Connor the Puppy

What a sweet face our little Connor has! His momma was a Border Collie, his daddy a travelling man. My first guess was Rottweiler, but Tabitha, his foster, says he is the quietest, sweetest of the litter. Hmmm, ok, so that leaves me thinking either a Black and Tan Coonhound or an Entlebucher, a small version of a Swiss Mountain Dog. I’ve gone with the Entlebucher because the markings are right and, well, I like how it sounds! Scientific, don’t you think!!

Foster Update:

Meet Connor… he is the quietest puppy I have ever fostered! He is so sweet and will come sit by your feet waiting for you to notice him and rub his head or ears.

I took him out tonight and we stopped to talk to this guy who does obedience training down by my house. I quickly found out that Connor is VERY smart and has a LOT of agility potential!!

The guys who run the obedience classes were impressed with his disposition and how smart he was! He did the dog walk twice, unprompted to approach the equipment!

He’s quiet AND smart! Every girl’s dream!

Connor was adopted on June 15th!!!

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  1. Tabitha


    Conor also enjoys going on walks in the woods with Moose and I. He went with me on a car ride and does well (outside the crate) riding. He is a joy to have!

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