated. We hope to make it to the reunion.

Thanks again!

Dana & Rob

October 13th Update:

Junebug has found her forever home! Heidi came thinking to adopt Jitterbug but she was wise enough to stay open to possibilities. It quickly became apparent that Junebug was exactly what she was hoping for. No doubt Junebug is going to have fun with Heidi and her roommates Jenna and Kerry! Once again, I’m happy!!!

One thought on “Dachshund Puppies! ~ Adopted

  1. Hi there! Just wanted to give you another quick update on Jigsaw. We renamed her Fiona. She recently had her last set of shots and was a perfect angel at the vet. We took her over to the dog park for the first time this weekend and she absolutely loved it! She loves chasing squirrels and she is FAST!

    We take her everywhere with us and she is the talk of the town. EVERYONE stops us to talk about her.

    She is doing really well with house training and is learning how to sit, stay and come. She loves playing, but loves to give us cuddles and kisses as well. We are just crazy about her.

    Anyway, that's the latest. We're still hoping to make it out on Saturday.

    Dana & Rob

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