Save Money on Prescription Medications for Your Dog

You know that feeling when you’re standing at the counter at the vet?  You’ve waited forever, your dog has been examined, you’ve been given a diagnosis and part of you is relieved, and part of you feels overwhelmed knowing you’re about ready to get the bill!  I know that what you really want to do […]

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Lugol’s Iodine

After receiving dozens of suggestions for Claire Bear, I did purchase two bottles of Lugol’s Iodine.  I am (when I think about it) adding a few drops to the dogs’ water dish.  I’ve been given a lot of information to comb through, and while I don’t think it’s for everyone, I think it’s something we […]

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Bart Revisited

09/07/13 Update:  It’s been one year since Bart was adopted.  I guess I can let my hair down now!  I never stopped to think about what was going on during those sleepless nights, I was on auto pilot.  All I could think about was Goldie Hawn, and desperately trying to do more, do different, do […]

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Meredith, the Parvo Puppy~Adopted

06/01/13:  I was shopping in DeLand with Sarah, it was “grown-up girl bonding day” (that’s what she calls it), when I noticed a missed call around 12:30 PM from Newman Veterinary Centers in DeLand.  Yes, I have every Vet programmed into my phone.  Sarah was trying on a pair of shoes when I told her, […]

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  So much about my experience with Bart was not shared here on this page. I took the time after his adoption to publish his story. Now that I look back, it’s quite amazing!     Adoption:Bart was adopted by M. H. Clark and Pete Mellen, both university professors. No doubt, he’ll have his own […]

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Sara the Sick Puppy

The first time I saw Sara was on Steve Williams’ facebook page. Was there ever a more adorable puppy? I think not! I put out a feeler on her, but didn’t really pursue it because she was in Alabama and I knew she’d get adopted right away. That was May 10th. Imagine my surprise when […]

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Bringing Your New Dog Home

So, you’re considering adopting a dog from The Dog Liberator.  If it is one of the puppies that I foster, we’re going to spend some time talking, and I’m going to share with you a lot of tidbits that I have learned over the years.  And then you’re going to get home with you puppy […]

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Bringing Your New Dog or Puppy Home

Click here to read “Starting out Right” .  This page contains everything there is know about bringing one of our rescued puppies or dogs to your new home!

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Augustus #806, The Last One Out – Adopted

On September 14, 2009, I received an email from a pound in North Georgia. Included in the email was a photo of a red and white border collie puppy. The photo of the pup was horrible, (shown) and I wasn’t quite sure if he was a Border Collie so I forwarded it to Suzanne. That […]

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