Catfish, the Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) puppy ~ Adopted

These days, cutbacks are a fact of life for many Americans. For Catfish’s former owners, the poor economy and a resulting job loss meant cutting back on the number of animals they had. The youngest, most adoptable member of their pack was 9-month-old Catfish, so they asked us to find a wonderful new home for him. No problem, we said. After all, we specialize in finding great homes for our dogs!

Rub my belly, please.

I don’t forsee that finding a forever family for Catfish will be difficult. He’s super cute, he’s friendly, he’s smart and fun-loving … doggone it, if he were a guy instead of a puppy, reality shows like “The Bachelor” would be blowing up his BlackBerry!

Oh, and did I mention that Catfish has a great work ethic? At his previous home, his job was to round up the horses for their morning and evening feedings. He also was in charge of keeping the horses from pawing at the gate and fencing. “Get ’em off the fence” was all he had to hear and Catfish made it happen. He’d love to have a job again. As smart and energetic as he is, I bet Catfish would be great at disc dogging or agility, if that’s your thing. An active family would also enjoy this pup, as he’s good with children (his former family had a 5-year-old and a 6-year-old). In fact, Catfish is actually quite submissive and loves people and other dogs, putting to rest the myth that Cattle Dogs are aggressive, snappish dogs suitable for one-dog households only. This boy loves everyone and really just wants some attention and a playmate.

Catfish is currently being fostered at my home in the Ocala area. He is crate trained, and we’re working on house training (so far, so good!). Catfish does like to chew (he is still a puppy, after all), so I make sure he has a beef marrow bone or cow hoof or other acceptable “chew toy” available at all times when he’s inside. And he loves to ride in the car. Catfish is neutered and current on all his vaccinations and heartworm/flea preventative;  he weighs approximately 30-35 lbs. I’ll be posting updates to his foster diary periodically, so be sure to check back often. In the meantime, make sure you look through Catfish’s facebook photo album.

If you think you might be interested in adopting Catfish, please first read our page on Starting Your Dog Off Right, then review our Adoption Process and e-mail me at

August 17, 2011: Adopted! Catfish went home today with Benjamin and Bonnie Dehart. What a perfect match! Ben, a professional singer and musician, is known as the “Cracker Tenor.” And Catfish, now Wrangler, is going to be his faithful sidekick! I couldn’t be happier — not only did my boy get a wonderful new home, but I got an autographed CD as well! Orlando, welcome your newest Dog Liberator dog! ~ Amy

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  1. Kris


    Catfish seems AWESOME. I wish we lived closer. Has he been gaining much weight. He looks like he might fill out to match those long legs. 🙂

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