FDA Approves First Injectable Solution for Sterilization in Dogs

http://www.fda.gov/AnimalVeterinary/NewsEvents/FDAVeterinarianNewsletter/ucm103397.htm   and the controversy!  http://www.thedogpress.com/Columns/Chemical-Neutering_Romeo-124.asp

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Florida City Bans Breeding

We are doing a happy dance!  Please share this fantastic idea with the representatives of your county, city, and community officials.  This is what needs to be done. Florida City Bans Sale of Commercially Bred Pets .  While I believe reputable breeders should not be stopped from breeding gorgeous and healthy purebreds, these days, it’s […]

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Homeless Dogs – Comparing 2007 to 2013

Back in 2007, I designed a video based on raw numbers I found on Petfinder.  I designed another video similar to the 2007 video in 2009, and again in 2011.  Amazing that I kept the numbers in notes and I found them today.  I’m probably the most disorganized person you’ll ever meet!  However, I went onto […]

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You know the expression, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you?” It’s not true! Every day I post dog food recalls so that you can be aware of the dangerous lurking in your dog’s food bowl! Soon, I’m also going to tell you where the money goes. Here is a video about Shenandoah, a little […]

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Walking the Green Miles of Georgia

Last week was quite an experience for me, and my family.  I rented a van and put 2,000 on it driving from Deltona to Atlanta, and visiting as many shelters as I could. Immediately, my experience became humbling.  As I drove, I saw signs and every city or county reminded me of a dog that […]

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Free to a Good Home

Holly posted this (thank you) and Lynne Deal responds on Facebook: “People value what they pay for” Pets obtained for free are less likely to be spayed or neutered by their new owners (why bother with vet bills?), and more likely to be abused and/or discarded, because “there are plenty more where that came from!” […]

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Animal Over-Population, Gassing and Lethal Injection

I feel compelled to share what is being Circulating on Facebook.  While we are honest about where a dogs come from, and share with you the history that we know, the number of dogs that we rescue compared to the number of dogs that we are asked to rescue is shocking.  This article is not […]

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Should Abortion and Euthanasia be a Form of Birth Control?

Posted by Andrea Rigler: Dog Lovers – Please read this – and share it. Full term aussie puppies aborted instead of being allowed to be transfered to approved rescue. Details below. Saturday a friend of mine send me photos of a red tri aussie in Hillsborough County Animal Services that was pregnant and ready to […]

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Today on Facebook, written by Carl – Join to Help Alabama!

Photo shown of a young female we are pulling from a shelter in Mobile, AL. Facebook Post: I had not paid much attention to how many dogs that are homeless and in shelters.. until I started looking for another puppy to replace one that we lost to age and many health issues. It makes me […]

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