Newman Vet of Deltona

I woke up this morning and noticed I received an email from my Vet, Newman of Deltona.  The message was sent at 1:50 AM.  Was I alarmed?  No!  It was Carrie telling me that Sven, one of our Frozen Puppies was developing Kennel Cough and Doctor Lim was putting him on Clavamox right away.  How […]

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Meredith, the Parvo Puppy~Adopted

06/01/13:  I was shopping in DeLand with Sarah, it was “grown-up girl bonding day” (that’s what she calls it), when I noticed a missed call around 12:30 PM from Newman Veterinary Centers in DeLand.  Yes, I have every Vet programmed into my phone.  Sarah was trying on a pair of shoes when I told her, […]

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Why Spay? About Pyometra

If you love your female dog, and she is not spayed yet, for whatever reason, you really should read this information, and make an appointment with your vet to have your female spayed. When my Reckless went into heat at the age of nine, it seemed to me like her heat cycle would never end. I […]

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The Christmas Collie

Last night, December 12th at 5:30 PM, I received a local call from a gentleman named Phil. There was a slight urgency in his voice and I prepared myself for the typical, “he’s such a sweet dog, and I’m moving.” Not this time. Phil told me that on Saturday, December 10th, he was renovating a […]

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Rescue from Breeder

I received an emergency call from an anonymous friend who has been trying to get these dogs out of their horrible conditions.  The same breeder that Jordan’s Prize and Zeus came from.  I called Val-u-Vet immediately, and they were ready to receive them all (sigh of relief).  I told Vanessa to prepare for the worse, […]

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Fiona, the Deaf Aussie Pup

On April 28th, I received a phone call from Terry Watts from Panama City.  “Gisele, I just got you a little pup”, she said.   I shook my head and thought to myself, she means she got Holly a little pup!  “I just couldn’t help myself.  I know I didn’t ask you first, I just […]

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Spotlight on Val-U-Vet of Deltona

Less than a year ago, someone recommended that I introduce myself to Val-U-Vet in Deltona. Driving dogs back and forth to affordable spay/neuter clinics was becoming a nightmare. After talking with Val-U-Vet’s corporate office, we agreed on pricing for services, and defined what my standards would be for every dog that came into their office. […]

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