Angel Pup – Seen being thrown out of a Moving Vehicle~Adopted

Angel Pup at the Vet being well cared for

Angel Pup at the Vet being well cared for

First, we want to thank Kristi Stinson Sexton for taking such good care of this little girl while we waited for transport, Pilot Michael Young for transporting her to Florida, and Jeannette Dixon for bringing her to the vet for us! Angel is doing great!

She is too young for all of her shots, and way too young for spay surgery. We want to give her at least a week of good food, and a clean environment before we proceed. Therefore, we are hoping to find someone who is local to us, in the Central Florida area, to adopt her. She will need to come back to our vet in a few weeks.

Angel is a cutie patootie, very affectionate, and thriving well!  Please visit her photo album to see updates!

Pup Thrown from Moving Vehicle

Pup Thrown from Moving Vehicle


Donation Request: This Pup was seen being thrown out of a moving vehicle, and was picked up by a good Samaritan.  We have been asked to take her.

She is safe and will be transported to us on September 6th.  I have plenty of time to make her some chicken stew!  She has skin issues (probably due to poor diet and lack of care) and will need some medical care and good food to be pretty again! Some coconut oil might be helpful as well!  

Can you help, and donate to our Veterinary Care Fund?

Angel Pup now Gabriella

Angel Pup now Gabriella

Please see all of her photos, and get updates from her Facebook Photo Album.

Please share this photo and help us get donations for her care.


09/27/14 Update:  Angel pup was adopted by Shannon and her daughter.  She will be living in the Panhandle with her new family, and her new name is Gabriella… perfect name!  We will be getting updates and uploading her photos in her photo album on Facebook!


Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?

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Gurus Wanted!

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Lost and Found – How to Help a Stray Dog

This article includes tips on what you should do if you find a stray dog, and want to help.

The Stray Dog, what should you do?

The Stray Dog, what should you do?

The past two weeks have been very odd. I have received more phone calls from people who have lost their dogs, and phone calls from people who have found stray dogs. It’s as if the dogs sent out a memo!

I received a phone call yesterday around 3:00 from a nice lady named Trinity, who lives in Oviedo – she found a little Sheltie female and didn’t know what to do. I coached her with advice, and offered my support, and while I was giving her my speech, I thought – why not share this with others?

So what do you do when you find a stray dog and you don’t want to call the pound?  If you can’t get near the dog, you might have no choice but to call animal control.  If the dog is friendly, this is a no-brainer!  If you have to actually trap the dog, please be careful that it doesn’t bolt into traffic or run further away from you.  I always have treats, leashes and collars handy in my car, as a matter of fact, the inside of my car looks like a pet store!  Click here to review Dog Catching Tips.

Come up with a plan and assess the situation

The first question you should ask yourself is, can you keep/hold the dog for a little while while you try to find its owners? Do you have a crate, or a place where the dog can hang out? Do you know someone that can hold the dog for you, and keep it safe?

The second question is what is the dog’s condition? If it’s not matted and dirty, or emaciated the dog probably just recently got loose, and the dog probably lives within just a few blocks of where you found it! Drive around, ask people in the area if the dog looks familiar.

In the case of the found Sheltie, I suspected that her owners would be home after 5:00 and we only had a few hours to wait until she would be reunited with her family. If you find a dog early in the morning, chances are, you’re going to have to wait until after quitting time when folks come home from work.

20140815_204234If the dog is terribly matted, filthy and emaciated, you’re probably looking at a bonafied stray.

If the dog is injured, you have no choice, you must take it to a vet immediately as was the case with Marlo.

In either case, if the dog does not have a collar or any tags this is what you should do:

Take it to the nearest vet and have the dog scanned.  If the dog is micro-chipped, hopefully, your adventure has come to an end!  But brace yourself, not all dog owners want their dog back.

If the dog is not micro-chipped, and the vet is helpful, ask the vet to check if the dog is spay/neutered. Why?  Unaltered dogs are more likely to travel great distances, and if you have found a female who has not been spayed it’s always nice to know if the dog is possibly pregnant!  Yikes!

If the dog is spay/neutered and in good shape, you probably want to start making flyers, and post the dog on Craigslist or Facebook, but just be aware of the time of day, take a deep breath, and wait for 5:00!

Marlo went to the Vet immediately

Marlo went to the Vet immediately

If the dog is a hot mess, you’ll want to check on Craigslist for a missing dog post.  Depending on the condition of the dog, you’ll want to go back a few months.  I can’t tell you how sad I was when I couldn’t find Zsa Zsa’s family.  It was as if she never existed.

Contact your local animal control and notify them that you have found a dog in case the dog’s owner calls them.

Call a few Vets in the area and notify them as well.  Take a photo of the dog with your cell phone.

What happens if you don’t find any leads whatsoever?  Now you can start making flyers and posting on social media.

What do you do if you can’t keep the dog?  Again, can you borrow a crate from a friend, co-worker or neighbor?  You could ask a vet to board the dog for you, but the dog will need its shots.

I’m sure your instinct will be to call a rescue, but you’re in for a big surprise!  Sure, you can contact local rescues in your area, but don’t get your hopes up.  Most rescues are full, many will not take a stray, and you’ll be lucky if you talk to a live human being!

Mustang Sally, Stray MDAS

Mustang Sally, Stray MDAS

Even if a rescue tells you they will take the dog, but they are many miles away?  You really need to keep the dog for at least several days thus creating a stray hold, which every animal control abides by.  In Zsa Zsa’s case, she was with me for eight days before she was adopted.  Eight days is plenty of time to give her owners a chance to find her.

So You’ve Decided to Hunker Down!

You’ve decided to bring the dog home with you!  Good for you!  But wait!  Are you thinking about putting that dog in your car?  Here’s a tip, buckle the dog’s leash into the back seat because once you get home, you’ll be opening your car door, and the dog might take that opportunity to bolt!  Never let a new dog ride in the front seat, and the dog should be tethered somehow to something, not loose!

When I picked up Les Paul from the vet, I let him ride in the back seat.  He had a leash, but he was not tethered.  As soon as I began to drive he dove into my lap and hid under my feet… I WAS DRIVING!  I swerved into someone’s front lawn, threw the car into park and his butt hit the gas pedal.  Even though I was okay, I was still scared and shut the car off!  I had to surgically remove him from the floor board put him back into the back seat and secured his leash with a seat belt!

How far do you need to travel?  It’s important!  If you, for example, found the dog on 1st Street and live on 25th Street, and the dog escapes from you, you’ve just made it even harder for the dog to find its home on its own.  Sure we’ve heard stories about dogs traveling for miles and finding their way back home, it can be done, but it’s the dangers along the way that might end up in disaster.  Cars!  If you plan to bring the dog home with you, think like a dog!

Check your fence, survey your home, and know that the dog you have rescued escaped somehow!  Did someone leave a gate open, did he slip out the door, or is he a certified escape artist?  Do not leave the dog in your yard unattended, maybe you should keep the dog on leash, just in case!  I’ve known dogs that can open doors, jump through screened windows, climb up a fence with ease, or dig out in seconds!  This dog is now your responsibility!

Are You My Human?

So now you’ve literally rescued a dog, and you’ve posted flyers, and maybe posted on Craigslist or Facebook, and someone comes forward claiming you’ve got their dog.  But without an identifiable collar, or micro-chip how do they prove it’s their dog?  Be careful!  Many “bad” people cruise Craigslist for Free Bait Dogs.  We all know that dog fighting is out there!  Please, be sure to have people that contact you provide you with solid proof!

About the Sheltie

I received a phone call last night, around 7:00 PM that the Sheltie’s owners had posted flyers everywhere, and they were reunited!  Trinity was so excited!  She also shared that out of all the rescues she called, we were the only rescue that offered advice and support.  Woo Hoo!

About that Memo

I started writing this post but had to run to the vet to pick up Charley… on the way home I noticed a “lost yorkie” sign!  What is it with these dogs?


If you have tips or a story you’d like to share with us, leave your comment below and thanks for sharing!

Dog Catching Tip

Brittney's Mystery

Brittney’s Mystery

You might have noticed the leash that Marlo was wearing in her photos, it’s made of chain! When we tried to catch Brittney’s Mystery, we learned a valuable lesson! After she snapped the leash in half with one swipe of her teeth, we had to come up with plan B! The flimsy leash we had was an epic fail! When we came back the next day to trap her, we had a braided nylon leash! She still could’ve bitten it, but it would’ve taken her a little bit longer to chew out!

Recently when I picked up William Wallace, in two seconds, he too snapped the leash in half. It happens! Several years ago, we rescued a Golden Retriever, Gracie, she too snapped her leash off like a pro.

After our encounter with Zsa Zsa the Poodle, I was prepared, and I suggest you do the same. I had a chain leash in the car!

Recently everyone has been reporting finding stray dogs! If you think you’re the type to try to rescue, do yourself a favor and arm yourself with a braided nyson slip leash (in case the dog does not have a collar, and then, once you can place a collar on the dog, use the chain leash. How would you feel if you helped a dog get to safety, only to watch it bite, snap, and bolt? It happens!  I actually went to a local petstore and paid a fortune for one of these leashes, only to find them reasonably priced on Amazon!

Zsa Zsa~Adopted

Zsa Zsa, now Molly Jo!

Zsa Zsa, now Molly Jo!

Zsa Zsa has been renamed Molly Jo! She was adopted by Nate and Kelly of Windermere! Molly Jo now has a tiny Poodle, named Honey to play with!

Stray Poodle in the Dark

Stray Poodle in the Dark

Last Friday night, we came home from dinner expecting to relax.  It was very late, and very dark.  I asked Sarah to tidy up the kitchen, and like a typical 11 year-old, she blew me off and said she was going to take a walk first.  Typical!  Just a few moments later, Ryan and I heard Sarah screaming for us.  I ran outside, and Sarah said she saw a dog.  Again, typical.  Loose dogs always find Sarah, but this time, the dog wasn’t just loose, it was a bonafied stray.

Fortunately for us, the dog found itself trapped between our house and the neighbors, and surrounded by fences.  Sarah and I approached the dog, and it growled.  It desperately tried to escape, but the narrow cap between the fence and the house was too small.  It turned toward us and growled again.

I called animal control, and asked for assistance.  I was told that unless someone was bleeding, they were not going to help.  That’s when I wished I would’ve asked for a catch pole for Christmas instead of a new toaster.

I sat down and pondered if there was anyone in my neighborhood that could help.  Sadly, the answer was no.  We were on our own.  Even though the dog was small, and if bitten, I knew that the bite would not be too bad, I did not want to put my kids in a situation where they would be bitten – period!

While I examined my options, I kept telling myself to stay calm, and breathe!  I am a very impatient person by nature, and pushing the dog was not an option.  I sat leaning against the house behind some rose bushes, slowly inching myself closer to the dog… again, it growled.

My son arrived with his cell phone camera which provided the lighting that we needed, but it also brought the 20 pound mosquitoes that we didn’t need.  It was a poodle!

Every time my son’s camera flashed into the dog’s eyes, I saw a reflection and thought maybe this was a very old dog, whose vision is not that great.  This would explain the dog’s incredible fear, right?

Ryan vanished for a moment as I continued to give the dog cookies, which it was not interested in.  When Ryan returned, he brought turkey bologna with him!  Now we’re talking!  The dog inched forward and started to take the bites of turkey.

We had a crate ready, and positioned it to block the dog from escaping.  Part of me wished that the dog would be scared enough to just trot into the crate on its own, but I couldn’t possibly get that lucky!  We used towels to lay over the rose bushes hoping to create a wall.  We knew that the dog would bolt and wanted to decrease the number of exits it had available.

I continued with the turkey, but needed more.  Sarah complied!

While all of this was happening, Ryan, trying to be helpful, bombarded me with a million questions, while Sarah focused on trying to do as little as possible… after all, she found the dog!

The moment was right, I inched closer, and dragged the leash on the dog, just so the dog could feel it.  I backed way, delivered more turkey, and it was time.  With a large piece of turkey ready for delivery, I put the bite inside of the slip leash.  If the dog wanted it, it would have to put its head through the loop, and it did.

Remembering Brittney’s Mystery, I didn’t use a flat thin leash, I used a triple braided nylon leash!  I was prepared for the dog to go into a gator roll as I pulled.  Every time the dog resisted, I relaxed the tension, and delivered more turkey immediately after it relaxed.  We did this a few times, until we talked to the van, and this time, the dog trotted happily with us.  We called Newman and much to my surprise, once I opened the van door, the dog hopped in!

A Very Dirty Zsa Zsa!

A Very Dirty Zsa Zsa!

The dog sat with Sarah, and happily walked to the vet, even hopped up the stairs!  Once into the brightly lit reception area, we really got to see what we had rescued.  What a cutie, but what a hot mess!

It’s a Girl!

No microchip was found so now what?  The works!  All shots, heartworm test, fecal, shampoo and grooming, a complete examination including teeth and ears, microchip, and possible spay.  After a closer look, we saw a spay scar!  The kids were disappointed that we weren’t bringing her home with us, but she needed to be checked for ticks and fleas.

 What a Difference a Day Makes

"Being a stray is over-rated!" ~ Zsa Zsa

“Being a stray is over-rated!” ~ Zsa Zsa

We went back to the vet Saturday afternoon.  Heartworm Negative, Fecal Negative (dodged that bullet), fleas a plenty, skin infection, multiple boo boos, terribly infected ears – but besides that, she’s a doll!  Estimated to be about 2 years old, and weighs about 15 pounds!

We named her Zsa Zsa!  Much to my surprise, James took the time not only to give her a bath, but he groomed her too.  The matting was so severe, she had to be shaved.

"Whatever TDL means, I like it!"  ~ Zsa Zsa

“Whatever TDL means, I like it!” ~ Zsa Zsa



Zsa Zsa is enjoying being “home”.  She is very tired after being on her own for at least a month.  She cries a bit in her crate, but not for long.  She is very friendly, curious, and needs to stay on a tight leash until her urge to bolt resides.  Once adopted, she will bond with her owners quickly!

You can see more photos of this cutie on Facebook.

Again, because we needed light, Ryan video taped my dysfunctional family attempting to capture this fearful creature, and watch carefully for you will see for yourself those twenty pound mosquitoes!

Marlo-Corgi – Border Collie – Attacked by Coyote

The Bite

The Bite

History:   There is an invisible sign in front of every rescuer’s yard…  that only the animals can see… and this girl stumbled onto Laura’s home today. Emaciated and severely injured, Laura’s son, Josh Kern is playing doctor. We need two things, donations for her medical care, and a ride from Crystal River to Deltona where she can see our vet immediately. Please help! visit this page do donate.

This sweet girl is letting Josh clean her wound. Josh is making chicken stew!

Amanda and Dr. Ed start working on Marlo right away.

Amanda and Dr. Ed start working on Marlo right away.

We’ve named her Marlo Thomas… yes, she is THAT GIRL! We’ve learned a lot in the last 24 hours that we will share shortly. For now, she is at Newman Vets of Deltona and let the technicians clean her up. She was covered in ticks and severely matted, she will need to be shaved down.

We believe she is a Corgi and either Sheltie or Border Collie. She is a low rider! Dr. Ed confirmed that the marks are a bite but a bite from what? We have received emails that she has been spotted on her own for many months from Marion County and Cirtrus County.  Is it really her that people claim they have seen her?  I think it might be.  She does a very unique look to her.

Dr. Ed believes she is about 2 years old, and she has been eating rocks!  Her teeth are a bit worn down, but they are in good shape.

Tracy comes to help pull the ticks off

Tracy comes to help pull the ticks off

She is truly a wanderer and quite happy living on the land, unfortunately this time, something got her. What’s in these woods? Racoons, Possums, Fox, Coyote, wild dogs and feral cats. We’ll never know, but whatever bite her, bit her good.

Special thanks to Randy Post and his wife, who transported her to us today. Randy adopted Millhouse from us last year.

You can see many more photos of her on Facebook.

More details coming soon on her page, and thank you for your donations, and all of your help!

Marlo, ready for her foster home!

Marlo, ready for her foster home!

Update:  We met Marlo yesterday, her wound is almost completely healed.  Johanna and Adriaan, along with their adopted TDL Dog Shep/Alfie are perfect for her.  Marlo tended to gravitate toward Adriaan, his calm energy is what she needs!

Boo Boo is all gone!

Boo Boo is all gone!

More Updates coming soon!  Please visit her Facebook Photo Album to see more great photos of her recovery!


09/01/14 Update:  Marlo was Adopted Saturday by Kristy.  The moment we posted Marlo’s horrible photos of her injury, Kristy emailed us, wanting to adopt… but we had to wait.  We had to wait for Marlo to get better, and the folks at Newman Vet, Deltona took care of that!  And, we had to wait for her to be in foster care for a few days so we could evaluate her.

Marlo goes home

Marlo goes home

Marlo is going to take baby steps in her rehabilitation, and we are confident that Kristy will help her along!  Updates soon!

We received about eight emails from people who wanted to adopt Marlo, and selecting her new home was not easy.  Kristy lives very close by, which put our mind at ease, her dog has very calm energy, and her husband has a lot of experience being a dog-owner.   We really need to give Marlo at least a month before Kristy can decide if Marlo is her forever dog!


Animal Abuse Page Outrages Dog Lovers

Animal Abusers on Facebook

Animal Abusers on Facebook

Update:  Congratulations everyone!  The page has been removed!  Thank you for your hard work Mike in getting this done!

Please join Michael Budukiewicz in getting the “Your Dog Sucks” page taken down from Facebook.  It promotes animal abuse and torture.  Many of us have reported this to Facebook, but unfortunately, their robots aren’t seeing what we are seeing.

Do not “like” the page, and please do not share any of the posts or photos.  I have spent  hours reporting the photos to Facebook as animal abuse – So far, Facebook has denied any wrong-doing.

We can not let our children see what this twisted person is publicly posting.  Please take a moment, Click here and sign the Petition to take this page down!

Click here to Read Mike’s interview, or see the Video Below

What Would Happen if There Were No Rescues?

This video is dedicated to Wells, I’m sorry we couldn’t save you in time.

Do Dogs Remember?

Lady ArabellaOn July 9, 2010, my accountant, Kingsley Shinner contacted me about his mother’s dog.  I’ve known Kingsley since I moved to Deltona in 1989 and every year during tax time, I visited his office.  I had met his parents, and was saddened when I learned that his mother’s health was failing.  Kingsley helped guide me when I created The Dog Liberator, giving me advice and helping me incorporate out business, and put together our Articles of Incorporation to submit our request for non-profit status.  I never dreamed he would need my help.  He told me his mother had a collie, and asked me to find her a home.  From the moment Kelly arrived at my house, my children fell in love with her.  She was a very social and happy girl.  I immediately found a home for Kelly, where she was very  happy, loved, and well cared for.  She was renamed Lady Arabella.

Forgot to mention she is highly skilled!

Forgot to mention she is highly skilled!

Last Monday, however, I received an email from her owner stating that she was in poor health and could no longer care for Arabella.   Yesterday, I drove to Ocala to pick her up.  The last time I saw Arabella was at our 2011 reunion.

Her owner opened the back door of the car, and Arabella, looking a little bit overweight but gorgeous, walked toward me.  It only took one sniff before she recognized me.  She barked and whined loudly, jumped up on me, and showered me with kisses.  She spun in circles with her head up, literally screaming.  Does she remember me?  Her owner said, she did.  “She doesn’t act this way with total strangers – trust me, she remembers you.”  But how could that be?

I drove her home and she cried the minute I stopped the car, and cried all the way to the front door.  Once I opened the door, she immediately greeted Ozzie, Lady Di and China.  Rosie, of course, didn’t want to have anything to do with her!  So what did Arabella do?  She darted down the hallway and went straight to my daughter’s bedroom door, again, crying.  But Sarah is at a friend’s house for a few days.  So, Arabella once again remembered.

I got Arabella situated, and gave her some water, I called Kingsley’s office, making an appointment to see him.  He was not in.  An hour later, my phone rang; Kingsley in back in the office!  I drove just a few miles, and what happened was simply amazing.

My Co-Pilot!

My Co-Pilot!

The moment I opened the door to his suite, Arabella pulled so hard on the leash, I thought to myself, this is a fully trained dog, why is she pulling so hard?  She bolted directly into Kingsley’s office and jumped into his lap.  I don’t think he realized who she was at first, but she knew who he was.  Once again, she screamed with joy, barking at the top of her lungs; the entire building heard  her.  Imagine for a moment, hearing Lassie after Timmy has fallen in the well!  It was that loud.

Kingsley is reunited with his Kelly after 4 years.

Kingsley is reunited with his Kelly after 4 years.

Once a Diva, Always a Diva!

Once a Diva, Always a Diva!

Once Kingsley realized it was her, he was dumbfounded.  You see, his mother passed away shortly after he gave Kelly to me.

But here’s what I didn’t know.  I didn’t know that Kelly would spend her days at Kingsley’s office.  She knew where she was!

Arabella went to the vet, where everyone fell in love with her.  She got her nails trimmed, all of her vaccines, and a heartworm test.  She’s ready for her new home.

Tomorrow will be the beginning of a new chapter for Arabella.  I have promised her that she once again, she will have pretty bows in her hair, boys to play with, parents to love, and she might even get her nails painted.  I have promised Arabella little tiny humans.  These tiny humans might even want to put curlers in her hair.  Something tells me Arabella will be just fine with that!

I believe she will be adopted tomorrow, to her third home; a wonderful family in South Florida.  This family has five children, a one and a half year-old and a 3 year old, as well as, a 13, 15, and 17 year old.  This is a young family who spends their time out by the pool, and going places!  I’m so blessed to be able to give Arabella the greatest gift a rescuer can give –  her forever home.

Later this evening, my Sarah will come home.  I wonder what Lady Arabella will do!  Don’t you?

Going Home!

Going Home!

Update:  My Sarah did come home, and just as I thought, Arabella did remember her!  The next day she was adopted by Angela and her wonderful family!

See Arabella’s photos on her Facebook Photo Album!

Fostering 101

What if?

If we put together a package to attract New Foster Families, and it included a transport crate, a crate for your home, de-worming medication, flea preventative, dog food, leashes and collars, would you be willing to foster for us for 12 months and foster a minimum of five dogs over that 12 months…. and the dogs you foster may not necessarily have to be herding dogs.

Remember, our dogs stay in foster care for an average of 11-16 days. And all dogs are spay/neutered and fully vetted.

CertificateBut wait, there’s more!  What if we provided you with three 2-hour training sessions with a professional trainer/behaviorist, covering things like body language, resource guarding, food aggression, leash training, crate training, and much more….

But wait, there’s more!  We  also would create a “how to” foster program, and after successfully completing this training, and fostering for us, a certificate of completion would be awarded, stating that you are a Certified Dog Liberator Foster!

Would you say yes or no?


Mike Hannigan - I can't resist this face!

Mike Hannigan – I can’t resist this face!

We posted a simple question on Facebook:

If you’ve ever thought about fostering a dog, but have never really made that big decision to say yes… what would it take to convince you to foster? 

What incentives, or assurances do you need… 

What are you afraid of or what makes you apprehensive?

Next Question, if you have or are currently fostering… why do you do it?

The answers we received were very unexpected!  The majority of folks said they were afraid to foster because they were afraid they would get too attached.

Here are some more great answers!

Claire and Michelle

Claire and Michelle

Michelle Kamber:  I was reluctant to foster at first too, fearing I’d get too attached and not be able to let them go. But, I will say that deciding to foster has been such a great decision and one of the most rewarding things I’ve done. Being able to help save a life is a great feeling. From picking them up at the shelter (or wherever) and seeing their relief in the car and home, to finding the absolute perfect forever families for them, there is nothing better. There have been tears shed for sure when some were adopted but it’s all worthwhile. (Came really close to being a foster failure a time or two….) I’m honored to have been able to spend a few weeks with these wonderful dogs and am always amazed how the perfect family always finds them. The follow up after an adoption with the family is wonderful as well and makes me happy. I keep an album full of pictures of dogs I’ve been able to help and looking at it makes a bad day much better. Fostering saves lives!


Blake and Laura

Blake and Laura

Laura Burk:  OK well I am a foster… fell into it by accident. I was transporting and there was always a day or two between meeting the incoming transport and taking them to Deltona and Gisele. Then something happened, kennel cough and the puppies Gisele had needed to get out of dodge. It was easy and puppies are fun… but then came the call. The call about Cecilia, LOL… She needed my family, that was what Gisele said. She needed a male dominated home to help her overcome her fear of men. I talked it over with my family… we decided to try it. She was a success and we were hooked. No greater feeling that helping a dog overcome whatever obstacle holds them back from the joy that every dog should feel. We have been fostering since June 2013 and love it (most days). I thought I would keep them all but I love the feeling I get when someone emails me days after an adoption to thank us for what we do. I love helping them move on to their furrever homes! And at 20+ foster/transports, I have only failed once, LOL… Like right now we are without a foster and my husband keeps asking me when we are getting the next one (hint hint… the one with blue eyes would be wonderful) I won’t lie, you get attached and it is hard sometimes to let go but knowing that each little one you let go makes room for another that might now make it without you is worth it every time! 

Over a year had gone by and Flash Gordon remembered Gisele!

Over a year had gone by and Flash Gordon remembered Gisele!

My favorite answer (because it sounds like something I would write) was from Daniel!

Daniel Frazier: As a foster, I’ve gotten completely overly attached to nearly all my old fosters and would take them back in a heartbeat. The only reason i let them go in the first place is because i know in my heart that their new family would be able to take care and love and spoil the pup as much as i ever could. It just warms my soul when i see them after months of them being in their new homes. That moment when they recognize you and start wagging their whole body and are just so excited they can barely contain themselves.

Two years have passed, yet Doc and Wyatt remember their Foster, Kevin Scott!

Two years have passed, yet Doc and Wyatt remember their Foster, Kevin Scott!

Why did we ask the question?  We are piloting new ideas to attract and retain great foster homes by identifying what they need.  What incentives do foster families need, what support system is required?  All of this information will be identified in a grant proposal.  Our goal is to identify and support ten new fosters in the next 12 months.  Each foster will be asked to foster 5 dogs each year.  If we are successful we could increase our adoptions by 50 dogs per year.

Our rescue is never inundated with rescued dogs.  Our dogs, on average, are adopted within 11-16 days.  In every foster-failure situation, the foster had room for one, was actually thinking about adopting one, and was waiting for the right dog to come along!

Most of our fosters are actually very reluctant to keep one of their foster dogs, knowing that the space that dog will fill might affect their desire to foster in the future.  “I’d love to keep him, but then I wouldn’t be able to foster again.”

We welcome your comments here to help us brainstorm on what it would take to really create a rewarding foster program!

For detailed information on how to foster for TDL, visit our Foster Page.

Instead of us telling you what a difference you can make, let the dogs show you!

Jackson BrowneShep

JaloTim Tebow

Augustus #806 (Charlie)Trixie Belle

Tiny DancerCourage

Claire BearCream Puff


Miss Muffet


Friendly Dog Collars

A great idea!

A great idea!

“FRIENDLY” Color Coded Green Semi-Choke Dog Collar & 4 Foot Leash Set (Known As Friendly) PREVENTS Dog Accidents By Warning Others of Your Dog in Advance!

Here’s a great idea, just in time for the summer.  Whether you order one from the company, or shop around for collars like these, it’s a great idea to label your dog when you’re out in public, especially when those tiny humans want to pet your dog! Personally, I was  happy to see one that says “Deaf” or “Blind”. The company is called Friendly Dog Collars, and they are based out of the U.K. Friendly Dog Collars

Free PetFirst Pet Insurance for Adopters

Effective immediately, your pet is insured!  Just call this number, and sign up!

Your recent adoption includes 30-days of pet insurance from PetFirst. You must call 855-710-7387 in order to activate the insurance, so don’t wait.   Your 30-day pet insurance covers your pets for accidents and illnesses, and reimburses 100% of vet bills incurred during this time up to $500 per incident after a $50 deductible. It is effective at midnight EST following activation and is not retroactive to the date of your adoption, so call as soon as possible to ensure your pet is protected.

PetFirst allows you to extend or upgrade your pet’s coverage with affordable monthly payments.  Call 855-710-7387 to activate your coverage or discuss plan options.

But don’t stop there, if you’ve adopted from us recently, visit our Welcome Home page for tips on starting your dog out right!

Also, before your purchase any pet insurance, you might want to visit to review what’s covered and what isn’t.  You can also review deductible and coverage amounts!


The Dog Liberator, Inc.

Before and After

We’d like to take a moment to brag a bit and reflect at our accomplishments. We couldn’t have done this without your help!  You can click on any dog’s photo to read more about their rescue and adoption.

Jackson BrowneShep

JaloTim Tebow

Augustus #806 (Charlie)Trixie Belle

Tiny DancerCourage

Claire BearCream Puff


Miss Muffet

Snuffy       Thank you Sarah White for putting all of these photos together!

A Little Help From My Friends

Gisele with Chaos, Adopted February 2010

Gisele with Chaos, Adopted February 2010

The Dog Liberator is looking for special people to join our core group of volunteers.

Volunteering for any non-profit is not expected to be a forever thing.  You do what you can, when you can, and when life gets in the way and you don’t have the time to help anymore, it’s okay!  We appreciate whatever it is you can offer!

Your time will help us rescue more great dogs, and help us find funding resources for our Veterinary Care Fund.

Over the next few weeks, we will be identifying tasks that are easy to do but very important to our organization.  All of these jobs have been designed so that only a few minutes of your time will be needed.

 Most of these jobs can be done from your home and do not require any travel!  Experience is not necessary, but helpful.  We will train you!  While good writing skills are a plus, some of these jobs are simply copy/paste.

What’s in it for you?  If you’re a student, and you need to complete  Volunteer hours, we certainly can help you there!  Or if after completion of your task, you need a reference from us, we can help you there too!  The true reward is that you are helping us rescue abandoned dogs that deserve to have a great home.

Yard Crashers:  We have posted details about how we are trying to transform the dog’s yard into an awesome place for the dogs and an awesome adoption facility.  Please review the details by click on Yard Crashers if you can help!  We want to thank Joshua and Franz for their help last week laying new sod!

Aussie Adopters line up for a photo shot at our 2013 reunion!  Join our team of dog-lovers and volunteer!

Aussie Adopters line up for a photo shot at our 2013 reunion! Join our team of dog-lovers and volunteer!

Grant Coordinators:  Filled by Andrea McEnulty and Mike Goldblatt – Andrea and Mike will comb the internet, identify grants that we qualify for, and provide us with the application due date.  We are not asking for a grant writer, just someone to help us along and make sure we’re on track!   This task will require approximately 2 hours a week at first, and then will be simply maintained on a monthly basis.

Google Calendar Guru – Filled by Dawn!  She will maintain our adoption calendar, and post adoption updates on our Facebook Page on a regular basis.

*SEO Editor:  Not Filled – While Drew has been a tremendous help, we still need someone to add SEO titles and tags to our posts on our blog.   This job can be completed on a monthly basis and should not consume more than one hour of your time.

"I would volunteer, but I can't read!"  ~ Sinatra, adopted 2013

“I would volunteer, but I can’t read!” ~ Sinatra, adopted 2013

*WordPress Author:  Not Filled  – someone to update posts by adding  new photos of our adopted dogs and someone who can interview our fosters and write posts from scratch about our available dogs.  If you have ever wanted to be a Blog Contributor, here’s your chance!  Again, we will train you!

*Researcher:  Not Filled – We have many articles we’d like to write to help dog owners, but we need someone to do some internet research before we can publish.  If you love to investigate and document, please raise your hand!

Database Administrator:  Filled by Dawn Van Ness – Dawn (who adopted Amelia) will  add adoption information to our adoption and microchip database.  She will work on site in Deltona, approximately once a month for 2-3 hours.

*Pinterest Guru: Not Filled – Angie was very  helpful posting, and lately Vanessa has done a great job helping us, but we always need more Pinterest help!  This task should not consume more than 15 minutes per day.

Twitter Guru:  Filled by Jennifer Graddy – Jen will post on our behalf on Twitter.  This task should not consume more than 15 minutes per day.

*Instagram Guru:  Not Filled – Chris gave us a great start on Instagram, but we need more people to post on our behalf.

*A Night Owl: Not Filled – Dawn and Sarah have been helping us but we still need more boots on the ground!  This task should not consume more than 15 minutes per day.

*Vet Recruiter:  Not Filled – someone who can identify and contact Veterinary offices, introduce The Dog Liberator, and negotiate pricing so that our fosters have access to great Vets that will work with our rescue.

*Advertising Coordinator:  Not Filled  – someone who can identify pet-related businesses and introduce advertising opportunities on our website.

*Event Coordinator:  Not Filled– someone who can identify and coordinate events, including fundraising events.

*Fundraising Coordinator:  Not Filled – someone who can inspire us and create new fundraising  opportunities.

*Community Liaison:  Not Filled – someone who would introduce our mission to local businesses and create ideas for identifying corporate sponsors.

HTML Guru:  Filled by Lisa Yttri who adopted Billy Ray –  Thank you Lisa!

*Transport Volunteers:  We want to thank Nathan and Jarrett for helping us transport our dogs to safety, but we always  need more transporters.  Some folks can help on weekends, some in the evenings, and some during the weekdays… If you have room in your car for a dog, and have some free time, please raise your hand!

We are  always looking for volunteer fosters, transporters, and photographers!  If you can help us in any way, please contact us at

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Little Bart

Little Bart

our final Farewell to Yogi

our final Farewell to Yogi

Update:  This post was written on April 3rd.  This morning, I received a text from Terri that Matthew McConaughey is getting worse.  What is it with these pups who get kennel cough, improve and then take a nose dive?  Terri is taking Matthew to the vet this morning.


Who knew that giving Journey the distemper shot would give her distemper?  We didn’t.

Who knew that Yogi had a cancerous tumor?  We didn’t.

After losing two beautiful dogs this week, who knew that Perry Como, who was recently adopted, would have a pancreatitis attack and be in critical care.

Who knew that Claire Bear would survive and be a normal, healthy, and happy girl?  Here’s the link to  her new happy video, included is the famous Aussie wiggle!

Who knew that Bart would become a very healthy and very big boy?

Bonnie Blue, Adopted 2013

Bonnie Blue, Adopted 2013

Yet we can not fix what we do not see.  

Several times our dogs have been adopted, and a medical condition appears that we were not aware of.  Clearly, we can not guarantee the health of all of our dogs.  In the case of Bonnie Blue, posted through our home finding service, Canine Connect, after adoption, a heart murmur was detected.  We were devastated.  We fully expected her new family to return her, but they didn’t.  Instead they are providing her with the medical attention she needs, and will love her even though her life will be cut short.  Their dedication is one example of our awesome adopters.

Allow me to go down a bunny trail for a moment!   Regardless of where your dog comes from, a breeder, shelter, rescue, craigslist, or from the side of the road – there are no guarantees.  If you want to be a dog-owner, you must be prepared for the unknown.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, should we recommend pet insurance for at least the first year after bringing your new dog home?  Maybe!

Annie and Mom

Annie and Mom

Recently, Annie the Poodle experienced complications.  She was adopted in 2011.  Annie developed serious heart-related issues.  Because her Mom had pet insurance, the thousands of dollars it cost to treat her – was covered.

Katie came to us pregnant, and when Lynne Deal whelped her puppies, we had no idea that many of them would be born with heart murmurs.  Again, devastating.

Yes, life is like a box of chocolates.

We want to thank all of you for your support and prayers, through the good times and the bad times!  I have to be honest, we are struggling financially.  The Hate Mail that we receive regarding our adoption fees still continues, and I’m at a loss as to how to explain to people why we can’t charge $50 like government-funded shelters do.  Yet most of our dogs come from these shelters.

It’s as if people do not want to reimburse my vet for the services we have provided for the dog.  I know I shouldn’t take it personally, but we can’t adopt out dogs for free.  We at least have to be reimbursed… and many times we are never reimbursed.  The healthy ones help pay for the ones we have lost.

Yogi cost us over $600, adoption fee $0, he passed away.

Claire Bear cost us over $1,500, adoption fee $350.

Remember Bartholomew?  His bills were over $1,600, adoption fee $400

We don’t have a final total for Journey yet, adoption fee $0, she passed away.

Here’s what owning a new dog might cost you:

Three boosters (one booster every other week) at $99 each = $297
Micro chip = $35
De-worming = $25
Spay at four months = $160
Rabies = $17
Total estimated vetting cost $533

Getting back on track now, do I have regrets?  No!  Would I do it again?  Yes!  When we rescue a dog we ballpark what each dog will cost us to rescue:

Here is our minimum:  Complete examination by veterinarian, heartworm test, parvo/distemper boosters, rabies shot, micro-chip, fecal, de-worming, grooming, spay/neuter.

When we overspend it leaves little left to rescue the next dog.

It may seem small to you, but every little surprise adds up.  If we rescue 5 dogs in one month, and one has a hernia that needs to be repaired, one needs ear medication for an ear infection, one needs a tooth extracted or a dental, and if just one has kennel cough, we just lost our reserve for the next group of dogs that are waiting to come to us.

I have to admit, our vetting standards are very high compared to others, but we are not going to lower them.  We could turn a blind eye to all of these minor issues, but we won’t.

Lady Victoria

Lady Victoria

In 2011, we rescued a beautiful Collie that we named Lady Victoria.  At first glance, she looked perfect.  Upon careful inspection, she had a lot of problems.

Big Boo Boos

Big Boo Boos

Loaded with crate sores, and heartworm positive, we were in for a big surprise when we found a nasty tumor on her belly.  Dr. Oliver assured me it was a fatty cell tumor, and it was not cancerous.  It was gross.  It was disgusting.  Once shaved, it was the size of an eggplant.  I couldn’t imagine wanting to rub her belly with such a large squishy mass.

Since she was going to be spayed anyway, I insisted that Dr. Oliver take that nasty thing off of her, and he did.  However, that was an expense that we were not prepared for.

Yikes, what's that?

Yikes, what’s that?

We pride ourselves at rescuing these gorgeous animals and making them as brand new as possible.  We treat them all like they are purebred champions, AKC show dogs!

After Victoria’s surgery, our Dawn (who adopted Lady Priscilla) agreed to foster her, hoping that her Dad, Frank would adopt (we’re sneaky that way).

Dawn introduced the collie to Frank, and it was love at first sight.  After just a few short months, Lady Victoria (now Princess) was heartworm negative.

Frank and his Princess

Frank and his Princess

When I asked Dawn for an update, she reported that all was well, and that Lady Victoria loves to have her belly rubbed.  I let go a huge sigh of relief that I had that tumor removed!  Indeed she does!

There are a lot of things that we don’t have to do, but we are not going to change!

We need your support, your donations, and for the future dogs that we rescue, we will have to ask for sponsors – people who will donate and virtually foster.

There are so many ways you can help.  You can share the following fundraising campaigns with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest:

You can vote for us daily on Free Charity Cars

You can bookmark this Amazon Smile link (they share their profits with us) and use it every time you shop on Amazon.

Bart and I, at our annual reunion in 2013

Bart and I, at our annual reunion in 2013

We currently have fundraising campaigns with BarkBox and Yankee Candles.

Supporting The Dog Liberator can be as simple as sharing our passion with your friends and family through social media.

Again, thank you!

Help for Digestive Disorders in Dogs

Digestive Disorders in Dogs (or Cats) Become a Thing of the Past!

Dogs with IBS (and Cats With Furballs) is Easy to Correct!

–          By Andi Brown, author of The Whole Pet Diet

Andi Brown The Whole Pet DietSo many people contact me; concerned that their dogs have trouble relieving themselves, experience bouts with IBS and constipation or diarrhea.  Cat owners often find themselves picking up messy fur-balls from around the house and notice their cats vomiting after they eat.  While all these symptoms may have become typical, they are by no means natural!  These pets all have one thing in common.  They’re experiencing chronic digestive disorders and are missing out on one fundamental thing. The good news is that these symptoms are really easy to correct, the solution is inexpensive – and will leave your pets feeling and looking better than ever before! 

The Dry Food Factor 

Dry food is dry; it’s not a misnomer. Dry food has less than 10% moisture, and is generally coarsely ground grain or starch in the form of pellets. It may start with decent enough ingredients, but it’s cooked at very high temperatures and then dried into a hard nugget. Even natural brands bake at such high temperatures; the beneficial fats and oils (critical to the coat, skin, digestive system and overall health) break down during the process and are rendered mostly useless. Think about it: dry food in, dry skin and hair out. If it’s hard, dry and crunchy, how is it going to provide beneficial oils to the body? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand dry foods cause many hair, and coat issues, but have you ever thought of what it’s actually doing to the digestive tract? Fortunately the Holistic Veterinary community has been vigilant about recommending that people supplement their dog or cat’s diet with high quality Essential Fatty Acid Oils (EFA’s) to help them enhance not only the coat and skin, but to also remedy digestive disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS) chronic diarrhea, constipation and vomiting.

Here’s what happens.  Every time your pets eat highly processed commercial foods –  it literally dries out the digestive tract.  Every day your pet eats “dry, dry, dry”… it dries out the skin, the coat and causes a kind of plaque that quite literally blocks up the intestinal tract and inhibits the course of healthy assimilation and elimination.  By adding high quality, wholesome and fresh human-grade oils to the diet – you can help your pet to process the food properly through the system and have healthier elimination activity.  They’ll be more comfortable and you’ll notice improvement in a very short time!


Hairballs don’t have to be the norm, and cats that are fed a healthy natural diet, complete with a daily dose of essential oils, will rarely have this problem. Long-haired cats that groom themselves may experience an occasional fur ball during the shedding season, but remember the shedding season should be only twice a year. Nature intended a summer coat and a winter coat to accommodate the temperature changes. If your kitty is vomiting hair balls all year round, she’s most likely exhibiting dry skin, and excessive shedding too. You should be able to run your hand over your cat’s back and come away with little to no hair either on your hand or floating in the air. If you’re coming away with a handful of hair, your cat is an ideal candidate for our essential fatty acid program.

Andi with Rascal and HolidayLet’s look at the problem from the cause. Hairballs are clumps of fur that may be stuck in the digestive system.  They can clog up the body and could cause blockages. Hairballs are created when kitty cleans herself and ingests loose hair. Addressing the cause is the surest way to eliminate the problem. When you add the important fats and oils back into the food, you’ll eliminate the excessive shedding and loose hair that your cat is accidentally ingesting. Don’t be tempted to just treat the symptom with petroleum based hair ball remedies or hairball formula food. Get to the cause of the problem, understand the tremendous role that dry food plays in creating this problem and make the necessary dietary changes to support the body to function more efficiently. (Everyone who knows me understands that I only recommend a homemade diet).

Stay on a healthy grooming schedule. Brush regularly during season changes and give your long haired cats daily attention. Stay on the side of prevention and you will never go wrong. Diet and grooming should do the trick.

Added Benefits for Senior Pets 

Like the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz, senior pets need a good oiling to help with joint and heart health. So many health problems associated with EFA deficiencies are exacerbated as our pets age: susceptibility to infections, kidney degeneration, behavioral disturbances, liver diseases, arthritic conditions, heart and circulatory problems, and overall weakness. In short, it may not be the age of your pet but the lack of high quality essential oils that’s contributing to the problem.

Andi and Holiday, a former TDL dog!

Andi and Holiday, a former TDL dog!

You’re welcome to make your own Essential Fatty Acid Supplement, using a recipe from my book, The Whole Pet Diet. (click here).  This formula was designed to not only eliminate digestive disorders in a very short time, but also give your dogs and cats the healthy coat and skin you’ve always wanted.  Give your pets a brand new coat for the Holidays!  You’re going to see the great results and your pets will love it too!

Make Every Day a Holiday With Healthier Pets


Andi Brown & “Doc” Holiday

–          Author of The Whole Pet Diet: Eight Weeks To Great Health For Dogs & Cats





Wanted – Transporter

Help WantedIf you are interested in learning how to transport please email me at and I will answer any questions you might have and notify you when I have a transport coming up so maybe you can come too! You wouldn’t be transporting, just meeting me to see how it works, get familiar with the logistics, and get some pointers.

Special thanks to Jarrett Keene for jumping in and volunteering for us!  If you have some free time to join our team, please raise your hand!
~Sarah B~


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