Chandler Bing~Adopted

Chandler, now Clifford!

Chandler, now Clifford!

Update: Sheila and her family came to visit the pups, and Chandler had the magic they were looking for! Sheila’s oldest son is autistic, and usually avoids dogs, but not Chandler! Sheila plans to give Chandler (now Clifford) a well-rounded education so that he can become a certified service dog for her son! There’s nothing more a smart dog wants than a job to do! Sheila reports that Chandler and the family are in love!

can I BE more cute?

can I BE more cute?

Male Aussie Puppy – one of 10 Friends Puppies.  More details coming soon.  You can see all of the puppies in their photo album on Facebook, or review his photo album on Facebook.


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