How to Adopt From Us

Much to the surprise of many people, we do not use an online adoption application.  Instead, we rely on getting to know you by asking you a few questions in an email, and telephone interview. Because we are a small rescue and keep all of our dogs in foster homes, we shy away from forms […]

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Bad Dog!

If you have adopted from any rescue, shelter or pound, or if you purchased your dog from a breeder, and your dog is experiencing behavioral issues, please do not wait… call and ask for help immediately. If you don’t know of anyone, write a detailed email and ask for help by contacting a rescue group […]

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Let it Go – Stop Feeling Sorry For Your Dog

This article explains why it is unhealthy to pity or feel sorry for your dog. No matter what your dog has been through, pity will create behavioral issues. This article explains that most dog-owners, especially those who have adopted a rescued dog, don’t realize that feeling sorry for your dog does emotional harm. All Dogs Should […]

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The Ellen Debacle

Whether or not you have adopted from The Dog Liberator or not, you should take a moment, find your dog’s adoption contract and read this post.  Even if you purchased your dog from a breeder, this may pertain to you as well. I know it’s an old story, dating back to October 2007, but it’s […]

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What about Home Visits?

What about Home Visits? Here’s a great article “Those darn dog rescues with all of their rules and questions – what gives?” written by Penny Eims, is a real eye-opener, and prompted me to write this post. To be honest, if I feel the need to do a home visit, the adopter is denied.  There’s […]

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Bringing Your New Dog Home

So, you’re considering adopting a dog from The Dog Liberator.  If it is one of the puppies that I foster, we’re going to spend some time talking, and I’m going to share with you a lot of tidbits that I have learned over the years.  And then you’re going to get home with you puppy […]

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Name That Dog!

Gisele and I have an ongoing thing about names. She prefers to name our dogs after people. I prefer to name them after food, places, feelings,… anything but people! One thing we do agree on is that we won’t use common names or repeat names. No Max, Buddy, Molly or Sadie! When we get stumped […]

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