Close Your Eyes, Open Your Heart – How Do you Adopt Again After Your Dog Dies?

How Do you Adopt Again After Your Dog Dies? This post will explain the grief and anguish people go through after they have lost their beloved dog and how hard they try to replace their dog that has passed away with an identical copy.  “How can I adopt after my dog dies?” There is a […]

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Dream Dog Search – Getting Started

It’s for Dogs! We have a tremendous success rate in matching up the right dog for the right family.  Most of the time, when we get an email from a potential adopter who is interested in Dog A, after reviewing their information, and doing a telephone interview, we learn that Dog B is a […]

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My Dream Dog

Welcome to My Dream Dog! This feature will help you dog-lovers find your next dream dog; not from a breeder or puppy mill, but from a shelter, pound or rescue.  Adopting a rescue dog is fast becoming the right thing to do, but how?  I’ve had more of my adopters tell me that once they […]

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