Cyndi Lauper~Adopted

Bernie, the Puppy Daddy!

Bernie, the Puppy Daddy!

My heart jumped when I saw this little girl at the shelter… I knew immediately she is deaf and blind in one eye.  I’ve been told she is a double dapple Doxie.  No wonder I fell in love with her, she is the equivalent to our double merles that we love so much.  She was flown yesterday from Alabama via Jeff Bennett/Pilots-n-Paws and what an adorable little girl she is.  She is affectionate, rolls over and shows her belly, gives kisses, and just wants to be near you.  She is only 12 months old, and has a lot of puppy joy in her.  She loves other dogs and was very interested in some kittens at the vet (they were not interested in her though).

Cyndi Lauper, adorable in every way!

Cyndi Lauper, adorable in every way!

I could see her going to any type of home, a home with children, or a senior home.  She is really a joy, and reminds me a lot of my Rosie with regard to the level of affection she displays!  This dog is a keeper!

You can see more of her photos on Facebook.

Run like the wind!

Run like the wind!

I posted two videos of Cyndi, one last night and one this morning. She hasn’t even been here for 24 hours yet, but she is a real joy!

Anne, the Puppy Momma!

Anne, the Puppy Momma!

Bernie and Anne wasted no time adopting Cyndi, her new name is Gidget, and she and her deaf dapple doxie, Gracie, are getting along just fine!

They were literally starting to teach Cyndi/Gidget sign language!

Anne works at the Hard Rock Cafe, so if you see her, tell her TDL Deafies ROCK!

Here’s their first video that they shared with me last night!

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