Buttons Sparkles – Adoptable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel~Adopted

We have every reason to believe that this little boy was abused somehow when he was young. He may have been picked up and dropped, thrown, or at the least, cornered and scolded. If handled correctly, Buttons is the perfect dog! History: for being such a small little man, this dog has a million nicknames […]

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This gorgeous young Border Collie is being transported from Georgia hopefully, this week.  He has a lot of energy, is very affectionate and smart!  He’ll be coming down with his side kick, Trapper John!  More information coming soon, and his photos can be viewed on Facebook.  Like Pablo, he has one green eye and one […]

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Trapper John~Adopted

This gorgeous boy was rescued from Gwinnett County, Georgia.  He is being fostered in Roswell, Georgia by Terri Friday.  He is friendly and smart, but he is recovering from his neuter surgery.  We will provide details soon!  His photos can be seen on Facebook! Trapper John was adopted last night.  We don’t have photos yet, […]

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Jack from Roswell~Adopted

I received an email yesterday from Terri Friday, describing her foster dog, Jack.  The more I read, the more impressed I was of her dedication and knowledge of her foster dog.  She has been fostering Jack on an off for about a year now, and she is not going to give up on him.  Terry […]

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Sweet Magnolia, the Aussie!

Magnolia, or “Maggie” as her foster mom Delana calls her is a special case from Gwinnett County Animal Control in Lawrenceville, GA. The backstory on this gorgeous girl is both heartbreaking, yet inspirational. A few days ago, as I was trying frantically to rescue another little pup in this same shelter, I get a phone […]

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Colby-Jack: Impossible Not to Hug! ~ Adopted

Everyone who meets Colby-Jack hugs him. It’s impossible not to, really. He’s fluffy and soft and begs for attention like a big, overstuffed teddy bear. Colby-Jack comes to us from Georgia’s Gwinnett County Animal Services, where he was picked up as a stray. We find it difficult to believe that anyone would turn this loveable dog out, […]

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Tiny Dancer, the mini Border Collie ~ Adopted

This adorable little girl weighs about 20 pounds.  She is affectionate and very intelligent. Amy Benz writes:  “Ladies — In the melee surrounding today’s transport, I never did get to share the little border collie girl’s story with you. The brother of one of the shelter workers found her roaming around his property. She was full of […]

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