Graham ~ Adopted!

15628960_10210397541670300_374076528_o12/18/16 Update: Graham has been very patient, and it paid off! Today he found his home with Bill and Pam Kiefer of Port Orange, Florida!

10/14/2016 Update:  Handsome Graham is back with us. Unfortunately, his owner is moving and is unable to take him along. Graham is a very sweet and happy guy who does well with people and other dogs. He does like to chase the little critters, though, so a home without cats that has a fenced yard would be best.



Graham's Boo Boo is all better!

Graham’s Boo Boo is all better!

Meet Golden Graham! He was named for his gorgeous coloring and the fact that he was our first rescue that was initiated on Instagram. I’ve been calling him Graham and it seems to suit him well.
Graham was rescued from Miami-Dade Animal Services where he was picked up as a stray.  A big thanks to Jeanette and Patty Duenas for helping us to rescue this doll. He is about 7 months old. Right now he weighs 35 pounds but we expect him to fill out and grow to probably around 50 pounds or so. He’s a little on the thin side right now but I’m working on fattening him up a bit!

He is super sweet and affectionate. Graham loves to be pet and will beg for more and is also very gentle when taking treats from my hand. He gets along great with my dog and hasn’t bothered with our cats too much. He let me know when he had to go potty last night and hasn’t had any accidents in the house since we’ve had him. He has typical puppy energy and really enjoys running around the yard and playing with our dog.

He was found with a flea color embedded in his skin. The shelter had it removed and he has a sore around his neck that is healing. It doesn’t bother him one bit though! It’s starting to scab up and he’s on antibiotics for a week.

Great in the car!

Great in the car!

Click the link to see more photos of Graham on Facebook.

July 29, 2014

Graham has been with us for a week now and is a real sweet boy.  He loves to run and play with our dog and then will sleep somewhere near wherever his human is.  He seems to be very happy and is always wagging his tail.  He loves playing with all of the dog toys and I’ve even caught him with two in his mouth at once so proud of himself.   He hasn’t had any accidents in the house.  I haven’t had him out for a walk yet so I’m not sure how he does on a leash.  I gave him a bath last week and he wasn’t too thrilled but could tell he felt much better afterwards.  His neck that was scabbed over from an imbedded flea collar is almost completely healed.  Graham will be a wonderful addition to his new family.

Collie, Graham, Gets Much needed spa day with James at Newman Vet Deltona

Collie, Graham, Gets Much needed spa day with James at Newman Vet Deltona

September 1, 2014

Graham was transported to me in Deltona so Michelle could attend a Disney event!  Woo Hoo!  He is amazing.  His boo boo on his neck is healing nicely.  I thought he would enjoy a spa day at Newman’s via James!  Graham is all puppy and loves to play.  He is incredibly affectionate and great with dogs, kids and cats!  What more could you for?

Graham the Collie moves to Barefoot Bay!

Graham the Collie moves to Barefoot Bay!

09/09/14 Update:  Scott  adopted Graham today! Scott lives in Barefoot Bay, FL and his collie mix died several months ago. Scott told me, “I’m ready!” Scott’s Mom came to meet Graham as well, and she gave him her stamp of approval – but not until the sand hill cranes in my front yard put on a show and danced for about 10 minutes! Can’t wait for Graham updates!





St. Nick ~ Adopted

10675630_10152784163389792_6755633467483138295_nSt. Nick is a 4-6 month old, male, Border collie corgi mix (Borgi). He hails from Alabama but he is a Florida boy now! Nick is currently on the shy side but we don’t expect that to last. He is snugly, cuddly, and generally affectionate. He is in the process of being fully vetted.  Check out his Photos on Facebook!


12/15/14 Update:  St. Nick arrived at his foster home and it immediately became apparent that he was going no where.  Congratulations Nick on your new home!

Doctor Doctor

ChaosGive me the news

Effective immediately, The Dog Liberator will not be able to take in any new rescues. As of now, I have been placed on medical leave (Doctor’s orders) until after my surgery.

Your continued support is appreciated, and your donations are critical to keeping our passion alive while I recover. We hope we will bounce back quickly and will be stronger than ever! ~ gisele

Hawking ~ Adopted!

photo 3Hawking is 1 year old and comes to use from Alabama where a good Samaritan took him in after he sustained an injury on the streets. He was skinny and limping and she took it upon herself to mend this sweet little guy, so when we got the email asking for help finding his forever home, well how could we say no?

Hawking is still just a puppy and has plenty of energy for fun and play. He does get along well with dogs, though his puppy antics sometimes are a bit much for his playmates.  He is curious about cats but so far does not show signs of any aggression toward them.




He is recovering from a surgery on his back leg but he doesn’t let it slow him down one bit.

photo 1House trained, crate trained, and walking on a leash. He is smart and playful (and sometimes a little silly)! He loves toys and playtime seems to be his favorite time of day so far!

Check out his photos on Facebook!





12/11/14 Update: Hawking was adopted by Glen today and they couldn’t be happier!






Titus, Achtung Baby! ~ Adopted!

what a gem!

what a gem!

Wow!  Titus is a five month old German Shepherd Dog.  He is currently at the vet being evaluated, and is very underweight.  Chicken stew and de-worming will take care of that quick!  Everyone loves him!  We will be uploading new photos of him on Facebook shortly.

In the right environment, a good trainer could take a dog like this and within just a few short weeks transform it into a certified service dog. Combine the training with an incredible bond that dogs like these create with their owners, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

Achtung Baby!

Achtung Baby!

If you know of someone who has been on a waiting list for a PTSD Service Dog, consider adopting a dog like Titus, and hiring a trainer to get the dog quickly certified.  Those of us who live in the Central Florida area are very lucky to be surrounded by great trainers!


11/27/14 Update: Titus was adopted today by Susan of  Maitland, Fl. Happy Thanksgiving to Titus and his new family!

Punkin’ ~ Adopted!

Punkin'The runt of the litter, we believe this male is a golden or collie.  He and his 3 siblings come from Chilton County, Alabama.  New photos of  him will be uploaded shortly in her Facebook Photo Album.

In the right environment, a good trainer could take a dog like this and within just a few short weeks transform it into a certified service dog. Combine the training with an incredible bond that dogs like these create with their owners, and you’ve got yourself a winner!









12/10/14 Update: Punkin was adopted today! More details to come!



Stuffin’ ~ Adopted!

Here I am, with my big brother Wishbone... I'm a little shy!

Here I am, with my big brother Wishbone… I’m a little shy!

Gorgeous little female that we believe is a golden or collie.  She and her 3 siblings come from Chilton County, Alabama.  New photos of her will be uploaded shortly in her Facebook Photo Album.

In the right environment, a good trainer could take a dog like this and within just a few short weeks transform it into a certified service dog. Combine the training with an incredible bond that dogs like these create with their owners, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

11/29/14 Update: Stuffin’ was adopted by Kealey of Daytona Beach, FL, Congratulations to them all!

Wishbone ~ Adopted!

"I am the sexiest pup alive!" - Wishbone

“I am the sexiest pup alive!” – Wishbone

Little boy pup from Chilton County, Alabama.  He is one of four puppies that appear to be collie or golden retriever.  We just aren’t sure because they are so young!  New photos of Wishbone will be uploaded in his photo album on Facebook shortly!


11/22/14 Update: Wishbone has been adopted! Details and pictures soon!


Hambone!Tiny little boy from Chilton County, Alabama.  He is one of four puppies that appear to be collie or golden retriever, and chocolate lab.  We just aren’t sure because they are so young!  New photos of Hambone are uploaded in his photo album on Facebook!Hambone


12/14/13 Update: Hambone met Kitty of Orlando, FL and wiggled right into her heart.

12/15/14 Update: Kitty writes “Hi Giselle, Hambone is working out fine. He slept through the night. He is full of pep and fun. He’s been going outside to pee. I’m thinking of calling him Prince.”





I don't want to spend the rest of my life hiding!  ~ Pilgrim

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life hiding! ~ Pilgrim

This four month old red Aussie boy is very shy and unsure of himself.  He would benefit from basic puppy training classes so he can learn some tricks and be proud of himself!  There’s nothing like a “Good Boy” that fixes a pup’s self-esteem!

You can see many photos of him on Facebook!

Snape aka Reggie, the Cavalon! ~ Adopted!

 11/27/14 Update: Snape has been adopted! More details coming soon!

10403251_10152748618544792_1924352848974575006_n11/26/14 Update: Snape likes to play with kids and other dogs! This little love bug is ready to wiggle himself into someone’s heart.


11/17/14 Update:  Snape is all about his people!  He loves to run and play ball.  He is great with kids, and incredibly smart.  Snape is just as playful as he is loving.  He would like to be a part-time lap dog, and a part-time cannon ball!  Woo Hoo!  If you adopt Snape, you’ll get two dogs for the price of one!  And by the way, we’re calling him Reggie!

Johanna wrote:   I think little Snape might be a Phalene! He really doesn’t look much like a King Charles, IMO. But he looks quite a bit like the floppy eared version of a Papillon!

Designer dog breeders refer to the Phalène/Papillion and Cavalier hybrid as “Cava-lon (Cavallon)


Shelter Photo with Cherry Eyes

Snape (Reggie) is a doll!

Snape (Reggie) is a doll!

Snape is a year and a half old, male, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who came from Kingsland, GA.

As you may notice from his picture, Snape has a case of Cherry Eye, or eyelid protrusion. We have surgically repaired this!

Click to see Snape’s photos on Facebook!

Cutie Pattotie!

Cutie Pattotie!


BuBi – Trained Alert Dog For Deaf Persons ~ Adopted!

BuBi, Trained Alert Dog For Deaf Persons

BuBi, Trained Alert Dog For Deaf Persons

BuBi’s Mom met me yesterday at the vet, and surrendered her canine companion to our rescue yesterday, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.  BuBi’s mom, lost her husband suddenly to a heart condition, and found herself forced to move to California, where she couldn’t take her service dog with her.

What I witnessed was probably the most loyal and attentive dog I have ever met.  It angered all of us that Elizabeth couldn’t take her dog with her, but we all know that sometimes life gets in the way.

BuBi is not only focused, but incredibly intuitive and self-aware.  She can finish your sentences.  While she would make an amazing dog for someone who is hearing-impaired, she would make an amazing dog for anyone!  She warms up to other dogs, but her focus is on her human.  If you want to adopt a dog that will treat you as if you are her entire word, it’s BuBi!

We ask that you share this information, with your friends, family and co-workers, and help us find someone who needs a dog as special as BuBi.

BuBi is a trained Alert Dog.  She has been trained to notify you if the doorbell rings, the phone rings, if the tub is overflowing, if someone knocks on the door.  She is protective, but without the teeth!  She is a watch dog, not a guard dog.  BuBi’s job is to take care of YOU!

History:  3 Year old female, weighs 50 pounds.

If you need a dog like this cutie pie, please tell us why, and provide us with the information found on this page,

We will publish more of her photos in her photo album found on Facebook.

11/22/14 Update: BuBi has been adopted! Details and pictures soon!




Sipsey now Cyrus

Sipsey now Cyrus

Found at a camping site near the Sipsey river, this 2 year old Aussie boy is deaf blind.  He was adopted today by a former TDL adopter!  You can see more of his photos on Facebook!

Luna Lovegood

Athens buffyLittle Luna Lovegood  is an 10-12 week old female collie mix puppy who comes to us from Alabama. We’re not sure how she wasn’t adopted in a heartbeat, but we are happy to have this little stinker!

Playtime is my middle name!  ~ Luna Lovegood

Playtime is my middle name! ~ Luna Lovegood

Luna is all puppy! She is playful, energetic, ready to go and play play play! She is also affectionate and loves to give kisses.

She is available for adoption in Deltona, FL.

We hope to have more pictures of this little girl soon! Check out her photos on Facebook!

10/27/14 Update:  Luna was adopted, but unfortunately, Melissa’s senior dog does not appreciate Luna’s boundless amount of energy, and in short, she is annoying him!


Luna needs a lot of play time with a pack that really wants to play!











Hedwig is a 9 month old  male Aussie with quite a past. He comes to us from  Alabama but thanks to transport he is now in Deltona, FL.

Hedwig’s story begins with a breeder. He was one of 5 puppies which the breeder brought to the vet when it became apparent they were sick. When the vet diagnosed the litter with Parvo, the breeder left the pups at the vet!

Luckily a good Samaritan took the puppies in and gave them a chance. Hedwig was the runt of the litter, and almost died several times. Luckily he survived the ordeal and made his home with the good Samaritan where he lived until he began chasing after the horses and was almost kicked.  Because of the danger,  we were contacted and were happy to take this sweet little survivor.

Hedwig is one smart cookie and is quite the runner, but wasn’t a  big fan of agility training.

10356159_10152691686614792_238865206148466248_nWhy did we name him Hedwig?  Well not only is he white, like the owl from Harry Potter, but he is small! He is very small, possibly due to being the runt of the litter. He also has an adorable heart shaped nose! How cool is that? He is able to see and hear just fine which is awesome as we know Merle Aussies can have trouble with this.

1236851_10152691687114792_217105637610673277_nHedwig is also afraid of new things. He is not fear-aggressive, he simply shuts down. On transport he refused to walk on the leash and just quit. Maybe it was a bit too much change all at once.

You may remember a similar story from Courage, who also shut down on transport and had to be carried to the car. Courage went on to be a well adjusted dog and we expect Hedwig to do the same.  He is good with other dogs and will need a patient and firm owner to overcome his fears and build confidence.

Check out Hedwig’s photos on Facebook!









Viktor Krum~Adopted



Viktor is a 6 month old male Long hair chihuahua. He reminds us of one of the faces of TDL, Rosie, and he is stinking cute!

He comes to us from Alabama, where the shelter had nothing but good things to say about him (you’ll shortly notice a trend)! The shelter stated:

He sits on command. Loves to cuddle. Starving for attention in the shelter.

When Johannah picked him up she stated:

GOOD DOG! Quiet on the ride, walked well on a leash, peed in the grass like a champ. He is top shelf!



Needless to say Viktor is an attentive people pleaser and cuddle bug. He is not at all growly or snippy.

In fact, the biggest issue you might have is him drowning you in kisses! See his photos on Facebook!

  If you are looking for a pint sized companion, Viktor might be your little man!


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 If you think Viktor might be the little man for you,

please first read about Our Adoption Process and then



Lancelot, the chocolate Border Collie

Lancelot, the chocolate Border Collie

We were going to name him Remis Lupin, keeping with our Harry Potter theme, but he was adopted yesterday!  Lancelot is a border collie pup we picked up from Camden County with Ginny!  He is FULL of energy, and he will be a lot of fun!

Lancelot was adopted by Carsen of Lady Lake, Florida.

Yes, you are coming home with me!

Yes, you are coming home with me!

You can see more of his photos on Facebook!


the Perfect Dog!

the Perfect Dog!

7 1/2 year old, 65 pound border collie boy needs a home! Good with kids, cats, dogs, lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Fully trained, neutered, and fully vetted. Just add water and stir!

One cool dude!You can see more photos of him on Facebook.




Ginny is about a year and a half old border collie mix. We are not entirely sure what she is mixed with but this girl is a sweet stunner who won Gisele’s heart on a recent trip to Kingsland, GA.

Since then she has traveled to Deltona, FL and is available for adoption.

Click to see Ginny Weasley’s photos on Facebook!

We are continuing to gather information about Ginny but will update as soon as possible.

Ginny!Ginny has been adopted by Christa and her son of Deltona!  Ginny is VERY happy!






Beyond Gorgeous!

Beyond Gorgeous!

Wow, this guy is stunning.  Animal Control doesn’t understand why such a gorgeous dog was not re-claimed.  He was not matted, or dirty, and his nails had been recently manicured… and once I met him, I couldn’t figure it out either.

At first we were convinced that Niall is both deaf and blind, but I don’t think so yet!  He appeared to travel sound and be able to see quite well, but remember, these deafies are super smart and intuitive.  Deafies are so smart, most of the time their owners don’t know they are deaf!  Niall is one of those.   The only true way to see if a dog is deaf  is when they are alone, and asleep.  You enter the room, make slight noises (not vibrations) and see what happens!  Here’s what I do know… he responded to sounds and he did not “bump” into anything, and he came right to us repeatedly.  Much like China, he has adequate vision.

Can I come out and Play?

Can I come out and Play?

Niall is very young, maybe 1 less than 2 years old.  He is a real cuddle bug and has the Aussie Wiggle Butt.  He has been fully vetted, neutered, microchipped, however, the vet found that he is heartworm positive.  Heartworm is so easy and inexpensive to treat, I wonder if his owners got scared and gave him up thinking the treatment is expensive.  Niall will start his heartworm treatment and be negative in about 6-12 months.

Niall is so much like my China, I just know I’m going to fall in love big time!  And by the way, I thought Lilly was deaf/blind too, and she marched right into our rescue and never was!

Cuddles with his toy

Cuddles with his toy

You can see more of his photos on Facebook.

Update:  Niall is being fostered by Courtney, Ginger Doodle’s Mom!  He is incredibly affectionate and friendly.  He is learning everything super fast, including stairs!  He is housebroken and has amazing manners.  We will have more updates shortly.

Mr. Niall and Joey, his new name is Ban Joe!

Mr. Niall and Joey, his new name is Ban Joe!

10/27/14 Update:  We had a lot of great people who wanted to adopted Niall, and choosing wasn’t easy.  Niall was adopted yesterday by Joey!  We’re looking forward to updates soon!


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