Florida Cities Aim to Ban Sales of Dogs and Cats


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Florida City Bans Breeding

We are doing a happy dance!  Please share this fantastic idea with the representatives of your county, city, and community officials.  This is what needs to be done. Florida City Bans Sale of Commercially Bred Pets .  While I believe reputable breeders should not be stopped from breeding gorgeous and healthy purebreds, these days, it’s […]

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Meredith, the Parvo Puppy~Adopted

06/01/13:  I was shopping in DeLand with Sarah, it was “grown-up girl bonding day” (that’s what she calls it), when I noticed a missed call around 12:30 PM from Newman Veterinary Centers in DeLand.  Yes, I have every Vet programmed into my phone.  Sarah was trying on a pair of shoes when I told her, […]

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Crate Sores

I want to touch on this subject, to help those who pull from shelters and pounds, and those who adopt from them.  Many times, dogs have injuries, hot spots or sores throughout their body.  Sometimes that is a result from a food allergy, or a flea bite.  Sometimes these injuries were created by their handler. […]

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Free to a Good Home

Holly posted this (thank you) and Lynne Deal responds on Facebook: “People value what they pay for” Pets obtained for free are less likely to be spayed or neutered by their new owners (why bother with vet bills?), and more likely to be abused and/or discarded, because “there are plenty more where that came from!” […]

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Pet Stores, Puppy Mills and Christmas

Update 12/14/10: If you weren’t on Facebook today, here’s what you missed! Click here to read the comments, and plan on staying a while! An anonymous comment was left this morning on Stallone’s blog post, and I usually publish everything, unless it’s spam. Freedom of Speech, it’s a wonderful thing, but this aint’ our first […]

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No dogs for sale? Cities ban pet store animals

Sherry Lee forwarded this article to me yesterday, and I just had to post it here to share. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/37359894/ns/health-pet_health/ Here, here! With the extremely high numbers of abandoned/dumped companion animals (not to mention the overpopulation due to non spaying and neutering), some parts of our society are finally doing something more about it. (It’s amazing […]

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